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My Patriot Supply, found at, is an online store that sells survival gear supplies and consumables.

The company states their aim is to allow customers to meet their goals of self-sufficiency and emergency preparedness with affordable and quality products.

How Does it Work?

My Patriot Supply contrasts themselves with other survival gear companies which focus on fear mongering as a sales tactic.

These companies often produce videos and literature claiming that the country is on the brink of an impending disaster, and that organizations such as FEMA and the Federal Government can't be relied upon in times of such emergency and chaos.

Conversely, My Patriot Supply states they spend no money on marketing and fear mongering, but rather focus on making their products affordable sells products designed to be used in the event of...

  • Loss of power
  • Cyber attack
  • Natural disaster
  • Economic collapse
  • Hyperinflation
  • Supply chain breakdown
  • Outbreak and quarantine


The company's first product was the Survival Seed Vault, which has a wide selection of individual survival heirloom seeds guaranteed to last in storage for at least five years, and which comes with a guide to planting, caring for, and harvesting the seeds.

My Patriot Supply has since expanded their inventory to include home canning supplies as well as their own brand of survival food, 'Ready Hour', which are ready-to-go meal servings packaged to last more than 25 years in storage.

Finally, My Patriot Supply also sells emergency water filtration systems, featuring the Alexapure Pro® Water Filter - a gravity fed system that reduces up to 99.9999% of 206 known contaminants.

The full catalog of their products can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Emergency Survival Food
  • Survival Items
  • Water Filtration
  • Survival Coffee
  • Sprouting Seeds
  • Air Purification

An example of one of their best selling products is the 3-Month Emergency Food Supply from their 'Ready Hour' brand of survival foods.

This kit can provide one person with 2,000+ calories/day for up to 90 days.  With proper storage My Patriot Supply states that the meals can be stored for up to 25 years.

The meals come in durable packaging and heavy duty buckets.  My Patriot Supply advise storing an additional 39.06 gallons of water for meal preparation.

Food products from can be ordered a la carte or in pre assembled kits, and also as individual side dishes, soups, fruit and veggie packs, coffee supply and more.

Customers can also choose to meal kits based on the required survival timeline or calories.  For instance one of the meal kits is intended for emergencies of 72 hours or less

Cost and Price Plans

Creating a cache of food and survival items can be a costly endeavor, which is why it’s advisable to create a budget and plan. For example the 3 month emergency supply kit costs $897.

My Patriot Supply claims to offer the best prices per calorie for their foods, but you should still do some independent price comparisons, especially if you already know the specific items that you need.

The company routinely sponsors talk radio hosts and popular podcasters like Glenn Beck, Dan Bongino, and Sean Hannity and offers discount codes there.  You can usually find a coupon code or current promotion through one of their partners.

They also offer discounted items through their 'Deal Of The Day' option on  Further, if you are a military member or first responder you can also qualify for a discount.

Customer Service

My Patriot Supply offers a 30 day no-questions-asked return policy.  Items that are unused or unopened can be sent back for a refund.

The return address is 1175 South Meridian Park Road Suite A, Salt Lake City, UT 84104.

You will need to contact customer service first to initiate a return or exchange at their phone number 866-229-092.

The company provides free shipping on all orders over $99 which only applies to the 48 contiguous states.

Online Customer Reviews & Complaints

Online customer reviews for My Patriot Supply are mixed.  The company has an A+ rating with the BBB, however it is not accredited by that platform and has some complaints listed with them.

On their own website and social media channels they have overwhelmingly positive reviews, yet some of the company's kits are sold through Amazon and have mixed reviews there.

My Patriot Supply has also been reviewed by many prepper/survival blogs who have generally given balanced reviews of their products, pointing out both the pros and cons.

The reviews can be broken down into two categories; the company’s customer service and how the products actually performed.

Customer service issues commonly included packages which either arrived late or not at all.  In less frequent cases some customers claimed to have issues with damaged food packages that they had to send back for fear of spoiled food.

In defense of My Patriot Supply customer service, many of these reviews came from 2020, just at the start of the global pandemic.  The company swamped with many last minute orders for survival items while supply chain operations were often suffering delays.

When it comes to the meal kits, some customers have stated that they enjoyed the meals and had occasion to use them in small emergencies or on camping trips.

The complaints regarding the meals come from users who believe the company may pad calorie stats for the meal kits with high sugar fillers like the orange drink.  Some customers were also not pleased with the ingredients in some of the meal packs.

