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1800accountant.com bad
February 11, 2024

Good afternoon. Honestly, I will give 1800 accountants bad reviews wherever I go. That system doesn't work. $363.57 in supplies when I have almost 10 thousand dollars in purchases here in purchases. He has not communicated with me nor has he corrected me. I paid almost 3 thousand dollars for a service that I ended up doing. This is incredible. That company e. It will definitely close at some point. We are not honest and they pass you on to many people, they leave you waiting and they don't keep their appointments. They also have a period of 30 days for you to cancel, they don't tell you and they talk to you about how you have to wait for certain steps and after that they tell you that they can't help you. When you claim the money you can't do anything. Without permission, they anchor your card to their system to make annual debits without authorization. It was horrible to experiment with them.

Deceptive Sales Practices. Late Filings. IRS Penalties.
January 16, 2024

In short, 1-800Accountant will sell you lies, false promises, deceptive practices, missed deadlines, penalties, and maddening incompetence. Just Google “1800Accountant Complaint for Permanent Injunction” to read more about how they got into trouble with the FTC for deceptive business practices. No one that I have communicated with at 1-800Accountant over the past 6 months accepts any responsibility. No one has the courage to call and speak to me after I leave countless messages and after phone agents say that managers are aware and will call me back. 1800-Accountant is—simply put—a scam.

I’ll explain more about my own experience below. Don’t let yourself get scammed by them.

I paid this business $6,544.90 in July 2023 to correct a previous return (2021) and to file our most recent return (2022). The Tax Advisor (Becky O) assigned provided little to no advice when requested; any advice that was suggested was vague and not actionable. On several occasions, the advice was simply incorrect. This is certainly the opposite service that I was sold by the sales agent (Lori).

We hired this company to make sure our taxes were in tip-top shape, in particular for immigration purposes. In November 2023, they emailed me just two hours before the IRS e-File system closed to upload my 2022 return. With such short notice, I was not able to upload on time and then had to file on paper. As a result of this, the filing is now delayed and our 2022 taxes are not yet transcribed.

As the accounting team approached the 10/16/23 extension deadline for the 2022 tax year, I asked about the consequences of potentially missing this deadline. No response. They missed the deadline. I have continued to ask about consequences and have never received a response. Instead, I received two penalty letters from the IRS in mid-November amounting $4,280. 1-800Accountant was supposed to save me money and they have now cost me thousands of dollars.

I was told that they would prepare an abatement request response for those penalties and that I would just need to sign and mail it; the IRS deadline was 12/26/23. I emailed the Tax Advisor (Becky O) repeatedly and was told I would receive it “later in the day.” That happened multiple times and all I would get was a response along the lines of, "Sorry I didn't get to it. I'll get to today." All lies.

To make matters worse, I had told them repeatedly since the beginning of December to just let me know if they can't do it and if I need to do it, and they told me they had it under control. All lies. While out of the country between 12/18/23 and 12/25/23, I had to spend additional money on international calls to try to resolve the matter. Eventually, it was escalated to her manager (Kyle G) and they had to print and mail the letter and mail it on 12/26/23 on my behalf. That's hardly a resolution of the matter!

During that call, the manager (Kyle G) assured me that I would get a new Tax Advisor, since the previous one (Becky O) was not doing her job. I have asked repeatedly since then who the new advisor would be, and I have never been never assigned one.

Finally, I was told during the sales pitch (by Lori) and by the accounting “team” that they would reach out to me to let me know what I had to pay for quarterly estimated taxes when the time came. We keep the accounting system up-to-date so they have all numbers down to the penny. They completely missed informing me for the 9/15/23 deadline. They Tax Advisor (Becky O) first gave me an amount of $1,497.22 and when I said it seemed wrong, she revised it to $1,966.29. Though I questioned her several times about it because it seemed oddly low, she said it was correct. I made that payment in late December.

