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G.A. with the Red Chevrolet
March 10, 2021

My first experience with Turo was awesome. The second was so horrendous, I WILL NEVER USE TURO AGAIN. If ever you're in Chicago and come across a dude with the initials G.A., with a red Chevrolet.... RUN FOR THE HILLS.

He tried to scam me for bodywork. Claimed pre-existing scratches were new. Practically begged and begged to work things out one on one and pay him directly. Always take your own photos upon pick up and drop off of the car. Front, Back, Driver, and Passenger Sides. Long shots, medium shots, close-ups.

Thanks to our photos, business attorney, and phone calls to the Better Business Bureau, and State Attorney, the scam went no were.

Sadly, I think this low life still has an account and is renting cars on the site. It can easily be a financial nightmare for someone, especially now when many people are out of work because of the pandemic. I don't believe in hell, but if it exists, there's a special place for G.A. with the Red Chevrolet in Chicago.

Terrible Customer Support
February 24, 2021

I had a very negative experience with Turo. As they are a very small, new company to the market, they are very reactive instead proactive when it comes to their customers.

Also, when you try to call/email/chat with them, they have representatives that seem to not be able to assist you and you end up being transferred again and again. Or, you can just be told that they cannot help you and that you will be contacted back, but never get a response to help you out with solving a problem.

They also have a certain host, Christopher, that I would use extreme caution with if you were to rent from him. He seems nice enough to your face, but he cannot be confided in and will stab you in the back given the opportunity to satisfy his needs.

Horrible F-ing Company
October 13, 2020

I’d give them a lower rating if possible. Renters consistently destroy your vehicle and Turo is incredibly unresponsive. Impossible to deal with.

DO NOT RENT YOUR CAR OUT W/ TURO. It is not worth the measly amount of money you may make after all the cleaning

Lots of nickle and dime fees - don't trust the face value price
June 24, 2020
I rented a jeep. Took it out to big bear lake. It got dirty. That's why there is a cleaning fee right? There were a few scratches on one of the black freedom panels. This just scrapes right off. Very delicate. I had the vehicle for 3 days. Drove it 700 miles. Cost me ~1k after all the extra nickle and dime fees they charged. Never again will I rent using Turo.

Fraud charges 2 months after renting
December 29, 2019
I rented a car from their service. Everything was fine however not needing the car for the full time I returned it early. Even then everything was fine the host picked up the car charged me as discussed and we were all buttoned up. However tonight I received a charge that showed up on my American Express for $48.00 from Turo. This is now over 2 months after renting the car. I went to contact Amex first who will be disputing the charge but I also reached out to Turo to discuss. They only have online operators who respond and so I texted my concerns. From the conversation they told me that the host has not provided any proof but has submitted requests for an unpaid parking ticket that supposedly they received. Again more concerned with Turo not getting any proof prior to just submitting payment and saying that they have up to 90 days to submit any pay requests for things of this nature. My concern again is first I did not receive any parking tickets while having the vehicle and second that they didn’t receive proof that it was a valid debt to be paid prior to submitting a bill to my account unannounced. I’ve rented cars hundreds of times while on business trips and vacations and I’ve never had this happen with any other rental car agency. Looks like they're hosts have found a way to scam clients and they don’t even have to provide any valid proof for Turo to authorize payment. Now I have to spend the time to dispute something that should not be charged to my account. This company is a scam choose to rent elsewhere.

Not extra money for host
August 20, 2019
My guest totaled my vehicle. That is a risk that I had assumed. What I did not factor in the equation, was Turo would completely turn their back on even attempting to recover any claim. I never even spoke to a human being. I was completely ignored and then without further explanation, my claim dropped. Don't do it.

Nicolle July 20, 2022

But don't they have insurance through turo on the vehicle?

Bad service from Host and Turo's customer's service
June 29, 2019

I tried to rent from Greg, twice when both cars are available. The first time he said it was a scheduling conflict, the second time he didn't bother to respond at all. Clearly, both cars are available for rent, however, it appears that Greg doesn't want to rent his cars to African Americans.