Other issues that have been brought up, and that you should consider, are the serving sizes and prep time.  Single users did not appreciate that most packages have 4 meal servings in them.  This made it difficult to portion and store meals for one person.

It's also important to note that My Patriot Supply meals need to be cooked.  Some of their meals require boiling water and cooking the contents of the package for up to 15-20 minutes.

In times of emergency you should also consider the additional cooking fuel required to cook these meals.

Finally, some negative My Patriot Supply reviews mentioned not enjoying the taste or consistency of some of the meals.

This is also why most prepping experts recommend that if you’re going to stockpile survival food you should test it out ahead of time.

Competitors and Alternatives

After the 2008 financial crash and the Covid-19 pandemic there are a lot more companies offering preparedness supplies.  Some of the main competitors in this space include Mountain House, ReadyWise, Legacy Food Storage, and 4Patriots.

From these brands Mountain House stands out the most as they are more expensive, provide freeze dried meals that are quickly ready, have fewer fillers, and are more of an outdoors/camping brand vs survival focused.

Their meals are made with no artificial flavors or colors and have a 30 year shelf life from the time of manufacturing.  There are several options for purchasing in bulk.

You can start out with the Mountain House Classic Bucket which includes 12 pouches containing 24 Servings.  The price comes out to $8.50 per serving.  These meals have an impressive rating of 4.8/5 from 3,500+ reviews and are available on Amazon.

They also have a 3 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit which contains 18 servings of 3 meals a day for 2 people.  It's a bit more expensive than the bucket, has a 4.7/5 rating from 547 reviews, and is also sold through Amazon.

If you're looking for a more long term food solution you can visit their website where they sell a 3 month food supply for $2,359.

4Patriots (full review) - Another company that heavily advertises on conservative media.  They have mixed to poor customer reviews and provide a cheaper product.

ReadyWise (full review) - Provides meal packs that also need to be cooked but charge more for their brand.  Also have mixed customer reviews.

A lot of these companies use the same type of marketing, packaging, and advertising claims.  When doing your research it’s important to pay attention to the specific wording.

For instance, some meals are vaguely labeled to imply they have meat when they really don’t.  Another example is of 4Patriots claiming their meals are packaged in the USA.  While that may be true, it doesn’t tell you where the food actually comes from.

Is My Patriot Supply Worth It?

Before spending thousands of dollars on food prep it’s important to do as much research as possible.  Having a plan in place can help you stay on budget, not have overlap in your spending, and get the most for your money.

Emergency Meal Kits from companies such as My Patriot Supply may have a place in that plan.  

If you’re aware of the pros and cons you can use this service for the convenience it provides.  However, with more research and planning you may be able to put together your own version of a survival stockpile that can feature better products.  

If you have any experience with My Patriot Supply or their products, please leave reviews below.

My Patriot Supply Customer Reviews

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Waste of money!!
January 28, 2023

I am a little disappointed in the ordering manner to where you have to reject the beans and rice. If you accidentally hit the beans and rice like I did you could not cancel the order. I ended up with a lot of beans and rice. By yourself a resealable bucket and with resealable lid, make your own packages and save a whole lot of money. On our shipment one of the bucket handles was broken with we opened the box. To me it is a total rip off.

Deceptive Advertising / Fear Mongering
September 26, 2022

MPS claims that they don't engage in 'fear mongering advertising', however, their commercials ALWAYS use fear mongering tactics.

Their current radio ads (run for all of 2022 so far) use the exact phrase: "Are you prepared for when the peanut butter hits the fan? MPS provides emergency food for natural and man-made disasters! Don't be caught unprepared!"

MPS is high in sodium, MSG, carbs, low in proteins...just buy rice, noodles, canned meats, soups & sauces at the store. Buy what you normally eat, rotate your stocks, start canning fruits & vegetables. Buy a few MRE's for disaster situations. Eat & rotate stocks of those, too. That's as good as it gets. You have to work for it, just like everything in life.

JimB March 01, 2023

Fear mongering is an intent to cause fear. The advertising line as quoted in Scot S's comment does not drag us through the, "this could happen to you if you don't buy our product", tactic.

Rather, the question does offer food for thought, but more importantly, helps us qualify the need that we, ourselves may have for food or other emergency supplies for an unexpected shortfall.

Dishonest Marketing
July 28, 2022

Any site that has only 5 star reviews for every single item is deceptive. Every comment I posted on their website that wasn't 5-star was deleted and when I tried to repost they started moderating my posts and not publishing a single one.

