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Has Potential, but Greed was their downfall
August 9, 2022

The Doers Way had a lot of potential, but they got really really greedy and the content was like drinking from a firehouse. At first I thought they had really good support because I received support calls almost immediately when I started using the 1st course I purchased.

But the calls and extra emails were all really about a barrage of upsells. The company gives you one distraction after another.

Had they used the emails to support me in finishing the 1st course and not sent me all the distracting "Doing Kits" I probably could have had success with their program. I did get some value with the "done for you portal" but I lost access to "The Course Creation Project" which is a needed piece to go with the Portal.

They sold me on the idea of the "Doing Ambassadors program" and that is when everything really went downhill. I think if they slowed down with the aggressive sales tactics and quit doing their "Doing Kits" they would actually have a business I could endorse.

The last I checked, their website was marked by Norton as a dangerous website, so I can't even access them at this point to try and repurchase "The Course Creation Project" which is probably the only thing that is really worth spending money on.

Don't Do It - Not worth the investment.
July 27, 2022

I signed on as a Founder to have a Virtual Assistant. Don't do it. It was expensive and the lack of experience the assistant has simply costs you more money. I paid close to $8,000 for 5 months (monthly it is $1400 USD). I got nothing the first month because they are "training" your Doer. So for 4 months I paid $8,000.

Outside of doing research projects (ie, find this and create an excel) the Doer caused more delay than execution. I had to pay secondary people to do her work, meaning to finish project, to clean up reports that she did not fill in properly, to finish website implementation (a project 3 weeks past due by the time I called it quits).

Not worth the money as you don't get what they pitch.

TracyKemble July 27, 2022

Oh - and after 2 weeks of trying to get help on the problem, they agreed to refund my money for one month. But still nothing has been returned.

Difference between the doers way and outsourced doers
July 25, 2022

As a user of the doers way (TDW) and outsourced doers (OD), I can say that TDW is an excellent source of marketing programs, Facebook group of like minded women excelling in business using these programs.

OD is a virtual assistant product they started a few years back. It is totally oversold and under delivered. That said, it depends which person you get as your VA. Expect to have to train them. Expect that they won’t know your business. Any VA you work with will need to be bought up to speed. These reviews here are mostly for OD not TDW.

Waste of money. Services not delivered.
July 22, 2022

The missing Reviews section on Facebook and Google should have been a big red flag- but I was tired and needed help so I ignored it.

I week in to the Outsourced Doers program ( after I’d paid for their training!!) and my ‘Doer’ still hasn’t achieved anything, they’re missing for 4 hour blocks, can’t talk because they’re working at a cafe and they’re incompetent for the programs I’m using. I sent an email raising this with the promised golden founders @ email address and received an automated reply and the ability to book a chat 3 weeks into the future. I raised it with her supervisor and then she disappeared! No communication three weeks later from DWPL despite multiple calls and emails as to what replacement if any is coming.

I’ve now requested a refund for the whole three months via PayPal, I’ve sent an ACCC complaint for the scam and if PayPal doesn’t work I’ll go through the courts so there’s a public record of Grace Levers incompetence.

I’m leaving reviews on all the business groups I’m part of too.

Maybe if Grace didn’t scream from the hills that she only works one day a week, her employees would have a better work ethic.

Dee August 12, 2022

100% agree

Unfulfilled Promises and waste of time and money
July 12, 2022

Overpriced, under-qualified, no help whatsoever. Mad at myself for falling in the sales trap.

My Doer was nice enough, but after 5 months into the program and working with him, the first task I assigned still isn’t complete (should have taken 1 month max.) Multiple holidays, vacations, power outages, technical issues, team meetings and trainings were all still paid on my dime while I scrambled to task out daily assignments that should have been easy to complete.

Graphic design was seriously lacking, no help with social media as promised, no help with email inboxes or automations. Tedious and low-level tasks that should not have had to be micro-managed.

In the end, I cancelled the membership with $5000 less than I started and no progress in “growing my company” or “gaining free time” that was promised to me- in a time I desperately needed the help. When it came to cancelling, all support staff that claimed to be so invested in my company succeeding couldn’t be found or were “no longer with the company.”

Thank goodness for my local team who picked up the slack and came to my aid. I’ll be giving them raises rather than dumping money into this money pit.

Stay away, put your hard-earned money to better use somewhere else.

AshleyMoon August 24, 2022

Omg so it’s not just me! I need to write a review too but don’t want to hurt my doers feelings she use she was sweet and really tried but def not capable of helping with emails and social media, the main things I needed.

Very over priced and complex and impersonal program.
June 3, 2022

I signed up for the Doers Way Diamond Program and I am so so disappointed. They changed the program half way through and Grace Lever was not involved in any of the coaching sessions or trainings.

I honestly thought she would be involved and she would be doing some of the coaching. I invested 10k and lost every cent. I’m devastated. I hit a road block with the program during Covid and they were not compassionate or flexible.

