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The Real Real is a company that describes itself as an authenticated luxury consignment store where customers can purchase clothing, jewelry, and art at up to 90% off retail prices.  

How Does The Real Real Work?

Customers who wish to sell their items through this website can do so by requesting a FedEx Shipping Kit through their website, or take part in their "White Glove" pick up service which is available in 16 different cities.

All items sold through this website must go through an authentication process, where it will be inspected by an in house team of experts that includes gemologists, horologists, art appraisers and luxury experts.

Customers who shop at this website can choose to search for a specific item in their inventory, or search by a brand name, or through a certain category of clothing, accessory, or artwork.   


Cost/Price Plans

Customers who consign through The Real Real will earn 60% of the sale price of their item to begin with, and after they reach more than $7,500 in annual sales they will move up to 70% earnings per sale. 

Because this website completes an exhaustive authentication evaluation of their products before they are sold, these items will still cost hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on what you purchase. 

The Real Real Returns Policy

All apparel items can be returned with a Return Merchandise Authorization number that must be requested online within 14 days of the shipment date, and the items must be physically returned within 21 days of the shipment date. 

All other item returns will be subject to additional regulations and processes explained on their website at

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 855-435-5893, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to their website.


Generally speaking this company seems to receive mixed reviews, with many customers upset that the company has complete control over the sale price which means that sellers often don't get the return on their sale they wish to receive.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are other companies that offer to purchase and resell quality clothing online, including,, and more. 

If you have any experience with The Real Real or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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The Real Real Customer Reviews

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I bought a watch full-price, then
November 25, 2021

I bought a watch at full price. When I went back to the item to send my friend a link, it showed that it was 20% off. The same just happened with a pair of boots. I paid full price. When I went back and looked, they changed it to 20% off.

When I called and asked for the 20% discount, they refused. They offered me a $100 store credit! We're talking about $500 here! Only recourse is to return the items, wait until they are re-listed and hope that I find them before someone else does.

Why do have to return them, try to buy them again, and pay for more shipping? Why is someone else entitled to the 20% discount if I return them, but I'm not? I don't understand, and now I think something fishy is going on. Not only bad business practices, poor CS, but price-switching and as far as I can tell, false advertising.

No customer service & untrustworthy
October 30, 2021
Terrible customer service, actually really non-existent. The RealReal lost three coats I consigned. When I asked what happened all I got was the run around. I received promises of an investigation but nothing ever happened.

Get my things back !
October 14, 2021
Had one of their agents come over and consign things she thought would sell. When I was not looking she stole 2 watches and numerous other things. She took them to sell without my OKAY. Have been trying to get my things back, they do not return calls or even attempt to return my things ! I feel like this was a robbery ! Customer service does not exist, This was such a bad experience ! To top it off no credit incentive, when promised was given .

Doesn't list damage refuses return. Horrible Company.
July 26, 2021

Bought a used Louis Vuitton purse for my daughter for $720.00. It arrived in a felt bag. When our daughter removed it from the bag she discovered a three inch razor slash on the side of the purse that was not mentioned in the description. The total description “Good condition - minor tarnishing - a few scuffs.” Their customer service responded to our complaint, all sales are final.

This company knowingly defrauds consumers. Buy new or buy where you can inspect with your own eyes whatever you do DON'T buy anything from this terrible company.

Hills November 25, 2021

I agree. Not only do they price-switch, they returned three items to me that were perfect when I sent them in, but was told they were missing stones or embellishments.

I also purchased a Burberry scarf from them. After about a year or so, I consigned it. They told me there was an issue of authenticity!

They did pay me full commission, so something was going on on their end.

Damaged products and no quality control checks.
April 13, 2021

Have ordered from similar companies and never had a problem. First, quality control is non-existent. I ordered a size 16 wide legged pant that was 'as-is, with normal wear and tear'. I received a size 22 pair of pants with permanent glue stains. Second, customer service.

It took several emails and a long phone conversation for them to admit that the size was way off and that the item was damaged. Via email they kept saying 'non-refundable' even though it was the wrong product. They were proud of themselves for offering to waive return shipping fees. Really?

I will continue to order from other, reputable online companies but highly recommend avoiding therealreal. Also, I still have received a refund.

February 4, 2021

BEWARE! this company is the biggest scam I've ever run into. They will send you a Fit Bit Wrist Band for free then when you don't "check a little box" on a return slip in the box, they begin charging your bank account every month, under the name: REALDEAL.

You do not receive any service or product for this monthly charge, and when you confront the company, they tell you it was for a "Membership".

-Michelle Armstrong

Family Heirloom sent across the country and back and then lost in warehouse
January 12, 2021

We took a 1930's Patek Philippe watch to the Dallas Real Real location. The service there was excellent; they thoroughly inspected the watch, and we signed an agreement to consign it.

