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ZipRecruiter is a job posting website designed for both companies looking for new employees and for job seekers who are hoping to find employment.

People who are currently in a job search just need to sign up in order to get access to daily job alert emails, and the website promises that receiving these emails is completely free.  ZipRecruiter earns money through the companies that pay them to distribute their job postings.

The website claims to be the best way for a company to post jobs, and the fastest way to get your job across the web. Once you submit your job post it will be distributed to over 40 different job boards, like Indeed and SimplyHired.  They also offer to submit your postings to Monster and for an extra fee.

Submitting a job post just requires you to provide a job title, company name, location, job category, and job description and can be initially posted for free. In order to get all the benefits of ZipRecruiter, you’ll need to upgrade to one of their monthly paid memberships. 


Their most basic plan is the Starter Plan, which gets you 3 active job slots and access to 50 resumes a month for $59/mo, and goes all the way up to the Big Hiring Plan gets you 50 active job slots and access to 1,000 resumes a month for $199/mo, with a range of plans in between.

They also have an Enterprise Plan which gives you unlimited job posting and access to 5000 resumes a month, but you must call them directly for pricing. For any plan that you are interested in, you can opt to have a 4 day free trial.

These plans will get you access to daily job alert emails so you can reach millions of active job seekers, allow you to save time by managing job candidates in one place, and reach job seekers through social networking platforms.

Companies who are unhappy with the service can request a refund of the last month's payment; members who have paid in advance for 6 and 12 month plans must cancel within 30 days of purchase for a refund.

If you have any experience with ZipRecruiter or their services, please leave your review below.

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ZipRecruiter Customer Reviews

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Jobs are often not real, current opportunities
August 10, 2021

For Job Seekers I'm sure once in a blue moon there is something worth looking at but my experience is that Zip Recruiter "recycles" prior postings that are no longer relevant in the feed that individuals get to make it look like the site is active and has lots of jobs. At least twice I followed interesting links to find that the job posting had expired.

I emailed Zip Recruiter about it and of course they said that it's up to the companies to remove the posting. But fact is, today, August 10, I received a job posting for Director of Contracts and Pricing at Frontier Technology, Inc. which I also received on June 7.

It hasn't shown in my feed between then so Zip Recruiters "excuse" that companies should remove the posting is fraudulent as is their feed that includes jobs that no longer exist.

August 9, 2021
This company has been stealing money from us since march $264 a month, it is now august! total of $1,544.00 to be exact! We signed up in march literally got no applicants so cancelled service 3 weeks later...They never stopped billing our credit card...They where so kind to give us 2 months back because they seen there was no activity since march 11th....COMPLETE THIEVES BUYER BEWARE!

The worst employment hiring company in the World
May 28, 2020

We cancelled our job submission and they kept charging our credit card. They are the worst company ever. They overcharge you for their services.


Ha, I'm qualified for Wendy's Drive Thru AND as an Oncologist!
October 16, 2019
Lucky me! Didn't know I could chose a job at Wendy's and qualify for food stamps or I could land a job as an MD with no MD and buy a McMansion! Wow, which should I apply for first? I'm thinking the aerospace plant GM except nothing even remotely in my resume suggests I know the first thing about it let alone show 15 years managing one. Oh or for the movie mogul who needs a "mind reader" assistant cause he's sooo busy. And that's a temporary job! Why? Did they take out his last five assistants in ambulances? Uh, could someone tell him, there was a movie called "The Devil Wears Prada" to warn the gullible away from people like him? Really, if you are an employer this is what you are paying for. It's like someone got up in a crop duster and peppered the ground below with random jobs for random people. Useless. Ask for your money back. I'll just do it the old fashioned way - networking. Unless you need an MBA with a sense of humor, gray hair, ability to use a semicolon and incredible credentials cause she's gonna label Zip Recruiter as spam.

Suggests opportunities based on nearby conversations
July 23, 2019
Hosts jobs that come from other sites but cannot save them as instructed to favorites/star all listings on mobile. Can only view them in applied history in app but no notification tracking to reproduce error. App recommend suggestions based on conversations or nearby printer. received call where maple wood was switched with maple plain on phone. Maplewood was a old posting and must be used for switching zip recruiter with zip rec-order. "reuiter"s. Zoom issues accross sites. Careful, subject and title may be switched with reviews posted. Their magnification mouse may cause recaptcha to fail every time for auto login to search sites due to icon.

I Miss
March 28, 2019

Job boards come and job boards go. Right now, Zip Recruiter has a big market share, so I use it to fill open positions, but it blows chunks.

Start with the CAPCHA at login. I can never remember my password, so it's a hassle to start, but having to identify all the buses ("click till there are no more!) over and over is just f*cking abusive. Serious, you're a job board, you aren't guarding the nuclear codes.

