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Reviews Help one make informed decisions
July 25, 2019
I am glad I read the reviews before deciding whether to jump in or not. At least whatever decision I make now, I am certain of what experience to expect. Thanks to the reviewers

Definitely a great program
July 11, 2019
Everything that Grace says will be delivered gets delivered. There is so much information within her course that there is little guesswork when you are done. You still have to be ambitious and hungry to do the rest of the work, but it is a real program with great information. Making the money back that you spend once you get your program up and running should be a relative breeze supposing you have something good to offer.

Veteran coach
May 24, 2019
I absolutely love Grace and her team! She not only shares how to uplevel your coaching, consulting business to serve more people and make more money, she shows you how to do this "almost" effortlessly. Yes, it takes work, but she cuts the fluff out of her training so you can get right to what needs to be done. And, just when you aren't sure, just when you second guess yourself, she and her community support you with a "You Got This!" attitude. I've been coaching for 12 years and as soon as I find myself getting too "wrapped up" in the how-to of something, I go back to Grace. I go back to the success foundation. Simple yet powerful steps to help your business grow. If you are looking to start, expand or serve at a deeper level without spending grueling hours trying to figure it all out, she is your go-to girl. Thanks Grace for being fabulous YOU! Debra Larson, Business Empowerment Coach

It's actually really good and so is the customer service
May 23, 2019
I needed this type of help setting up a new business. It's concise and easy to understand, exactly what I was looking for. The price is good for what you get and best of all, Victoria in customer service helped me resolve an issue gracefully and swiftly. Turns out I had made a mistake, she handled it with such great customer service. I highly recommend this course and company.

Unfortunate scam
April 29, 2019

My girlfriend signed up to the course a little while ago and like others who have left reviews here, soon realised they were in a payment, module sandwich trap. What really got my attention was the heated chats she was having with her customer service reps around module clarifications, and then eventually “how do I get out of this.” My gf is a really strong and smart woman and the CS reps tried to bully her back into the subscription line.

I hope Grace is changing some Women’s lives for the better, from what I can see from my position, something didn’t smell right about the whole experience she went through and the almost brute force it took to get the hell out of there.

Alert!! This a scam!!
July 28, 2018
Be careful! They overcharged me with a class that I declined. I was charged with 4.95 dollars plus 97 dollars (which I declined because it’s a everymonth payment!). It was supposed to be only 4 dollars but where is my class and my receipt?!! It’ Definitely a SCAM!!

November 17, 2017

I, as well almost got sucked in cos the identity project sounded amazing in the webinar and then I kept getting sent emails about other deals I can pay for which are all so expensive as well when you don't know if you can trust a person you've just seen online, however, I was still considering it until I realised the fact that the *live* webinar was NOT LIVE AT ALL. It was all automated and the other people commenting who she responded to were fake. Think about it?? Did she reply to any of your comments cos she didn't mine but I didn't think anything of it at the time but then when I restarted my computer and the tab reopened with the webinar the same comments came up in scheduled timing the same that they did when I watched the webinar in the first place. She may still have quality services to offer but the fact that the introductory webinars are not live loses their personal touch and has lost some of my faith and trust in investing my hard earned money for an expensive course that when you look more into it will require ongoing purchases if she may not actually be legitimately talking to us then either like she didn't in her webinars.

PS. The person who reviewed previously saying about how a person asked about payment plans and was refused.. that person was not even real and it was a RECORDED webinar!

