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ZocDoc is a company that allows customers to find doctors and dentists in their area who accept insurance, and to schedule appointments with them through their website.

How Does it Work?

ZocDoc states that the service they provide that users find most convenient is providing access to local doctor's appointment availability on their website.

Since they have reliable, real time access to a doctor’s calendar, they can show which dates and times your chosen doctor is available, resulting in your ability to schedule an appointment within 24-72 hours.

ZocDoc also has a feature they call "ZocDoc Check-In", which allows you to fill out all the necessary forms the doctor requires and to submit them online before your appointment.

After scheduling your appointment, if you determine that you have scheduling problems and need to cancel your appointment, you can do so by calling the office directly or through your ZocDoc account or by using the mobile app.

After you have completed the appointment you have made through their service, you can leave a review of the doctor online.

However, while both positive and negative reviews are welcome on their website, there are a few issues that cannot be reviewed.

First, you are not allowed to leave reviews that explain specific pricing issues, as that is generally a problem involving your specific insurance provider.

Second, you cannot leave negative reviews citing an incorrect diagnosis, as ZocDoc does not have the ability to verify your review.  Reviews concerning other complaints or praise are welcome.

If you have any experience with ZocDoc or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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ZocDoc Customer Reviews

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Big Scam - Stay Away
January 13, 2024

Big scam. They cancel your appointment with out any explanation.

They collect your medical and personnel information to sell it to other companies.

A sham.
December 6, 2023
ZocDoc is appalling. I made two appointments for prompt attention. They cancelled both for no reason. They don't even provide a phone number in the cancellation email. A sham.

Bogus referral from ZocDoc....Bogus Dr.
November 21, 2023

I would give them a minus 0. They had a PCP showing she was in network with bsbc and I called to see if she accepted my plan and was told yes....I did a physical which under my plan is free..I have a bill showing $791.00....for a physical...talk about gouging.no physical for simply peeing in a cup and taking blood should be that high...I believe they have a scam running but I checked before I even went out there and I was told my plan was accepted but sue me Ms Dunn I record everything and you have no.idea where I come from.

avoid zocdoc
September 8, 2023

worst service and keep over charging, unethical.

Not a good website.
April 3, 2023

This is not a good site to make an appointment, I used this on Thursday to book an appointment for the following Monday and the Doctors office had no record of it.

I was told they were not even notified of it and zocdoc had me to upload my insurance and licenses on thier website but Doctors office had no knowledge of it.

I would not recommend this for appointments .

“New Patient Booking” ludicrous.
February 10, 2023
The concept is great. I had worked with ZocDoc in the past with Zocdoc when I paid $25.00 per booked patient. I had a time/window to confirm the patient/appointment. If I could not confirm, then I would cancel the appointment during this time/window and not be charged by Zocdoc. That to me is good business. NOW Zocdoc wants to charge $40 for “patients” that can’t or won’t be confirmed. They want to charge for patients that cannot be seen by the practice. For example, had new patients booking telehealth that were drug seeking. These appointments were canceled by our practice. I even called ZocDoc about this and how to handle yet they still charged me for the booking. Patient visit fees have been going down substantially since Obama Care cut Medicare by fees by 44%. When I sought out Zocdoc, I asked why their fees were so high as $40 was around 40% of an average visit. Effective 2/2023 they are raising their fees to $42.00. You can decide it you like this investment. My last month charged for 7 bookings and saw 2 patients. Zocdoc I plan on sharing this with the better business bureau because of the charges inflicted for drug seeking patients.

January 26, 2023

Horrible. Dr. Mohaned Ahmed posted with photo performed inferior work. Took no responsibility whatsoever, disappeared from his clinic in honolulu, the waialae dental care clinic and didn’t respond after causing an ill-fitted bite, gum problems and nerve damage from two restorations performed back to back. No communication and left in the middle of treatment never to be seen or heard from again.

Horrible Marketing platform for providers!!
December 24, 2022

If you are a provider, PLEASE READ!!!!!! Zocdoc is not a fair marketing platform for doctors. Their goal is to make money for themselves. They are NOT concerned about the providers at all. Please understand that Zocdoc is charging doctors for patient contact information. So, basically, you will pay anywhere from $42 to 70 dollars for a patient contact (phone number and email address.) You may get an incorrect number and email.

Furthermore, they don't require patients to upload all their information (insurance cards, full name, and address before booking). The provider is still charged for the booking if the patient fails to upload this information. If the patient doesn't show up, the provider is still charged. The provider is still charged if the patient knowingly books "out of network. This company is a ripoff. There is no way a provider will make money using Zocdoc. I had 20 bookings, was charged for 15 bookings, and most didn't show up. Zocdoc charged me 600 dollars, and I only retained three patients out of 20 bookings. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone. Look elsewhere to promote your business.

