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February 12, 2013

I recently got an interview for this job cuz my friend referred me. So I went to the interview and the manager seemed like a pretty nice guy, and as good as the presentation was, all thoughts just comes running down my head. All THAT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! The manager or CEO I as far as I remember said that its not door to door, your making your own schedule.

that's really nice and all but if you think about it. It is DOOR TO DOOR just a different way of pointing it out. You make your first appointment with family,friends then they recommend. You get new appointment but that means you'll have to waste money on gas everytime, or other transportation to get to that individual, you have an apt with.

In my opinion it's not entirely a scam, just in a sense of way, and depends who your working with. It's great learning if your into marketing/sales and I know you don't have to purchase the sample kit but there's a lot of work to actually succeed at this kind of job, it's just sad how it really gets a lot of people blind sighted. in the end I did not show up for the training it's just not an IDEAL JOB. It's better off working on an actual job knowing you actual get paid by the amount time you worked for.

February 7, 2013
Just came back from an interview, and it seems like just about anyone can get a job there. That means tons of people are out desperately seeking people to buy their knives, because, contrary to what the manager led me to believe, they do not set up appointments for their employees. Sorry, but I don't have time for that. Will be calling to let them down softly.

January 23, 2013
OMG yes! This company is terrible. With lots of false promises. Our daughter was roped into this scam during her freshman year in college and we hesitantly bought her the $ 150 set. Then she practiced her presentation on all our friends and family. The presentation materials are terrible. They don't teach these young people how to actually sell a WAY overpriced item, they get them to buy into the $ 150 set then hope that at least 1 out of the 10 family members will buy a $ 1200 set of cutlery just to help the young new sales person out. Think about it! If Vector scams 100 young kids to do this and they each sell 1 set then quit, Vector just made tons of dough without paying hardly anything out! THIS IS A SCAM. My husband is in sales, and he wouldn't try to sell this overpriced item to anyone. Especially not some 19 year old kid doing it!

January 20, 2013
Its a great opportunity for college students. Right now i am in college and have been working at Vector since the summer of 2012. What you are able to learn at this job gives you skills for life which will prepare you for life after college. I have sold $15,000 of the product and made roughly $5,000 in 3 months. The best part is all the connections and friends that you are able to make. The people that hate this job are individuals who are lazy and not capable of working in a professional business atmosphere. It certainly is not an easy job. It takes hard work and a good work ethic to be successful

January 10, 2013
My child worked for Vector Marketing and I ended up investing megabucks in a business that I knew in my gut was a scam from the beginning! It wasn't terrible when he was a salesperson, but when he was "promoted" to manager, it was a disaster. Vector did absolutely NOTHING they promised to do. The District Manager attempted to steal from my child and of course, denied it. Thankfully we had good enough records to prove that he did in fact try to steal this money. RUN, don't walk, to your nearest McDonald's for a job. You'll make more money in the long run.

January 6, 2013
I am supposed to have an interview on Monday! I'm glad I decided to find some reviews about this so called "job" . I'm 4 months pregnant, and don't have a ton of time to waste... I found the ad on this morning, put my cell number, email ect in... and got a call to schedule an interview 30 minutes later!!! WTF?? For some reason I had this gut feeling that this is complete BS...especially because it sounded like the receptionist didn't or couldnt really explain the details of the job... Pshh I don't need to be going to random strangers houses (especially being pregnant) to sell knives lol i would have been all kinds of pi$$ed off if I would have went there and saw this for myself... aye aye aye

January 2, 2013
I started this job because the ad promised a 12hr gig and you can start part time or full time. I choose part time. Like everyone is stating, they butter you up to make sales, only to turn around and force you to sell it to people you know. The merchandise is truly over priced. How else is it, after so many sales, can you make half of the profit you sell!! You make money off of commission. You sign a contract, but the manager tells you before you sign, it's nothing really. The company just wants to make sure, if you quit, they will get there product back. Fine. So anyways, I sold some product, only to learn that you don't get paid 12 hr, it's 12 an apt!!! So I did the math, putting up with all the B.S. wasn't worth it and parted my ways. Months later I get a statement in the mail saying I owe Vector 129.00. I flipped and called the company. They said it states in the contract, if a customer does'nt keep the product, you are to return the commission! I'm taking this one to the next level because I was misinformed in so many facts. If you get a job, it's to earn money, not pay the company!!! Don't waste your time. Plus they state that their product is made right here in the US, ask them where their garden tools are made.