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This job is trash
October 3, 2022

When I first found out about this job they sent me a letter in the mail telling me about a summer job opportunity.

In simple terms, don't do this job. You have to get qualified during the interview, and sit through two 5 hour long trainings. It is super insufficient, you have to work solely off of referrals, which means you basically start showing the CUTCO products (or doing the demos) with your family members, and then you later have to expand by gathering as many numbers as possible to show the products to.

There is no way to just work with anyone. You have to find as many people to sell with as possible. Who has time for that? These appointments are scheduled through an app called "Queue", where you make phone calls and book the demo.

The demos are done on zoom, and you basically read from the cutco script manual and try to convince your client to buy a set of knives for $1,419. This job is perfect for people who are friends with rich doctors, lawyers, scientists- people that have money to spend.

You start off by receiving 10% commission of whatever you sell, and every time you sell, you get "promoted", which means you start getting a higher percentage of commission every time you sell.

If you don't sell anything you can file for base pay, which is $20 an appointment. However, you are only eligible for base pay if you participate in the team meetings, which occur on Wednesdays and Fridays, from 6:30-9pm, as well as make calls to your office manager before, during, and after your demos.

Overall, this job experience was terrible for me and it is not as flexible as they make it seem. My journey with Vector Marketing was very poor and I would not recommend it to anybody. Just don't do this job- you'll waste your time.

MLM scheme
May 14, 2022
I was first contacted via text. As a precaution, I did a quick search and found out that Vector is an MLM scheme.

Extremely unprofessional
June 9, 2020
This company got all the contacts on my phone and I was told that my manager will reach out to me to discuss who can be contacted. they kept sending messages to all my contacts multiple times and when I asked my manager (Tristan Marcelo) about what's going on he told me that he didn't have the chance to call me. This is a Scam business targeting college students to get their contacts

June 18, 2018
I’m 18 and I just got a paper in the mail asking me to setup for a review should I go to this review or not will I be wasting my time by going there

This job is trash, you'd be better off being a bagger in Safeway.
March 25, 2017

I paid for a summer conference back in august of 2016 but now I'm getting a letter stating I owe them money, even though I'm 99% sure I paid, because it isn't like me to miss payments. I already know this company is a bit shady so I do believe they are just trying to swindle me. I'm just now getting a letter in January of 2017 ( was away for college so I didn't get it until march) that I owe them money, adding to the shadiness. Lastly I was told I would get some knives for x amount of sales, which I'm still waiting, and probably not getting. I even tried contacting my old boss who said that he was busy. 3 days later I'm still waiting for a response.

This probably sounds really fake but I guarantee it's all true. It seems great at first, and everything looks like it's roses and unicorns but it gets bad real quick. Their aim is to swindle not you, but your family as a whole. Your family will most likely buy from you but then nobody else will, frustrating you making you quit. I was lucky enough to sell to people outside of my family so I broke even but this is not a job worth taking.

Please help shut them down by not accepting, and inform your friends. They are after all a company, and only want money. This job however focuses on stealing from employees rather than using them to build the company up. They don't need or want you, just what you have. I can determine what you do but hopefully this steers you into making a decision you won't regret

March 1, 2017
I found this all about 2 hours before my training, I'm debating if I want to show up or not but if I do I have to ask: how do I land the job of the girl that I talked to on the phone that happened to squeeze me for an interview in just two hours

I work for the company
May 1, 2016

Id like to comment that I work for the company they definitely work around the truth and target young people, especially students, and the "$15" isn't an hour but per demonstration appointment done. The $15 is for transportation costs. The one thing that I don't understand is that we call back people that blow off their interviews, I guess that they have to considering the turn over rate.

