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My Patriot Supply, founded in 2008, is an online store marketing survival products and states their aim is to help people meet their goals of self sufficiency and emergency preparedness with affordable, quality products.

According to their website, other websites and companies which specialize in survival products spend most of their time and energy in fear mongering.

They produce videos and literature telling people that the United States or even the world is on the brink of a disaster and that in times of emergency FEMA and the Federal Government will be enemies of the people, taking their homes and food supplies and making it hard to survive.

My Patriot Supply says that the fear mongering done by other companies leads to price gouging; they create this fear in their customers to make them willing to pay high prices for their products. says they spend no money on marketing and fear mongering because their goal is to make their products affordable so that everyone who is interested in self reliance can afford to invest in their supplies.

They started by offering their Survival Seed Vault which has a wide selection of individual survival heirloom seeds guaranteed to last in storage for at least five years and which come with a guide to planting, caring for, and harvesting your own seeds.

They have since expanded to include home canning supplies, and their Patriot Pantry survival food, which is packages of meal servings ready to go and able to last more than 25 years in storage.

Finally, they also provide emergency water filtration systems, including their Lifestraw, the award winning personal water filtration straw that eliminates 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and parasites.

All orders over $49 ship for free, and anyone who has complaints or issues with the products they receive should call Customer Service right away so that My Patriot Supply can address any problems right away.

If you have any experience with My Patriot Supply or their products, please leave reviews below.

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Sturdy Steel
January 15, 2022

My 10# can soup set I got on clearance were stamped with manufacture dates not expiration, and were all manufactured 6-7 months ago with one only being a month canned.

The cans are sturdy steel instead of aluminum as expected (that's neither pro or con, because I prefer aluminum for shelf life but steel is stronger for storage), we're clearly babied with no dents or signs of damage, and overall I can't complain anywhere from shipping/payment or dates.

I won't be opening them until I need, but if nutrition is lacking these are self cook sets so I'm expecting anything I dislike to be able to be corrected yet just changing how I make my meals

Poor Customer Service ruins it
October 1, 2021

Wish I had received my purchase. After waiting four weeks I attempted to speak with customer service. After holding for an hour, I was offered a “call back without losing my place in line”. Sounds good. THEY CALLED BACK THE NEXT DAY! Super impossibly early I might add.

This happened two other times in the course of a week. I guess I would have waited eight hours on hold if I hadn’t taken the call back offer. There isn’t a contact email. Tried reaching them by replying to one of their endless marketing emails. They responded and told me to call customer service.

After a week of this back and forth I decided to bail. Their guaranty isn’t any good if you can’t reach them. The first purchase I made two years ago went fine, but not this one. My credit card company stepped in and refunded my money. Product might be good, I will never know.

Totally indifferent customer service. I give them a 2 because the product is decent but not worth the stress of trying to purchase it.

Easy delivery
July 23, 2021
Ordered the other day, arrived today-so, 3-4 days?

DaveGoodyear August 19, 2021

lousy, lousy customer service, wont answer phone, wont call back, wont answer e-mails and haven't received a tracking number been 9 days,.

Fast Delivery
December 27, 2020
I ordered on Tuesday evening and received the food on Thursday evening.

the price and quality were excellent
December 15, 2020
Yes there was a period of extreme delay in delivery....don't know what happened...first order came in a couple of weeks.....then demand skyrocketed and the next order took 2 and a half months. Product was received and I haven't heard of a better supply source.

Waste of time and effort!
December 5, 2020
Order still not shipped. I had to Cancel the entire order! On October 20, 2020, I placed an order for $2,000.00. To date, I have not received any of the items. Today, December 5, 2020, I canceled my entire order!

it's 2020, you waited too late, MyPatriotSupply is as good as it gets.
November 29, 2020

I don't usually leave reviews but after seeing all the nasty reviews I'm going to

They are reporting 2500% increase in orders this year, people need to realize times are not normal.

If you waited until 2020 to get survival food then frankly you are the problem.

I ordered more recently and it was delayed, by a week, but its here and the price is great for a 25 year shelf life. People whining can't name a better place to buy this stuff from

Stevefrom Colorado October 01, 2021

Stop Making excuses for them. The customers are NOT the problem because “we waited to get survival food”. We buy when we choose. This company has to ramp up its customers service or it will fail.