I think this is a horrible attitude to have on Turo and will certainly give Turo a bad reputation. I once leased out my car on Turo and never did I turn down someone when the car was online and showing that it was available.

I tried to call Turo and they never answered my call. They left me on hold and then the phone hung up after 10 minutes.

Greg's page:


Think Twice
March 20, 2019

Arrived at the location, and 'my rental' was apparently having mechanical issues. After waiting a couple of hours I had no choice but to rent the owners other car.Not wasn't happy.

And once TURO has your money - NO REFUNDS or recourse.

Next time I'm just going to rent from a major car rental company.

June 21, 2018

I used TURO as a car owner using a BMW 740li 2012. Costly car. I chose the best insurance, and after damage had been done to my vehicle they refused to cover all of it. They said they would only cover SOME of the damage due to pictures being turned in after the 24hr period.

Even though wear and tear on the vehicle was covered as I purchased the most expensive insurance (60/40 PREMIUM).

The damage was not seen until later as it was underneath the car bumper. Keep in mind I have had a perfect rental history all 5 star reviews. 7 in total.

When I went to escalate the file to an executive account rep since it had been going on 10 months that our file was in dispute and we ACCIDENTLY called one of the representatives cell personal phone which was PUBLICLY ONLINE and they said we violated terms and shut down our account. Completely.

Also they if we disagree with what they say we can go to a third party representative which they choose, and pay for. I asked if I can choose a 3rd party in which I pay for and they said No. I have a hard time believing that when you send all of your claims to one company that is supposed to be a neutral third party.

I would love to see what percentage is ruled in favor of turo vs consumer.

We refused to settle on the limited damage coverage that was being offered and therefore have been stuck for 10 months!



Brendan Low

Todd Armstrong

Kenneth Chan

Luke Beale

Pathetic Policies and Ridiculous Customer Service
March 11, 2018

This company is pathetic. They have requirements and don't even state what the requirements are. They state i don't meet "auto insurance score" requirements, but do not tell me what my score is, what reason i don't meet those requirements, and what their own requirements are.

I have never had an accident, never been charged with a DUI, wreckless driving and had any insurance claims in 14+ years of driving. Other than speeding tickets (that have not even costed me demerit points), my record is clean.

I rent cars through other companies on a monthly basis, this is by far one of the most pathetic services I've come by.

December 8, 2017
TURO users beware! As independent business owner who supports the likes of AirBnB, UBER, Lyft, etc, I sadly presumed this company to be on the up and up. It was not. At first I rented a car no problem with the usual requests of a driver's license number, CC, insurance, etc. However, when I went to rent a 2nd car the same day I was returning a first, as they had no ability to do that online, and they do not have phone customer service, I simply thought what any consumer might, "create a 2nd account," same informations. Well this turned into a nightmare and I started to see the sham that TURO is and where all of its weak spots were. Firstly, they have no continental customer service. Its all outsourced. BTW, the 2nd account or 2nd car wasn't an issue as they simply asked me to upload a copy of my driver's license to which I did and then as the "review process" never finished, I started to inquire. Next thing I know is that they've restricted my account, albeit at first, not jeopardizing the one reservation already in place, and then they started asking for more copies of my Driver's License, a picture of me holding it up, a picture of the original credit card and then when that wasn't good enough? And keep in mind, this is hours and days going by nearing my original trip, they wanted copies of my insurance card, a utility bill, proof of employment and on and on and on. The end of this story is that they cancelled my account, they cancelled my original reservation and gave no explanation as to why after supplying basics, I was now not allowed to rent cars. The moral of this story? I went online and rented not one, but 2 cars from Enterprise is 5 minutes.

November 3, 2017

DO NOT TRUST TURO. I signed up with TURO and leased my …

I signed up with TURO and leased my Audoi A8L within 2 days for the weekend. I received this message from the person whom I received a confirmation on thru TURO and gladly said he could pick it up early, within an hour of hime picking it up TURo sent me a cancellation. Needless to say that TURo hosed me on the 2 day rental even though i called them 6 times to make sure everything was cool.



Cha-ching! GD’s trip with your Audi A8 is booked from Friday, October 20, 2017 5:00 PM to Sunday, October 22, 2017 6:00 PM.