Extortion at it's finest
December 20, 2022

One sided business model that protects only ZocDoc's bottom line and not their customers ie doctor's offices. Even When patients book fraudulently (or are "made up") the office still gets charged ZocDoc's exorbitant acquisition fee, and the company's trust and safety team will literally do nothing to help its own customers.

Never advertise here as a psychotherapist
December 8, 2022

They say "we match patients' needs with providers." They failed horrendously and charged me $130. I never listed myself as a psychiatrist, yet two patients booked me for medication management.


1. ZocDoc's failed website design misguided two patients to book me.

2. ZocDoc insists on charging me $130

3. ZocDoc insists on taking zero accountability

Terrible customer service
May 11, 2022
I would give "0" stars if I had that option! The front staff at this office was HORRIBLE! She made my appointment with a provider that was supposed to be in network. She charged my credit card after I told her not to. When she submitted my claim she put a provider that I DID NOT see. My insurance carrier said she had to resubmit the claim with the correct provider but she refused. She was yelling and belligerent on the phone! Very unprofessional office! Stay clear of this place!

CarolineS December 11, 2022

hear hear! Zocdoc is a very unprofessional referral service and anything that happens as a result of their referral doesn't surprise me in the least.

Horrendous Company
November 3, 2021

HORRIBLE. Extremely inefficient, non-responsive, apathetic, and USELESS. I scheduled an in-person visit with my primary care physician and several days later Zocdoc sends me an email reminder that I have an upcoming video visit with my doctor. A video visit I never scheduled.

When I emailed back and told them about their mistake they ( days later) emailed me back and said they could not correct the error, that I would have to do it online. I tried 3 TIMES to correct the error online and their website would not let me do it. I emailed them again and told them about this and received the same standard reply, automatically generated, that I had to do it online.. These people are a DISASTER! AVOID ZOCDOC!

July 6, 2021

Needed to fill out patient forms for a specialist. Looking for their forms, in (Simplify) Zocdoc jumps in to guide me. Confused, but forms were labeled with specialist name. Filled all out, uploaded to Zocdoc, told forms sent to physician. Not sent to doctor I was seeing, in fact his office told me they no longer use Zocdoc.

Had to do forms over at his office. Infuriates me they have all my personal info, and what doctor got me forms?

They don't let you screen your patients and then charge for no shows
May 7, 2020
New patients could be offered a simple warning which zoc refuses to offer, letting them know that the provider would be charged if the patient doesn't cancel. They have a "confirmation" button which doesn't do anything since the provider is still charged irregardless. They say there is an option to dispute charges and they don't have any option. The manipulate the referral algorithms to their own desires, not toward anything fair or ethical. I got a referral for psychiatry and I'm a master's level therapist

peoplemost December 24, 2022

This is so true. If you try to dispute a booking it doesn't matter. You will not get your money back. They give the providers ZERO control over which patients are allowed to book. I felt as though I was robbed of my money.

I hate Zoc doc beware of thieves.
November 5, 2019

They rip you off. They changed staff al the time.

They changed my user agreement. Started to charge my card without my permission

They ripped me off of money on fake patients ! Lied to me that they emailed me In May and called me in May 2019 to change the user agreement.

They changed the case manger for me and there was no contact since 2017. Until they sneaked up in the 2 Nd year after they thought I’m trusting them and was blindfolded !

They put fake patients who my food was could never reach and appt was never confirmed but they still charge me 100 dollar per fake appt they put on Zoc doc. Offered them to send a person to recite my Emr Thais patients don’t exist and they said they don’t have to it’s just as soon as patient makes appt I get billed whether or not they are seen !

What an elaborate gang of thieves and sociopaths! !

Shame on them.

My curse will befall them. For sure.

Dr.Kward Kwak MD ENT NyNy
March 14, 2019
I can not Thank Dr. Kwak enough for Re-mining me to keep using the Neti Rinse which, I Have Just be using. I have been doing the Salt-Water Water Drop-ins and it has not worked. He because of his Amazing Skill Caught A Very Dangerous Infection Missed by 2 other ENT Specialist. That is The Beauty and Amazing Skill of ENT Edward S. Kwak MD ENT in NY, NY. He is just and Amazing Gifted Surgeon and a Great Facial Surgeon and ENT Sinus Specialist his office is 5 Stars Clean and his Equipment is First Class as is He.I should of been using the Netti Pot Daily and the Rinse. It was my Fault this Happened ir though the Salt-Water Drops Worked as well as the Netti pot Rinse they Do Not.

zocdoc and it's completely opaque review process
March 4, 2019

Incorrect addresses, being contacted for appts. that were not scheduled or cancelled and labeled as no-shows, these are some of the things that occurred to me while I used the zocdoc platform. However, my recent experience with a doctor and zocdoc's review process has soured me completely, I wonder how many people they do this to to skew their ratings system. My experience: I had a bad experience with a dentist and their insurance listing. I posted a review on zocdoc, which was flagged and not submitted because I listed the specific price I was charged for a co-pay. Fine. Changed it and resubmitted. Zocdoc flagged it again and send it back for editing, for what reason I have no idea since I didn't violate any of their review guidelines. Here's the review, you tell me what was wrong with it.