A few days before approaching the Tuesday, 01/16/24 deadline for estimated quarterly taxes, I reached out to ask about when I would receive the payment amounts. Instead of getting a response, I was told by the Tax Accountant (Shamima) on Thursday, 01/11/24 to fill a bunch of stuff out using data they already have so they can assign someone to determine the taxes. When I complained to her manager (Kyle G) on Friday, 01/12/24, I was told that she just sent a standard form response and that he estimated the amount would be around $2,500 for the year. When I reminded him I had already paid, he said to just deduct $1,966.20 from that amount and pay $533.80.

Today is Monday, 01/15/24, and I have now been informed by the manager (Kyle G) that they miscalculated the quarterly estimated taxes all along. It turns out that I will be paying 750% more than what had originally calculated—nearly $20,000. The payment date is tomorrow. This level of incompetence is one I have rarely seen. I have now escalated it to Kyle’s manager, Christian T.

January 10, 2024

I would NEVER!! recommend anyone use this company and I have no idea how on earth they have any positive reviews other than if they were fake because with being forced to work with them for an entire year due to a year contract I signed up for I have not had 1 good experience with them after the contract was signed.

Also know there is no way to call them or contact them other than through the portal that can take 3 days to get a response for a simple question that then leads to another so to get answers to 2 questions it takes 6 days.

I will go on to explain my nightmare with them. My LLC started mid December 2022 and I reached out for their service March 14, 2023 they informed me they would do my taxes for 2022 and business taxes for 2023. I did have a few business expenses in that time that would have to be filed with my 2022 taxes since I'm an LLC they would be filed with my personal taxes there is no other way around it.

I was just informed today that they will not do my 2023 business taxes, which is the only reason I signed up for the service in the first place unless I pay for another year of them doing them because they filed my 2022 "business taxes" when they did them last year with my personal taxes because as an LLC that is how they are filed is with personal taxes. Not only have they screwed me out of thousands of dollars for their services, they completely messed up my 2022 tax return and filed them late and required me to have to pay an additional late fee for their mistake.

I would give negative stars but it is not an option. I would NEVER!!!!! recommend anyone use this company and have to deal with their bull and lying. If they have not been such a pain I would put up a bigger fight about them doing my 2023 business taxes but with how much they screwed up my last years taxes, and that only included a couple weeks of business information on it, the rest was the easiest return possible 2 adults each with 1 full-time job, no tips, no children, just straight forward, I have a hard time trusting they would do it right even though I have already paid thousands for their service that they are now trying to claim they already provided and is complete bologna .

Incompetence & Disappointing Incomplete Service
December 30, 2023

Caution: I strongly advise against using 1800 Accountant.com. Despite their enticing sales pitch, the reality of their services was disappointing. While their file upload system is convenient, the actual tax filing support was lacking. My quarterly payroll taxes, for which I had made advance payments, were mishandled. Additionally, the promised preparation of my corporate amendment did not materialize as assured. I was left to rectify the payroll tax filing and payment by myself, while the corporate amendment – supposedly unfiled due to an unexpected e-filing restriction and missed deadline – further underscored their incompetence.

This experience has led me to the sobering realization that my company and I cannot trust this firm with our financial matters. I feel compelled to warn other businesses and taxpayers against engaging their services. Taking the time to write this review is my way of emphasizing the importance of sharing my disappointing experience. Thank you for considering my perspective.

Bad Company-Don't deliver what they promise.
November 29, 2023

Very bad company they don't deliver what they promised. More than 6 months and I had no accountant assigned. Trying to get help takes forever.

Get help somewhere else, it's not going to happen here.

NO REFUND despite not using and $0 in sales
November 8, 2023

This company is a scam and will charge you even when you cannot use their services. I set up an account in April while optimistic that I would get my online sales business up and running.

\However, my wife was involved in a car accident, so things stalled due to personal family obligations.

I called in November to cancel and they told me, "Sorry, you only have 30 days to cancel and since you set this up in April, you are WAY past 30 days. There is nothing we can do, but we can still file your taxes for you!"

Excuse me, I had $0 in sales, so, no, you cannot help me! You can just RIP. ME. OFF.

If you want to pay additional fines to the IRS sign up!
November 8, 2023

The initial impression was positive, but as I delved deeper into the details, it became evident that there were misrepresentations in their reports. It's disheartening when an accountant firm, entrusted with financial integrity, falls short of honesty.