I_Love_Snow December 28, 2021

The idea of prepping is you prepare before a diastor, while the demand is at its minimum and the longer you wait the higher the cost and more inevitable compromises you'll have to expect. And onn another fair note for the other side, there's absolutely no excuse to take somebody's money and never get the goods to the person

I'm taking a chance myself ordering their soup can set since the original major suppliers who I used to trust have been price gouging and underfilling their cans knowing people don't want to open their sets, and then those who do realize they've been scammed will compromise knowing there out of options

I_Love_Snow December 28, 2021

I placed my order myself hoping for the best.

I'm currently waiting for the text update for shipping expectations and it's running late so there's that, and il be leaving a fair update later based on if it arrives without a issue and how it comes out as. Let's hope it's something to warrant higher expectations here, and something that might contribute to getting some competition in the trade field again

Never Delivered After Months
November 17, 2020
I had to dispute the charge for my $300 order that they never intended to deliver. I suspect this company was trying to pocket a ton of money for the COVID-19 mess from middle class people with disposable income that don't track their finances closely.

Not bad survival food
August 28, 2020

I've ordered from this site multiple times. I've gotten 2 72 hour kits and one 2 week kit and a preparedness crate (it had essential items like a small stove, matches, radio etc, along with 72 hours of food).

Each time I had bought, I had gotten my packages fairly expediently, within 2 weeks, save for the stuff this year (2020), since everyone is attempting to stock up.

The food is alright. I had some stuff from the 72 hour kit while camping. Of note, they are NOT in portion sizes. It's not MRE size. It's more for like 2 people or so. I had the stuffing. It was good, but a bit salty. I suppose if you're in a survival situation, you do need your sodium though...

I also had the oatmeal. It was good, nothing to write home about.

Unlike some that are "just add water" and can be eaten cold, this food MUST be cooked. Overall, I like MPS and will continue to use them for emergency food.

Never delivered.
July 21, 2020
Never delivered a $1400 freeze dried food order. Claim they did. This is a scam company

BarbaraHeil December 05, 2020

October 20, 2020, I placed an order for $2000.00 To date, I have not received any of the items. Today, December 5, 2020, I canceled my entire order.

LonesomeWolf December 14, 2021

So far, no problems getting what I ordered. Stocking up gradually so more than a few orders

Waste of money! Almost all rice! Almost zero protein!
July 10, 2020

They refer to this as a two week emergency food supply. I would have been MUCH better off buying a big bag of rice because that's the main ingredient in almost all the "food" I received. I spent $97 and it is the worst purchase for survival food I have EVER made.

I suggest you DO NOT BUY from this company. Totally unscrupulous company feeding off tenuous times and uninformed customers. In the past I bought Mountain House and their products are great.

I bought this "My Patrot Supply" crap at the start of covid after a YouTube vlogger I subscribe to started advertising for them. BIG MISTAKE!

Money is better spent elsewhere
June 12, 2020

This is a survival company that has had a worse survival response than Jeffrey Epstein's suicide watcher.

They disclose orders will take up to 8 weeks or more. OK, but after 2 emails that have gone unanswered and 12 weeks that have gone by... an update would be cool. Instead the company chooses to give some vague update on their page, absolving themselves from any responsibility, and still their customers wait with no answers or any assurance that their order is even remembered.

What makes it worse is I'm getting orders of their products from outside vendors quicker than I'm getting it from them direct. After ordering a 1 month supply of food direct from Patriot, I ordered another month from Camping Gear a week later. That order has been here for a week already.

If this is the a company that has spent as much as they say they have in revamping and tooling to keep up demand, they may have wasted their time and money as much as I have.

Cannot handle an easy fix
May 14, 2020
It took almost 90 days to get my purchase which was the three month supply. The order was sent with 3 of the 6 buckets being the wrong food. Have tried to get replacement buckets now for almost three weeks with no success. My credit card company has put pressure on them by giving me full credit till this situation is rectified. MPS has gone into full stealth mode for three weeks now.

Horrible Customer Service
May 11, 2020

I ordered several products at once and received order numbers for only one. After two weeks of email volleyball, they finally found the other order but it would take another 10 weeks for shipping. This was after 6 weeks for the first order. I told them to cancel and give me a refund.

That was over three weeks ago and no refund, returned email, or returned phone calls. May call the AG in that state and get action.


