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So ridiculous.
December 16, 2018

I just received my free reading by The extraordinary Chris. His reading was so generalized, he could have been reading anyone. Actually, he probably sends the same reading to numerous people.

I am an intuitive healer. I read Tarot for myself and for others. I’ve read pictures of strangers and been more accurate than he was about me.

The reading he gave me will fit for anyone. I only got a free reading from him to test his abilities, which I knew in advance he was not legitimate. I have a friend who got a reading from him a few months ago. That reading was so general too that it also could have fit anyone’s life.

What a shame that people like “The extraordinary Chris” are out there making money by scamming people and giving us, the real readers, a bad taste in people’s mouths. Don’t be fooled by the fool!

Fake or Fraud?!? You decide...
November 9, 2018

The "Power of suggestion" is something that everyone is affected by.. Especially for those of us, who are "struggling" so to speak... MOST of us, go through "rough" patches in our lives, and THIS guy seems to have the ability to "act" as though he KNOWS what one is currently going through... With "Mental Health" issues being less "stigmatized" this "Extraordinary Chris" seems to be "tapping into" THIS specifically...

I believe that he sends out these "emails" in hopes of "ensnaring" ANYONE/EVERYONE that is feeling less than "AMAZING", which - let's face it - is MOST people.. in my experience, there are very FEW PEOPLE, who feel their lives are "perfect"... He USES THIS, to "scam" money out of people, who (all have good intentions) are willing to make "positive" changes in their own lives.. but, DON'T BE FOOLED..

THIS is a ploy to get you to "believe" what he says is "HIS INSIGHT" into each individual person's life..

I have not paid him ANYTHING, However, he "spams" me (via email) telling me he "can help remove a particular obstacle, that is preventing me from being healthy, prosperous in both life and love"...

Keep in mind that the ONLY info that I gave him was the "required": DOB, and full name (which, I only provided an initial, for BOTH my first & last name, and an incorrect DOB) . This "Amazing or Extraordinary Chris" is simply preying on ANYONE he can convince, by focusing on individual's who are feeling "defeated" or coping with some form of Mental Illness (be in temporary or permanent)...


October 7, 2018
Ever since I spoke with Chris I've been getting these strange dreams and woke up crying cant't understand why but I've been having troubled dreams I'm not sure if its cause of him but we will see tonight what happens

Celeste October 30, 2018

I’ve been having hypno tele therapy from chris for over 2 years going on 3 and he has helped me overcome from being so negative to being positive thinking. I did give money in the beginning and haven’t recently but I believe he has really helped me. However I sure hope it turns out he is real and not fake but reading this article and others about him being fake makes me wonder if he might be.

AnitaWilliamson June 25, 2019

He is fake

kim collier
September 23, 2018
Do not under ANY circumstance get his Hpno-Telepathy service you are opening yourself to him invading your privacy which has happened to me..His is the worst service from any other psychic that I have ever known...BEWARE !!!

DianeBriggs September 30, 2018

Does Chris the amazing physic have any sort of biography that includes his last name?

I’m not sending money to a man with no last name or address. Sounds cool tho...

Give me a call Chris or let me know where I can meet you in person

August 14, 2018

Have to say, I fell for the first BS thrown my way to try it. Got a symbol to put under my pillow, my birth chart looked like a kindergarten student drew it with no explanation of what the symbols meant etc and basically didn't really tell me anything.

Meanwhile, I get constant emails from him with videos in his car, going to the pond where he met his friend Jack and helped him after his divorce etc. Its quite comical and that for 5 dollars he would do the hypnotherapy as he's sitting behind a bundle of books. If I don't respond, he sends annoyed emails that he's being supposedly straightforward.

I work hard for my money and my job is legitimate. I just emailed him and told him he will not get any money from me and take me off his list. If he doesn't, well the emails will be deleted. Luckily, I stopped my credit card and he only got 24 dollars from me. SAVE YOUR MONEY

What a crook
June 26, 2018
Said he would send special instructions for Solstice, June 21. Paid 40 dollars on credit card. Never heard anything from him. Getting my money back . Blocked my card for next payment. What a scam!!!