On top of the inaccuracies in their work, the customer service at 1800-accountants was abysmal. Trying to address concerns felt like navigating a maze of unresponsiveness. A frustrating experience overall, making it clear that their commitment to client satisfaction is sorely lacking.

The frustration peaked when I discovered that not only was I initially told misleading information, but when I confronted 1800 accountants about it, they resorted to further dishonesty. It's disconcerting when a firm entrusted with financial matters fails to uphold basic honesty, creating an environment of distrust and disappointment.

Adding insult to injury, the ordeal extended to their call system. Multiple transfers led to a point of frustration, and instead of addressing concerns, I was met with unprofessional behavior, including being yelled at for expressing my frustration. This kind of treatment is unacceptable and reflects poorly on their overall professionalism and customer care.

When I sought to cancel six months ahead, not only did they refuse any refund any of the $2,800 I paid, but I also ended up facing fines as a consequence of their own negligence. It's disheartening when a company not only fails in its service but compounds the issue by penalizing the customer for their own mistakes.

Potential clients should approach with caution and perhaps seek alternative options for reliable financial services.

Scam Artist 1800-accountant
October 16, 2023
I used 1800-accountant and spent $4k with them, and they did not do any of my bookkeeping nor my taxes and didn't file an extension. I recently asked to cancel and get my money back and they won't refund or do anything about it. In my opinion they are racket and their 'refund' policy is only 30 days. Funny, how would you know if they are effective in only 30 days. STAY away from this company. If you are a small business owner always have your books and taxes done by someone who speaks english (they don't) and someone who you can talk to regularly. I hope this review gives you pause before you hire 1-800-accountant because I would do your homework before you do that. The service was terrible, the communication was terrible, the accounting 'team' is all foreign, they add extra fees and they don't do anything they say they will do. Stay away from them.

Fraud and Scam (Block your line immediately)
August 24, 2023

I wish I could have hung the phone up when these people called me. Don't sign up, you will regret it for ever and owe taxes you owed before and be in credit card debt.

August 8, 2023

I am very dissatisfied and frustrated. I can't believe that I just flushed so much money down the drain with this company. It is now August and my taxes still haven't been filed. Although, I have an extension, the incompetence is unreal. This is the worst business decision that I have ever made.

Also, I read the reviews before I hired this company but for some reason, I didn't see these reviews. 1-800 Accountant has 4.5 stars on Trust Pilot and I don't know how that's possible. KEY TAKEAWAY: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR YOUR MONEY.

OkimosllcMTG August 24, 2023

The best thing people can do is hang up the phone right away. This is the worst Accountant firm in the history of tax life.

They don't start work for 30 days, then won't refund due to 30 days having run
July 6, 2023
Go elsewhere! We hired them in the Winter of 2022 to get ready to file in February 2023. When they sent over drafts of our returns, they were full of obvious errors that would have cost us $4k in extra liability. After many calls and emails, they did not fix their mistakes and we decided to cancel before filing. They then refused to give us any refund at all because it was beyond 30 days after we hired them. We hired them before the tax season then they used that to block us from getting any justice when we discovered their service is terrible.

CeliaRojas July 18, 2023

Please don't make the same mistake I did... don't get them it's the worse experience I ever had with an accountant I pay in advance for the whole year almost $5000 and am still waiting for my Tax return for 2022 to be completed... the tax advisor that was working with me quit and I have to star all over whith a new one the accountants that they have don't even speak English well.

OkimosllcMTG August 24, 2023

They took my money as well $4,800. I wish it was a class act. I will sign up right away.

Scam/Fraud Alert
July 2, 2023
The rep scared me into buying services I didn’t need with threats from the IRS then took $1400 and refused to return it. They provided ZERO services. These folks are absolutely terrible. Do not give them a cent!!!

Absolutely the worst... run
June 13, 2023
Absolutely the worst. For $4800 a year you would think service would be at least passable. Their platform requires uploading PDFs of bank and credit card statements because it's so low tech. Their tax advisors have no idea how to advise on simple tax questions, much less strategy. Our taxes took several months to finish because they did not know how to complete them properly. And our tax return has now taken over 2 months. To top it off, customer service is deplorable. Run from this company as fast as you can.