They said they would have to send the watch to their San Francisco location to have it officially authenticated by their horologist (we thought that was what they were doing in Dallas). This was in early October. They said that the watch would be put online within one month, which was great because it would be for sale during the holidays. We kept checking our consignor account online to see the progress.

One month later, it still said "being verified." Long story short, for the next several months we ended up spending multiple hours on the phone with the Real Real, often holding for very long periods or leaving messages with no returned calls, just trying to figure out where the heck our watch was. We were eventually told it had been shipped to NJ and was awaiting processing. Several time we were told, "no worries, we'll expedite it."

Weeks went by--nothing. We called back (again after several attempts to get ahold of somebody in customer service, even leaving messages for the rep for our region). It turns out that the watch was lost somewhere in their NJ warehouse!!! Finally, after more phone calls, someone found it, and we asked them to return it immediately, which they did.

This was in late December. So we missed selling it during the Christmas season. What an absolute waste of time! We can't believe how complicated the process was--start in Dallas, shipped to San Francisco, then shipped to NJ and then back to Dallas. What on earth?!

They did give us a $250 credit to use on their website as a "sorry we messed up." Still not worth it. DO NOT SEND ANYTHING VALUABLE TO THE REAL REAL!!!

fake ferragamos
November 7, 2020
tried to bring them to the REAL Ferragamo store in Riverside Square, and they were not amused. Good thing I only paid $150 for these knock-offs. Unreal. This is the half-ebay janky craigslist, masquerading as a legit outfit.

If i could leave a 0 star for the real real, i would.
August 17, 2020

TRR has lost two of my 4500 USD worth bags. So I start doing research on the company and found out that many other people had similar experiences of losing items after they sent it to the real real.

This is my experience:

I have sent three bags to TRR but only one LV bag was listed, so I called customer service and they assured me that the other two are in the process of listed, it just takes time. So I waited and waited.

Then after almost two months, I called and emailed again. Told me they only received one bag and they claimed that they never saw the other two bags which I clearly put in the package. One of them is a Hermes kelly vintage that I purchased on TRR, the other one is Givenchy, together it worths 4500 USD. I guess it's their words again mine now. Even though I sent them pictures of the bags. They can still deny they didn't receive them. As it turned out your investigation team did... so they said after checking video footage, they didn't see the other two bags, even though they told me on phone the weight of the package is 8 pounds, how can a LV denim bag weights 8 pounds?

And I serious don’t think UPS pick up would know what’s inside or take two bags out of the well sealed package, the only thing I can suspect is your consignment receiving process. I don’t think TRR as huge company would do something like this but do you have policies and procedures to prevent your staff to do so? And if you do find out it’s an internal issue, are you able to be transparent or for the sake of the company’s reputation, just blame UPS or customer? Either way it’s unsettling and unethical.

As doing more research, I found more disturbing experiences posted by others on instagram and trustpilot reviews:

Check the 1 star reviews, you would see other people's terrible experiences of losing consignments.

The real real
February 5, 2020
I bought 2 dresses from the real real and it was in excellent condition.i was really satisfied.

Seller Beware!
August 8, 2018
I consigned 4 pieces of fine jewelry at the Manhattan midtown location. What started as a very pleasant experience quickly went downhill. The appraisal value was far far less than the original price paid (less than half for two nearly new Tiffany pieces valued at over $15,000.00). Still, I was anxious to unload them so went ahead with the consignment. The two said Tiffany pieces showed “sold” even before I saw them on the site. Then, shortly thereafter, they both showed “returned,” thus voiding my commission. Finally, they both showed “sold” a few weeks later, before June 15th. In July, I still had no check, so tried to call the contact (Danielle) I had in consignee relations. The phone was no longer in service, and the email bounced. I was left no alternative but to submit a complaint to the online general service department. I was emailed by Ashlee that the reason I didn’t receive a check was because they had no address on file for me— an absurd excuse as I filled out copious paperwork when I surrendered my items for sale. I replied to the email with said address and waited. As of yesterday, I still had no communication nor any check. I spent an hour on the phone, finally demanding to speak to a manager with some authority to tell m what was going on. Caitlin finally admitted the ball had been dropped several times, starting with the failure of anyone to contact me for the supposed missing address, and the issue with Ashlee never supposedly receiving my reply. I requested the return of my other items, have now been sent a direct deposit for the smaller of the two items, but not the largest one (awaiting a not-insignificant't payment of over $4000.00). If I had read a review such as this, I would have never consigned with them. Service is abysmal.

Stay away!!! Terrible business practices!
April 18, 2018
I bought a very large purchase of many items. Quite a few items were stained and a many others were not as described. I returned the items I could in the allowed time and consigned back the ones I couldn't return (because they were discounted). I returned them all in one box as they were all going to the same address. All the items had been RMA processed online and had the correct paperwork enclosed. Anyone one would assume this would be fine. Even the customer service women I spoke to after told me it happens all of the time. But they just decided to take all of my items and consign them because I apparently put the consignment label on the box, instead of the return label (even though they go to the exact same address). So, because of the outside shipping label, they couldn't process my return and I was out hundreds of dollars. Sounds like a scam to me. Absolutely ridiculous! Do not buy from them. Shame on them for treating their customers like this!