Another thing is they don't provide the customers to book for appointments but ask u to bother your friends and family. also ask they interviewing people for their contact lists to gather more numbers to call to come in for interviews as well

April 30, 2016
Not a Scam. But illegal. If not then should be. Had interview but didn't go. Got a call 15 minutes before I was suppose to go but said I e-mail reason why. Next day at 8:45am got a text that said we have a set rate of $17 hour and not commission. There website clearly says the word "commission". She also said in text I will be in office at 10am tomorrow. No way I would go. This company puts you as a self contractor. You do your own taxes and they don't pay your taxes. You are not on there payroll. So you are not a employee. This company needs to be shut down and anyone who knows how to dwith.The 1% will not get away with this anymore. The new president needs to shut them down. Also, staffing companies lie to you. Going back to school in a state that is broke won't stop me but we need a new goverment that works for the people of Illinois now! Fix this country NOW! The americans can't wait. Fix this country NOW!

March 3, 2016
I actually scheduled an interview with vector today. After I spoke with the receptionist I was so excited about the opportunity. She told me it pays 17 an hour guaranteed and I would be answering questions about products and taking orders. I loved how she made it seem like no sales as I'm not interested in selling. I'm working part time as a CNA and I was looking for more work that would pay a little more with flex hours, vector seemed perfect. I decided to read employee reviews and I'm glad I did! I plan on cancelling my interview asap now. Thank you everyone , now I won't waste my time. It would have been an hour drive to the office and I would have missed time with my daughter. Again, thanks everyone for the warning!!

August 10, 2015

Cutco is an amazing opportunity for soooo many people: personal growth, scholarships, vacations, building new relationships that'll always be there to help your success. It blows my mind how people believe it's a scam, well its not. I always had a job since I was 14yrs old, so I know I have a strong work ethic. From all the jobs I've had growing up (dishwasher @ restaurant, amusement parks, server, bartender, general manager, office desk jobs, etc.) Cutco has been the one job that's NOT EASY, but when I apply myself to thrive..I truly excel personally. This job randomly landed in my lap at 24yrs old, and since it did; I'm waking up early every morning, planning out my day to day, week to week. I'm becoming financially safe, I have a full team of supportive cutco staff behind me who won't quit on me or let me quit chasing after anything I set my sights on(even things not involving cutco). This job teaches you how to build rapport with people and utilize it to further your communication skills. Working with cutco and being a server at a restaurant, I notice how my tips have doubled because of the skills I'm learning from Cutco.

Everyone who succeeded in Cutco and has chose to moved on, have created greater and better things in their life, building millions/billions of $dollar$ companies (uber) or have achieved their life dream career doing what they love for a living and never having to work ever again (tosh.0).

The reason you achieve greatness from being with this company is because The personal growth one learns causing a mindset to believe there is no ceiling of how successful they can become, And replaces that ceiling with a road to achieving bigger and higher goals and endeavors in their lives.

And besides... it's an amazing product that you only need to buy once, use everyday, and never have to replace. It makes an absolute great inheritance that you can pass down your kitchen legacy from generation to generation. Its an absolute amazing product that's fun to have. If anyone comes to you for a demo, please accept and schedule an appt. Your Cutco may last forever but your rep doesn't and personally from my experiance, my favorite demos are when i see how excited my new costumers are for having a new cutco guy they can go to for gifts or more cutco.

July 6, 2015
NEVER WORK FOR VECTOR, My experience with this company was awful, I gotten a letter from them I called and got an interview the next day.The manager says they don't hire everyone that comes in for an interview which is BS, they get you with the starting pay which is $14.50 which is not what you get hourly but is based on how many appointments you set with your clients. They don't provide people to you, you have to find your own clients, they say that you don't have to sale anything but that's not true if you don't sale they will cut you off. If you don't have set appointments with your clients you don't get paid . Say if you have one appointment for the week that one appointment will get you paid only $14.50,I stopped working for Vector within two weeks that I've been with them, they gave me a sample kit which I had returned to them when they called me to return it. If you don't return it they will harrass you with emails and letters in the mail to you bring it back. So I returned it in person and I spoke with one of the receptionist she made me fill out a return form receipt, after that day I continued to receive emails and mails saying that I need to return the sample kit, I called the office and spoke with the same receptionist who gave me the form to sign and she told me she would make it a priority to make sure her boss would call me and check in that I did return the sample which till this day I'm waiting for.