OkimosllcMTG August 24, 2023

They did me the sane way!! Its awful how these people get away with such a crime.

Piece of mind, stellar service, and super affordable!!
June 5, 2023

I find some of these reviews laughable, because they are not remotely close to my reality with them. I have so far recommended them to a few close friends who own their own businesses, and will continue to do so.

The attention and advice I've received in the last month has been simply astounding! I have had 2 one-hour conversations with my tax advisor and couldn't be happier! This company has given me incredible piece of mind, and their software is east to use and the most comprehensive I've ever seen. The tools which help my business are unsurpassed.

To top it off, it is less expensive for me to use these guys opposed to a local bookkeeper who cannot offer ANY of the tools I now enjoy! PLUS they call you back or respond with lightning speed! Every single inquiry has been answered and explained. So very glad I found 1800accountant!

Do Not Even Think of Using This Service
May 26, 2023

1800accountant is a very professional looking fraud scheme. We are a very busy plastic surgery practice that relied heavily on this company. They only partially delivered then demanded more and more money. Their incompetence was palpable at the end of this experience because on the surface they appear to be capable. Deep down, they could not even properly access QuickBooks links to our account. So much wasted time and money. The criminals charge thousands of dollars to produce nothing. They promise and pretend and never deliver. We were able to pay a real in person account 1/5 of what we lost to 1800accounting and he produced results in 4 days that we didn’t get in 8 months of using this bogus service.

Still Undecided
April 30, 2023

I see that on this site, you either love 1800 or you hate them with nothing in between. Here, it is mostly hate.. On another site, it is mostly love.

I just signed up with them after finding their ads on-line. I was disappointed to find that the "tax advisor" is not a CPA but somebody with less knowledge. Given the price, that makes sense.

What I signed up for is tax advice and two personal, and one business return. My goal was the advice part as I do my own returns. I am still feeling my way around as to their real expertise and am currently undecided - hence my rating.

The advisor has answered some of my questions and is working on others. They have been very good with both their phone and message communications. I will revisit my rating once I have more experience with them.

Complete waste of money and a complete lack of basic human respect
March 12, 2023

My experience with your service has been atrocious. I’m only sharing this after reaching out several times and being IGNORED.

Please, please, please if you’re considering 1800Accountant, choose somewhere else. Turbotax is better. Local is better. ANYTHING with human decency is better.

I was promised:

1.To be walked through registration choices to understand what type of LLC I was running.

2.To be walked through how taxes worked, how to calculate estimated taxes, when to pay them and what to track.

3.To be charged $260 every month until the total price of $2,600 was paid.

What happened instead in each case:

1.I was told how to register. When I asked why the man said “Trust me. That’s what you need.” The salesman had told me I would need to register as one type of LLC, and the second man told me the opposite and wouldn’t explain why.

2.I repeatedly asked how to calculate quarterly taxes. The salesman ensured me that I would be walked through all of that, including how to do quarterly taxes, how to calculate what I owed, and when to pay. None of this happened. When I asked about quarterly taxes, I was told they would reach out but no one ever did.

3.I ended up paying over $3,000. When I called beyond the $2,600 point, I was told that the salesperson had made a mistake and I would be expected to pay $260 through the rest of the year.

And this was just the beginning.

I have never in my life felt so ignored and condescended.

I immediately reviewed and signed my tax docs received. They were stuck in limbo for weeks. Iftekar R said they had everything they needed when I reached out. I message again weeks later and was told that I needed to sign the documents(which were already signed and uploaded). I asked MULTIPLE times what I needed to do. Not a single response.

For the THIRD time, I request an estimated timeline for tax submission and return. And for the THIRD time, my question is completely ignored. In fact, Lori S. then accuses me of needing to review the docs, sign, and upload the docs that I have already submitted and confirmed.

Now, I’m still waiting on my state taxes promised that they will “look into” how I get my refund (my tax professionals have changed many times) and after weeks… with multiple messages from me… no response.

I had many other messages completely ignored. And when I did get a response, I was met with curt rudeness and spoken to like I was stupid.

The customer service was extremely disappointing beyond sales.

