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Scam topic
March 29, 2017

Zip recruiter is the only job site I have ever received a scam from. Mine was sent in an email. Someone else receives text messages.

Text Scams
December 15, 2016
Since I started applying on, I've received a texts from people claiming to be with a companies I've never even applied for. What's worse, is half the time they text me from phone numbers with area codes that are no where near where I live, but also don't match the area where the company they claim to be from is even located. Just today I got one from a guy with a 469 area code (Dallas, TX) claiming to be from Mologen AG which is a company that's not even based in America! It's German pharmaceutical company based out of Berlin. When I first looked up the company on Google, it pulls up a website that's only in German. Don't bother with Zip Recruiter. It's literally just a den for scammers to try and take advantage of people who are desperately seeking jobs. Like many reviews before mine, I have also NEVER been contacted by any employer I've applied with on Zip Recruiter. It's an utter waste of time and really disheartening for people who really are trying hard to find a job.

Danae March 29, 2017

I just gotta email from zip recruiter and it is definitely is a scam. Started out will a long intro of the company. Then he's away on trip at the moment. Job title is Personal Assistant three days a week $780 a week mmmm no. And the info they wanted was first last name address phone # and Bank name. The last thing they did in this email was attached a zip recruiter form that I had filled out. It look like a screen shot. Heads up guys. Some of us don't fall for scams some do. These are all red flags.

I am on Fire (Job Seeker)
December 14, 2016

I have applied to numerous job postings on ZipRecruiter for over a month and I have received one call from a staffing agency but here is the twist I receive text alerts from ZipRecruiter saying your application was reviewed and you're heating up then I get the I am on fire text which indicates my application has been reviewed three times by hiring manager but guess what NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THOSE COMPANIES who viewed my application whether it be once twice or three times a scam has ever contacted me. According to ZipRecruiter the staffing agency that did actually contact me never even viewed my application!!!!

Not impressed at all .

November 12, 2016
After signing up, I received numerous emails from "HR Departments" asking me to contact them because"attempts to contact me had been unsuccessful." (I'd had no phone calls). After researching the emails, some were MLM schemes, and others were companies that didn't exist. Stick with Indeed.

October 27, 2016

I had the same email and with no company name and extravagant pay. Asked me to interview online with google hangouts. I think its all a scam, and I am getting text messages saying that the company's have all viewed my resume. No calls for interviews just only online

Liz October 27, 2016

I've been getting these messages as well to interview via Google Hangouts, I don't even know what google hangouts is! Anyway, I kept getting emails that my resume was viewed over and over again so I googled the company and they aren't even in my area so I called them to see if they had any other locations and they told me that someone poached their name and posted hundreds of the same job. I sent ZipRecruiter a message along with documentation of an email with an actual job offer without even interviewing. I hope they take the time to respond.

Didn't realize we have a office in some of the states listed in postings...
September 26, 2016
Recently had an applicant't approach me regarding a resume that they submitted to a Work from Home Admin position that my company has open in CA. When I looked through ZipRecruiter's site, I found a number of postings under my company's name but the positions aren't real and they're at locations that don't exist. I'm in HR/recruitment so I would have visibility to this information. I'm not sure how my employer's name came to be used in this fashion, but it's troubling.

Neha May 01, 2017

Spammy and faulty applicant tracking systems don’t help anyone. Jobscore makes it easy for hiring directors to find the exact right candidates for their openings. Jobscore can list job openings on career sites like Monster or Craigslist with one click #autoposting, increasing the flow of applicants to a company and strengthening the pool of candidates.

Karl T January 08, 2017

ohh thanks for all ur comments here now im aware of it. i applied today and it says on fire because three employer viewed. But because of your comments im now aware of it. thanks.. Anyways does anyone know someone who needs personal assistant in ur country? Im a 27 year old guy from philppines and wanted to work as a driver and personal assistant on other country to earn decent.. Hope some does know and please contact me on me email if you have my email is [email protected] Thanks

Nyla October 27, 2016

I had the same email and with no company name and extravagant pay. Asked me to interview online with google hangouts. I think its all a scam, and I am getting text messages saying that the company's have all viewed my resume. No calls for interviews just only online

Louise R October 17, 2016

I applied for a job a couple of weeks ago through Ziprecruiter. Today I had an email asking me to log onto Google/hangout for an online interview. From the minute the interview started, it seemed highly suspicious. The person interviewing me had horrible written English, and they started asking me questions about where I live etc. I immediately disconnected from the online chat. It was very clearly a scam of some sort. Very upsetting, when you are putting your heart and soul into looking for a legitimate job, to be subjected to something like this.