I so regret my decision to work with them. I did not feel supported with trying to set up click funnels and lead magnets as this was an area that was very new too me.

Please don’t do this program if you are a novice and really need a lot of support and personal assistance. All is done in large coaching groups and time is limited.

I sense that making a profit was the biggest priority for Grace Lever and not enough care and time was given to those who paid for the program. I wish I had done more research before investing so much money.

Just a number, gross sales process and tactics
May 24, 2022

I never made it past the sales process to sign up, in large part due to the reviews here, as well as the gross feeling I got during the sales process.

They are *very* rigid about their rules and way overcommunicate about their rules/appointment reminders.

When we had our call, the salesperson pretty much read from a script the entire call and was very salesy.

People don't buy from companies, they buy from people and the salesperson didn't understand this. She wasn't warm or likeable and she didn't really care about me or my business. I could tell I was just a number. She tried trial closing me too many times and it was obvious.

Then I receive a follow up email that says the following and it is just really gross sales tactics that feel awful and not like I want to do business with this company. I'm writing this in hopes that they read it and make improvements and get this person some coaching. I also replied to their request for feedback so I'm not just airing it here, but have provided feedback to the company.

Here's the message:

I wanted to follow up with you. Our June 6th Cohort sold out and our next one starts on June 20th. If you pay in May, you will be locked in to the $1397 monthly payment anything after June 1st there is a price increase to $1500 a month with a $4500 upfront commitment. Please let me know where you are in your decision making process.

Have a great day,

How would you rate my reply?

Great Okay Not Good

JeanKerry May 31, 2022

Great--wish I had known! You have more intuitiveness than myself. I needed assistance which is why I went there but clearly they are a numbers game and do not care about clients.

They promised trained Doers ( mine did not know how how to evaluate Facebook analytics, had never used Click Funnels, and could not look up google placement). That was all ok just a matter of both of us learning.

Suddenly he quit and front office is unable to replace with anyone trained. I have paid in advance, the first $1,400 went to train the doer on programs ( so TDW gets me to pay for them to train their new employees!)

Sure wish I had your insight before entering this dark hole of my new reality.

Thanks again

Kirt February 07, 2023

Hey everyone, been working with OD for almost 2yrs. I resigned coz we're not well compensated and we were tasked to do a lot for just $400.

Shambolic and Zero Care or Responsibility - You’re Just a Number
May 6, 2022

My experience with Outsourced Doers was shocking. This is the first time I have ever left a poor review for anyone - but I wished I had known before going down this route. Their processes were absolutely shambolic. When I raise my concerns on multiple occasions and to 3 tiers within the company my concerns were literally ignored. I couldn’t and cannot believe their complete lack of care or responsibility.

It’s very clear that they are all about numbers, the more they push through it doesn’t matter about quality or losing people because they’ll just onboard several new clients. I didn’t get as far as onboarding the actual Doer as I’d lost complete confidence in them to actually be able to reliably train the Doer and to support my the employer in the process - given the way they’d handled me. Extremely disappointing - I expected a lot more from Grace Lever.

Better off "Doing" it on your own
April 16, 2022

I looked into working with this company so that I could hire a virtual assistant. I was sold on the idea that my VA would come pre-trained on my software as well as my company and industry.

That was all a lie.

When I worked with my "Doer" I quickly found out that he had no prior knowledge of my business or my industry. I then learned that the quality of the tasks he completed was severely lacking in quality and that I consistently had to address the same issues over and over.

He would also go hours without responding to inquiries and checking in--assignments that should take 1-2 hours would take 8+ hours to complete.

This was a complete joke and a waste of time and money.

Atrocious. Shallow promises & definitive thievery.
March 13, 2022

I wish I'd found this review site before I'd signed up.

On first blush Grace Lever seems like such a kind, quality person, doesn't she? As near as I can tell, if the impression has any substance, it's funnelled entirely into her salesmanship and hosting a team of staff who

-no word of exaggeration-

Repeatedly blew me kisses via email rather than either suspending or cancelling my account when I became quite seriously unwell and was unable to work, or even sit upright to send an email.

As far as I can tell, they still haven't, despite my direct request that they CANCEL DIRECT DEBIT IMMEDIATELY and escalate the matter to someone with any EQ, business acumen, authority or concern for their reputation.

They've dragged out the simplest request or legal right into paragraphs on paragraphs of rhetoric and pinballed me around the locker room as if all I was asking for was a li'l attention and some love while they robbed me.

When I pointed this out, they said that they were sure that I could appreciate that "they're running a business here."

No, you're running a racket.

- And that's just their business services department.

Little wonder they need such money grubbing policies if they're keeping such ineffectual, legal liabilities for staff.

What else?

The content within the program will step you through course creation if you have

a) a LOT of time to watch the videos

b) a pretty simple subject to communicate, -And-

c) No idea how to do so.