"Did not start off on a good note. The visit started 90 minutes after my appt due to an emergency root canal. I was told to go get myself a cup of coffee and come back in 30 minutes. Then I waited another hour. The actual cleaning was very efficient and I was planning on coming back for filling work and an extensive exam/x-rays. However, I'm pretty steamed right now that this doctor is listed as an in-network provider, which means that I should not have been charged a copay for the service I received. I suspect I was charged due to the fact that they are not in-network providers as stated under their profile description. I'm waiting for a call back from the office but as this particular moment I am absolutely not happy.

Update: Spoke with both my insurance and the office, who tried to tell me that they ACCEPT my insurance but they are not in-network providers. No kidding. I told the the office person (I didn't get her name and she never gave it in the text she sent me or during the phone call) they were listed as an in-network provider on zocdoc and she tried to give me some shady reason that would justify their reasoning. I feel this is a deceptive practice and think they need to be taken off the zocdoc website. It's a shame because the actual dentist was very nice and I would have continued to be a patient had they bothered to act with any integrity."

So what exactly is the problem? That would require communication to me from zocdoc. Exactly one person reached out after the first review was denied and I never heard back from their "customer service" team after that.

Can't live without
October 23, 2017

I have never had a problem with ZocDoc. I love that you can see all the open availabilities your doctor has and that you can pick and choose the time and dates of your appointments.

ZocDoc is highly efficient and I use it to make all of my doctor/dentist appointments.

Who does Zocdoc Serve? (Apologes for the typos in my first review)
November 13, 2016

ZocDoc implies that patients are its customers -- for free! Now, they're in business to make money, so their true clients must be the physicians they list. Is that still OK wth you? You came to

find a doctor.

As did I. With 64 neurologists in my city, ZocDoc couldn't find ONE! They provided an opportunity to make an appoinment with a half-dozen physicians in nearby towns, but that's not good

enough. Perhaps all 64 local docs were losers. After all, the MD's on ZocDoc's list all had sterling, enthusiastic reviews.

But remember where their bread is butterd. I've read of folks who tried to write a negative rfeview -- and, of course it was rejected.

It's not quite a scam, but you only get what you pay for, and here the payers are the docs, who are presumably not getting enough patients any other way.

Unethical SCAM
November 11, 2016
So ZocDoc is a service that doctors pay thousands of dollars a year for. ZocDoc pretty much promises the doctors that they will filter out pretty much all the negative reviews. Employees of Zocdoc are also expected to bolster doctor profiles with generic positive, fake reviews. This site cons patients into thinking they're going to see an amazing doctor when they're really seeing one that's sub=par. I have also heard tons of zocdoc users say that the insurance info and appointment time information is wrong. STAY AWAY!!!

FarheenFahim November 05, 2019

I am in full agreement.

My name is Dr fahim.

You. Can call me personally to get more info.

They are an organized glorified theft company.

I was with them — they. They changed my billing —- never got a call or email.

Until I noticed changes in the amount. Jumped from 300 per month to 1200 and 1000. I fortunately o was sick and traveling over seas to take care of a sick family member and my assistant was managing my accounts. .

They took too long to alert me in sept the charges seemingly mounting up —

When I called I could not find any of the people I was assigned to told they no longer work there. I am now assigned to a crook in training my new case manager Christina!

She was extremely cheerful and shred with me that someone did reach out to me in May !

While I have no emails or phone calls on record from them

They have two email addresses and my cell phone on files.

It’s a complete lie that they called.

Then she said I didn’t have to agree to the terms and conditions change

Supposedly I accepted their electronic agreement in 2917

Now they changed and from 299 per month to 60- 100 dollar per patient.

They now have a list of fake patients on my schedule —- they never came or confirmed by my office and I was charged for them.

Each month.

I was told they will charge for no shows too !

So what a lovely organized theft and gang of sociopaths they are.

They are a true scam. Beware.

They even went to the extent of charging my credit card without my permission after we cancelled the subscription in September. They got my new credit card info via visa without my consent !

They said it was for previous month

It’s scary to know there are people out there. I feel very unsafe and insecure. They are doing it to others too i am sure.

They have literally made these fake patients who never came and never responded to my calls from office. While my statement clearly says on my profile appt is not confirmed until my office speaks to them and confirms the insurance. They told me they will charge as soon as someone e scheduled.

It’s a very helpless satay if affairs for me.

I’m sure they will be cursed all of them specially the CEO the master mind.

That’s why they have a rapid staff turnaround too. They deceive them too.

Please stay away from them

I will post this in doctors organizations as well. So other won’t be harmed by them.

FarheenFahim November 05, 2019

They rip off doctors. I'm a doctor. They make fake patients and charge doctors without their permission. They even hacked into my new credit card info when i changed credit card on them. Beware all doctors they are an organized group of gangsters and sociopaths.