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1800Accountant is a company that aims to assist its customers by providing them with access to their very own personal accountant that can help them manage their finances throughout the year. 

How Does 1800Accountant Work?

According to their website, 1800Accountant was started by two former members of Price Waterhouse, one of the largest and most well known accounting companies in the United States in order to give small businesses and individuals access to quality accounting year round, not just at tax time.

Clients of this company will be assigned a personal account depending on your personal needs and circumstances. The website says that their large and varied staff allows them to provide you with an expert for your particular industry or tax situation.  

Cost/Price Plans

This website does not list pricing information for their services at this time, other than to say that providing your initial information to this company to get started is completely free. 

Refund Policy

The website does not discuss any potential Refund or Guarantee Policies. Customers who are interested in whether or not they offer these types of policies should speak to one of their representatives about them before using their services.   

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-222-6868, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to the website.


There are not many user reviews available for this company at this time, but those that are available seem to say the same thing, that while the services can be expensive, the quality and expertise are quite good.     

If you have any experience with 1800Accountant or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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1800Accountant Customer Reviews

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Complete waste of money and a complete lack of basic human respect
March 12, 2023

My experience with your service has been atrocious. I’m only sharing this after reaching out several times and being IGNORED.

Please, please, please if you’re considering 1800Accountant, choose somewhere else. Turbotax is better. Local is better. ANYTHING with human decency is better.

I was promised:

1.To be walked through registration choices to understand what type of LLC I was running.

2.To be walked through how taxes worked, how to calculate estimated taxes, when to pay them and what to track.

3.To be charged $260 every month until the total price of $2,600 was paid.

What happened instead in each case:

1.I was told how to register. When I asked why the man said “Trust me. That’s what you need.” The salesman had told me I would need to register as one type of LLC, and the second man told me the opposite and wouldn’t explain why.

2.I repeatedly asked how to calculate quarterly taxes. The salesman ensured me that I would be walked through all of that, including how to do quarterly taxes, how to calculate what I owed, and when to pay. None of this happened. When I asked about quarterly taxes, I was told they would reach out but no one ever did.

3.I ended up paying over $3,000. When I called beyond the $2,600 point, I was told that the salesperson had made a mistake and I would be expected to pay $260 through the rest of the year.

And this was just the beginning.

I have never in my life felt so ignored and condescended.

I immediately reviewed and signed my tax docs received. They were stuck in limbo for weeks. Iftekar R said they had everything they needed when I reached out. I message again weeks later and was told that I needed to sign the documents(which were already signed and uploaded). I asked MULTIPLE times what I needed to do. Not a single response.

For the THIRD time, I request an estimated timeline for tax submission and return. And for the THIRD time, my question is completely ignored. In fact, Lori S. then accuses me of needing to review the docs, sign, and upload the docs that I have already submitted and confirmed.

Now, I’m still waiting on my state taxes promised that they will “look into” how I get my refund (my tax professionals have changed many times) and after weeks… with multiple messages from me… no response.

I had many other messages completely ignored. And when I did get a response, I was met with curt rudeness and spoken to like I was stupid.

The customer service was extremely disappointing beyond sales.

IF 1800Accountant had been kind, exercised even half-acceptable customer service and was even partially organized, I wouldn’t even be writing this message. This service has taken months to do what I did on TurboTax for free in less than 30 minutes. I reached out to their customer service team twice with these grievances and have been completely ignored. Not a single response from anyone.

My questions have been ignored, I have been talked to like I’m stupid, and I have spent WAY more time going back and forth with my assigned team here than I would have learning to do my own damn taxes. The 1800Accountant team needs to get their tax people aligned with their sales team.

They should also train their tax people to provide the same level of care and service as the sales team and the lady I spoke with about the billing ‘miscommunication.’ The tax person I worked with based out of Iowa was pretty nice too, but failed to answer my timeline question as well.

This service was a complete waste of $3,000+. Choose literally any other service. Complete waste of money and a complete lack of basic human respect.

Fear- mongering. Fishy.
February 15, 2023

Wanted to do tax returns online, nothing fancy, just started working. They took 30 mins of my time to literally preach to me on the phone, that to deal with my $400 dollar profit for the year, I owe them $3000 and everything is so terrible (not true) that I need a bunch of extra services (not true), or else there's gonna be trouble (everything's ok, no issues ). I did not not accept their offer.

Then all heck broke loose on my email: they kept sending messages, with a fear-mongering, threatening undertone:

Hello Jane, you will be fined $200, as you probably don't know there's a deadline you have missed. Hello Jane you will get penalized $100, as you probably did not know that you can be in violation of this and that.

Ok Michael you do realize that now that I am NOT buying your $3000 package I can just splurge and pamper myself for 10 years straight just laying out the dreaded $300 you are trying pedal.