You’ll earn $337.50.

Please contact GD soon to coordinate the key handoff.

Hi, Ward. I was trying to book this through the app yesterday but was having a lot of difficulty with it. I was trying to see if I can get the car by 1 PM today if possible? But the app is now telling me that I need to give you at least 12 hours notice ? would it be possible to pick it up before 4:30 PM and around 1:00am today? Because that is when I will be arriving at the airport today. Please call or text me thank you. (202) 569-0266.

GD V.Friday, October 20, 4:51 AM CDT


Member since October 2017


Phone number verified

Email verified


DO NOT Trust TURO or any of their representitives.

Took my money and then cancelled reservation! Don't use Turo!!!
August 7, 2017
We just found out about Turo this week while trying to rent a Jeep for our upcoming trip to my cousins wedding up north. We thought it would be fun to rent a Jeep and cruise with the top down for a week. What a big mistake...we found the Jeep we wanted. Entered the dates and times and Turo immediately charged our credit card the full amount of $431 and confirmed our reservation. The next morning we woke up to find that the reservation was cancelled by the vehicle owner. He said we had no reviews and that Turo didn't charge enough for the rental so he didn't want us to take it. We are sooooo offendedand pissed off. It's like we are being discriminated against for not using the service before. How do we get reviews if nobody gives us a chance? Not only are we without a Jeep, we are out almost $500 for our trip or to rent another vehicle. We leave in a few days and won't have the funds reversed by then. Wtf? What kind of crazy service is this? Why would they take out money and then cancel? Shouldn't we be approved and then charged? It's backwards!! We were so excited and now so disappointed. It's not our fault that Turo charged what they charged. It's also not fair that we were denied because we are new to the system. We are good people. We didn't NEED to rent we WANTED to rent. Don't use this company!!!!

Abusive customer support
July 29, 2017

I was a big advocate for Turo service even got you a few friends to enroll and sign-up with them, but I just had a really bad customer experience with an employee, Michael, on a ticket #1532997. The app has bugs in the payment portal and instead of providing solutions to a fee I was willing to make since the very beginning, Michael was distracted and made arbitrary decisions for me, refusing to accept payment and sending me to a collection's agency joking about messing up my credit.

I'm not asking for a refund but for accountability. He is representing Turo's help-desk and is not even providing a bad customer service, but outright manipulating information to his own comfort.

I'd like this to be fixed, I don't want to post this publicly in other social medias but sadly no other customer support is helping with this at the moment. I might change rating if this is fixed.

Discrimination: Refused Service and Account Closed Without Explanation
June 26, 2017

I created an account on Turo, and rented a car. Several hours later I was notified by email that they had cancelled my reservation and closed my account. I wrote back and forth several times with them, and they refused to provide a reason or allow me to make any changes in order to comply with their secret policies.

The have been discriminated against by Turo refusing me service and summarily closing my account. I have excellent credit, and have had no accidents or even tickets for many years. There is nothing in my financial history which could provide any legitimate basis for these actions. I am appalled that a company would act with such blatant disregard for honesty and treating people fairly.

Here is my correspondence with the company:

James Brian Torres (Turo Support)

Jun 25, 21:10 PDT

Hi Joshua,

We’re always keeping an eye on the marketplace to ensure everyone is safe and sound. We recently reviewed your account, and we’re very sorry to inform you that we’ve determined you’re no longer eligible to use our marketplace.

While we would love to welcome as many people as possible into our community, we closely review all our members’ identities and everyone in the Turo community must meet our eligibility requirements.

Your upcoming trip has been canceled and your account has been closed. You will receive a full refund for this reservation within 1-5 business days. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

We wish you the best of luck in finding a car rental, and suggest that you may want to use one of the more traditional car rental companies.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause.


Turo Verification Team


Joshua Virkler

Jun 26, 03:36 PDT

I am shocked that my account has been closed so abruptly! What reason

would Turo have for doing this?

I am not a young driver, a new driver, or someone with a poor driving

record. My license has the Safe Driver designation, as I have not had

any accidents or even tickets in many years. I have an excellent credit

score, and the only thing I can think of is that my credit file has a

freeze on it to prevent fraud. Does that have something to do with why

you closed my account?