Then post your job and just wait for the candidates to roll in. Except if you contact them, you'll never hear back, because they are not really seeing your job and applying, they are being pushed to you by Zip Recruiter.

When you finally get tired of the BS and try to cancel your overpriced subscription you'll discover that you can't do it online -- you have to CALL the company or they'll just keep billing you.

A low-rent company that provides no value. Run away, run away, run away.

zip recruiter website sucks
March 22, 2019
I couldn't log in, I requested a password reset. I reset then I could not enter. So I try to reset again. The website won't allow me to reuse the same password again. I hate that websites do this. Since this is not the only website that has this stupid policy, and it is not the only website that is poorly written and extremely buggy. I am sick of websites having log in issues and then their reset bs doesn't work and then you cant't use a password again. So basically, I have to try to remember 2 or 300 passwords instead of a few dozen that is more reasonable. Why would I not be allowed to reuse the same password at the same website? A very stupid policy. And to top that all off, within a few minutes of sending in a complaint at their buggy website, they text me some jobs that I had already marked that I was not interested in and then I can't sign in to mark it again as not within my interest. This website absolutely sucks balls.

a scam
September 11, 2018
I Recently place a free 4 day add to hire a manager for my small business.I was receiving up to 4 hits a day when i went to email the clients my emails were rejected.I found out my free account was never activated.They lied to me.its a scam.

Colossal waste of money, nonexistent customer support
August 14, 2018

What a waste of time and money. They have the best followup before the sale. Wined and dined like no other. The moment they get you to sign up for a monthly, they're gone. I mean no email or website reply, you can't find a phone number, you can't delete your credit card from your account. Huge scam. I had to call sales and fake my way in as a prospective customer, chew someone's head off in order to get transferred to billing. There, they're super nice and reassuring of their support. Finally got them to cancel my account. We'll see if they refund my second month that I couldn't get cancelled through the account page.

Oh, and by the way, the "free job posting" is a joke. You can't get candidate details and your add gets spammed by sponsored adds when people see it.

Can I take away additional stars?

Ziprecruiter and the Scam Employer
April 20, 2018

I received correspondence via text to contact an employer. I will provide the name to anyone who asks. This was about 3 weeks ago. The person allegedly from Ziprecruiter said to download google hangouts. I was then led to an alleged Hiring Manager showing a picture of a real person on Israel. However, it wasn't her.

The scam is to send you a cashier's check for you to provide the funds for the vendor to purchase equipment for the job you are being hired for. You can figure the check was fraudulent and so was the job. There were other fake things here and it came through ziprecruiter. The true employer indicated they had received 10 calls on this and had reached out to ziprecruiter without success. Watch your back. I would prefer to have no star, but the system won't allow me to.

February 17, 2018
After being on ZipRecruiter (jobseeker) for almost a year, my conclusion is it's a dog, a dud. There are too many fake job postings and way too many repetitive job postings as well. Many jobs have already been closed but they still show on the Zip site. While the site functions nicely, there just seems to be a scam/phishing element associated with it. I've had a few friends in their late 20's and early 30's apply for accounting/financial analyst positions with no luck. On the other hand, they found new employment with Indeed. I work for a fairly large corporation in the Los Angeles area and fellow co-workers agree...Zip Recruiter is a bust. agrees. Zip didn’t even crack their top 15 job search site list. Don't waste your time with ZipRecruiter.

Stay Away From Mango Capital
February 5, 2018

Got a reply to my resume through Zip to attend a Webinar the following Friday at 9CST. Gave the link and the password. Signed in early to the appointed spot and waited. THIRTEEN of us signed on and no host ever appeared. We all started chatting. Someone looked up their number and called, got Dani, who sent the Zip info. Apparently there was an EVITE sent out and we all were on the wrong call.

I looked for an EVITE, never was sent anything other than through Zip. Called Dani, I was polite, she was NOT. She couldn't get past herself fast enough to blame ALL of us for NOT following instructions on the evite I never received!!!! I was polite but determined. She repeated herself and then HUNG UP ON ME!

This is a 2 month old company, I wanted to get information and that is how I was treated.

I called every extension on Friday and they all rang off the hook except for Underwriting, VM said closed on Friday. Called today, Monday and went for sales extension. Asked for hiring manager, and of course Dani was the one who answered the phone. She repeated what she told me on Friday without listening again.

AMAZING, I am not sure if she isn't the only person who works there. It may be a great opportunity but based on what I experienced I would be worried about being paid!!!