2-star reveiw because they're selling calories at a competitive price, albeit mostly carbs. Then you have to try to eat it. I hope I'm never that hungry.

Not worth the risk
July 19, 2022

I have placed a few orders with MPS over the past couple of years and have received my orders quickly, no problems there. But, be warned that your credit or bank card might/probably will be hacked.

I wasn't sure just who or what company was attempting to use my card fraudulently because I had placed online orders with other companies but after this last purchase from MPS and only MPS I'm now positive that it's them. My bank account has been hacked EVERY time I ordered from them. Not a coincidence.

Within days of my purchase someone tries to use my card information fraudulently to make purchases. One time they attempted to sign up for a gym membership in UT, I'm in New England.

I'm quite sure the folks from customer service or whomever gathers or has access to order information is also gathering card numbers and then attempts to use the card. It has happened EVERY SINGLE TIME I've ordered from that company. I wouldn't recommend using them for the reason of fraud. It's not worth the risk!

Bad customer service
June 24, 2022

I bought a 30 day supply about a year ago and never really looked it, just put it away.

I decided to purchase a 3 month supply recently to add to my collection and when it arrived 1 of the 2 boxes was opened and it's contents of two of the containers were loose and leaking white powder. The box that was unopened had all the buckets wrapped in plastic bags, the open box had no bags.


After the 3rd call in 1 week leaving messages each time I received a call back. I was told they were going to replace the open box and I was to receive an email with a return label to return the damaged product.

None of this ever happened. This company is very unprofessional and unreliable. Go buy some rice and instant potatoes for these are 90% of what's in this anyway

J DsBees June 30, 2022

I just received my first order from them. The box that 3 buckets came in had been busted wide open snd roses back together 3/4 of one of the bucket kids was completely gone. I don’t know if any of the food was missing. I’m waiting on a response, they’re slow!

Good company, not so good review
May 30, 2022

I never had an issue with any of my orders. I realize that EVERYONE is having a problem getting product to their suppliers and ultimately their consumers. Part of that is caused by people who, as usual, wait until the last possible second to think of things like this, and then all react to a news article or youtube video.

I don't believe I've ever waited more than 2 weeks. I don't believe the Reviewopedia review is even fair. In it, they claim that the meals have to be "cooked", meaning you have to stir boiling water into them and let them sit for 15 minutes or so.

Is the same not true with the other freeze-dried foods mentioned? Do you NOT have to pour water into the "4 Patriot" or "Mountain" food? I'm asking - don't know.

I'm prepared for the possibility of water shortages, and for this purpose I have MRE'S also, which don't require water, but still can be heated. You can buy them with or without the heaters.

As for caloric content, yes, the "4 Patriots" food is cheaper "per day", but uses 1500 calories in their calculation, rather than the 2,000 calories that "My Patriot Supply" uses. As far as expense, the review is correct about the Mountain being more expensive but doesn't explain how the My Patriot is "expensive" at under $900 for a 3 month supply!

That's just under 10 dollars per day! If you think 10 dollars per day is expensive, then you haven't been to the supermarket since Dementia has become, "President". I believe the writer has made the same mistake that I have seen most people make. They forget that if there IS no food shortage, no emergency, they can always EAT the food!

It's not lost money! And considering the way food prices have gone up, it appears to be a good investment regardless! How much is food going to cost ten years from now? 20 years? Be fair, if you're going to compare it to the other brands, then you should compare the caloric content, the need to cook it, or add water, etc.... But I should mention, in fairness, that I've seen a lot more "skewed reviews", and I honestly think the reviewer did his best to be fair.

3 Incorrect Items Out Of 6
May 25, 2022

Ok I just got my order, 3 are correct, 3 are not what I ordered, no-one answers a phone.

Now I'm ticked, I ordered a package that should have contained, 1 butter, 1 whole egg, 2 wheat flour, 2 whey milk, I got, 1 egg, 2 wheat flour 1 potato cheese soup and 2 oats... No butter, 3 items are wrong.

Hope they fix this and I'm not paying a dime more to send back for their mistake, even the packing slip has the correct items, but the cans are not. BE AWARE WHEN ORDERING ITEMS COULD BE WRONG.

Stay Alive.
May 5, 2022

Haven't tried it yet. Cust. Serv. Was good, product came in quick and in good condition. I've probably spent 3 grand total. That takes a lot of water. I'm counting on it. Even if its quality is medium it will beat nothing. And with the present d.C. Admin you never know, stock ammo and drinking water. 

