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Freshly banned without further explication
July 7, 2022

A couple of days ago I got banned without any warning or explication - just 'your account has been banned'

This is after 2 years of (unpaid) free membership there.

Very strange - maybe it's because I never answered to the sirene calls of spambot-girl 'lisa' to join with a paid account?

AlfredoManhães August 01, 2022

It happened to me after two days of free membership and in the same way...without any warning or explication.

PlatonicInfatuation June 02, 2023

As with me lat night. How do you reply to 'Lisa' with a request to why?

Avoid This Site!
May 2, 2022

Don't bother with this site. 500px is 1,000% better. YouPic has TOS that prohibits adult content but when you flag them, half the time they do not delete them. When you call them on it they do nothing.

Don't subscribe for a paid account.
April 21, 2021
This company has a very bad subscription method. When you join they offer a special price very low, but the subscription for the following year is much higher and they don't warn you that they are billing your account. It's impossible to revert back to normal user and they bill you anyway.

Bad people!
September 14, 2020
If there were an option for ZERO reviews, I would post that. I joined up in 2015. Cost for the pro level was 50 bucks and change. Did not get another hit until 2019, when the charge went to 127 bucks and change. On September 10th of 2020 I got a charge of $359.88. But here is the kicker: My CC number has changed four times since 2015. I never gave them new CC information. I have seen no benefit from membership. Of COURSE they refuse to credit my account. They are crooks. Do NOT send them any money and I would strongly recommend to NOT even sign up for a free account. You may regret it.

September 3, 2020
I was told from a woman names Lisa she would give me a code for a 30 day trial of what they call PRO. I filled in the form, asked for bank info. They charged me for a full year subscription, $359.88! I email, messaged for 5 days, no response, I sent a message the CEO Navid Razazi, nothing. I then went to and on my account I posted a list of reviews I got off the internet, then said, I want my money back. They ban my account. It's a scam, all of it. It's artist judging artist. No one makes money there unless your work for the company. Stay away!

elaine hunter September 04, 2020

I had the same thing happen, American Express reversed the charges for me.... they LOST this time

MichelleCaccomo October 31, 2020

Your story is the same exact story as mine. They are a fraudulent company that grabs your money and runs! I paid with paypal and my case has been open for weeks now! I don't know how this company gets away with it but that is the name of their game! I would advice anyone who is considering trying out this website to run and as far as you can away from them!!!

June 23, 2020

It seems to be run by absentee millennials who are in love with their oh-so-cool informality. Join for free and standby to be inundated with dumb exhortations to waste a hilarious amount of hard earned cash ‘upgrading’. The Upgrade is so overpriced and they are so desperate that they will persistently offer 60% discounts.

No amount of declining their offers or requesting they desist from pestering you will stop these poorly composed auto-emails.

Maybe it’s not millennials after all, but a damaged bot with poor grammar skills.

Definitely not recommended.

Got a DM on IG
January 10, 2019
I just joined YouPic a few days ago. Someone dm me on instagram and it looks like a spam because she wants me to send her my profile link when I join. I still joined 'cause YouPic looks really decent. Just didn't send my link to that girl.

Luna ConstanzaD. Paleo May 12, 2021

Hi! I've got a DM on IG too, and it seems very suspicious. She offered me to feature me in when youpic is open..... wth?

Navel Gazing is alive and well
May 30, 2018
If you like navel gazing, and accumulating "favorites" ( akin to likes on facebook), "repics" where someone saves your photo to their profile, and maybe getting lucky and having your photo selected as an "inspiration", then you might like YouPic. I joined free for about 10 days, over which I posted 145 ofmy photos, which were viewed over 45K times. I also had almost 4,000 "favorites", almost 2,000 "repics and 2 inspiration stars. I was at Level 11 when I deleted my account. Why did I delete, you ask? Well, Youpic takes a lot of work to advance levels, get fav's and repic's, and inspirations. I started out only going on the site each morning and evening, but quickly found myself checking it more and more during the day. Keeping up with the comments left by others becomes a real chore. You can also buy a premium membership, which gives you perks including supposedly better exposure, but I didn't bite. In the end, all it is boils down to hitech "navel gazing" You might like it, but not for me...

