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New lease on eating!
April 11, 2023
I have moved to healthier products for my two pups. Since I’ve been using Badland’s I see an increase in the energy levels of my two small dogs. They are more feisty and playful with each other, anxious for their breakfast and dinner meals and alert as well. One of these little spirits was never much for meals and would procrastinate about eating. Now he is right there watching it go into his bowl and anxious to partake! I attribute this significant change to your new products. Thank you.

I'm picky dogs love your food
April 10, 2023
My dogs love your food. I cannot afford to feed them your food completely. Zoey is 140 lbs and Juno is 130lbs. But I sprinkle your food on top to get them to eat. Juno has valley fever and hasn't been eating well. But she run when she hears me open the container. Zoey has horrible allergies and doesn't like her food but will eat it up when I use your food on top. They love it!!!

Something "Good" from "Bad"lands!!
April 10, 2023
Badlands is "GOODLANDS"!!! I put the Badlands Ranch Superfood on top of my dogs' Hills Science dry food. My two beagle babies, Bella, age 2 and Stryker, age 7 love it so much that they eat the Badlands off the top of their dry food and then look at me as if to say, "where's more of the good stuff momma?" In fact, I have caught Bella eating hers and then trying to eat Strykers' food too! My older dog, Stryker seems to have more energy and is a lot more playful with Bella than before. Love, Love it. Mary Flowers, Jacksonville, FL

My Aussie's favorite food
April 10, 2023
Our Aussie is so picky we have a hard time getting her to eat. She immediately loved this food. We will continue to order.

My Dog LOVES This Food
April 10, 2023
My dog absolutely loves this food. Every time we put it in his bowl, he gobbles it up. He also seems to have more energy and scratches less.

Easily digestible. Stools are not dry like previously.
April 10, 2023
I have 3 sibling Shitzus. They are 2 yrs now. They have had up and down eating experiences. They have sensitive tummies and vomit more than I’d like to admit. I use the Badlands food and cut it into smaller bits so they don’t choke. I sprinkle it on top of their regular dry food. They loved it!!!! They are not vomiting like they were prior to Badlands. They are eating about two tbsp /ea/ day on their dry food.

No more itching or head shaking!
April 9, 2023
My 5 yr old Tibetan Spaniel is more than a dog to me. She had what I thought was the best food, vet care, and overall care. Yet, she still had a bit of yeast in her ears no matter what we tried. We came to the conclusion it must be a low grade food allergy. After chaining to Badlands, within weeks her ears cleared up, itching stopped and she's happier and healthier than she has ever been.

April 9, 2023

Our rat terrier's name is Louie. He is 14 years old and has always been a picky eater...until we started feeding him Badlands Ranch Super Food Complete Beef Formula.

He absolutely loves this food and leaves nothing in his bowl.

He has more energy, stopped his constant scratching, and just seems more happy altogether.

Thank you Badlands...

Restorative food product
April 8, 2023
I have an 8-year-old shepherd heeler mix. She's a picky eater and she absolutely loves Badlands food and treats. In the last probably 6 weeks we've been doing this her eyes are clearer her energy level is higher her coat is smoother. I also take care of my daughter's two young huskies who have IBS problems. They are on a special diet but I've been giving them the salmon treats and a little bit of the beef food topper when they're at my house 3 times a week. I notice that their poop is better after they see me. I really do think this food is restorative.

I would recommend Badlands to my dogs diet , it works great as a supplant. I'm also sure it would make great dog food
April 7, 2023

My Australian Cattel dog of 10 years was diagnosed with mild Kidney disfunction. A prescription dog food was what the Veterinarian recommended. Within 3 weeks he had a Grand mal seizure, these persisted every 5-6 weeks apart . The third was a cluster of seizures. Let me add he had been throwing up his kibbels for a while before the Kidney diagnosis.

I immediately stopped everything I was giving him, including an anti inflammation drug he was given "as needed". Let me be clear, the only large change was the Kidney specific dog food, even though his vomiting had been observed previously but it had persisted even getting worse.

I switched to simple brown rice and Ground Turkey. Once his periodic vomiting stopped I began to add steamed veggies, small amounts of fresh frozen fruit a natural Vitamin Mineral and joint care mix.

But I was unsure if he was getting all his dietary needs. Reasearch led me to Badlands and I now add 1c of this (1/2c x's 2) to round out his nutritional needs.

It has now been 4 months w/o seizures, his poop is normal and he even lost a little weight, which had added on while I fine tuned his portions.