Get yourself a generac or honeywell gen set.22kw min. Nat gas air cooled. Pick your own fuel. I live in Texas, I've never lost this fuel source except for system repair. My confidence level is high.

Also have redundant systems for cooking (coleman) stock 2nd fuel source..Lantern ect. Your systems need to be customized and tailored to your specific situation # people, temp. Support network, barter supplies ect. You my find your ass on the line. Silver is good. Don't trust anybody, ladies and gentlemen, prepare to defend yourself.

The police aren't coming. Don't forget a stocked med. Cabnet, rx if poss. Supplement with over counter common products. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!! When you really get hungry not just ready to eat, really hungry, you'll be glad to eat it, people will kill for what you have. It's coming. And if it doesn't you'll be ok.

paulettebarrow May 25, 2022

Just a question, did you have a problem with getting wrong items? I just ordered 6 cans and 3 are not what I ordered so far no one answers a phone.

Sturdy Steel
January 15, 2022

My 10# can soup set I got on clearance were stamped with manufacture dates not expiration, and were all manufactured 6-7 months ago with one only being a month canned.

The cans are sturdy steel instead of aluminum as expected (that's neither pro or con, because I prefer aluminum for shelf life but steel is stronger for storage), we're clearly babied with no dents or signs of damage, and overall I can't complain anywhere from shipping/payment or dates.

I won't be opening them until I need, but if nutrition is lacking these are self cook sets so I'm expecting anything I dislike to be able to be corrected yet just changing how I make my meals

BrandiWatson March 21, 2022

I have a order that has not showed up yet

Poor Customer Service ruins it
October 1, 2021

Wish I had received my purchase. After waiting four weeks I attempted to speak with customer service. After holding for an hour, I was offered a “call back without losing my place in line”. Sounds good. THEY CALLED BACK THE NEXT DAY! Super impossibly early I might add.

This happened two other times in the course of a week. I guess I would have waited eight hours on hold if I hadn’t taken the call back offer. There isn’t a contact email. Tried reaching them by replying to one of their endless marketing emails. They responded and told me to call customer service.

After a week of this back and forth I decided to bail. Their guaranty isn’t any good if you can’t reach them. The first purchase I made two years ago went fine, but not this one. My credit card company stepped in and refunded my money. Product might be good, I will never know.

Totally indifferent customer service. I give them a 2 because the product is decent but not worth the stress of trying to purchase it.

Easy delivery
July 23, 2021
Ordered the other day, arrived today-so, 3-4 days?

DaveGoodyear August 19, 2021

lousy, lousy customer service, wont answer phone, wont call back, wont answer e-mails and haven't received a tracking number been 9 days,.

Fast Delivery
December 27, 2020
I ordered on Tuesday evening and received the food on Thursday evening.

paulettebarrow May 25, 2022

Did you get what you ordered? I ordered 6 cans, 3 are not what I ordered

the price and quality were excellent
December 15, 2020
Yes there was a period of extreme delay in delivery....don't know what happened...first order came in a couple of weeks.....then demand skyrocketed and the next order took 2 and a half months. Product was received and I haven't heard of a better supply source.

Waste of time and effort!
December 5, 2020
Order still not shipped. I had to Cancel the entire order! On October 20, 2020, I placed an order for $2,000.00. To date, I have not received any of the items. Today, December 5, 2020, I canceled my entire order!

paulettebarrow May 25, 2022

I got 6 cans I ordered and 3 are not what I ordered

it's 2020, you waited too late, MyPatriotSupply is as good as it gets.
November 29, 2020

I don't usually leave reviews but after seeing all the nasty reviews I'm going to

They are reporting 2500% increase in orders this year, people need to realize times are not normal.

If you waited until 2020 to get survival food then frankly you are the problem.

I ordered more recently and it was delayed, by a week, but its here and the price is great for a 25 year shelf life. People whining can't name a better place to buy this stuff from

Stevefrom Colorado October 01, 2021

Stop Making excuses for them. The customers are NOT the problem because “we waited to get survival food”. We buy when we choose. This company has to ramp up its customers service or it will fail.