Lawrence Scott Hess June 18, 2018

I am a YouPic member...I started out level one and a year and half later I am now a Level 25 and my ranking is around the 195 mark out of I don't know how many actual members. It was free and not only gave exposure to my art but also gave me an idea how others viewed my works of art. I've been a professional photographer for most of my life and I'm pretty old. Wernda, sounds like she didn't want to compete so to speak, either with him/herself or others. I really doubt he/she really got 4,000 favorites and 2,000 re-pics as claimed. I am now a premium member by choice but have not noticed any advantage of being one except to support this fairly new and growing inlet/outlet for fine art and other artistic photography. I have had issues a couple of times but they have always been addressed and resolved with little fanfare. I certainly would not consider the art I produce to fit the navel gazing category and though I am in love with my own art/photography, I spend literally hours enjoying those works of other artists. If you just don't feel like your art ranks good enough to be a part of this site, then you are missing the point that art is in the eyes of those viewing it. God created the Heavens and the Earths and His art is the ultimate example of those wonders. The many talented artists of the world capture those explicit moments in time that remind us of His love. Lawrence Scott Hess, a youpic member...look me up!

Tim June 23, 2020

Errm... there is no god

JaniceLebrun September 05, 2020

They just ripped me off $359.88 for a trial! Then when I started to complain on the site, they shut my page down and they walked away with my money. Having the bank fight them.

WerdnaNilmot September 05, 2020

Larry: Just read your reply...thanks for the feedback...

Pay to View
April 25, 2018
This is a 500px clone, plain and simple. Like 500px, they try all kinds of ways to monetize the site, but the main way is to sell packages that "increase exposure." It is what it sounds like.... you're basically paying money to have more people see your photos so that you can get higher ratings. You get some other stuff like tutorials or whatever, but youtube is better. So if you like stars next to your photos, paying helps get you there. I can pay for views on Instagram, and it's more useful.

Really desperate for new users
February 2, 2018

They have spammed me on my instagram DM multiple times about signing up for their services. I've told them time and time again that I'm not interested in signing up for their service nor do I want free publicity as I'd rather get payed for my work or sign up for a service myself.

I've blocked I think about 50 or so of their accounts, it's starting to really piss me off, really unprofessional of them.

Account Banned
June 5, 2017
i don't know why my account is banned on youpic.

Jon May 07, 2019

They did that to me twice. The first time, some members objected to my posting too many sports photos (while others were giving the same photos likes and relics). YouPic enforces their site rules with a lynch mob mentality. If a few members want to get somebody banned, they complain to the site, which then banned me, without giving me any warning or asking to get my side of the story. My account at the time was JWGalleries.

After that banning, using a secondary email address, I made my return, account name JWBannedBack, in which I shared the news of my ban with other YouPic account holders. My work and message was seen by over 2000 peopled before that account was banned.

There are worse things in life than being banned by YouPic

PlatonicInfatuation June 02, 2023

Yes, one of them is being banned on Instagram which is the reason I went to investigate YouPic. But same, same. I never paid any money and the terms of service are even more vague than Instagram's something something community guidelines. Not happy Jan!!

Premium YouPic
May 9, 2017
I am a Premium member of YouPic and since upgrading from Free to Premium, my profile and photos has got a great jump in exposure. Just easy to use and fast with HR photos. I always have trouble using large HR photos on my own website because it takes like tons of time to load. And we all know that speed is a killer! :-) But they seem to be having some nice technology they created, that solves this nicely.

FURQAN June 05, 2017

i don't know why my account is banned

AngusGibbins August 04, 2019

Kinda feels a bit like ViewBug.

Tim June 23, 2020

Do they give free upgrades for penning sycophantic reviews? If so, can I have one?

PlatonicInfatuation June 02, 2023

Well said

November 23, 2016
I never signed up for their emailing list, yet keep getting emails from them inviting me to try YouPic. The unsubscribe button doesn't work, it simply takes me to their site. There's no email address or anything listed on the website. I don't know who these people are or how to contact them.

Jon April 06, 2017

I was a member for close to a year. A couple of weeks ago, I got banned. They offer unlimited uploads, which I used. One or two members objected to the sports photos I was posting, accusing me of spamming the site. Meanwhile, a lot of other members liked what I was posting. That was never taken into consideration. They never issued me an warnings, never gave me an opportunity to speak up in my own defense; they never looked to see if any of their members liked what I was posting. To sum it up, polices their site with a "lynch mob mentality."

In order to communicate with YouPic about my ban, and to let other YouPic members know what happened to me, I set up a new account from a secondary e-mail address. I called my new account, jwbannedback. That account was also banned, but not before my photos were seen over 2,000 times with the announcement that my original account was banned in the photo descriptions. After both bans, they still sent me e-mails trying to sell YouPic Premium to me. Please help me spread the word.

AWESOME COURSES in photography
November 3, 2016
Tried the courses, explore and a little feedback from the community. This is amazing. I have gained 10 inspirational stars in less tha 2 months ... I think this is the best website ever!

Manatee Voyager
October 16, 2016

I have been with YouPic since the beginning and have watched the site grow and change and finally being monetised.

The sites founder Navid still controls the inspiration flow having quickly abandoned the "let the members choose the photos with the stars" which showed people will vote for anything if they think you will reciprocate.