Scammed by this company
January 25, 2023

This company is a fraud. They first charged an up front annual fee. I was reluctant to do this but Michael assured me that if I was not satisfied with the service that I would receive a full refund. After the initial consultation the person that called me agreed that she was not familiar with doing accounting for a trucking business. I called back and requested a full refund. I initially was charged $2634.89 . The person told me that they would refund me $2195.00 and to give them a chance to find a person that was familiar with the trucking industry and they would also do all the data entry for the same price on top of that I would still be able to cancel and get a full refund if I was not satisfied with the service.

They assigned me to Eric. He was going to work with me and consult with someone else and call me back. Unfortunately he never called me back because he said he was sick. The days passed by and I finally called to get a refund they told me that I would not get a full refund because it was beyond 30 days. Eric never called me back even after sending him messages and now I am requesting a refund and they refused to give me a full refund. They are trying to keep $439.89 for doing absolutely nothing but wasting many hours of my time. I will file a dispute with my bank for the full refund that I was promised.

It is a shame that because Eric got sick and never called me back that now they want to charge me $438.89 for not receiving any.

I would like the world to know that this company is fraudulent and to be careful with them if you do business with them.

Not sure how they stay in business.
January 6, 2023

I have been a client since June 2020. First year they did my taxes, it was a struggle but eventually we submitted (I might go back and audit now). Then the 1800Accountant portal was having issues connecting and updating my bank and credit card accounts. I reported it several times, but they never fixed it. When it came to filing my taxes, I had to pull all my statements and send them directly to 1800Accountant. BUT... the communications between my 1800Accountant account representatives and my 1800Accountant tax advisor was nonexistent. 1800Accountant did my taxes 3 times. Each time I pointed out errors that I found (I am not a tax expert at all, but I found mistakes). These mistakes should have lowered my taxes but instead each time I received a revision, my tax payment got higher! I finally sent my taxes to an independent CPA. He was able to submit my taxes correctly and reduce the 1800Accountant projected taxes by over $10,000.

I sent message after message after message to 1800Accountant, but they never offered to work with my independent CPA to determine what they were doing wrong.

Needless to say, I cancelled my service with 1800Accountant. Unfortunately, I had paid the yearly (going forward) dues a few months before I cancelled. 1800Accountant does not issue refunds. They did however issue me an “in-store” credit that I can “use on future services”. As if I trust them to do any further services for me.

Trust me when I say this, do your homework before signing up with this company. Not worth the money or effort.

Ho hum - meh
October 5, 2022

I was pretty much just paying $2,000+/ year in annual/monthly fees for the use of their software which is Clientbooks. You, the customer, still have to do all the bookkeeping so you don't really have an accountant at all, which is available for additional charges. Also tax filing is not included in the annual/monthly fees. . . . that's $800+ extra. Also, leaving was like cancelling a Comcast account. It was a ridiculous, albeit super fun, shouting match. I don't think the call was recorded for "quality purposes."

best accounting firm ever
July 12, 2022
This is the best decision I ever made for my business. The peace of mind of knowing all my accounting needs are being met and that I wont be getting in trouble with the IRS or overpaying in taxes is what I was looking for. 1800 accountant has giving me the tools to make sure my business is a success.

GuyNeel January 06, 2023

You might want to have an independent CPA double check your taxes... I have not had the same experience or "peace of mind".

Bad Service. Expensive Mistake
July 1, 2022

These guys will sell you a set of services that they say will save you money in the long run. It's a lie. They do the absolute minimum - you end up doing most of the work yourself.

They cost me money in late filing fees and penalties. They don't answer questions, don't explain, don't take any responsibility.

Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

Do not use this service. They are useless.
May 24, 2022

They will talk you into a subscription, then do nothing for you...

The accountant's work is terrible. I ended up doing my own taxes, and paid 1/10 of what the 'expert' had calculated.

May 17, 2022

SCAM. They are pushy, they make you feel like your business is going to explode without their expert advice. Read the 1 star reviews and you'll see that they don't offer anything near what their sales people say they do.

CPAs charge a lot but if you have a good one you can get ahold of them easily enough and have them help you with your questions.

1800-accountants does not provide anything special and for the almost $3K price tag, they should have really good reviews. I was so stressed out after talking with them. READ THE REVIEWS. SO glad I didn't sign up with them!

Scam company
May 10, 2022
Would give them 0 stars if I could. Company is nothing but an expensive scam. Do not use them.

Scam! No, I'm not "dazzled"
May 3, 2022

What a scam! 0 stars if possible! After the initial pitch call, it sounded good... I approved the $2600+ charge for supposed services I needed.

After the call (which conveniently ended right before end of business hours) I did some more research and what they said my business needed was legally not true. I called next morning for a refund.

No services had been provided, no team call... Only the sales pitch and sign up. They said they would only refund partially because of the "resource allocation fee" which cost $263!

