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Your Score and More Customer Reviews

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February 11, 2023
I used them once for a $1 charge and now they are billing me monthly for $39. I have cancelled and requested a refund but they want me to print out a form and mail it (yes mail it) back. What a load of crap.

Joni May 02, 2023

Yes that's the same for me, I called and got my account canceled since I didn't set it up. Someone else did it using my information and they sent me a refund form that I can either mail or fax.

One company masquerading as two
January 25, 2023

This company not only is a scam but a fraud. I ended up looking for a loan and had to get my credit score which brought me to them. $1? Ok fine and knew sis cancel. Well I ended up trying two different loans which had the same procedure but that time it was thru

Again $1. Guess what, I went to cancel and canceled 1st and somehow when I went to cancel this company, it was magically already cancelled.

Not to mention when I called back a second time just to be sure this place, your scoreandmore, the lady said that it was I was calling I paid $2 (I know onky $2 but that’s not the point) to two different companies that are really the same company. They should be ashamed of themselves!

Don't sign up through them
July 28, 2022

They really deserve 0 stars they are a complete scam. I signed up, was charged then canceled immediately then weeks later get another charge. Their response was our mistake we will refund you. Once I cancel they should no longer have my account information. This is unacceptable beware if you go through them.

To cancel the subscription
July 4, 2022
I would like to cancel my subscription for your score and more. It is taking out a lot of money from the bank account and costing me money to put money back in the account.

LoganBallinger September 08, 2023

There taking 8 from mine and its pissing me off they're a scam and give us our money back without paying them to cancel this

June 2, 2022

Total scam they take money from your account without any authorization, $1 turns into $40 I want my money back!

BEWARE!!! Crooks and scam artist!!!! BEWARE!!!!
November 8, 2021

just got another monthly charge on my account that was definitely not authorized , I literally just cancelled my subscription two days ago and have the verification email to prove it!!

Now I have had to cancel my card because of a subscription that I didn't want to begin with, now I don't have access to my funds for a week because the account is under investigation for fraud!!!?

What am I supposed to do now???? I want compensation for this and I'm not taking about one month I'm talking about all of the money that has been deceitfully taken from my account!

I can't believe you have been getting away with this, times are hard enough as it is , don't know how you can sleep at night.

Beware of this scam
June 1, 2021
These people are out to rip you off, I hope they are ready for leads litigation, because I am going to talk legal action against this company, for overdrawn my checking account several times

Joni May 02, 2023

Same here

Ripped off
October 17, 2020
They took money out of my account 5 times this month. Trying to recoup funds, but after reading all these reviews probably isn't going to happen.

May 29, 2020
I don't even know how I got signed up or how they got my CC info. Who do I report this to?

April 12, 2020
Scam. Don't let guard down checking your accounts. These folks have ripped me off and have the means to steal credit card information. I never authorized this outfit anything and in shock California Regulatory isn't busting in their door.

EileenWoodruff May 29, 2020

They scammed me out of $39 and I'm ripped. I never signed up for this and they stole my credit card info. When will someone do something about this company??

Joni May 02, 2023

Same here

February 16, 2020
Scam site. Will multi charge you and cant't get money back

February 6, 2020

I did not subscribe to this service but have been charged for 2 months.

My credit card company provides FREE CREDIT SCORES. I WOULD NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THIS.

October 5, 2019

I have tried to cancel after the 7 day trial but I can't even find the website when I type it I how it says on my card transactions

Fraudulant company
July 13, 2019
this company stole from my account also, after signing up for $1.00 trial. They get your bank account number that way , then charge you the full monthly charge. refund is a JOKE, this is Legal Theft

Joni May 02, 2023


ripped off
July 1, 2019
never realized it processed, no emails received- today i see they stole $20 from my account- trying to get a refund, waited 1/2 on phone then it went to vm, sent email, confidence low, ugh I

MitchBerry April 12, 2020

This outfit has ripped me off. How they got my credit card details is what's going to sink their ship. Defrauding older Americans raises the bar of regulatory punishment. They hit my card two months for $39.94 right under my nose. Please be careful and not become a victim as this writer.

Joni May 02, 2023