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About 1800Accountant.com

1800Accountant.com is a company that promises to assist its customers by providing them with access to their very own personal accountant that can help them manage their finances throughout the year. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, 1800Accountant.com was started by two former members of Price Waterhouse, one of the largest and most well known accounting companies in the United States in order to give small businesses and individuals access to quality accounting year round, not just at tax time.

Clients of this company will be assigned a personal account depending on your personal needs and circumstances. The website says that their large and varied staff allows them to provide you with an expert for your particular industry or tax situation.  

Cost/Price Plans

This website does not list pricing information for their services at this time, other than to say that providing your initial information to this company to get started is completely free. 

Refund Policy

The website does not discuss any potential Refund or Guarantee Policies. Customers who are interested in whether or not they offer these types of policies should speak to one of their representatives about them before using their services.   

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-222-6868, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to the website.


There are not many user reviews available for this company at this time, but those that are available seem to say the same thing, that while the services can be expensive, the quality and expertise are quite good.     

If you have experience with 1800Accountant.com, please leave your reviews below.

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12 ‘1800Accountant.com’ Reviews
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They almost got me

August 2, 2020

I was referred to 1800 Accountant via LegalZoom. I set up an LLC a few months ago and was getting behind on the paperwork. I was called by Legal Zoom and told that they would schedule a consultation with a tax consultant. When I was called by a guy named Michael I was asked if I had received any EIDL or PPL loans via the government to which I agreed. I was instructed about how the tax classification that I wanted to be filed under needed to be filed. I was then told that I had 75 days after filing the LLC, and that it was day 73 and we had to file this right away, lest the IRS would choose the classification for me. I was told that the annual fee of 1,200 could be broken up into installments. Bullcrap.
I told him that I could possibly call someone to get the money (despite the fact he knew I had the money after I had foolishly disclosed my loans)within the hour, yet that wasnt good enough! The representative told me that it would be better if I could call him back within the next 20 minutes because he was about to go into a meeting. I eagerly told him I would, got off the phone and immediately blocked him.
He then emailed me three times afterwards.
Not today 1800 Accountants!

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Over promise and under deliver

July 22, 2020

As someone who used to work here.. You will be treated as a statistic. You will sold glitter and sunshine so they can get you past your first 30 days so they don't have to deliver the services. After that, you'll be ignored and they'll flex their no cancellation policy.

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1800Accountant are Shysters

June 17, 2020

After starting a new Business we were talked into using them. Cost us $3,400 and they told us we would be completely covered full package. Turns out we only got software to do our own taxes. The personal Bookkeeper they promised us, turns out Bulls#!t. They named their software "Bookkeeper". The Accountant they told us would walk us through our Tax year, also bulls#!t. They have a program called accountant. All you get is an Adviser to walk you thru doing your own data entry on the software. Then when you try to complain they never get specific on emails about their promised services. The whole time they lie. To top it off all their people sound like they are telecommuters, contracting their services to 1800 Accountant. Most of these contractors are the real-deal but they are just part timing and constantly being switched out. Meaning lost documents, unfinished task, and a headache. I had to hire someone inhouse just to process our taxes and deal with these shyster.
DO YOURSELF A FAVOR STAY CLEAR OF THE SCAM. Save your money, if you want to do your own taxes get a tax program. If your want someone to do it for you go fine a CPA near you. Both choices will save you time, Money, and a headache.

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1-800 Accountant is a SCAM! Please Dont Fall for it!

May 16, 2020

They lost all my personal information. spent over $2500 to do my taxes. They lost my w2's atleast 6 times! not even joking! They said send em over again we will have someone else go over them... I was like no I want a refund... They cancelled my account and never received a refund. Please keep your identity safe and don't go through these guys. $2500 is a lot of money but losing your identity could be far worse... Stay safe.

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Scam Artists

April 2, 2020

These people screwed up my tax return and it costed me thousands of dollars. When I complained, they canceled my subscription and will not refund me. Find someone else. These people are criminals.

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Love my accountant

October 8, 2019

I have found it no more "pricey" than a cpa firm. I always get a call back when told I was going to or a call upon my request.

Accountant was knowledgeable and helpful in set up from beginning to end. Answered tough questions this is a time saver for me and gives me the ability to concentrate on what is important, The Customer.

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Do Not use this Company

July 18, 2019

Do not use this service, I run a Non-profit and because of these people we have lost our 501c3, this is due to the fact of the failure of filing my business taxes. Then they had to nerve to still try to charge my CC (twice) for more fees after the service was cancelled. I have filed a complaint with the BB, but they said they were willing to pay only the refund of not filing my taxes and I had to give access to ach information. I asked for all fees to be refunded on top of all the fee occurred by the IRS for their mistake. They have since refused to acknowledged my existence.

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I got taken

June 13, 2019

Started a new business, On Legal Zoom recommendation we spent an hour on the phone with “Bobby”. Bobby gave us a good ol boy. Look what we can do. I bit based on what was promised. I gave $1,200 with Bobby’s cry everything is covered. After 2 months my credit card was hit for $39.00 a repetitive monthly charge.

Point blank I was lied to and I never gave permission for this charge, Bobby’s good ol boy attitude is now hidden behind his keyboard

I was scammed shame on me!

Please do not use them!

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rip off

May 9, 2019

over priced. sell you way more than you need, and then no one calls you back when you complain about it. You end up doing your own taxes it seems after learning how to scan everything in. Portal is not very user friendly either. Will be looking for a different solution next year for sure.

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Unprofessional crooks

May 3, 2019

So unprofessional, didn’t follow up with anything sold me hard on their abilities. Had to file my taxes on my own. Couldn’t get anyone on the phone during peak tax time. Won’t give a refund because it’s outside of their 30 day window. Don’t do business with these crooks. Very disappointed. If I could give them 0 stars I would. How do you put a timeframe on a service they make you pay in advanced, how did I know they would fail on their end. Up sold me at the start with things they had no intention of doing. How do you put a timeline on refunds for a service they didn’t provide when you have to pay up front. These guys are crooks look else where for tax help people. Sent out multiple emails after I cancel stating someone would call me in 2 days and never called me. I had to track them down weeks after the cancellation

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wast of time

May 14, 2016

Just didn't ever do what i needed it to

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Scam ALERT!!

November 12, 2014

Stay away, far away from this scam outfit.
Highly deceptive and dishonest and social deviants.

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