November 10, 2017
Had a 4 week free trial. canceled about 2 weeks out because did not get any leads, or one that lives in Texas when we are located in Colorado. They charged us $249.99. When I called about this the guy said there was only a 4 day free trail. So they lie and cannot find people to work. I would have gladly used them if it worked because we cannot find any employees in our area. I will not use them again for any of our companies. Just thought people should know that they are sketchy. Thank you

KatherineSmarch August 17, 2018

Ditto! Super rude when I called and Ziprecruiter told me they never offer 30 day trial!!! Such a scam, I can not believe I fell for this crap! Don't do it!!! They are worse than sketchy!

October 25, 2017
It's a den of SCAMMERS!

You don't need ZipRecruiter to work for Lyft...
August 26, 2017

I have an inherit distrust of online sites, so when I signed-up with ZR I only gave my name, home phone #, and a generic resume...ZR says my 'profile' is only 27% complete! Good.

The idea was to get emails of open positions, and then apply by going to the respective websites. I get emails allright, but those are pretty much useless. Most emails start with ads for Lyft, or some other trash. No, nobody needs ZR if they want to work for Lyft, Uber, etc!

Other job openings are for things which are outside my area of expertise.

I found out about ZipRecruited thru a radio show: Leo Laporte The Tech Guy. Given all the negative reviews here, I wonder why Leo would recommen this website(?)

Miron March 24, 2018

I thought it was only me- but the ease of automation makes it very prevelant to have nonsense online and time wasted**

August 7, 2017
Useless service full of duplicate, scam postings. Emails about new jobs take you to pages that don't exist (with no real resolution from Ziprecruiter when brought to their attention). Numerous notifications about your application and resume being viewed yet no response from any employers except for scam emails requesting interviews using Google Hangouts. What legitimate company is going to send an interview request from a personal Gmail account? On top of all this, the iOS App Store is littered with fake glowing reviews written by staff and other paid users using almost the same template. Do yourself a huge favor and do NOT download or give these scammers any information and use a legitimate service like Indeed.

Watch out!
June 27, 2017

Be careful! Once you put your information on it becomes open to the world! Meaning any scammer/spammer can claim to be a recruiter and gain valuable access to ALL YOUR INFORMATION!

Like most people, I wanted to apply for a specific job that I thought was on But to find out, after signing up to apply, all it did was take me to a completely different job site. Not to mention all the multiple fake texts about a "NEW" job opportunity that when you click on it, it takes you to the same old list of jobs you've viewed.

In the end I did apply for the job and that was the only good part. What happened next was nothing more than a barrage of scammers and spammers sending me fake opportunity emails so they could phish for more information on me. And as an added bonus, my 12+ year old cell phone number, that I've managed to keep spam/scam free, is now receiving spam calls and texts every day! It's not easy changing a cell number that old that everyone has.

Bottom-line: Do yourself a favor and find that job that's supposedly on ZipRecruiter by doing a Google search of key phrases and find it on either the company website OR a more reputable recruiting website.

Good luck!

Not signed up with them or looking for work, but get daily email alerts!!!
June 9, 2017
I haven't looked for a job in 10 years as I am a full time mother and I am not looking for a job now and haven't submitted a cv to any job sites, yet I receive daily job alert emails from this company. The jobs are nothing like what I did before and in an area of my country that could not be further away from my home if they tried. I'm worried that if I click unsubscribe in their emails I will be taken to a hacker site as they could be unauthorised spam, so therefore they still keep coming! I will contact them directly to double check, and try to block these emails for good. But please don't trust them or click on your emails.

Zip Resume
June 3, 2017
ZipRecruiter, takes your uploaded resume and totally destroys it so I spent pretty much time cleaning it up and then come to find out it didn't save my hard worked changes. I just use them now to find companies and then go directly to their website to apply.

Scams and Constant Calls
April 20, 2017


I posted my resume for a job, and a day later I got 15 emails from the same scam company. Then a few hours after that I started getting calls. They asked over and over for my social security number. Never told me where the job was, didn't even know who these "other recruiting" agencies were. I almost fell for it. Until the social security thing came about. I told them to stop calling. Stop emailing. Two weeks later I'm still getting calls for scam jobs still getting emails. I must have gotten 7 calls today from different scams. AND THEY CALL AT ALL HOURS!

On top of that, I was getting job offers in industries I don't work in and for jobs I would HATE to do. No I'm sorry I will not be a credit card sales person. No I will not receive unknown packages at my home to send them elsewhere. What the hell.

So eventually I called Zip and they said that they just pass out your resume like its confetti. Anyone that has access to the site can find you. When I told them to shut it down and get rid of every existence of my resume they said I couldn't do that unless I email chat a tech representative or searched my account for the "QUIT" button. (Which doesn't exist. Its buried deep in the "help" FAQs.) I assume since my resume has such high positions at big companies, these people must have thought oh, this girl has got some $$$$$ lets target her.

So far I have blocked up to 20 numbers. Have over 50 emails in my junk folder just from scam recruiters. DO NOT MAKE AN ACCOUNT WITH ZIP.