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February 8, 2013

STAY AWAY!!! This site promises nice rebates which do not get credited. Emails go unanswered and ultimately they tell you you need to try to get from seller on your own.

Will never do business again!!

Field v November 01, 2013

me too, thousands

Field v November 01, 2013

me too, thousands

Mmotax May 22, 2013

All of my cash back was credited with no problem at all. Patience is a virtue

CDA April 09, 2013

Most stores will have a "pending" cashback until their return policy expires. You can view this in your cashback rewards page. some take longer than others depending on the store. I've had no trouble with my cashback account.

Audrey G February 10, 2013

I dont know what you are talking about. I have got over $230.00 in cash back from the web site and they have sent it to me in a cheque. Its not just an in store credit and the whole system is very user friendly.

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