February 26, 2018

January 6, 2018

It shows that my package (a pair of DSquare 2 sneakers) was delivered on 11/28 but I was overseas from 11/22 till 12/11. Upon my return, I checked with everyone in my townhouse and no one actually saw any package from RealReal for me.

As such, I sent them an e-mail informing them of the non-delivery. However, there was no response from them until about 3 days later. The person who replied me was Bridgett and advised me that she would check with FedEx. By the way, I ordered many products from them amounting to more than $3K but this is the 1st time I did not receive my package.

I kept following up with Bridgett but all I received was her was the same EXCUSE. She then sent me another e-mail on 12/21 as follows:

-- QUOTE --

Dear C,

We have completed the FedEx claim, unfortunately the driver cannot recall this delivery due to the time-frame. Since this is complete we have launched an internal investigation for a lost/stolen delivery and will contact you with an update once this is complete. This process can take a few business days not including holidays.

Kind Regards,

Bridgett W


Today is 1/6/2018, NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER from her despite I complained to her that I would post bad reviews on all sites that I could possibly find.

After this incident, I will NOT ORDER anything else from this IRRESPONSIBLE company. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. All they want is just money. Also, some of the items that I received are not exactly as clean/new as the images posted on their site.

If you want to take the risk, by all means but do not regret because they will make you exhaust all your time and efforts but still NO positive response from them.

This is a company that everyone should avoid ordering goods from unless you do not mind going through all the hassle if you receive something that does not look like the images or do not receive your package(s). There are many other companies that you can order, such as saksoff5th,com,, and, just to name a few. Moreover, most of their products are BRAND NEW with STEEP DISCOUNTS.

Again, to take the risk or not is up to you.

My opinions/reviews are unbiased and it really happened to me. Which is why I am writing this BAD REVIEW on this "REALREAL" company.

Sales tax scam
December 22, 2016
Total scam...they even charge sales tax on out of state purchases!

Holes in Dress!!
September 21, 2016
I would have otherwise been perfectly happy with the delivery and service from TheRealReal HOWEVER my dress arrived with HOLES in it!! After advertising the dress condition as "very good", I found large holes in each of the dress pockets, rendering the pockets unusable! After multiple emails and no responses, I will definitely be spreading the word NOT to ever use this company!!! Terrible customer service

LOST MY PACKAGE! Stay away from their consignment service
May 21, 2016

This review isn't for The RealReal's physical location nor for their office. This review is going to be based on their online consignment service (

A few months ago, March to be specific, I ordered their free "Luxury Consignment Kit" so I could package my valuable clothing and ship it back to them at no cost. It took a few weeks to receive their free Luxury Consignment Kit (shipping time is about the same as thredUP's free "Clean Out Kit") and it came as a large brown box. Inside the box were instructions on what was accepted and other minor documents.

Once I read all of the instructions and documents that came with the kit, I started to fill the entire box up with valuable clothing. It took some hours to sort out which clothing were good and bad, so I could meet their requirements. After I packed all the clothing that I could into the box, I taped it up and used their pre-paid USPS shipping label to return the box back to them.

I received a confirmation email from The RealReal after USPS successfully picked up my 40-50 pound package from my home. That was on March 29. Near the end of April, I started to wonder if they were going to finish processing my package, because I also shipped a package for thredUP on the same day I shipped the package for The RealReal. I gave it no thought until mid of May where I started to panic. It's been passed a month and a half and I haven't received any sort of notification from The RealReal of where my package was located.

I sent an email to their customer support and their Consignor Relations Specialist told me my package hasn't even left my state yet. What? I told them that I used their pre-paid USPS shipping label that was provided. And told them I even gotten a confirmation email that they knew my package was picked up from USPS. The Consignor Relations Specialist was barely of any help and kept asking me if I used their shipping label or not and what type of clothing I packaged. I even sent them photos that I took of the package before even shipping it out. To this day, we're still emailing back and forth.

In the end, my package is lost out there and will never be in the hands of The RealReal. They failed to have the common decency to even notify me when they didn't see my package at their warehouse. Their customer support is not very helpful and they take nearly forever to respond back. Moral lesson, don't use The RealReal's consignment service unless you want your valuable clothing lost somewhere out there. Instead, go use a reliable consignment service like thredUP or just donate your clothing to Goodwill.

Theresa October 06, 2019

I was at first, very hopeful to consign my vintage never used Tiffany carriage clock, still in blue box, Matthew Norman, with key and certification papers. I also had other expensive quality Tiffany items. However, after reading these horror story reviews, I totally changed my mind.