Please provide additional feedback so I know what is wrong, and

therefore can either fix it or know when I might be able to use your

service again in the future.

Thank you.

Josh Virkler


Christian Rico Ungos (Turo Support)

Jun 26, 04:18 PDT

Hi Joshua,

We have carefully reviewed your application and we’re sorry to report that we won’t be to able let you rent or list cars cars on Turo. To maintain a safe and strong marketplace, Turo does not release the details of our review process as doing so would compromise its effectiveness.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment.


Turo Verification Team


Joshua Virkler

Jun 26, 05:33 PDT

At this point I need to ask that my request be forwarded to a manager.

I understand and appreciate that you have policies to maintain a safe

and strong marketplace. However, I am confident that I can pass any

objective criteria which might be used to determine if I am trustworthy

enough to have a Turo account.

This does seem to be some sort of mistake, and I am willing to provide

whatever additional information is needed to verify my identity, credit

history, or whatever other measurement of trustworthiness you deem

appropriate. Because it does seem that there has been a mix-up and you

do not have access to the correct information to make a proper decision

about my account.

I am married with 3 children. I work for a non-profit charitable

organization. I have excellent credit (though I currently have a freeze

on my credit file to prevent fraud). I have not been in an accident or

even had a ticket for many years (my drivers license lists me as a Safe

Driver). I will submit proof of all this or whatever else you request.

Please bring this to the attention of your manager so we can resolve

this issue without me needing to resort to posting detailed reviews

across many high profile websites of the discrimination I have just been

subjected to.

Thank you. I trust you will do the right thing.


Josh Virkler


Christian Rico Ungos (Turo Support)

Jun 26, 05:36 PDT

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for reaching out. We have carefully reviewed your case and our decision is final. Per Turo policy, mentioned in our previous email, we are not able or obligated to release the details of our review process.

Please note that further communications from you will be read, but not responded to.


Turo Verification Team

Josh Virkler June 27, 2017

I cannot seem to delete or edit the content of this review, so I will add this...

It took me a lot of correspondence with them, and asking to have my account reviewed by a manager, but finally I was able to submit additional verification of my identity and have my account reinstated.

KarenTeague April 03, 2021

Turo has charged my card with over $600 without an explanation and when I try to call them, a recording says my account is not in good standing with no explanation and then hangs up on me! Can you please tell me the email address you used to contact them so I can try that?



You will get scammed
April 25, 2017

If anything goes wrong, you are screwed. I actually caused some damage when backing out of a parking garage on the car I was renting. My fault, I know. So I had to go through their claims department, which was a complete disaster and cost me thousands of dollars, despite the damage being very minor. 3 months after the incident, I was shown an estimate that included parts of the vehicle that were not at all related to the damage I caused, which can be proven by comparing the estimate to the documented photos (for example, $500 worth of glass, when the damage wasn't even close to any glass parts of the car; front passenger side work, when the damage was on the drivers rear side). Yet, ten minutes after I received the request for payment, I got a second email threatening to send the issue to a collections agency due to "several attempts to contact me," though I had clearly received the final payment request that day. Though it was clear that damage on the estimate did not match the photos of the damage I caused, I paid the balance right away ($2,200!!!!) due to the immediate threat of this being sent a collections agency and damaging my credit permanently. The false claim by Turo that they had "attempted to contact me several times," and therefore had a reason to send this to a collections agency, was a grossly obvious attempt to get me to pay an unfair balance without the opportunity to dispute it. A collections agency, of course, cannot deal with disputes of this nature. Once it's in the hands of a third party, disputes about payment cannot be resolved. So, good job, Turo, you got me to pay over $2,000 for 2 small scratches by purposefully denying my rights as a driver and consumer. What's the commission Turo gets from renters screwing over their customers? Hope it was worth it.

April 12, 2017

Never ever rent a car from Turo. The claims process is completely RIDICULOUS AND ONE SIDED unfair to its car listers. I accepted an offer to rent my vehicle to a Turo approved renter. The renter left my vehicle abandoned near my home with considerable damage to the car. I’m being told that I have no rights to a claim because I did not get a picture of his driver’s license. I took a picture of his California DMV issued ID card and I am told that denies me any coverage or assistance with my claim from Turo.

