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About is a shopping comparison website from Market America which claims to have shopping experts that bring you the “best collection of stores” all in one place. began as a catalogue comparison website, which allowed consumers to compare similar or identical items from a variety of different catalogues to see which product has the best price, shipping schedule, or warranty.

However, the website has since expanded to include not just catalogues, but also department stores, specialty stores, and web based retailers to include an all inclusive shopping experience. allows you to use their search feature to input what you are looking for, and once you receive your results you can filter them down with a variety or choices, such as price range, brand name, or which store they’re from.

Once you have found a variety of the items you are looking for, you can compare them side by side so that you can determine which item suits your needs the best, based on price, shipping method, or even delivery schedules. also provides tolls and expert advice to help visitors make informed buying decisions, in addition to having OneCart technology, which allows visitors to purchase items from different retailers with just one transaction through their website.

They also have partner stores, which are not OneCart certified stores; however these stores’ items are still included in the product comparison and if you decide to buy from them you simply need to click the link to be brought directly to their website in order to purchase.

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Stay Away From This Company

Reviewed By chngeig on October 17, 2013, Los Angeles, CA

I ordered 3 Samsung un46es7100 (46" slim LCD TVs) from Their website does indicate the TVs are refurbished. Now, my understanding of refurbished is the item was returned due to defects, and was repaired by the manufacturer to be sold in like new condition. Well, all three TVs I received were damaged with cracked and broken frames, and the accessories were missing. There is a huge difference between refurbished and damaged merchandise. They should have advertised on their website that these are damaged items and are sold in AS-IS conditions. But again, who in their right mind would purchase a TV with cracks or broken pieces, does not matter how cheap it is.

I find their bait and switch tactic shameful in that misleading customers to believe they are getting a deal, but in fact was being taken advantage of. They are still taking their sweet time working on getting a “return authorization” as thou this is an honest mistake of isolated nature. This is no fluke, not when all 3 TVs came with similar damages while the shipping boxes were nicely intact. I emailed them stating if they do not resolve this matter by tomorrow, I will initiate a dispute with my credit card company. Meanwhile, all this is taken up a lot of my time, not to mention I am out $3,000.00. This company is awful, and should stay away at all cost. I just cannot believe there are still companies trying to pull this type of crap on people. Next time just go to Amazon, and you can sleep better at night knowing you will get what you paid.

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November 01, 2013

bullshit its all new from the company and if thats the case its from the company u bought it from, not shop , shop is he funnel dont buy from the company got into a diff store on the buy or anyone else has to explain that where u bought it inside the shop web site u know as if u walked into the mall and went to best buy.. u wouldnt get mad at the mall ud get mad at best buy right???

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No Problem with cash back

Reviewed By Suzette P. on March 28, 2013, Long Island, NY

I used this site on the recommendation of a friend because we were talking about how much I shop online. It took me a little while to adjust to going to before I went to the sites that I shop at. My
Friend had me talk to the consultant who operates the site, and he walked me through using "shop buddy" which automatically lets me know if the site I am shopping on gives cash back. I earned over $70 cash back since the holiday shopping season! Now it's becoming addictive.

My consultant is Matt

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Reviewed By Mary Loekle on February 8, 2013, NY

STAY AWAY!!! This site promises nice rebates which do not get credited. Emails go unanswered and ultimately they tell you you need to try to get from seller on your own.

Will never do business again!!

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Audrey G
February 10, 2013

I dont know what you are talking about. I have got over $230.00 in cash back from the web site and they have sent it to me in a cheque. Its not just an in store credit and the whole system is very user friendly.

April 09, 2013

Most stores will have a "pending" cashback until their return policy expires. You can view this in your cashback rewards page. some take longer than others depending on the store. I've had no trouble with my cashback account.

May 22, 2013

All of my cash back was credited with no problem at all. Patience is a virtue

field vice
November 01, 2013

me too, thousands

field vice
November 01, 2013

me too, thousands

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