July 1, 2015
This is one way to define a SCAM. Vector Marketing tells you it's $17.00 per hour until your there in person then it's $17.00 guaranteed per appointment to sell Cutco Cutlery to all your friends, family, and referrals from them. You get 3 days of unpaid training to sound like a college student begging for referrals to get internships and scholarships. When you turn in your paperwork to get paid they skip out on paying you and the manager does not answer his phone or return emails. A week goes by with no paycheck when expected so I'm not about to turn in all this paperwork with everyone's credit card and checking account information when they skip out on paying us. I invested a lot of my time and gas money and still a few weeks later expecting to get paid every Friday I have no paycheck and no contact from the boss about why that is, . . . . . = SCAM

June 21, 2015
I got my first letter from these people in the summer before going off to college. I was immediately drawn in that the starting pay was at $15/hr. However, I never got to it, due to preparing for my sendoff to college. Fast-forward to this year, I receive more than one letter from said company, with the same claims of pay and flexible hours. I call to schedule an interview, just to see if the "scams" claims are true. I call the receptionist, speaking in broken English, asking me to schedule an interview at 6:30 in the evening. First off, everyone and their mother is already calling it a day. The letter in the mail is completely vague and offers no description in what said position is. My friends who went in for the interview had a difficult time looking for the building and the room where the interviews are conducting are very unprofessional. If you get this letter, thick twice.

May 27, 2015


First, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY THE SAMPLE KIT! I get so frustrated hearing that over and over again. That's old and outdated news!

Second, It's not an 15 or 16 or 12 or 17 or whatever your territory does, it's not whatever that # is per hour. It's per apt.

Third, you start off like everyone did, selling to friends and family for practice. Do you really want to start with strangers anyway? Not everyone will buy and that's okay.

Vector is a great opportunity to learn and make money while you're learning! And my team was a lot of fun, we had dance competitions and kickball and other random stuff but it's different for each office.

Yes, it's a lot of work.

But I definitely had a blast last summer, made some money, and gained a ton of experience!

April 24, 2015

Any time I read through the comments saying this is a scam, they're either filled with false information because people didn't LISTEN to the job description, or because they didn't put in the time and effort in order to make money. If you LISTEN to the receptionist that is trying to set your interview, he/she never said $15 per hour... he/she said $15 base pay. It's per appointment and each appointment is an hour long. Also on top of that, if you make sales then you make more. I fail to see what's wrong with that! $15 is your minimum, just for showing the product. Most sales jobs won't pay you if you don't sell anything.

Also you don't pay for your kit. The only time you pay for anything is if you want to buy something for yourself. Usually though if you want something you can win free stuff. I've won TONS of cutco and kbar products.

Also I do hear a lot about the training not being paid and it's not, and it is legal because the people who work here are considered subcontractors who make their own schedules.

Lastly, the supposed lawsuit against Vector was thrown out because they had no grounds for a lawsuit.

In closing, I've been with Vector for 4 years. I found them when I was nearly bankrupt and nearly on the streets. I think it's ridiculous that people running around bashing a company when they don't know the first thing about it, and refuse to open their eyes to the people it has helped. Sales jobs don't work for everybody, but they are great for building your people skills, your communication, your self esteem, your patience and understanding of your fellow man. Don't be so closed minded about what other people say. It never hurts to look into it for yourself.

April 15, 2015
I recently just got back into my hometown, looking for a job until college in the fall. My sister sent me a picture of a flyer of Vector's number, stating that the starting wage was a guaranteed 13.50 an hour (the sign didn't even have the company's name on it). So I called them at 4pm, and by just telling them basically my name and age (19 mind you), they set up an interview at 5pm that same day. That was a bit too strange how easy it was. I drove to the address they gave me, and I was surprised to see that the business was painted pink and lime green. Now what kind of "professional" business that apparently makes 200 million a year doesn't keep their business looking sharp and not so... pink and lime green? Skeptical, I walked in, filled out an application, and waited with two other people in the waiting room. We all went through the individual interview process with a very young manager, maybe 24-25. We all made it to the second round of the interview process which was a group interview. We basically sat through a bunch of BS of how easy it would be to make $1000 dollars a week working part-time for Vector and a demonstration of how Cutco products worked. Most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, people earn bachelor's degrees to start out on a wage like that working full-time. I also found out through the second interview that I would not be paid hourly, but paid per appointment, and that I had to make my own connections and appointments. Anyways everyone got hired by the end of the group interview which was also very fishy, and the manager took me into his office to talk about the training I would have to do to be qualified. 3 days of unpaid training and I was told about weekly meetings that would also be unpaid. I will not be attending these training sessions because of the misleading wages and job responsibilities that were briefly mentioned or pushed aside during the presentation. There was a test at the end of the interview to see what you remembered from the presentation, and I basically BS'd it to see if they would still hire someone not appeared to not give a care... Still got hired. This business just wreaks of scamming and fraud, and I highly encourage anyone strapped for cash to look elsewhere to work for a respectable company.

