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Reality to live by
May 5, 2016

In the field Chris belongs to a gift is exchanged for what he does. It isn't always pricey but he indeed asks for a gift whether it is 0 to $59.00. He is a wonderful, kind, insightful being. I can't say anything negative because there isn't anything. Yes he challenges and yes he provides direction but he is always honest. He cleared my aura

which ahs helped me refocus all the negative energy out of me. I wish it was free so many of you need it. I decided it was worth giving up cable TV and other not needed pleasures. He is a friend and a very talented man.

Chris .The Extraordinary .........The best
April 24, 2016
I am thankful and Blessed to Have Chris the Extraordinary's Help //He Made me a better BEING ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thank you ......Patricia C Blanco

anonymous July 02, 2016

I look forward to his emails. Helps motivate me and feel good about life.

All the same messages! Shyster!!!
April 19, 2016

I really didn't have any money to "Donate" so fortunately I didn't send any money.

Well The Extraordinary Chris was filling a belief i needed until I kept responing back with emails explaining my no money situation and please give me my needed information without pay and if money was blessed to me he would get paid back 10fold. Nope the emails sent from The Extraordinary Chris would ask why I'm refusing his offerings. Shyster I say!

Weeping Widow
April 13, 2016

I am a military widow. My children lost there father to Iraq as infants and have had to grow up never knowing there father. I had been constantly taken advantage of because I always wore my heart on my sleeve and always went out of my way to help those in need. I have had a very hard time with kids and life in general since my husband was killed. So you can imagine the desperation I had when I receive an email from Chris saying he had an urgent message for me and it was going to change my life,that it was imparative I contact him because he saw something that might harm me. It was supposed to be free and then after a couple it turned into offerings or donating to herbs and such for potions and rituals on your behalf. He made it all seem so real and very convincing and made you feel like you were a special rare case. That he was there to work for me and only me. I begged and pleaded that this was not fake because I really couldn't afford the sessions he said I needed. I was not good in a financial way. But being desperate for something good to happen for my kids and I, fell into his spell and webs of concern for our lives and wellbeing. What my name truly meant,lucky numbers,the talisman and rituals for you to perform with yourself to connect with him in the telepathic sessions. 29.80 on several occasions and then a small donation or offering. After about a month and a half I had racked up about three hundred dollars with him. He kept asking why I was refusing his guidance and help to prosper and have a better life. I simply told him I could no longer afford it and I was stopping the sessions and not to charge my card anymore money. After three a temps he finally sent a message saying he was no longer going to send me emails and leave me alone because I was refusing him. He had away of making you feel bad and guilty. Or rather he would have his assistant contact you. I'm so angry with myself for trusting in a powerful being with a so called TV and celebrity reputation. He broke the camels back and I have no trust in anyone now. I hope your proud of yourself dear sir for taking advantage of those who are down in luck and life. You benefited of my children's wellbeing. I'm not even going to rate you. You don't deserve it. Aperuantly I can't submit without a rating. You don't deserve it

It's all a lie
January 23, 2016
I am devastated that I was conned into such trickery. I will never trust another so called, "online psychic" again. If I want the real deal, I will do my research first. I'm very peeved that I paid nearly $50 for astrological crap and luck numbers, all because I am a "unique and rare case," in which an emergency was going to happen. I wish I could get my money back, but oh well...

Angela Moreno March 01, 2016

I wasn't satisfied with my reading that i paid for and i requested a refund. To my surprise Chris is a man of his word. It took only 3 days to have my money credited back to my card.

Martha south March 21, 2016

dear chris I have read this page about said you can help me if i sent 19,95 i di iv sent my transfer number iv put in on every email ive sent you.. and no responce back from you..please do so..i am going to call my bank and see what to do about this money. after i sent it havent heard a word from you..hope your not scaming me...martha south [email protected]

So disappointed
January 11, 2016
As did other people, I put my trust into Chris. Due to his tv reputation I felt ok. Sucks to see the exact words from my email so many others also received! It's a scam! for sure

Chris is a scam
December 30, 2015

So I signed up for his offer of a free reading. Despite what his website says about it being free. There is no free reading. You get a link to a video that is a sales pitch. Not the free reading. You get a 6 month reading offer for $59.99.

Chris will tell you how he has a special with you. How only in 3 or 4 times has he seen such a rare, unique chart such as yours. How he rushed to reply to do your reading as he could sense it was urgent. That you have had a bad childhood or things aren't going the way you would like right now.

You will get no reply from that email asking where the actual free reading is. You will get a follow up asking why he hasn't heard from you haha!

It's one big scam!

December 25, 2015
Well, I read another review, and that person's message he received was exactly like mine-you pride yourself on being an independent thinker,blah,blah,blah-so, I think he just sends out messages that are exactly the same as everyone else's. I got his first email when I was checking my Spam folder, and decided to sign up. Then I got his message-I'll work for you, and only you-I mean, lotsa people got him! He claims he hypnotized all of Europe. Then why is he located in Hong Kong? And he asked for money on my 3rd email, but he said he'll give me a amount 5x less than the normal amount. But he guessed my location correctly. Because I didn't trust him, I did not print out his blue talisman, and I will NOT ppay for just some customized reading. I know what's going to happen to me, and I think I'll get a more trustworthy and real psychic reader, thank you very much.

November 8, 2015

To Whom It May Concern; 11/8/2015

I am sending this message in regards to the Extraordinary Chris. The scam that I was con into and it cost me $29.80 which is only half of what he wants and after I sent the first part of the money I was supposed to hear back from him within 24 to 48 hours. I am still waiting. I keep getting emails from him saying why I am refusing not to accept his offering. I have sent him a few emails and I have not received a message back from all of my emails. All they want is just more money. I am not going to reply to any more of his or his partner messages but take them right to my spam area where they belong. It is people like them that make it hard for the real psychic readers. I would like to know what else I can do to see about getting my refund.


Pam D.

Dwayne July 13, 2016

If he finds you follow he could change your life...its not meant for everbody to understand...i wish i had taken adantage of my opportunities...