It was my understanding that when Turo sent me a renter, Turo was to verify they had a valid drivers license and verified auto insurance. This was all to be verified by Turo upfront. The renter took possession of the vehicle shortly after 6:00 pm and I was notified after that time that I needed a photo of his driver’s license. At that point, it was too late to get a photo of his driver’s license. It seems like they are understaffed to handle the claims process as well, Its nearly impossible to reach them. You can see from all these these posts above. this is not a good place to do business. You have been warned again!

Messed up my truck
April 2, 2017

Had a guy rent my truck. Hit something with the front, scratching off paint in quite a large area. Dented the back chrome bumper, ripped up a chunk in one of my door panels.

Turo says the rear bumper is normal wear and tear even though it was right at 3 inches. It was on the step piece under the license plate which is only 3/4 of an inch thick vertically and the dent was creased 3 inches horizontally (like he backed into a pole). Backing into something is "normal wear and tear"??? Scratches I understand, to dent a chrome bumper is pretty evident of misuse.

I took pictures of everything on at least 3 different occasions, while being bounced back and forth between claims agents, (one set of pics are the bunch I uploaded after the trip of all the damage),for some reason, the Turo claims rep(s) cannot access them.

I was completely ghosted for exactly a month( I wrote everything down), Called and called and called. They always say that they have messaged the claims department and they will reach out.

I did this 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks, and nothing back.

Finally someone from a third party company calls me after I threatened to go to court. They are with a company out of San Diego (where I live) that is subcontracted to do the estimates. They asked me to send pictures.....

I'd mentioned to the gentleman how long I have been waiting to hear back from someone and he said that the notice just came through 15 min prior to us speaking.

I Sent over the pictures via the app that they had me download, and in three days, got an estimate.

(Back up a little: I got estimates for $1680, $1750 and $ 2050.)

They sent me an estimate to fix the paint in the front and up until I got the estimate, I didn't even know what they were even going to rule out.

The rear bumper alone without being installed is $350.

They Gave me an estimate to be all of $437, sent me a quick link to collect the cash and that was it. They must think that if they wave cash in front of peoples faces that they will just take it and run.

Their labor rate was estimated at $40 an hour. WHAT? Since when? 10 years ago?!!

I told them fine, Ill take my truck to where the prices are that low ( waisting MORE of MY time)... Nothing, complete silence. Here I sit, back to calling them again, being told that I will be contacted by this Dianna lady, and since then the site to collect my stingy $437 has timed out & I cant't even collect that.

On a side note: I just rented a car up in northern Ca, and the guy was telling me that a renter smashed his windshield on one occasion. He went through Turo with the claim, got $80 bucks out of the deal & after talking with the renter, he mentioned that he got charged $500.

Wasn't even enough to cover the windshield, and Turo raked in some money on the deal.

Turo has such a good thing going, wont be long before someone else sweeps in and shows a little more common courtesy to customers.

You can see the good reviews right on this page are written by people they hire to do it. Just by the way they are worded. I mean c'mon...

Turo is Seriously Irresponsible Company
January 31, 2017

Before writing a review of them, Even 1 star is wasting.

They are irresponsible with their service and they just take out the money and didn't release the car.

Totally Sucks

December 2, 2016



My car was STOLEN using the app, it took Turo over a week to respond to my situation, NO CALLS, NO EMAILS NOTHING. I had to write post on their Facebook page in order to get a response which was again, NOT HELPFUL. It's now been almost 6 weeks and nothing has been resolved...I called the police to report the car stolen (without TUROs HELP), again waiting for them to do something/anything at all they did NOT HELP or even call me back.

The police found my car after 3 weeks, abandoned on the side of the road (warrant out for the thief ATM), still no help from TURO. Now I'm trying to sell the car, and guess what?! Any app I use to sell the car will not allow the car to be posted because it has been reported stolen. There are also damages on the car...again, Turo has not helped at all. Seems they don't care about their customers and don't mind their reputation being ruined.