Worst purchase I've ever made!
March 12, 2020

I've had no communication with them after placing an order a month ago, I was supposed to be refunded $100 after being over charged, that was 3 weeks ago, 2 weeks ago I wanted a 100% refund after not receiving my first refund or my food buckets, still nothing! No food buckets, no refund(s).

I talked with a woman named Linda. Worst customer service, very dishonest and I highly doubt I'll receive anything from them! Do not order from them!

J.Stewart March 24, 2020

They have done the same to me I ordered from them a month ago, you do not get updates about your order, I spent about $500 for my wife and myself, I've got a good feeling my money and food I bought will not be seen again.

J.Stewart March 24, 2020

I did the same as you, they never give updates about your order, we spent about $500 for my wife and myself, I have a feeling I will never see the food or my money.

MY PATRIOT SUPPLIES lies about certain ingredients! BEWARE!
January 28, 2020

My roommate recently ordered some emergency food supplies from MY PATRIOT SUPPLY. She wanted to be ready for emergencies. I said “great,” but let me first CHECK THE INGREDIENTS LISTINGS. I am a professional health care provider and researching nutritionist as well.

Honestly, I was deeply disturbed when I read the ingredients listed on one product. While MPS clearly states there is NO MSG ADDED, I discovered this to be deceitful and misleading advertising.

The ingredients listed in this one meal included HYDROLYZED SOY OR CORN PROTEIN!As all nutritionists know, this is just a cover-up for MSG!

Furthermore, all corn or soy, unless specifically stated that it is ORGANIC OR NON-GMO, is highly contaminated with pesticides and is typically GMO.

Corn syrup is extremely unhealthy, as well as other dubious ingredients with long chemical sounding names.

If MPS is being deceitful, actually LYING TO THEIR CUSTOMERS about “NO MSG” in their products, when in FACT HYDROLYZED CORN OR SOY PROTEIN is MSG and unhealthy and used as a flavor enhancer..then HOW CAN MPS be trusted with the REST of their information they publish about their products or ingredients???

As I read reviews online, I am discovering some other customers have the same kind of problems with deceitful or misleading advertising regarding food quality also.

I have advised my mislead friend to quickly cancel her order and purchase survival food supplies from a more honest and trustworthy company that conceals nothing from the customers.

-Pamela R S

December 9, 2019

I tried three pouches of their granola packaged in 2013, just as a test and it was awful! VERY Metallic tasting in all three bags.

I had to toss it. it really makes me wonder what the rest of their foot tastes like.

The REAL DEAL! Trustworthy & Professional.
December 23, 2016

I started off by buying one of their advertised 72 hour preparedness meals for a total cost of $4.95 so I said "What the heck..." & Ordered it & was received withing 10 days.

I tried the food & found it tasty & thought it would make a good back up plan. After that 1st purchase I would receive emails for the $29.95 worth of 3 day food rations for a shipping cost of $9.95 so I ordered a total of 6 more 72 hour Food Kits, 1 per month with NO ISSUES AT ALL!

Then I kept reading emails for all the great food & different packages they have so I ordered up a 3 Month Kit under a promotion of Buy One Get One Free & got 6 months of 25 year storage food rations for the sale price of $497.

Since August of 2016 I have purchased Survival Coffee & Condiments, Meat Protein Kit & Breakfast Kit & Even the Alexapure Pro Water Filter System WITHOUT 1 ISSUE! Shipping being free I didn't expect it in 2 days like Amazon gives.

They all arrived quickly enough & were in the shown storage totes that are awesome by the way. Order without worry, they are honest & professional all the way.

Patriot Pantry foods from My Patriot Supply
October 11, 2015

Great food ! Can't believe how good it is, it certainly doesn't taste like what I expected 25 year shelf life food to be like. We started prepping recently and ought the 1 year food supply, but as soon as it arrived we tried some, and we so impressed we have added some of the foods to our weekly menu !! The soup dare great, the stew is tasty, and the creamy rice we take on our camping trips.

Wear e now looking at adding to our supply, and getting the coffee and perhaps the veggie kits. Thanks again My Patriot Supply !

My Patriot Supply & Patriot Pantry
October 7, 2015
I have been doing business with My Patriot Supply since 2011. I have about three years worth of food (bought over a period of time as I could afford it), some of their water filtration devices, etc. I don't know if the other two folks are just competitors or what but I have had a hands down amazing experience with the people and the product every time I order. I've referred a lot of my friends and family and we all love My Patriot Supply! I wouldn't dream of preparing anywhere else!