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ZipRecruiter is a job posting website designed for both companies looking for new employees and for job seekers who are hoping to find employment.

How Does it Work?

People who are currently in a job search just need to sign up in order to get access to daily job alert emails, and the website promises that receiving these emails is completely free. 

ZipRecruiter earns money through the companies that pay them to distribute their job postings.

The website claims to be the best way for a company to post jobs, and the fastest way to get your job across the web.

Once you submit your job post it will be distributed to over 40 different job boards, such as Indeed and SimplyHired.  They also offer to submit your postings to Monster and for an extra fee.

Submitting a job post just requires you to provide a job title, company name, location, job category, and job description and can be initially posted for free. In order to get all the benefits of ZipRecruiter, you’ll need to upgrade to one of their monthly paid memberships.

Their most basic plan is the Starter Plan, which gets you 3 active job slots and access to 50 resumes a month for $59/mo, and goes all the way up to the Big Hiring Plan gets you 50 active job slots and access to 1,000 resumes a month for $199/mo, with a range of plans in between.

They also have an Enterprise Plan which gives you unlimited job posting and access to 5000 resumes a month, but you must call them directly for pricing. For any plan that you are interested in, you can opt to have a 4 day free trial.

These plans will get you access to daily job alert emails so you can reach millions of active job seekers, allow you to save time by managing job candidates in one place, and reach job seekers through social networking platforms.

Companies who are unhappy with the service can request a refund of the last month's payment; members who have paid in advance for 6 and 12 month plans must cancel within 30 days of purchase for a refund.

If you have any experience with ZipRecruiter or their services, please leave your review below.

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ZipRecruiter Customer Reviews

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ZipRecruiter can't even hire their OWN decent employees!
May 11, 2023

Years ago, our company left ZipRecruiter due to lousy customer service, but we gave them another try today, in hopes they'd improved their processes and their people. But we were AGAIN sorely disappointed.

After placing 2 of my 5 ads today, I was prompted to 'verify our company,' which I did with a phone call, as requested. But hours later, I received ANOTHER prompt to do it AGAIN. Already exasperated with having my time wasted, I was treated to an obnoxious, pompous twit named JAMES.

FOUR times, he told me to 'refresh my screen,' as if I were an idiot or a feeble child. His condescending tone was beyond unprofessional, but he THEN became THREATENING when he told me that 'he could just CANCEL my account' if he wanted. (BIG TALK for a useless, customer service mouthpiece!)

Of course, I told him to CANCEL IT. Someone needs to clue James into the fact that it's solid companies like ours that PAY HIS PAYCHECK. Frankly, we've been in business MUCH longer than ZipRecruiter, and it is not by accident. WE ACTUALLY HAVE STANDARDS, TRAIN OUR PEOPLE, & OUR CUSTOMERS COME FIRST.

If ZipRecruiter hires ignoramuses like James, it is inconceivable that such a company can help OUR 35-year company to hire ANYONE. ZipRecruiter has extremely LOW STANDARDS for their own employees. Don't bother with ZipRecruiter. There are plenty of other PROFESSIONAL options out there!

This Company Is A Scam!
February 1, 2023
I did the 4 day trial to post one job in the medical field, and I never accepted the subscription, but since I did not log on and cancel, they continued to charge my credit card around $500 per month until I caught it, for 1 1/2 Years (out of sight out of mind), However, I never received any mail or email invoices. In fact I never was notified about any of the supposed 13 candidates, that by the way were not legitimate candidates with no expertise in the area of advertised, not even close. Once I noticed the charges on my CC statement, I called and all they would offer is two month credit. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM! I had used other recruiters that did not charge any fees unless you hired their candidate, and would call, text and email me when they had a candidate.

This online company is a SCAM!!!! Use at your own RISK!
November 15, 2022
ZipRecruiter is an absolute scam!!! They take your money and do not offer any support for employers seeking to hire qualified candidates. When I tried to contact them to cancel my subscription, there was no one available to talk to until I cancelled my subscription through my credit card and then they reached out to me to see what the issue was and also challenged the dispute with my credit card company. They take money and do not do what they offer and that is unethical! I have no idea how they stay in business!!

Be wary when told you will be contacted
October 11, 2022

Be wary of job sites on the web. One such site is ZipRecruiter. They are not always good about getting back to a prospective employee and will state that they will send out a zoom link for an online interview and then don't.