Don't be fooled by this Company
June 14, 2018

The actual company that runs the Psychic Reading is called "The Organizer".

I paid for a so-called Great Psychic Reading by Chris. It was vague providing NO DETAIL. Let me give you an example. Right off the bat his PREDICTION FOR THIS MONTH: Take care of yourself. That's it. Nothing more or less. Nor is it EVER mentioned within the following paragraphs provided.

You are given the illusion that you can contact this "so called Chris with the following email: To contact me, write me at

[email protected]

Never happens. No answer after 3 tries. In fact the only time I even get an email from the mysterious Chris is to sell me HYPNO-TELEPATHY.4 sessions for an additional $5.

I have requested a refund for my reading 3 times. I have yet heard anything back.

It"s what you make out of chris's help
June 6, 2018

I decided to start receiving help from Chris on may 25th. On that same day I got fired from my job from something I had done two weeks prior I was very unhappy there any way earning a next to nothing wage. Chris gives you a lot of good advice for the way to conduct your remain positive and be true to yourself.

Remember you are in the drivers seat of your own life, ultimately the choices you make are your own. It is too early for me to say yay or nay about his help, yes I keep on getting solicitations about other ways he can help me and he does not address direct e mails but I can understand this. So in conclusion I will wait the full 30 days he promised me to be better off emotionally and financially. I have already e mailed he to also let him know this so lets see what happens

The. Extraordinary Chris. Is the. Best
May 28, 2018
Hi. The. Extraordinary. Chris. Has. Help. Make. Me. A better. Positive. Being...awaken. Thank you. Patricia. Cecilia. Blanco

Suzanne January 10, 2021

I haven't given him any money and emails just come back to me when I try without money. How do you get to contact him?

Margaretkigiuna March 09, 2022

Thank you

The Extraordinary Chris. And that he is.
May 19, 2018

I get so disappointed reading all of these negative comments. Yes, Chris offers you a psychic reading for free, and he gives it to you. I feel very sorry for those who don't read it and accept it in the spirit it is given. I liken it to an introduction.

Look at it this way. When you answer your phone do you say hi or hello? Or do you stop and give your life story. If you read close enough what Chris writes to you, then you will pull from it knowledge that he possesses as a true psychic. He will tell you something in that free reading that he would have no prior knowledge of about you.

And if you're smart enough you will see that, and go on and accept him as your spiritual guide. Have you ever heard the phrase nothing is really free in this world? And I would ask the question then if you were in need of a new pair of shoes, would you simply walk into a store, grab a box and pay on your way out. Or would you stop and try on those shoes to see if they were a good fit? Again, this is akin to your free reading.

You get to try on your experience and decide if you want to go on. It is your choice. Chris has worked with me for a while now and I am so very happy that I decided to try on and then buy those shoes. My life has been turned around for the better.

I have been badly abused throughout my lifetime, but now I can look forward to tomorrow. Blue-skies and sunshine. And I consider myself so lucky for having trusted my instincts in going on to experience for myself a truly wonderful and beautiful new life.

Unfortunately there are so many people who are spouting off about something they know nothing about. These are people who didn't even give this man a fair shake. But rather more like in a libelous or slandering way, professed that he was not a true psychic at all. This is surely not the type of person I would want living next door to me.

I will get off my soapbox now. I just wanted to share my very positive experience with everyone. And I hope that your go away from this with an open mind. Stop and try on that pair of shoes. It is the only way you will know if they fit.

Thank you, and God bless.


AnitaWilliamson June 25, 2019

It's s load of rubbish, he reads it from a script, sends the same emails to hundreds of email addresses

May 10, 2018

I know there are some who want and need to believe. The problem is that Chris is a fraud and an evil man. DO NOT let him play on your emotions and take your hard earned money.

There are people who have psychic ability. Chris is not one of them. The real psychics don't have to keep sending emails trying to get business. They are we'll known and NEVER HAVE TO BEG FOR YOUR MONEY.