When I called to complain, they replied that I hadn't given them a chance to "dazzle me" yet. Yeah... I'm not Dazzled... Stay away from this scam!

Terrible experience. I'd give them 0 if I could.
May 2, 2022

As many of the other one-star reviews have said, the salespeople will paint a picture of having a personal accountant you can contact with questions as often as you like.

This couldn't be further from the truth. After the first consult, my accountant never replied to any of the messages I sent him, never sent me the information he promised or completed the work he said he would.

I'm lucky I read other reviews here and cancelled within the first month and got a refund (although they still charged me for the month I "used". At best, this company has terrible customer service, and at worst, is intentionally taking their customer's money with no intention of providing the services they promised.

They Do Not Know How To Speak To Their Clients!!!
April 19, 2022

Their services are wack!!! Mr. David (supervisor) does not know how to speak to his clients!!! And they will charge you for services that they are not helping you with!!! And read the fine print, they will charge you for services they did not complete, they will not refund you because you're seeing the charge 30 days later!! Trust me I'm not a small fry!! Ya'll will be hearing from my legal team!! Mr. David I'm still waiting for you to cancel my service, sir!

April 5, 2022

I should read all these reviews beforehand. Is a waste of time and money.

The payroll company they use GUSTO is very bad as well!


I thought this company would help me!!!
March 21, 2022

I thought this company would help me with bookkeeping and business taxes and boy was I wrong. They had multiple double transactions that I didn't even realize until tax season.

I literally had to redo an entire years' worth of books because of their laziness to pay attention to detail. Then so I canceled with them, it took them two months to get my books straight which it only took me 3 days!!!

Then I decided I would give them one more chance and used them to do taxes on another business of mine.

Well... that was also a mistake! They didn't file the correct paperwork and didn't advise me on anything after the taxes were complete. Their communication is horrible, and it takes over a week for anyone to respond to any of my messages. I now have to pay someone else to fix their mistake.

Is it legitimate or Scam?
December 16, 2021

I started to run business, Since January 2021. I opened the website and tried to sell clothes. But My business is stuck due to covid19. I can't ship or they can't order.

So I didn't report the IRS, what I supposed to report every three month.

And later I decided to report on October 2021, then I contacted 1800ACCOUNTANT. They charged me for $400 EVEN to report the IRS. They said, they will take care everything, all I have to do is : fill out the forms. I did everything.

After a few month, in November 2021, I got notifications: saying that my account out was log in today. I go to their website and changed password.

In December 2021, they sent me an email saying that my 2021, 4 quarterly report is due in next month, January 15,2022.

I relied to their email address but the savers couldn't find the email address. Just came back to me.

When we spoke on the phone. They said, they can't report the past quarter because it's already passed. They will do in December 2021.

But now their story is changed.

This is a total ripoff
August 24, 2021

I gave this one star because I could not give a lower rating. I signed up with 1 800 Accountants when I started my own business and was advised that they would take care of my business and personal taxes. That was 2013.

When I tried to fill out their forms there were repeated computer problems, such as freezing up and not permitting entries. It is my fault that I just put things off. So this March I try to get my taxes done, and I am told that was only for accounting services not tax preparation. I had been paying $49.99 per month for 8 Years. They wanted over $ 8,000 to do my taxes. Up Front.

So I stupidly paid the additional costs and sent in all of the forms and documents required. 5 MONTHS later I have the taxes prepared for only 3 years. Every time I try to get any information I am advised that they are working on the taxes. For $ 8,000 I could have hired someone for $ 1,000 per week with the rest to be a bonus when completed and I would have had my taxes completed a long time ago.

This is a total ripoff.

They screwed me
August 7, 2021
The person assigned to my taxes quit and they never handed it off to anyone. Eventually, the mistake was caught but my taxes filed late and I had to pay $2k in penalties to the IRS. 1800Accountant refuses to refund me

It is a scam!!!
July 16, 2021

It is a scam!! having worked in the past with different companies providing accounting and bookkeeping services I came to the conclusion that 1800Accountants is a scam. Not only they will charge you for services that they wont provide but also they lie about what they can actually do for you.

One example is that I tried running payroll with them ($1000/year for 1 employee at one company) and it's been 4 months and they havent been able to set it up...they use Gusto! it took me two days to set it up with Gusto and is the same thing....

Great company to work with
July 9, 2021
I decided to go with 1800accountant to start my LLC. So far i am pleased with the service. I received my articles of organization within a few days. I had an issue with it at first with it having the wrong address. But after a few minute phone call they had it straightened out and sent an amended form to have it fixed. Customer service is very friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend 1800accountant to help get your business started.

AlKempf August 24, 2021

Quit working with them ASAP. They are a total ripoff. Good service up front and then absolute poor service afterwords. Perhaps calling the service I received Poor is giving them more credit than they deserve.