Not only does this give a poor reputation for ZipRecruiter, but it sets up an example for a prospective employee to not get back to a client in a corporate setting when they say they will. Prospective employees spend hours and hours developing a resume and sending it out online to recruiting firms.

The least a recruiting firm can do is to get back to someone to let them know that they found someone else more appropriate for a position or it was decided not to pursue the particular prospective employee, etc.

Not for job seekers looking in different field of work
September 22, 2022

Not good for people looking in multiple fields for work. It's impossible to tailor resumes for different industries, they have a 1-click apply option that cannot be turned off.

If I want to apply for a job in a different field than the previous job applied for I have to go back rewrite the resume on my profile, to top it off if the previous company applied for come to looks at my application they won't see the resume as it was at the time of application.

I spent time getting my profile set up and asking contacts to write reference reviews on there for me only to find out this service does not serve my needs! This is only good for people searching for a specific type of job where the one resume will work for all jobs applied for.

Waste of money, no customer support
August 15, 2022

Typical up sell salesmen, no customer support as well as NO CANDIDATE applying after 30 days of advertising using their own job seeking format…a waste of money and if I could give a negative review I would.

Bite the bullet...
July 6, 2022

Bite the bullet and advertise in the paper or temp agencies...Their Fee will be higher but accuracy will be their target. NOT THESE GUYS! Just pay your monthly fee and good luck! YUCK!!

I am SO VERY SORRY to find these reviews now! After they scammed me out of $1,200 in 2 months!

(I know! I'm the idiot) sent me Great match candidates with absolutely nothing to do with my advertised position! 99% of the resumes I received were either not in my state or did not have the minimum qualification.

Their algorithm for matching is so flimsy - it does 1st level keyword search and stops right there. The only candidates that had more than one word match to my position did not respond- they either never saw the position description or were not interested - ok that may not be Ziprecruiter's job to make people in their database be responsive.

But I did learn something really sad: Most candidates prefer to drive for Uber than work for a professional organization - However failed to include their current employment status on their application and was never verified.

Do not believe them when they tell you they have all these candidates in their database, they do not!
February 20, 2022

I would post a zero if I could .

The reps totally lied to me about how many candidates they had in the data base, then convinced me I needed to spend $400 for a monthly ad (one ad)

He told me, Darryl Reynolds, that there was hundreds on licensed state inspectors in my immediate area looking for a job asap ( I explained to him thoroughly in detail that this was a licensed position that needed to be licensed through the Virginia state police. He still insisted he had hundreds of people in my immediate area looking for immediate employment.

I wanted to just run the ad for a couple days and he aggressively pursued the monthly option. I explained to him that we were a brand new business less than three months and that a $400 expense just wasn’t an option. He then said he would add on the $60 urgent ad option at no charge.

I reluctantly agreed because I needed somebody for the position, and he assured me that he would get me multiple qualified candidates. I had already written an ad but he insisted that he rewrite it. So after it’s all said and done the next day I go to check my account and guess what, I was charged the $60 for the urgent ad. After contacting him it took two emails to get that credited.

After 10 days and not one applicant, another representative reached out to me and told me that it was because the way the ad was written, lol. I guess he didn’t get the memo that they wrote the ad!. He then tried to sell me $400 more of useless product.

He actually wanted me to spend more money for product and zero results for me. I asked for the account to be prorated and canceled immediately of course I was denied. He told me some tweaks to make to get more candidates.

After making those tweaks I was matched with one person whom never even responded or answered the phone. I’m not even sure this was a real person. I had mentioned numerous times on the phone that I hadn’t gotten even one candidate, after that one candidate magically appeared him ghosted me. I don’t know why somebody would post on a job site and then not answer when people contacted them.

I contacted and told them I wanted it canceled at the moment that month ended. I did not want to be billed one more cent .

The next week I was contacted again and tried to be sold more product, more useless product!. Once I explained everything to him and I think he realized I wasn’t going to buy he tried to end the conversation. I had mentioned to him that it was already supposed to be canceling and guess what, lol he said it was set to renew no cancellation was ever put in. And I would’ve been billed another $460! So after a few choice words on my part it was canceled.

Today was the cancellation date and not one candidate. Not one application or resume. Not even one match with a good phone number who was even licensed. I’d sure like to know where these hundreds of people were.