Let Chris to his own sad life and contact a real psychic. (they won't have to ask you leading questions) Chris you are a sad evil person who will answer in the end

Debra May 19, 2018


I am assuming that you continued with Chris after your free psychic greeting and that you are speaking from the voice of experience. I am curious what led you to believe that he did not know anything about the profession he has been in for more than 30 years? And would you mind naming a few psychics that do not advertise. This is their way of life. This is the way they put bread on their table . . . from the donations they receive from their clients. I am looking forward to your reply.


SandraHankins Cormier May 21, 2018

I have not and will not speak to Chris. That is the problem. He keeps contacting me about our “conversations” and would like to continue. I HAVE HAD MO CONVERSATIONS WITH YOU CHRIS AND IF YOU WERE PSYCHIC YOU WOULD KNOW THAT.

That is the message I continually get multi times a day. Let’s finush our conversation. You have to start one to continue.

Chris continues to send these message although I have unsubscribed many times. Don’t have an idea how I got subscribed in the first place

So I have not sent him money, I have not had a conversation with him, I will never speak to him. Now a psychic should know that but apparently he is not psychic.

He has purchased an email list and keeps throwing out bait hoping someone will take the bait. Poor business practice on top of his dishonesty

SandraHankins Cormier May 21, 2018

I will no longer talk about Chris. It is just giving him free advertisement.

Hopefully you won’t fall for his scam and those of you who have already will soon see him for what he is (a fraud) and will quit giving him money

I am turning off all notifications so if you respond to me I will not see it.

Have a good day.

March 2018
March 31, 2018
Well I don't know who told you that things were free, So I'm going to break the bad news to you, there is nothing worth having that is free. I have been talking with Chris for almost a year now and he has helped me in so many ways it is worth what you donate, and to be very honest when he says he is with you he really is through hypnotherapy the things he knows is just dead on, and he has always responded to my emails one way or other, as he says you have the answers and he helps you to find them.

Debra May 19, 2018

Thank you Donna. It is gratifying to see that there are still people willing to stand up for one another. Chris took me from the deepest darkest hole, and I can now see daylight. I am not afraid to think about tomorrow. All of that negative has been turned into positive. I have a new outlook on life. And that's worth more than any jackpot I might win. It is a real shame when I see these negative reviews, even though they are few and far between as compared to satisfied clients. I guess they didn't realize that we have to participate just as much as the psychic before good can happen.


February 2018
February 20, 2018
Chris has been completely right on about so many things going on in my life that nobody else knows. He has helped me with my negative home life and helped me to be positive. He also taught me about aura's. He knew many were blocked or gray. He has done something, I don't know exactly what, to unblock one of them so far. I noticed a pink aura color suddenly around my head two nights ago. He knows a lot about astronomy and how you can be good things by clearing your energy aura's to attract luck. Makes sense to be cleared out, to think positively always, be at your best to attract what you want because people are more likely drawn to you when you shine.

JannaShen March 10, 2018

have someone stopped the monthly charge for automatic renew membership. I hope to stop it, but don't know how to do it. make me feel like I am cheated

SaeedNiazi March 13, 2018

Call your credit card company, tell them you have lost you credit card, they will issue you the new one, the new credit card numbers will be different, so they can’t charge you any more, fir other legitimate charges of course you need to give them your new cc number, good luck

SaeedNiazi March 13, 2018

Change your credit card get a new one

Penny Cook April 23, 2018

I work with Chris for over a year. He left me! Not once has he checked on me after telling me he was a friend and cared. Chris left me hanging a curse on me. Miss him I thought I had a friend.

SandraHankins Cormier May 10, 2018

He is a fraud. He got all he could get out of you without outing himself. He us an evil man and will pay for his actions

Debra May 23, 2018

Sandra Hankins Cormier did you work with Chris beyond the free psychic reading? I am just curious to know what happened that you have such a negative outlook? If it is a question of money, and I personally do not know any psychic that does not ask for a symbolic donation. That goes from the online psychic way back to psychic's that I visited in their homes probably 30 years ago. It is an esoteric tradition, if I am right, and not a price tag. What happened?