Terrible User Experience
September 21, 2016

Had a terrible experience using ZipRecruiter. They only brought extremely low-quality applicant'ts. Customer service was terrible. They refused to refund me. I compared it to the following situation: I purchase a vacuum, I'm unhappy with it, I request a refund. A refund is given.

They refused to issue a refund. STAY AWAY FROM ZIPRECRUITER.

Not a SINGLE candidate hired in over 12 months!
July 7, 2016

-Extremely nice user interface.

-Easy to maintain "order".

-They "suck in" resume data from LinkedIn (for candidates that are not even LOOKING for a new job!

-They "suck in" resume data from other sources (for candidates that are not even LOOKING for a new job!

-Their "search resume" database is AWFUL! Searched for candidates from a given college, resulting in NO candidates from that college but LOTS of other results with NO relationship to the key word.

-We reviewed over 1,200 resumes.

-We interviewed 11 people.

-Hired not one!

-They raised pricing to $250/month (a 85% increase) in 7/2016 so we said "Buh-Bye!"

Abby August 03, 2016

Hire ME! I have close to TEN years work experience in branding and communication as well as Media relations. I can send my CV for your perusal. I can be reached on [email protected] thanks. Abby

Bait and switch
June 8, 2016

Thought it was a good price 3 active job listings for $59 plus a free month trail if you wait for the code in the mail but then you find out the free trial is only FOUR DAYS and if you don't cancel in time they'll charge your credit card $249!! Will NEVER sign up for this website or recommend it to anyone. Even when you try and chat with someone for help through their live chatting service they spell your name wrong and stop talking to you after about three messages.

Cannot believe how awful this business is.

Spammers Paradise
April 11, 2016
It NEVER fails that when I apply to jobs that is tart receiving continuous spam emails from people using a email address. The "jobs" are fake phishing GARBAGE spam jobs and it's super annoying. I thought I was applying via LinkedIn not Zip Recruiter! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Joe September 19, 2016

As someone searching for job openings, I have found that many of the jobs listed on ZipRecruiter don't even exist. I check the company's website (if ZipRecruiter reveals the company), and find they have no such opening. I am highly suspicious of ZipRecruiter.

Avatargirl6 April 13, 2016

Well Vinnie,

I am bringing it up because EVERYTIME I use Zip Recruiter, I get inundated with spam jobs from people using this email address service. Doesn't happen with Indeed, CareerBuilder, or Monster.

A real recruiter would not be using this sort of email address to recruit for a Warehouse Management job with a salary of $80,000 with EXTRAORDINARY benefits, and also not include any sort of contact information other than that stupid email address. Also, if it were legitimate and not spam, they would cease to stop contacting me when I asked them to stop.

You must be one of those "recruiters" using that annoying email address. Better yet, provide me with your email address and I'd be more than happy to forward the job postings to you. It sounds like you have nothing else better to do and need a job....working in a warehouse.

Vincent April 13, 2016

GMX is a legitimate email service. I don't see why you feel the need to bring that up.

Shady practices
February 24, 2016
I signed up for the free 4 day trial. Too bad they charged my credit card WELL before the trial date was up. Very shady practice! I will never use this site again and will not recommend this to anyone.

January 12, 2016

Disappointment - No Results, No Response from candidates, Seems SCAM
December 11, 2015

As a small non-profit school looking for a teacher to fill a position, we wanted to like Zip-recruiter. Had high hopes - there are many emails. Lots of emails which are connecting us with possible candidates. When our business has tried to contact 20+ candidates that had expressed interest in our position both through ZP and the "direct" email of candidate there is no follow up or response of "TRUE" interest.

There was never a response following. Are these even real Candidates? Real people?

Highly Doubtful!!

Huge Waste of Money.


