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About 4Patriots

If you’re hoping to become more self-reliant and independent when it comes to your food supply, you may have considered your options. Sure, you can grow a garden and raise livestock. But what if you live in the city?

4Patriots is a company that specializes in survival food. Founded in Nashville, TN, this company produces products that can help them on their journey to self-reliance.

A wide variety of products are available to help you become more independent. These are all available for purchase online and they ship quickly - right to your door.

If you’re wondering, “is 4Patriots legit?” you can rest assured that this company is worth your consideration. Not only does this LLC have a B+ rating with the BBB, but it offers some of the finest foods to help you build your emergency food supply.

Here’s what you need to know.

How Does it Work?

This company sells all kinds of emergency food and equipment. It’s one of the few survival food companies with kits in stock and ready to ship at all times - no more waiting for inventory to refill.

When it comes to survival food, they have several options. You can purchase items like a 4-week or 72-hour survival food kit, or you can purchase freeze-dried food. Freeze-dried food is a great way to ensure you have a good supply of nonperishable food on hand. In fact, many varieties can last up to 25 years!

They sell freeze-dried foods like berries and vegetables. You can also buy emergency food bars. These are sold in one - and four-packs and are designed to meet the nutritional requirements according to the U.S. Coast Guard standards. They are heat resistant and have a five-year shelf life, making them a great choice for your bug-out bag or hurricane box.

The long list of products doesn’t end with food, either. There is also a wide assortment of survival products, such as lots of resources for solar power. You can purchase power cells or even a solar battery to power your home or solar cooker (a product also sold by 4Patriots).

The Sun Kettle Solar Cooker by 4Patriots offers a convenient way to cook your food if you don’t have power. All you need is the power of the sun! Although there are no air purifier options listed on the the website, you can find options for water filtration that can help get you through a serious emergency.

There are plenty of other products to consider, too. A flashlight, for example, is something that anybody should have in their emergency preparedness kit. The company sells an awesome tactical flashlight four pack. They even sell a Freedom Fridge that can help keep your food cold during a power outage.

Cost and Price Plans

The cost of 4Patriots food varies. For the most part, kits start around $27 but can be as high as $399, depending on the content and quantity. Supplies also vary in price. Many, like the four-pack of tactical flashlights, are just $99.

Competitors and Alternatives

When comparing 4Patriots to its competitors, you’ll find lots of alternatives. Many people start by comparing 4Patriots vs. My Patriot Supply.

The companies are similar both in name and in function. My Patriot Supply specializes more in instant meals and long term food storage options, both of which average 2000 calories per day and can last up to a year. They’re packed in rigid, sustainable buckets.

The main difference between the two companies has to do with shipping. Although both companies are experiencing delays as a result of the global pandemic at the time of writing this article, 4Patriots still has a faster shipping calendar than My Patriot Supply.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

One of the customers’ favorite features of 4Patriots is the fact that the company donates significant amounts of its proceeds.

Not only does 4Patriots donate to A Soldier’s Child Foundation, a charity that helps the children of fallen soldiers, but it also donates to the Fisher House Foundation, another military-focused charity. Operation Homefront is another company on the donation’s list.

Customers also appreciate their fast shipping policy. You’ll get survival food in as little as five days. The other products sold by them are well-received, too. 4Patriot battery pack reviews claim that the cell not only works well, but is an inexpensive and reliable option for charging your phone in an emergency.

There aren’t many complaints about 4Patriots, but one common issue is that the foods aren’t necessarily healthy or made of natural ingredients. For example, the list of food bars ingredients is long and includes all kinds of unrecognizable names like delta tocopherols, tartrazine, pantothenic acid, and more. The foods are calorie-dense, which is what you need in an emergency, but aren’t necessarily the best for you.

Customer Service

The company has a customer-centered approach that has worked well in its marketing and day-to-day functioning.

Not only are all products backed by a 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee, but there is substantial customer service support. You can get a hold of a representative Monday through Saturday by phone at 1-800-304-4202. You can also email at [email protected]

The return policy is also relatively straightforward. All products are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason during the first 365 days after your purchase, just return the product to the shipping warehouse and you can get a full refund.

Where to Buy?

You can only buy 4Patriots products by visiting the company website. There are a few emergency food rations available on Amazon, too.

Is It Worth It?

If you want to purchase emergency food and equipment to keep your family safe and secure during a crisis, you need to invest in a company that has reliable sourcing and won’t delay shipments for any reason. 4Patriots is one of those companies. Consider stocking up today.

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1 Review

Misleading article!

October1, 2020

The author didn't bother to even look up the "unrecognizable"ingredients! I knew right away that "pantothenic acid" is a 'B' vitamin, ANY "delta tocopherols" is vitamin E, and tartrazine IS AN FDA APPROVED COLORANT FOR PRESCRIPTIONS!! Nice try attempting to make this company look bad. And no I do not work for them nor have I purchased their products. I was just looking for a decent review and found this ignorant article

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October 19, 2020

Unfortunately, your 2-Star review (intended for the author) will be attributed to the company, which, judging by your praise would have likely been 5 Stars.

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1 Review

No Satisfaction

September25, 2020

I sent the generator back on 9-2-2020 , they received it on 9-16-2020 and received the solar on 9-15-2020. I called them yesterday 9-24-2020 was on hold for over 2hours listening to some God awful piano music that is enough to drive anyone insane. it literally drove me crazy!!
So today I tried a different approach I first called and pressed #2 to speak to someone about an order I had already placed after over 30 minutes I pressed the pound button "If you would like to receive a call back instead of waiting on hold. We can do that , you won't even lose your spot .!! " " So I pressed the pound button. Then I call back only this time I press the #1 button to place an order !! Well, what do you know I was on hold for only about 5 minutes before someone picked up, an yet I still haven't received a call back on the first call. SO I NOT ONLY LOST MY SPOT , I HAVE YET TO BE CALLED BACK !!
The call were I did manage to get through was a bunch of run around, was told to call customer service, even though the # I had just reached that person at was the customer service #.

I'm very frustrated with the way you do business, You have no problem answering the phone to place an order but when someone needs support about an existing /previous order it is impossible to get through and even when I managed to back door my way in, I was given the run-around.
I just wanted to talk to a live person about the status of my refund !! Now I've spent 2 days of my time for nothing except a bad headache and a very very bad taste for your company left in my mouth !!

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1 Review


July27, 2020

I called to clarify my purchase of the generator. Brittany took my call and answered all my questions. I shared with her that I was very impressed with 4Patriots because on my previous ordered a month ago, one of the food packages had a year and within a week they sent me a replacement. Brittany then said, because of the inconvenience on the previous order, I was getting a $100 refund. I was truly speechless. I didn't call for that and had no complaints, only praise. I am proud to support an American company who in turn supports several other organizations for our men and women in service! Dana

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