Debra May 23, 2018

I do not regret one thing since the moment Chris has started working with me. I have willingly paid for the peace and trust and Hope that I have gotten from him.

I am very curious, however, about what you are saying and on what you base what you are saying. Did you actually work with Chris? Or are you just repeating what you have "heard"? Without personal knowledge, it is a shame for anyone to speak wrongly of another. In my own opinion, I would think that you would not want anyone else to say things about you that might hurt or damage your livelihood.

There are three words you might look up and read their definition: defamation, libel, and slander.

CelticVictory February 19, 2022

Debra, there is nothing symbolic about thirty dollars. A donation isn't required for a friend to do something. When you charge before you do something, that is called a fee. And he wants that money before he does anything. Would you pay someone to shovel your driveway before they have actually shoveled?

People do need to make a living
January 7, 2018
I have been working with Chris for a couple months now and he has been great. I've never had any issues and Chris has always been spot on. Shame on those whining about the fact that he charges for help beyond the initial free reading. In order to own and operate a website there are fees that are incured. You must basically "rent" the domain name, as well as other things. Also in order for Chris to be able to help people he spends a large amount of his time in order to do so. Chris is no different than you or I or anyone else, he still must eat, he still must have internet and electricity (how else is he going to help anyone)? So it doesn't seem fair to post poor ratings based upon any money asked for for further assistance. As far as helping people and his accuracy, Chris is wonderful and I would recommend him to anyone.

CelticVictory February 19, 2022

Shame on you for calling legitimate complaints whining. Legitimate businesses do not ask for mandatory "donations." They are honest that these are prices and provide these prices upfront.

Thank you all
November 29, 2017
Thanks fore all the warnings and thank you for the fact that I decided not to let me know that he has sent a lot of mail same as all you got: 3 days of light and if I do not pay quickly, i will don't know the day that will come and I'll lose this opportunity if I do not do anything soon, I'll do another 12. years with out luck. He said that there is so much Darkness around me and it stops all happiness and well-being with me and if I do not pay him soon he will not be able to help me and I lose all my success and cant't not get rid of the negative energy around me because there is a spokesman like him to help me .... I'm just not buying this....

N leo December 04, 2017

I am a chosen one ... with a deep connection with him... he writes stuff that is actually accurate .. Really accurate... he did tarot cards and Tols me what They meant... but I need hus guidance ... Not for free though ... Anyway ... it is a shame that the paukenist he askes for is Not what he claims “ for free” and open communication would be wiser... you see of you need /seem help ... do Not take advantage of their vulnarability , Just be fair ..

MariaSanta Cruz-Cernik October 29, 2021

He sent me the same reading about the 3 days of light. The negative energy around me and my four Taro Cards were Wheel of Fortune, Judgement, Hangman and then the Hermit. Was that the same as yours?

Chris is not a psychic
November 24, 2017
I have been reading his emails for two weeks and it’s a joke, if you set back and really ask your self what has he told me that can only point to me and not just anybody the answer is nothing, I have read the reviews and his emails are all computer generated from the start about how you reading is so special he has never seen anything like it to him getting mad and upset about no responses, and bumping into his friend who will pay half the cost, the email this morning was I had called to him in my dreams two nights ago, problem with that is I have RA and did not sleep that night. I just want to say I know first hand, because I am a psychic and have worked on a line/web for only two days but they try to tell you how to keep people on the line with the generic stuff, I never needed this advice because I really could see the in my tarot cards what was going on and what was going to happen I could not handle all the pain I was seeing and quite you see at the time I was just given my gift and was not prepared for what I was seeing. This man is not real I suggest if you need a reading find a local by word of mouth, don’t let your situation get you involved with someone who really wants to just profit from your bad situation. Best of luck!!

SandraHankins Cormier May 10, 2018


SandraHankins Cormier May 10, 2018

You are so right. Chris is a fraud and an evil man. I do believe in psychic ability but Chris does not possess a pinprick of psychic ability.

