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Star rating unfair
October 22, 2015
I have been at YouPic for one year now, and I experienced of course the star rating features. I found out that YouPic's star rating is based on only the first day of upload counting the user stars just for that day, and any user star after that 24 hour day won't count. This is unfair. Moreover, YouPic does not take into account the various time-zones around the world. If my fans are in the US and I upload a pic from the EU, then there's 8 hours less left for starring, so instead of 24 hours it's 16 hours time window. That sucks. In addition, the higher level number your account is at, the less likely you are to receive an inspiration star because of the way it's calculated. In fact, a higher account level gets punished by a more severe rating algorithm. Last but certainly not least, YouPic removes favs and repics from the counters as soon as a photo is deleted or - worse - as soon as a user quits YouPic. In other words, the counters are NOT stored! They are computed real-time. So any earnings is based on the actual pics in the gallery, and not on the pics that have been there in the past but been deleted later on. So: never delete any pic, otherwise you will get punished! What a load of crap is that. Byte Bye YouPic, I've had it.

Needs work doing
June 20, 2015

I have just signed up to YouPic and finding my way around it.

I'm hoping over a period of time the site's designers will tighten up on some of the strange actions it performs, e.g.

1) Although you can add separate tags, you cannot search on more than one tag ( enter blonde but not blonde, girl, model etc)

2) All images put into the "nude" category have an adult filter applied, which can be switched off. However if you want an image to also have an adult filter, e.g. topless, then there is no way you can mark the image as such either at the time of uploading or further editing - it has to be put in the nude classification even if technically it isn't a nude image.

3) No way to sort, re-arrange images or put in albums.

4) No response to contact-us or email messages

Although it's a nice site and free at the moment, YouPic has a long way to go before it can match Flickr.

I love it
May 20, 2015

Firstly for the comments above ...patience is the key ..the sheer amount of photo's being uploaded does leave the servers with lots to do .. so there are frequent times when there are little glitches like missing photo's etc .. just log in later and check back ..

Panic over lol

There are some stunning photo's on show .. it really does make me think what i want to do next ..and how i want to do it yes i find it a very inspiring site ..

I have gained 5 inspirational stars in less tha 3 months i am really pleased means i am improving LOL

Just give it a go .. you have nothing to lose


Maxine Grundy

Can''t find my images
April 16, 2015
I uploaded over 200 photos and developed a nice following and then everything disappeared and have been unable to contact customer service.

Cannot view my images
February 16, 2015

I have painstakingly uploaded at least 70 photos to your site, yet when Imopen my ipad it says ther are zero photos in my account?

What is the deal?

Jack February 07, 2016

I really like Youpic, it is a great way to get other people to see my photography! There are some things that I have issues with though.

1)You cannot search multiple hashtags

2)It is quite difficult to find friends unless you know their username

3)There is way to much nude photography