Not really a free trial... scam advertising
October 10, 2015
I wanted to try this service because of its claims of posting jobs to multiple sites. I was needing a few freelance photographers in New York (freelance, as in you are paid per picture). I didn't like the fact that the company requested all my personal information along with a credit card just to try the service. As soon as I posted my job, I got an email stating my account had been closed for violation of terms, yet they did not disclose which term I violated. After reviewing the terms of agreement, me advertisement fit all criteria for a typical FREELANCE position. It seems that since I didn't want to sign up for their premium paid subscription, I was tossed aside. However, they were able to obtain my personal information AND credit card info. Looking at their site, there are more scam job offers on there than on Craigslist and Backpage combined. This site is an identity theft site... BEWARE. Don't use it to post job and certainly DO NOT REPLY to any of the job listing because so many of them are fake!

August 11, 2015

Claims to post your ad to 100+ job boards. After posting my ad (and waiting 48 hours to give them a fighting chance), I visited a dozen of the "job boards" ziprecruiter claims to utilize, my ad was not on ANY of the sites. It's pathetic enough that the "job boards" they utilize are websites I seriously doubt any job seeker ever uses, but even with the paltry offering they couldn't bother to post my ad on any of them. The only place the ad was posted was on ziprecruiter's own website. Absolute ripoff.

Also, note on the free trial, it's a 4 day free trial, but you have to cancel on the 3rd day as if you're still using it on the 4th day they charge you immediately (12:01 AM), so really more of a 3 day trial. And since they say it takes 24 hours for the ad to be posted, it's really more of a 2 day trial.

Absolutely no results in Applicant Search
May 5, 2015
The "free" trial period is a scam. They insinuate that you have 2 full days of service, but need a credit card up front so they can charge you on the 2nd day for a month's subscription. Don't fall for this trap! They say it takes a day or 2 to post, but you will have to pay for the service before you can evaluate the result!

February 3, 2015
Don't fall for this...The requirements make absolutely no sense. Very unrealistic for any employer to use. Verification department will try and limit you to just one posting when they advertise that you can have three. Absolutely no way to verify if your ads have been published! Warning feels like a scam!

If you are recruiter, listen to me
January 23, 2015

I have yet to see the results of using Ziprecruiter. I am a job seeker. You want people to see your job posting, right? Well, do you want people to think that the job YOU are posting is a scam? Well, with Ziprecruiter, it will take the job applicant't to other websites and some of these "other" job websites are not really authentic looking to say the least. I have been redirected to other

job boards that don't even work (You click on submit and nothing happens or you can upload your resume). I have used "Glassdoor" and it's weird. Glassdoor sends me to Ziprecruiter (instead of the other way around) and I never signed up for Zip. I also get 25 emails of "job alerts" from Zip. I never signed up job alerts from Zip. Zip has cost me time with phone calls from people that are not offering real jobs, but offering people to go into their own business.

I found a job through Indeed in 2014 and I went directly to Indeed to find that job. If you want to know how frustrating it is to look for work online, ask a job seeker. It is horrible looking for work online! I think Zip is useless to me. And my question is, what recruiter would pay $50 a month for a service that claims to send the job opening to "50 job boards" when half of those job boards are not legit? If I was a recruiter, I wouldn't use Careerbuilder, Monster or Zip. I'd only use Indeed. Indeed is the only one that I truth. All others is like throwing my resume to the wind and have no one call me. That is wasting money and time for both job seeker and recruiter to post to so many job boards. Other than Indeed, I go directly to the company website since I have a list of 20 employers that I apply to over and over again all in mental health. Get the word out about your website and direct people to apply directly on your website that way it is simple for job seekers!

March 24, 2014
Had good applicant't flow at first so I tried it again for another position, the results were bad so I started to wonder why. After investigating I found out that my job was NOT posted to the sites they claimed it would be. I called the help line and they said they can not guarantee that the sites will display may job-I could'nt believe it! They claim to post to Over FIFTY sites and then they don't and won't take responsibility!

Is it Legitimate? My ratig is actually ???** Meaning, I don't know
October 8, 2013
They allow you to submit a job with your monster account, but when i searched for the same job on monster, it wasn't listed. there was also no office listed on the company's website for the job that ziprecruiter listed or, even an office in the city the job was supposed to be in. is this a scam on ziprecruiter's part? I noticed "(copy2)" after the title, might this be an indication some 3rd party is using it to collect resumes for data mining purposes?