The site is really just a tit for tat voting platform where you gain awards for achievements only those achievements mean nothing in the real world.

Youpic is very bandwidth hungry on both the web or phone app versions so unlimited internet access is a must.

Sadly the promised exposure Youpic claims it will give you is all within the site itself. Google search list nothing from Youpic in photo search and facebook just buries photo's shared to facebook so no one sees them I guess facebook would rather you pay them to boost the post.

The new membership plans whilst not a suprise have been set at a level that will cost more than 50% extra than Youpic's main competition 500px which seems like a bad move

As a summary I would say if you are looking for a bit of fun on your phone then Youpic will entertain you with a free account.

Considering a paid account, I would hold on to your money even double points are not worth $9.99 a month.

Not So Much About Photography Anymore
July 19, 2016

About a year and a half ago I was a part of the YouPic community and really enjoyed it. Sadly I had to delete my account. Back then it was more about the photography. Two weeks ago I rejoined under a different account and was surprised at the changes. it seems as though the rating (Star of Inspiration) is no longer controlled by your peers. That's a negative.

YouPic has become just another social media under the guise of photography. Facebook, Twitter & other media has no business on YouPic. If you want to gain a level then earn it. Facebook friends and Twitter followers should not be allowed to connect and have a say just because it's their friend's photo.

YouPic also needs to set a category apart for "Digital Art". I have nothing against it, but it becomes an interpretation of a photograph and is no longer a photograph.

The art of photography is to capture what is "real".

And now the big problem for me is that I can no longer access my page. I can access my account, but that is it. I can't view my page because I'm told it can't be found. I have contacted YouPic admins and all I get is "We'll get back to you as quickly as possible". That response does not work for me.

So who knows when I'll be able to access my photos again and be able to delete my account, which by the way, I did tell them to do so since I couldn't.

There are too many negatives about YouPic and it's a shame. They started out with a good idea and turned it into crap.

It's ok
June 6, 2016

It's free and a good place to put your best of photos and share them with your friends who aren't on this site.

But, I recommend over this one. View big has basic adjustments that you can use to improve your photos. The quality of the photographers who enter contests is amazing!! Also, viewbug lets you upload more than one at a time. Another advantage of viewbug is that they answer your mail a LOT quicker

YouPic is iphone instagram app level
May 16, 2016

YouPic has proven with their own star system that the most and highest ratings, awards, honors, stars, etc go to the ones who uses iphones and instagram apps the most. The "top photographers" are mobile phone point shooters who edit their pics with pastel and fog. It is a shame that those folks call themselves "photographer".

The YouPic admin himself has no achievement whatsoever in real photography, yet he is the one to star evaluate all pics. His own gallery is just a pathetic collection of loose point shoots. What a shame.

YouPic is NOT for the serious photographer. YouPic is a kindergarten for household point-shoot folks who on,y hunt for followers, likes, repics, stars, XP points, etc. Like Facebook. Has nothing to do with real photography. Even YouPic's "Tips" are written by rookies who know nothing about real photography. There's even an article that promotes B&W photography as "monochrome" photoshopping and no mention about real B&W techniques such as optical filters.

Most YouPic users score only pints by copy/pasting comments all over the place, knowing that this earns them points to move up to higher "levels". As though commenting makes them better photographers.

I have deleted my YouPic accounts and moved to National Geographic where things are more serious and without all that egotrip crap.

The YouPic Dev team keeps on revamping reblinging the site with absolutely useless bells & whistles that serve no purpose other than slowing down the site and disturbing the navigation and functionality. Now they implemented a blog for the users that no one asked for and that the blog form is not even browser cross compatible.

Soon YouPic will put ads and ask money for their "services". YouPic has already started to sink into the ocean of clones and failures.

Lots of crap photos get the highest ratings
May 5, 2016
User levels go from 1 to 30. The highest levels show the worst pics. There's even an smartphone instagram point-shooter who made it to star champion. His pics are absolutely crap. The admin of YouPic is the only one who assigns stars. So of course he stars anything that matches his own crap level. The admin of YouPic is NOT an authority in photography whatsoever, yet he plays god at his ever decaying website. YouPic ads new GUI and modules but none of it is of any use. I left YouPic because of all of the above and joined NatGeo and 500px where the level is a bit better.

A real review of Youpic
March 25, 2016

I have been on since the beginning. This site was about the quality in the beginning, now its about how many Facebook fans or followers you can get. Crappy photography gets tons of likes because of the many followers one has.

Just like the contests that let your family and friends vote for the winners. This site has nothing to do with good photography anymore, but its probably fun for beginners or people that have a lot of time to build up followers to get likes.

Same concept as facebook