I_Love_Snow December 28, 2021

The idea of prepping is you prepare before a diastor, while the demand is at its minimum and the longer you wait the higher the cost and more inevitable compromises you'll have to expect. And onn another fair note for the other side, there's absolutely no excuse to take somebody's money and never get the goods to the person

I'm taking a chance myself ordering their soup can set since the original major suppliers who I used to trust have been price gouging and underfilling their cans knowing people don't want to open their sets, and then those who do realize they've been scammed will compromise knowing there out of options

I_Love_Snow December 28, 2021

I placed my order myself hoping for the best.

I'm currently waiting for the text update for shipping expectations and it's running late so there's that, and il be leaving a fair update later based on if it arrives without a issue and how it comes out as. Let's hope it's something to warrant higher expectations here, and something that might contribute to getting some competition in the trade field again

paulettebarrow May 25, 2022

Hope you get what you ordered, I bought 6 cans and 3 are not what I ordered, no one answers a phone

Never Delivered After Months
November 17, 2020
I had to dispute the charge for my $300 order that they never intended to deliver. I suspect this company was trying to pocket a ton of money for the COVID-19 mess from middle class people with disposable income that don't track their finances closely.

paulettebarrow May 25, 2022

I got my order timely but 3 out of 6 cans was not what I ordered

Not bad survival food
August 28, 2020

I've ordered from this site multiple times. I've gotten 2 72 hour kits and one 2 week kit and a preparedness crate (it had essential items like a small stove, matches, radio etc, along with 72 hours of food).

Each time I had bought, I had gotten my packages fairly expediently, within 2 weeks, save for the stuff this year (2020), since everyone is attempting to stock up.

The food is alright. I had some stuff from the 72 hour kit while camping. Of note, they are NOT in portion sizes. It's not MRE size. It's more for like 2 people or so. I had the stuffing. It was good, but a bit salty. I suppose if you're in a survival situation, you do need your sodium though...

I also had the oatmeal. It was good, nothing to write home about.

Unlike some that are "just add water" and can be eaten cold, this food MUST be cooked. Overall, I like MPS and will continue to use them for emergency food.

paulettebarrow May 25, 2022

Glad your exp was fairly good, I ordered 6 cans of stuff, got it today was in a timely manner only thing wrong is 3 of the 6 cans I didnt ordered, they put other stuff in there that I would not eat

Never delivered.
July 21, 2020
Never delivered a $1400 freeze dried food order. Claim they did. This is a scam company

BarbaraHeil December 05, 2020

October 20, 2020, I placed an order for $2000.00 To date, I have not received any of the items. Today, December 5, 2020, I canceled my entire order.

LonesomeWolf December 14, 2021

So far, no problems getting what I ordered. Stocking up gradually so more than a few orders

paulettebarrow May 25, 2022

Im disabled and on a very limited income, I ordered 6 cans, it was a package they offered, 1 butter, 1 whole egg, 2 wheat flour, 2 whey milk, I got the package today, 3 items are not what I ordered, I got 1 egg, 2 wheat flour, 2 oats and a potato cheese soup, and now no one answers a phone but it says 24/7 help. Bunch of crap. even the packing list was correct but the cans are not

Waste of money! Almost all rice! Almost zero protein!
July 10, 2020

They refer to this as a two week emergency food supply. I would have been MUCH better off buying a big bag of rice because that's the main ingredient in almost all the "food" I received. I spent $97 and it is the worst purchase for survival food I have EVER made.

I suggest you DO NOT BUY from this company. Totally unscrupulous company feeding off tenuous times and uninformed customers. In the past I bought Mountain House and their products are great.

I bought this "My Patrot Supply" crap at the start of covid after a YouTube vlogger I subscribe to started advertising for them. BIG MISTAKE!

ElaineDiAntonio May 01, 2022

I agree, rice, pastas and oatmeal.

Money is better spent elsewhere
June 12, 2020

This is a survival company that has had a worse survival response than Jeffrey Epstein's suicide watcher.

They disclose orders will take up to 8 weeks or more. OK, but after 2 emails that have gone unanswered and 12 weeks that have gone by... an update would be cool. Instead the company chooses to give some vague update on their page, absolving themselves from any responsibility, and still their customers wait with no answers or any assurance that their order is even remembered.

What makes it worse is I'm getting orders of their products from outside vendors quicker than I'm getting it from them direct. After ordering a 1 month supply of food direct from Patriot, I ordered another month from Camping Gear a week later. That order has been here for a week already.

If this is the a company that has spent as much as they say they have in revamping and tooling to keep up demand, they may have wasted their time and money as much as I have.

paulettebarrow May 25, 2022

Did you get all what you ordered?I ordered 6 cans and 3 were not what I ordered