IF 1800Accountant had been kind, exercised even half-acceptable customer service and was even partially organized, I wouldn’t even be writing this message. This service has taken months to do what I did on TurboTax for free in less than 30 minutes. I reached out to their customer service team twice with these grievances and have been completely ignored. Not a single response from anyone.

My questions have been ignored, I have been talked to like I’m stupid, and I have spent WAY more time going back and forth with my assigned team here than I would have learning to do my own damn taxes. The 1800Accountant team needs to get their tax people aligned with their sales team.

They should also train their tax people to provide the same level of care and service as the sales team and the lady I spoke with about the billing ‘miscommunication.’ The tax person I worked with based out of Iowa was pretty nice too, but failed to answer my timeline question as well.

This service was a complete waste of $3,000+. Choose literally any other service. Complete waste of money and a complete lack of basic human respect.

Fear- mongering. Fishy.
February 15, 2023

Wanted to do tax returns online, nothing fancy, just started working. They took 30 mins of my time to literally preach to me on the phone, that to deal with my $400 dollar profit for the year, I owe them $3000 and everything is so terrible (not true) that I need a bunch of extra services (not true), or else there's gonna be trouble (everything's ok, no issues ). I did not not accept their offer.

Then all heck broke loose on my email: they kept sending messages, with a fear-mongering, threatening undertone:

Hello Jane, you will be fined $200, as you probably don't know there's a deadline you have missed. Hello Jane you will get penalized $100, as you probably did not know that you can be in violation of this and that.

Ok Michael you do realize that now that I am NOT buying your $3000 package I can just splurge and pamper myself for 10 years straight just laying out the dreaded $300 you are trying pedal.

Scammed by this company
January 25, 2023

This company is a fraud. They first charged an up front annual fee. I was reluctant to do this but Michael assured me that if I was not satisfied with the service that I would receive a full refund. After the initial consultation the person that called me agreed that she was not familiar with doing accounting for a trucking business. I called back and requested a full refund. I initially was charged $2634.89 . The person told me that they would refund me $2195.00 and to give them a chance to find a person that was familiar with the trucking industry and they would also do all the data entry for the same price on top of that I would still be able to cancel and get a full refund if I was not satisfied with the service.

They assigned me to Eric. He was going to work with me and consult with someone else and call me back. Unfortunately he never called me back because he said he was sick. The days passed by and I finally called to get a refund they told me that I would not get a full refund because it was beyond 30 days. Eric never called me back even after sending him messages and now I am requesting a refund and they refused to give me a full refund. They are trying to keep $439.89 for doing absolutely nothing but wasting many hours of my time. I will file a dispute with my bank for the full refund that I was promised.

It is a shame that because Eric got sick and never called me back that now they want to charge me $438.89 for not receiving any.

I would like the world to know that this company is fraudulent and to be careful with them if you do business with them.

Not sure how they stay in business.
January 6, 2023

I have been a client since June 2020. First year they did my taxes, it was a struggle but eventually we submitted (I might go back and audit now). Then the 1800Accountant portal was having issues connecting and updating my bank and credit card accounts. I reported it several times, but they never fixed it. When it came to filing my taxes, I had to pull all my statements and send them directly to 1800Accountant. BUT... the communications between my 1800Accountant account representatives and my 1800Accountant tax advisor was nonexistent. 1800Accountant did my taxes 3 times. Each time I pointed out errors that I found (I am not a tax expert at all, but I found mistakes). These mistakes should have lowered my taxes but instead each time I received a revision, my tax payment got higher! I finally sent my taxes to an independent CPA. He was able to submit my taxes correctly and reduce the 1800Accountant projected taxes by over $10,000.

I sent message after message after message to 1800Accountant, but they never offered to work with my independent CPA to determine what they were doing wrong.

Needless to say, I cancelled my service with 1800Accountant. Unfortunately, I had paid the yearly (going forward) dues a few months before I cancelled. 1800Accountant does not issue refunds. They did however issue me an “in-store” credit that I can “use on future services”. As if I trust them to do any further services for me.

Trust me when I say this, do your homework before signing up with this company. Not worth the money or effort.