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4Patriots is a Nashville, TN based company that specializes in survival food for people hoping to become more self-reliant and independent.  Here’s what you need to know.

How Does 4Patriots Work?

4Patriots sells a wide variety of emergency food and other equipment intended to help you deal with emergency situations or become more independent in general.

When it comes to survival food, they have several options.  You can purchase items such as 72-hour up to 4-week survival food kits, or you can purchase freeze-dried food individually.

Their freeze-dried foods include things like berries and vegetables, as well as emergency food bars.  Freeze-dried food is a great way to ensure you have a good supply of nonperishable food on hand.  In fact, many varieties can last up to 25 years.

These are sold in one and four pack units and are designed to meet daily nutritional requirements according to U.S. Coast Guard standards. 

The packs are heat resistant and have a five-year shelf life, making them a great choice for your bug-out bag or hurricane box.

4Patriots also sell a wide assortment of survival products, such as solar power chargers and generators, power cells or solar batteries to power your home or solar cooker. 

For example, their Sun Kettle Solar Cooker offers a way to cook your food without electricity by using the power of the sun. 

Although there are no air purifier options listed on the the website, you can find options for water filtration that can help get you through a serious emergency.

4Patriots also sells other essentials, such as tactical flashlights for example, which are essential to any emergency preparedness kit.  The company also sells a 'Freedom Fridge', a refrigerator that can help keep your food cold during a power outage.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

One of the customers’ favorite features of 4Patriots is the fact that the company donates significant amounts of its proceeds to charity. 

4Patriots donate to A Soldier’s Child Foundation, a charity that helps the children of fallen soldiers, as well as to the Fisher House Foundation, another military-focused charity.

4Patriot products are generally well-received by consumers.  For example, reviews of their battery pack state that the cell not only works well, but is an inexpensive and reliable option for charging your phone in an emergency. 

4Patriots have a B+ rating with the BBB.

Customers also appreciate their fast shipping policy, where you can receive your order in as little as five business days.

There aren’t many complaints about 4Patriots, but one common issue is that the foods aren’t necessarily healthy or made of natural ingredients.

For example, the list of food bars ingredients is long and includes preservatives and food additives with unrecognizable names like delta tocopherols, tartrazine, pantothenic acid, and others. 

The foods are calorie-dense, which is what you need in an emergency, but aren’t necessarily the healthiest for you otherwise.

Customer Service

The company has a customer-centered approach that has worked well in its marketing and day-to-day functioning. 

You can get a hold of a representative Monday through Saturday by phone at 1-800-304-4202.  You can also email [email protected].

The return policy is relatively straightforward.  All products are backed by a 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee. 

4 Patriots states that if you're dissatisfied for any reason during the first 365 days after your purchase, just return the product to the shipping warehouse to get a full refund.


Where to Buy?

You can only buy 4Patriots products by visiting the company website.  There are a small number of emergency food rations available on Amazon, too.


Cost & Price Plans

The cost of 4Patriots food varies and items are paid for individually.  There are also Survival Kits starting around $27, but can be as much as $399 depending on the content and quantity. 

Supplies also vary in price.

Competitors and Alternatives

When comparing 4Patriots to its competitors, you’ll find lots of alternatives.  Many customers make the comparison of 4Patriots vs. My Patriot Supply.

The companies are similar both in name and in function. 

My Patriot Supply specializes more in instant meals and long term food storage options, both of which average 2000 calories per day and can last up to a year.  These are packed in rigid, sustainable buckets.

The main difference between the two companies has to do with shipping. 

Although both companies are experiencing delays as a result of the global pandemic at the time of writing this article,  4Patriots seem to have a faster shipping calendar than My Patriot Supply.

The Bottom Line

If you want to purchase emergency food and equipment to keep your family safe and secure during a crisis, you need to invest in a company that has reliable sourcing and won’t delay shipments for any reason.  4Patriots is one of those companies.

If you have any experience with 4Patriots or their products, please leave your reviews below.

4Patriots Customer Reviews

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Not helpful at all
January 13, 2024

I made an impulse buy. I don't want their 3 month food supply. It has not shipped yet. I've used the 24 HR live chat, called, and emailed them. They say it has to ship, then I need to send it back. What a waste of time...They have already charged my card... Again it has not shipped yet, but they refuse to cancel my order.

China JUNK
January 3, 2024

This outfit is just schlepping China JUNK as quality American products.

I've bought several things from them, and it is ALL junk that does not work for more than a month or so.

Bad customer service
December 1, 2023

Trying to return it and getting messed around with...buy somewhere else.

Scammers Per My Experience
November 25, 2023

I ordered the 72 hour emergency meals (free, just pay shipping) and all I received was a "Thank you for your order", and they took the shipping amount out of my account. They "Never" sent me an order number, or shipping information, and it has been a "Whole" month. They don't answer the telephone number, that they have available, or answer e-mails. Right now, per my experience, this 4patriots is a big scam. Check out their reviews. They are similar to my complaint. Beware.