They were nowhere in the database that they promised. I don’t know what he was looking at or what numbers he was going by, I don’t think there was a need to be totally honest with me. I think it was just a totally made up Sales speech. I think that it is awful that they take advantage of new businesses like that. He knew how desperate I was and how bad I needed somebody and totally took advantage of me.

But I know better for next time. I think at the very least if they can’t live up to their promises that the money should be prorated. I’ve gotten much better results out of a $25 craigslist ad. One $25 craigslist ad got me 10 applicants three of which whom were actually qualified one of which I hired.

Close to $500 with zip recruiter got me absolutely nothing but headaches. I don’t know what kind of industry this is good for but automotive mechanic or licensed state inspector is not one of them. And then the fact that they try to blame me and the way the ad was written when they are the ones that wrote the ad it’s just the icing on the cake! Beware if you don’t get the results that they promise they are going to try to sell you more.

If you really really feel like you need to spend close to $500 or get rid of $500, you would do much better using it as toilet paper instead of giving it to this company!!!

LaceyGilmore February 20, 2022

Also, I need to change the fact that there were no applicants or resumes. I got several applications and resumes, but it’s obvious that they do nothing to try to match you with qualified candidates.

I was getting resumes from waitresses, and general laborers, and forklift drivers. This was a licensed auto mechanic position or a Virginia state police license safety inspector.

Why in the world they matched me with waitresses and forklift drivers is beyond me. And keep in mind again they are the ones that wrote the ad and set everything up. Totally worthless. Please do not waste your money like we did

Do Not Use ZipRecruiter
February 18, 2022

Unless you plan on spending thousands, do not bother to use ZipRecruiter. My firm signed up for 3 job postings for a one month period for $499 PLUS an addition $15 a user for my HR and Project Mgr to review.

So for $529, we have received no more than 2 resumes that even slightly matched the job description. They obviously are not in to helping small businesses. We were actually told by a ZipRecruiter agent that if we didn't want to upgrade to a more expensive package, maybe ZipRecruiter was not the company for us.

At least they got that part right and didn't hesitate to say that they had no plans to do anymore to promote out postings unless we "Upgraded" our package.

I really wished I would have researched the review before wasting $529. Again, do not waste your money on ZipRecruiter. I actually received better candidate from Indeed for much less money.

Entry Level Jobs Only
November 12, 2021

If you want an entry level job, this is your app. They IGNORE your resume with all your experience and send you forklift driver jobs

Jobs are often not real, current opportunities
August 10, 2021

For Job Seekers I'm sure once in a blue moon there is something worth looking at but my experience is that Zip Recruiter "recycles" prior postings that are no longer relevant in the feed that individuals get to make it look like the site is active and has lots of jobs. At least twice I followed interesting links to find that the job posting had expired.

I emailed Zip Recruiter about it and of course they said that it's up to the companies to remove the posting. But fact is, today, August 10, I received a job posting for Director of Contracts and Pricing at Frontier Technology, Inc. which I also received on June 7.

It hasn't shown in my feed between then so Zip Recruiters "excuse" that companies should remove the posting is fraudulent as is their feed that includes jobs that no longer exist.

August 9, 2021
This company has been stealing money from us since march $264 a month, it is now august! total of $1,544.00 to be exact! We signed up in march literally got no applicants so cancelled service 3 weeks later...They never stopped billing our credit card...They where so kind to give us 2 months back because they seen there was no activity since march 11th....COMPLETE THIEVES BUYER BEWARE!

The worst employment hiring company in the World
May 28, 2020

We cancelled our job submission and they kept charging our credit card. They are the worst company ever. They overcharge you for their services.


Ha, I'm qualified for Wendy's Drive Thru AND as an Oncologist!
October 16, 2019
Lucky me! Didn't know I could chose a job at Wendy's and qualify for food stamps or I could land a job as an MD with no MD and buy a McMansion! Wow, which should I apply for first? I'm thinking the aerospace plant GM except nothing even remotely in my resume suggests I know the first thing about it let alone show 15 years managing one. Oh or for the movie mogul who needs a "mind reader" assistant cause he's sooo busy. And that's a temporary job! Why? Did they take out his last five assistants in ambulances? Uh, could someone tell him, there was a movie called "The Devil Wears Prada" to warn the gullible away from people like him? Really, if you are an employer this is what you are paying for. It's like someone got up in a crop duster and peppered the ground below with random jobs for random people. Useless. Ask for your money back. I'll just do it the old fashioned way - networking. Unless you need an MBA with a sense of humor, gray hair, ability to use a semicolon and incredible credentials cause she's gonna label Zip Recruiter as spam.