As I said before he is a fraud and an evil, evil man and will answer for all the harm he is doing.

Good luck Chris, you are going to need it

"Your Three Days of Light" and Other SCAMS
October 30, 2017

Just like title suggests, I have received the same generic stuff that keeps mentioning my transformation hanging on some "three days of light" that will change my life forever. Also that these three days will not return until after 12 years. Several emails of insisting that I was "running out of time", the latest one's hyperlinked text now says.....

"Click here to discover your Twelve Days of Light and receive your Secret Ritual"

Haha! Made me laugh so hard. But also made me realise I was getting quite curious on how he seemed to be onto something. It almost sounded like he knew something. But it was just my vulnerability showing me that I was feeling stuck.

I am so glad I googled "Extraordinary Chris Internet Scam" and thank you universe, this site came up. I have now unsubscribed.

I just want to say it is not about being an idiot or naive, it is easy to fall for this scam especially if you are going through some hard times and you are feeling vulnerable. I almost did.

Best to all of you souls seeking some type of healing. Don't fall for this soulless vampires who prey on vulnerable souls. All the best in dealing with your vulnerabilities as well.

Peace. Lima

Amanda Reed November 11, 2017

The Extraordinary Chris is a crock of BS. I have sent several emails directly to Chris where you can supposedly reach him never gotten one response instead of just keep getting more emails about what he can do for me and it just a small donation and blah blah blah blah blah and I've watched one of his videos because I just was curious and instead of saying my name and seeing his face it was very generic as of he called me my friend and it was only a voice it wasn't actually him at all probably I was really thinking that they're all liars and you know the only way you're really ever going to know anything about your future is when you plan it out and do it so don't believe the lies no matter how desperate you are you really shouldn't be that desperate though

SaeedNiazi March 13, 2018

Totally true, obviously we are having some sort of difficulty, asking for their help to tell us what future us holding for us, they take advantage of our valunerablity .

My free reading
October 29, 2017

He gave me the free reading as he said.

It was stated " A (Means One) FREE READING". It wasn't stated as a "FREE" reading for life ! !

He did say that I do have some things in the next 6 months that will or could change my life to the positive. He asked that I continue to get readings for a price or for a donation. And this is where I am. I haven't paid a penny, and I have read past and present complaints and everyone of you should be ashamed of your comments. It's for one free reading and he has done that. It's up to you to pay for more if you want to proceed.

I would say get your free reading. If you want more and can pay for it do so. But don't complain about getting something for free.

Paul Myers

TessLeeke November 24, 2017

Just cause it’s free doesn’t mean the guy can deceive people, I have been reading his emails for about two weeks now I wanted to know how far this guy would go to get you to buy into this SCAM and it’s a scam folks, first he is the only one who can help, my reading was like nothing he has seen in his long career of doing readings, he tries to befriend you, then gets disappointed and even upset in his emails if you don’t respond, his last email I have read, he clams that I contacted him in my sleep two nights ago, problem with that is I did not sleep two nights ago, he never really tells you anything facial it is always general that could apply to anyone. I know cause I am a real psychic and once worked for a online business, for one day and quit because I was not ready to handle the amount of pain I saw in theses people’s readings, the ones that were not real psychic’s they trained to keep you on the line by feeding you the generic stuff.

People like this man give good psychic like myself a bad name. My advise is to look for someone local or by word of mouth.

October 17, 2017
The ad was on my Facebook timeline, offering a free horoscope not a psychic reading. I clicked on it, gave my birth information and email. The gentleman is from the UK and doing my reading in a rush, that means he is up and functioning at 3am. I don't think so. This is obviously an automated site sending the same general information to everyone who clicks on the site then wanting money for a more detailed reading.

Thank god for good people
October 11, 2017
I too received and email from this guy. I am going through some pretty bad things. He was hitting on a lot and I almost fell into the trap. It was word for word the same as the comment above. The price went from 199.00 to 49.00. Something told me to check him out first. I’m very glad I did.

MushiePietras April 27, 2019

This is what I'm doing now.. my research on this man.