November 22, 2023

They have -0- customer service I could reach either by phone, or email. I got a chat bot, who connected me to a moron who couldn’t verify my order with an order number & name. I’m not about to disclose more and more information they already should have from the order. It’s been over 2 weeks, now and no communication. Nothing shipped or received. HORRIBLE

Not getting what is promised
November 20, 2023

Ripoff! Misleading advertising. The 1 year food package on the website says you will get 2,752 servings. When you add up the servings from the list they provide on their website you get 2,560 servings. Red flag!

Our kit contained 2,728 servings. Still 24 servings short. Also, you are supposed to get only 64 servings of pancake mix. We got 256 servings.

They do this to cover the shortage of servings. I called customer service and spoke to 3 different people that have no decision making power and got a promise a supervisor would call back.

Never got a call back. Two emails and no response. This company is ripping off Americans.

Customer service is bad!
November 15, 2023

I’ve stayed on hold for so long so many times that I just give up. I’ve also tried their “chat” multiple times. I ordered the SoLanterns and received only the bonus 72 hr emergency food supply. Still waiting for my order! no one answers the phone. I have sent emails and chats with no luck at all. Very poor service.

Brian in NC.

Quality & availability of products lol
November 10, 2023

We purchased the holy grail Labor Day Extravaganza offer and received a checklist so we could keep track of what was included in the offer and to keep track of what was received .

We did receive the 2000x generator and year's supply of emergency foods. But when I contacted 4Patriots about not receiving all the free gifts (that I only know what's included from their checklist), they tell me that's not included in this offer.

I mean c'mon, they are the ones that sent us the checklist in the first place.

Then the drip water filtration cannisters arrived without the filters...a water filtration system without the actual filters is of zero value & effectiveness. But they have sent 2 fiber filters that is supposed to fit around the actual filters, but of course we're still waiting for those filters.

I've had several conversations via text & email, but no real results yet.

Is 4Patriots a scam company?
November 9, 2023

First, their website tricked us into ordering two 3 months supply by not taking us directly to our first order confirmation. Then they sent us 5 emails with tracking numbers but the tracking numbers were all the same and it wasn't a good number. We received less than 1/2 our orders and can not get through to them either by phone or by email. We left a call back number to no avail. Terrible. I have submitted a dispute with our credit card company. I hope they will give us our money back. When I try to look up our orders now, 4 patriots website says no order found. What a scam and what a rip off. We are retiring soon and didn't need to waste our money like this. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!

Horrible customer, service, and missing items!
November 4, 2023
Don’t buy into the good customer service. You can never reach a representative and they never call you back nor do they reply to your emails. I ordered the generator and the supplies that come with it but did not receive the cart or LED lights that come with it. The one time I did reach a customer service representative, they told me to expect to receive the missing items that day a week later nothing!!! Based on customer service, I would never purchase another item from this company.

I did the math...
October 6, 2023

4Patriots is heavily advertising a 'Solar Generator' on several outlets - which comes complete with a *free* solar panel for charging the unit. All for the all-American, 'support our troops!' bargain price of a mere $3,000!

This unit is nothing more than a Lion battery and small solar panel, combined with a small power inverter, which converts the output to 120v 60hz.

Do yourself a favor and buy a couple of the largest, best UPS units you can find, which is essentially all what the battery & inverter actually are. Keep them charged up (ie: plugged in) - and when needed, they will run all your electronics, fridges, freezers, etc. for probably just as long as this $3,000 system.

And then put the other $2,500 towards an actual multi-fuel generator. And you'll STILL have $1,500 left over.

DavidCraig October 12, 2023

You can get a high quality solar generator for far less than $3,000.00 via other better known bands. I did my research - look at Ecoflow or Anker or Jackery for better brands and depending on your needs. I got one from Ecoflow for half what 4Patriots has with better features.

Horrible Customer Service
September 7, 2023
I had to contact customer service today because the power output button would not stay green. I’ve owned the unit 18 months and used sporadically for tool charging and battery charging maintenance. While using only 300 watts, the unit would not discharge its power. Customer service advised no repairs, replacement, or anything other than a $150 discount on a new $2,500 unit. I now own a $2,000 door stop. The unit still charges, but has a bad inverter. This sucks big time. Stay far away from this company because they do not stand behind their products. Boo!!

DavidCraig October 12, 2023

I agree - I ordered a water filtration system from them - the box did not contain a filter for the system and I ordered a second filter but it has yet to arrive so I have this stainless steel drum that is worthless. I still hope to resolve but have been on hold 6 x for over an hour and sent 3 emails with no response (well after the 48 hour promised call back) - I spent over $275 and it may have bene money down the toilet! Really disappointing how they promote their great products... and on the customer service line it says "our hold times are longer than expected because of the popularity of our products" - which basically says "we are making a ton of money but our customers do not count." It's the worst experience in memory with a company.