March 31, 2015
I've been working for Vector for about 6 months now,and I haven't had a problem. I've been paid the proper amount weekly as promised. Of course I was not impressed that training wasn't paid for but I got over it. As for everyone talking about how you don't get reimbursed for gas, you actually do. You're an independent contractor so you can claim that on your taxes. But think of this, does any other business pay you for the gas you spend going to work? No. Of course not everyone is going to have the best experience, and I think it has a lot to do with the manager. My manager is awesome, but I've met a couple at conferences that made me feel thankful they weren't my manager. The thing with Vector is, you actually have to work to make money. I feel awful that so many people had bad experiences, and I wish they would've had the experience I did. I definitely do believe some of the stories, but some of them seem a little too far fetched. I just recommend to any one who gets a call, to go check it out for yourself. Who knows, you might get a great manager like mine. Also, here in Boston you don't have to pay for your sample kit, they loan it to you. But if you do want to buy it, they drop the price to $89.

June 24, 2014
I actually have an interview scheduled in an hour and a half. I'm glad i came across this first. All the stories sound exactly like what happened to me. I stumbled across the position on and put in my contact info. I did this at around 3am so they didn't call me till early this morning. They gave me the same speech that apparently everyone else got about how they have tons of applicant'ts right now so i needed to schedule an interview for the same day and how this was a great opportunity for me because i am currently in school. i did find it to be a bit sketchy that they were fine with scheduling me an interview for 6:30pm but i just ignored it. i decided to do a bit of research on the company before i went in and, like a lot of people on here have said, came across how it is a scam. so glad i didn't waste my time on them.

I am not planning on returning there again
June 11, 2014

I received a letter in the mail from vector and decided to apply. I was immediately called and scheduled an interview for the next day at 6:15pm. When I arrived I found an almost barren building that left me skittish. The managers office walls had like one poster on them and the only thing in the room was a desk and two chairs on either side, totally sketchy.

I was of five people there and they made the job sound really great and I got hired. It wasn't till later that I really did a whole lot of research and found out that some of the things that they are doing are not up to scale with the law. For instance it is illegal to not pay your employees for training. You can get slapped with a huge fine for this and I do mean huge.

I don't know if I would say that this is a scam because it probably does work for some people but I wouldn't say that just because you didn't do good at this job that you are lazy because that is just rude and disrespectful. I know that this job doesn't sound like it is on the up and up to me, but that is just my opinion.

May 29, 2014
This job is like any other job, you get out of it what you put into it. For all those people saying its a scam, I just laugh. This isn't one of those Mickey Mouse jobs where you can just put in the bear minimum and expect to do well. If you want to succeed to you have to try hard. It requires waking up early every day and making calls. I have been here for 2 weeks and made over $1000 for only 16hrs worth of actual selling. No I didn't have to put a deposit down for my kit. They even offer part time. People who say its a scam are those people who simply just didn't sell well or just didn't fully commit to the job. In two weeks I have already been promoted 4 times! My resume looks amazing. This job isn't for everyone though. It requires you to be social, hard working, and to have a positive attitude. Don't judge a company until you actually work for them yourself. The truth is most people are lazy, and on top of that, most people are super social and comfortable in a sales environment. So if you are, I would definitely recommend it Vector if you want to build your resume and gain valuable experience.