Suggests opportunities based on nearby conversations
July 23, 2019
Hosts jobs that come from other sites but cannot save them as instructed to favorites/star all listings on mobile. Can only view them in applied history in app but no notification tracking to reproduce error. App recommend suggestions based on conversations or nearby printer. received call where maple wood was switched with maple plain on phone. Maplewood was a old posting and must be used for switching zip recruiter with zip rec-order. "reuiter"s. Zoom issues accross sites. Careful, subject and title may be switched with reviews posted. Their magnification mouse may cause recaptcha to fail every time for auto login to search sites due to icon.

I Miss
March 28, 2019

Job boards come and job boards go. Right now, Zip Recruiter has a big market share, so I use it to fill open positions, but it blows chunks.

Start with the CAPCHA at login. I can never remember my password, so it's a hassle to start, but having to identify all the buses ("click till there are no more!) over and over is just f*cking abusive. Serious, you're a job board, you aren't guarding the nuclear codes.

Then post your job and just wait for the candidates to roll in. Except if you contact them, you'll never hear back, because they are not really seeing your job and applying, they are being pushed to you by Zip Recruiter.

When you finally get tired of the BS and try to cancel your overpriced subscription you'll discover that you can't do it online -- you have to CALL the company or they'll just keep billing you.

A low-rent company that provides no value. Run away, run away, run away.

zip recruiter website sucks
March 22, 2019
I couldn't log in, I requested a password reset. I reset then I could not enter. So I try to reset again. The website won't allow me to reuse the same password again. I hate that websites do this. Since this is not the only website that has this stupid policy, and it is not the only website that is poorly written and extremely buggy. I am sick of websites having log in issues and then their reset bs doesn't work and then you cant't use a password again. So basically, I have to try to remember 2 or 300 passwords instead of a few dozen that is more reasonable. Why would I not be allowed to reuse the same password at the same website? A very stupid policy. And to top that all off, within a few minutes of sending in a complaint at their buggy website, they text me some jobs that I had already marked that I was not interested in and then I can't sign in to mark it again as not within my interest. This website absolutely sucks balls.

a scam
September 11, 2018
I Recently place a free 4 day add to hire a manager for my small business.I was receiving up to 4 hits a day when i went to email the clients my emails were rejected.I found out my free account was never activated.They lied to me.its a scam.

Colossal waste of money, nonexistent customer support
August 14, 2018

What a waste of time and money. They have the best followup before the sale. Wined and dined like no other. The moment they get you to sign up for a monthly, they're gone. I mean no email or website reply, you can't find a phone number, you can't delete your credit card from your account. Huge scam. I had to call sales and fake my way in as a prospective customer, chew someone's head off in order to get transferred to billing. There, they're super nice and reassuring of their support. Finally got them to cancel my account. We'll see if they refund my second month that I couldn't get cancelled through the account page.

Oh, and by the way, the "free job posting" is a joke. You can't get candidate details and your add gets spammed by sponsored adds when people see it.

Can I take away additional stars?

Ziprecruiter and the Scam Employer
April 20, 2018

I received correspondence via text to contact an employer. I will provide the name to anyone who asks. This was about 3 weeks ago. The person allegedly from Ziprecruiter said to download google hangouts. I was then led to an alleged Hiring Manager showing a picture of a real person on Israel. However, it wasn't her.

The scam is to send you a cashier's check for you to provide the funds for the vendor to purchase equipment for the job you are being hired for. You can figure the check was fraudulent and so was the job. There were other fake things here and it came through ziprecruiter. The true employer indicated they had received 10 calls on this and had reached out to ziprecruiter without success. Watch your back. I would prefer to have no star, but the system won't allow me to.

ShirleyO'shea September 16, 2022

Aclipse Therapeutics offered the same scenario to me and the application seemed so legit. Do you know if this company is legit or a scam/ They offered a check to be sent to me to buy furniture for my office which I already have and the balance of the check would be $150.00 which I was to keep as my sign-on bonus.