Bought for the 25 Year Shelf Life NOT the gourmet chef!
June 28, 2023

I have read these very negative reviews and can not believe this is the same company. I have ordered from 4Patriots and recommended to all my family and friends! My first order was the regular standard food package for 3months. We tried the 72hour package and it was NOT gourmet but definitely acceptable in an emergency!!! I then needed a more health conscious food choice for me so I ordered two Plant-Based Protein Kits and a Fruit, Veggie & Snack Survival Food Kit. Then I ordered three large cans of the Black Bean Burger Mix. All ingredients were acceptable as Healthy IN AN EMERGENCY!!! They came packaged in easy to stack /labeled container's with locking lids and very sturdy! Easy to store FOR A 25 YEAR shelf life!!!

Some of the first order was wrong and a few packages came damaged due to the way it was delivered NOT the company. AND Customer service was very helpful and sent me all the damaged items with no questions or problems. Another time my charger was damaged and had no idea how it broke and even though it was a free gift for purchasing something else Customer Service replaced it easily!! Every time I have a problem or a question I always get the kindest people to talk to. My sister has had the same experience.

So I highly recommend this company...They truly are an AMERICAN company! And the employees are treated very well! Where all these negative comments are coming from makes me suspicious of the source???

Please, if you are looking for easy preparedness food ...Do not hesitate to order from Patriots!!! But not if you are interested in gourmet meals ;)

DetroitJoseph November 10, 2023

Yes, I agree with you as the EMERGENCY foods are just that... to be used when you can't get anything else.

"Oh it has too much salt" comments are aggravating...wait till you have to preserve your food the ol' fashioned way with salt, then talk to me about too much salt. In an emergency we are trying to survive one day to the next...good grief... it doesn't taste good...well then kill some game and liven it up a bit.

Buyer Beware
June 24, 2023
Bought a Side Kick in 2011. Didn’t use very often, but spoke to a technician recently when it wasn’t functioning correctly. He took me through several steps to check its functionality, but, ultimately, we agreed the product was defective, and the warranty was only for a year to make matters even worse. The fact that the generator is made in China, when they claim to be pro American, is very disappointing as well.

DetroitJoseph November 10, 2023

Yes, I am disappointed in products made in China too, but not surprised.

Order not found
March 10, 2023

I ordered and paid for three 72 hour food kits on 3/7/23, called 4Patriots customer service and they say I don’t have an order, but they charged my credit card. This is the second time and I will never order from them again. I will file a complaint with the BBB and open a fraud case with my credit card company. So disgusted with 4Patriots. Y. Smiley

4Patriots experience
February 21, 2023

I have bought many items from 4Patriots and spoke with their customer service as well. Every item was delivered in a timely manner and when I did have a question, I would ask to talk to the manager or someone higher. Everything was handled extremely well and professionally. I didn’t eat their food yet but their solar items work better than expected. Gotta say that my husband threw out the short cakes ‘cause he didn’t like the taste. Yes, he is a professional chef and is extremely picky. He didn’t understand that it was for an emergency. What this company is trying to do to help the American people to survive is outstanding. If you don’t like what you ordered, then call them and explain. They will help you. Then, you can choose another company. You have a choice.

No one has paid me to state my facts and I am a verified customer of 4Patriots.

DetroitJoseph November 10, 2023

'Call them'...lol. Good one, hah ha ha

February 6, 2023
I ordered the 72 hour pack to try it out. So far I have tried only the oatmeal with maple. The first time it was a little bland. The second time I realized the brown sugar was a little ways down in the package. I added that with some honey (the shelf life of honey is ridiculously long) It was good. The bag has a zip lock top to reseal. I ate it over a 5 day period and it was fine. I will try the rest in the future.

February 1, 2023

Plugged in a little bathroom heater and within 15 minutes the power bar dropped from full charge down to one bar. Very disappointed!! Glad I have a Mr Buddy ( Big Buddy) heater on standby.

The most flavorless food on the market!
December 30, 2022
I would only eat this in an absolute emergency, and it would have to be a pretty dire situation where I was starving. The 2 items I tried, were some of the worst, most flavorless food I’ve ever encountered. I tried the Mac and cheese, and the Alfredo. The Alfredo was like eating noodles swimming in low fat milk. Zero, I mean zero flavor! And the Mac and cheese, well that was so much worse than regular old boxed Mac and cheese. Zero cheese flavor. How do you manage to screw up and make something worse than boxed Mac and cheese??! I don’t know, but 4Patriots managed to do just that. If you love the taste of cardboard, this product might be perfect for you. But I would recommend you take your money elsewhere.

DetroitJoseph November 10, 2023

That's the definition of emergency foods...to be used when you can't get anything else...in an EMERGENCY !!!

Do not buy! Donate your money to patriots instead!
September 8, 2022

Just to start the review by saying I love what 4 patriot is all about and hope that a good percentage is going to our Patriots and vets!

All I can say is the only packages I can stand is the dried bananas, and the oat meal grannies oat meal!

The Fire side stew is an embarrassment it’s like eating weeds and dirt!

The macaroni and cheese is nasty watery cheese flavor reminded me of my poor childhood where my mom tried to stretch out food for us kids!

All I can say is good thing 4 Patriots promotes a 25 yr shelf life, so you can sell all you can within the next 25 years before anyone tries it!