BEWARE this is a very sofisticated offer that has no way out!!
November 5, 2017

I WANT 100% REFUND. I joined at the drop of an intro webinar, the best con artist approach I have ever seen. Very sophisticated soft sales approach as she preys on women who are looking for a way to learn the internet world, and find what their life skills are. The catch is that you have no way out and are forced to learn from her system with a catch 22 as she states that she will give you a refund after you complete 3 weeks on her program. Definitely, not my style of doing business a lure to make sure that you have been informed somewhat and then be able to benefit herself from you. I can only imagine... she wants to trap all the members in. This is a very dominant woman with a soft cover approach style that I have NO intent to learn from this program EVER because it goes against everything I stand for. Only the submissive do well, she calls them DOERS ha! I am not going to do anything against my will. I want my money back! I paid 997.00 and in the 1st welcome video, I could not stand the thought I had bought something that I am clearly not motivated to do. I do not like the style and regret the moment that I jump on giving out my credit card info. Listening to her 90 minute free webinar and I was busy with my day, she is good and she NAME dropped Anthony Robbins and someone else and I fell right in, because I trust the others she named. I do not like the style and regret the moment that I jump on board I immediately sent out an email to let them know that I was sorry but I purchased this without really being committed and felt it wasn’t for me, I had buyer’s remorse that I wanted a complete refund. Then they sent me the first email to say that I have to do the 1st video and the welcome video, I felt a little scared of a scam right there. SO later the next day when they replied, was to remind me that I MUST do the course 3 weeks...worksheets. In order to be able to give me back my money. DID THEY NOT READ my email? I don't care to see or do their program. I will not do her course that later who knows what else it may tie me to do or say... SO BEWARE this is a very well-oiled machine and she states it clearly that its cost her thousands so as I can read between the lines. She has spent a lot of money on her terms and conditions that are NOT FAIR in my opinion and probably will clear this post I am sure... Probably will disappear who knows, or will have her DOERS reply here to disarm this post to defend her program since they are tied to do whatever she says. The reason she has no bad remarks is that she pays to remove them, the ones that speak the truth get deleted the ones that say a few negative things without any leverage she leaves to make things look real, if you look for the reviews about herGENIUS-PROJECT there is barely anything like the world hasn’t heard from it but a few comments, come on. She pays top dollar to be on the top of Google paid ads, and all marketing, I am sure she and her company buy all the marketing to make sure that her name is clean has spent a lot of money covering her empire and will stop at nothing. I am thinking why else would they want the people to force them to continue a program that is not for them. NO thank you, I am NOT your typical candidate. I AM NOT INTERESTED. She wants to trap the members in with a written contract to FORCE PLAY doing what she calls worksheets.

Because of a Hurry-hurry up and sign up we will give you so much for so little approach for the first 2 doers… and I fell for it. Not giving me the opportunity to read anything clearly and now I have to deal with them.


Grace Lever is unfortunately just another greedy non-guru
October 4, 2017

My girlfriend attended Grace Levers webinar yesterday and she was really stoked about joining the program that she offered at the end of your webinar.However, during the question/sign-up period of the webinar - someone had asked if she offered a payment plan.

Grace responded by saying that only the do-ers will be serious enough to buy her program and that basically if you can't afford the $997, you are not serious enough to be part of this community of women. I just find this distasteful! and DisGRACEful. The reason I was so upset about this is that my girlfriend who attended Grace Lever's webinar is an amazing go-getter, a do-er and stronger than any woman I have ever met.

She is suffering from stage 3 breast cancer and spends about $6k a month on medicine and treatment. So she couldn't afford to pay the $997 USD in full for the training at the moment because of her illness. Grace's behavior astounded me... especially for someone who is suppose to empower women.

She needs to learn some sensitivity and be less greedy.

My Girlfriend has experienced serious hardships and is doing everything in her power to live in the now, and to leave her children something - if god forbid she dies soon.

Grace Lever, just NO.

The Doing Team November 14, 2017

Hi Katie,

I'm so glad you've bought your friend's situation to our attention as this is absolutely not our intention.

We LOVE supporting over 5,000 incredible women in our community of Doers and have many women that could relate to your friend's journey who are also in super challenging, tough times in life.

Here are some testimonials from ladies involved in some of our programs:

The Identity Project program she was looking into is one of our high-end programs and we price it at that price point because if people join that program without sufficient funds to commit to their business, they can't achieve the success I want them to as it is a high-end program and community.

Due to her current situation and the need for her focus, time and funds to be on her health and getting well, I don't believe this program would be the best fit for her.

Here are some other options for her that may be a better fit:

1) We do however have a few other programs (starting at $49 USD / month) so she can still get the support, training and advice she needs to grow her business

2) We can discuss a payment plan for her if she really wants to commit to the high-end program

3) We have scholarships that we offer positions for and she sounds like a wonderful candidate so we'd love for her to reach out to us and we can have a phone conversation with her about it.

Can you please have your friend email me at [email protected] as I would love to speak with her.

Thanks again for letting us know and we look forward to supporting your friend in any way we can.

x Grace