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December 2, 2016



My car was STOLEN using the app, it took Turo over a week to respond to my situation, NO CALLS, NO EMAILS NOTHING. I had to write post on their Facebook page in order to get a response which was again, NOT HELPFUL. It's now been almost 6 weeks and nothing has been resolved...I called the police to report the car stolen (without TUROs HELP), again waiting for them to do something/anything at all they did NOT HELP or even call me back.

The police found my car after 3 weeks, abandoned on the side of the road (warrant out for the thief ATM), still no help from TURO. Now I'm trying to sell the car, and guess what?! Any app I use to sell the car will not allow the car to be posted because it has been reported stolen. There are also damages on the car...again, Turo has not helped at all. Seems they don't care about their customers and don't mind their reputation being ruined.



Terrible service horrible company
December 2, 2016

I rented a car and the guy cancelled my booking about two weeks before. Turo has a dumb system where it costs the consumer money if they want to cancel, but the leaser can cancel within 72 hours and no harm done. Totally unfair to the consumer.

Also if the leader cancels how come we are not offered a discount on the next car to make up for the inconvenience ?

Oh and good luck with the support team, they are the dumbest bunch you will ever speak to. Wow Turo your business truly sux.

Turo support sucks
September 29, 2016

Turo support sucks, they do not understand the question and give stupid responses every time.

They are unable to solve my duplicate account problem for 11 days now.

Egregious Claims Process for Renters
September 7, 2016
Never ever rent a car from Turo. The claims process is completely egregiously unfair to renters. A car owner can take old cars and make any claims they want and you will automatically be charged a processing fee and then completely horrific costs for any damage. For me, the owner claimed I broke a tiny little handle inside the trunk. I was charged $750.00 (processing fee + the replacement of the entire floor). Never ever rent from them. You are warned.

Gregory April 12, 2017

good advice, thank you

Gregory April 12, 2017

THANK YOU. Good advice.

Jenny October 16, 2016

I just wrote the Attorney General reporting this company. They charged me $500 for a scratch I did not cause. I urge you to do the same.

Worst experience ever..
July 26, 2016

Renting from Turo has been one of the most negative experiences I've ever had with a travel company.

I rented from them for five days and on my way to return the car, got a chip in the windshield. I reported the damage and fully expected to pay about $350 for a new windshield. A few days after I reported it, I got an email from them saying there were going to charge me $500 towards the damage initially and follow up once they received an estimate. Than I got an email saying the estimate was $1000 (for a new windshield) and they were going to automatically charge my credit card.

I called their customer service and they gave me a number direct to the claim agent. Not surprisingly, her mailbox was full, she never answered and every time I called, she was "in a meeting". Included in the damage estimate was $150 worth of processing costs- seriously?! 

I will never use Turo again under any circumstances and would advise anyone against using them. So disappointing. 

Jenny October 16, 2016

I just wrote the Attorney General reporting this company. They charged me $500 for a scratch I did not cause. I urge you to do the same.

Stay away from Turo !!!
April 8, 2016

Stay away from Turo!!

We dropped off a car after our rental. Over a day later we were then informed that the owner of the car says we scratched the car (which we did not). The owner then charged via Turo $467 in scratch repair charges... and Turo is asking for a $150 "processing fee". We are refusing to pay anything, and Turo is charging our credit card without our consent.

Turo has been awful to deal with during this claims process. Guilty until proven innocent as long as you have someones credit card on file.... great policy.

Jenny October 16, 2016

I just wrote the Attorney General reporting this company. They charged me $500 for a scratch I did not cause. I urge you to do the same.

Shady business model and terrible support
April 6, 2016
I wanted to like Turo. The app is beautiful, lots of vehicle options, good prices and the process seems simple and painless. Unfortunately their customer support is a nightmare. I was denied a membership but they couldn't tell me why I was denied for "proprietary" reasons which makes no sense because they have NO COMPETITORS! If they're denying membership due to something in that person's background then they should be obligated to inform the consumer why their membership was denied.

Horrible customer service!
February 3, 2016
My car was summarily cancelled at the last minute by the owner. I got an email from Turo telling me that I was up the creek, and I should call customer service so they can personally help me. I called them at 8:00pm PST. Apparently they only answer their customer "service" lines when their customers are actually working. Horrible customer service!!

Just don't do it! - Unfair practices
January 25, 2016

I busted a tire on a car I rented from Turo, which included the minimum insurance.

The initial bill I received via email states:

Total $450.42

Damage Fees: $350.42

Processing Fees: $25.00

Appraisal Fees: $75.00

the email also states "We are planning to charge your card this amount tomorrow, so please be sure to respond if you have any questions about this"

I thought the charges were too steep and unfair for a flat tire, so I called them to send me an explanation of the charges. 2 Days later I received more information, and the bill included a $200.00 late fee!

How can this be legal?

Jenny October 16, 2016

I just wrote the Attorney General reporting this company. They charged me $500 for a scratch I did not cause. I urge you to do the same.