The amount of Badlands is 1/3 his recommended needs. It gives me piece of mind that his nutritional needs are met his weight has normalized and his recent Blood work is healthy and his numbers that were out are trending in the right direction.

Not sure if this helps anyone, but I can say it did not trigger any negative affects.

Great product, too expensive
April 7, 2023
I have 2 small dogs, 1 Maltipoo 8 yrs old and 1 morkie 7 yrs old. They both love love Badlands. I mainly feed it as a topping on there food and as a treat. I wish it were affordable so I could feed 100% to my babies. But I still love the to feed the superfood and have recommended it to others.

She is so changed!
April 7, 2023
Poppy is a 18 yr old puppy mill rescue chihuahua. She was rescued at 5 yr old and she had ample weight but her coat was rough and dry to the touch. Though she was young, she was overweight and her teeth and gums were in bad shape. Even after cleaning and giving her chewies these conditions did not improve. She was lethargic and very inactive even upon greeting me each day. She was excited but her body didn't show it. After feeding Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete for about a month, the first thing I noticed was her skin and coat. The skin is actually supple and her hair so soft. Her breath is better but most of all when she is excited to see me she wiggles all over and yips like a puppy. It is so rewarding when I come home to be greeted by her wiggling and jumping up and down from the couch. She has a luxating patella and even it is better. She used to get stuck outside waiting for it to ease up as she waited at the bottom of the stairs. It showed in her walk and now is barely noticeable. And she has gotten really picky but will eat Superfood Complete straight out of the bag. Thank you Badlands for my {new dog".

The supplement superfood that we add to their no-grain dog food has helped the shine of their coat their energy level overall I rate this a great product to use with your animals
April 6, 2023
We have noticed a great difference in our dogs since we started feeding this SuperFood with their no-grain dog food we we have noticed that their coat is shinier healthier and they are more energetic

Very nutritious dog food and treats that Toto absolutely loves
April 6, 2023
Our little 16 year old yorkie absolutely loves his new Badlands complete dog food. He comes over and pats me with his little paw in the morning so that I will get up and get his breakfast. We still have some of his previous “blue” dog food and he wants nothing to do with it now. When he is outside he runs around like a little puppy. Full of energy and spunk. We just ordered the Superfood Bites as a treat for Toto and he loves it. I keep it by the sofa that I sit on and he comes over and looks at me and then the treats and then back at me. Hint hint he wants a treat and he gobbles them right up until I tell him they are all gone. I have told his groomer about the dog food and I think you may have a new customer. Thank you for making a wonderful and nutritious food for Toto

My Pup's favorite food and treat.
April 5, 2023
Both of my doggies really enjoy the taste. Plus, I feel like they are becoming leaner and softer than before. It's easy to get; however, I'll like once I can change auto shipments via computer.

My dog loves and and asks for it and every morning but it is too much expensive.
April 5, 2023
My dog loves the food and I wish I could feed it everyday but I only give her half a cup a day as an addition to her food. It’s just simply too expensive for a large dog that I need to feed 3 cups per day.

We BOTH love Superfood Complete!
April 5, 2023

My small dog loves the taste; and I appreciate that the pieces are easy to break apart to adjust the size of the reward. This makes one bag last longer!

Thanks for making such a great product! Superfood Complete is the BEST tool in my training kit! ❤️

EC in Springfield, MA

Charli loves her new dog food!
April 5, 2023
I always thought that my dog just ate what she needed. After all, I fed her the same dog food that the breeder fed her, her siblings, and her parents. I would fill her bowl up and she would eat on demand., but she never got fat. She never overate. As soon as I gave her Badlands dog food, I discovered that she never really liked her old dog food. She loves Badlands and gets super excited when it is time to eat!

Great product!
April 4, 2023

My dog is doing well. He's a senior and I subscribed to 1 bag to make sure it agreed with him. Love the product...tried to increase subscription and that was a challenge..... sadly.

So I'll keep the 1 bag subscription and use it as a topper.

Thanks for the top quality product. In time, I'm sure your ordering process for upgrades or changes will be simplified.

Love knowing our pregnant girl is getting the best nutrition!
April 4, 2023
My dogs absolutely love this food! I have one pregnant girl, so we make sure she gets a cup of this along with her other food every day. We are on a tight budget, and when you have 3 Golden Retrievers, buying nutritionally sound food can stress the budget, but this is actually less expensive than some other advertised raw air-dried foods on the market. Your dogs will love this, and if you have a smaller dog, you can buy this exclusively for your pet and be assured that it is nutritionally complete.