But really, it's pretty mediocre. I've since gotten far far clearer direction, with scope for creative expansion that you need in any course that you intend to make your own, from:

• Course From Scratch - Danielle Leslie

• Kajabi do a course creation bootcamp every so often

• SamCart


You can likewise see that no one is really serious or passionate about their work in their Facebook community. Nobody is changing lives, or their own in there.

Is this you? Do you have several hundred US to funnel per month into a platform to handhold you through building a course that you'd be lucky to earn that much from, gross?

As a serial multi-nationally award-winning businessperson myself, I thought I was past dealing with such bottom feeders. I would have cancelled so much sooner if I wasn't so burned out, unwell and dealing with domestic violence and homelessness on the personal front.

I explained just a fraction to one of them, who even went so far as to give me the written equivalent of a pat on the head, while she belated that she "knows it's hard" (but that they were still going to take my money).

I nearly punched through my screen.

She ignored further emails, made so laboriously and with gritted teeth...

The trauma of just that encounter deferred my being able to resolve the situation until my life even started to stabilize FIVE WHOLE MONTHS later.

It just boggles me to encounter people like this, that natural selection hasn't seen them piss off the wrong person and get themselves annihilated.

But Grace has a nice little collection of them on staff, disturbingly enough. Beautifully synchronous crazy-making money-grubbing automoton barbies. (Kiss hug)

They legitimately don't know better than to take advantage.

That Is "business" to them.

Let's help natural selection out a little.

My strongest recommendation is to go elsewhere. And to TELL EVERYONE to do the same.

JeanKerry May 31, 2022

Thank you. It's nice to be validated. I will follow up on your suggestion. Doer quit after 3 months. They are dragging putting in a new Doer. There is no offer to provide expanding contract time so I can train the new person---its been a week now.

I worry about my patience once they do put someone new on---I tried so hard with the first on. So many disappointing moments. I agree with you that there is little concern for clients. It looks like they are helping but it is all "smoke and mirrors".Sorry to hear and be part of this abusive group.

LJ October 22, 2022

Hi guys, I once applied a doer and 3yrs of experience I had just to get paid for 400usd per month is not that nice. If you needed a va, just message me. Take care!

Do NOT work with Outsourced Doers
February 10, 2022

Do not work with Outsourced Doers. I stayed with them way longer than I did because I kept hoping every new replacement they sent me would be different. I value people and relationships. I know that's not a good reason to continue services but I've learned from this.

They promise reliable professional VAs full-time that are fully trained. But that's not what you get. You ask for support from their leads and they're "working on it," but they're not. It takes weeks or months and then you're stuck with paying for services that you're not getting.

I ended up going with two VAs cause the first lead said that I had too many tasks for the 1st VA. But then it got worse.

My VAs showed up late for shifts. Did not reply back timely during their shifts. Missed calls and critical due dates. Called in sick often. One even underreported the # of sick days she was actually out to her lead (they're entitled to 5 sick days that you pay for as a "founder").

The work they did say they did, I later checked and it wasn't done or done very poorly. For example, they "posted" a post, but it was not what I reviewed and approved. All processes are documented. How do you keep fixing that?

The last straw was a call that I scheduled in advance. One was late and the other was a no-show. Didn't respond to messaging.

Learn from my mistakes. Do NOT work with Outsourced Doers.

Kierra C.James April 16, 2022

I've had a similiar experience!

Waste of time and effort. Overpriced for what you get. Unprofessional operations
January 9, 2022

I hope to save someone time and aggravation by writing this review, because I spent 5 months trying to get these people to do a decent job for me with no luck:

Saw their advert on Facebook and thought it looked perfect. They said all the VAs were trained in everything I needed, f ex clickfunnels, infusionsoft, design through canva, social media, marketing etc.

Seemed ideal!

I pre paid, and was then REQUIRED to watch 5 hours of "masterclasses" training on how to get VAs to complete tasks.

When I got my first doer (whom they chose for me, and was supposed to be trained in my requested skills) it turned out they didn't have the skills promised. Not even close.

I spent 30 days trying to get them up to speed but it involved extra time trying to explain everything and was beyond draining and time consuming.

I ended up getting a new VA as a (hopefully) better replacement. He was slightly more skilled but ended up leaving high importance tasks undone, without notifying me.

It caused major disruptions in my business.

On top of this all, the assistant took "annual leave" after 2 weeks of working for me and just disappeared - while being paid, and there was no replacement from Outsourced Doers.

All the while, Outsourced doers emphasized that VAs should get bonuses, that their national holidays were very important to respect...

While no good work was actually done.

My colleague in business found it ridiculous that the company was more focused on taking care of the VAs than providing assistance and getting any actual quality work done.

At $1350 per month, for a 40 hour a week position, you should get a LOT more than this.

They are utterly overpriced for what you get, and although treating people well is important, this is a joke.

I hardly got any work achieved, and ended up wasting SO much time and effort on this.

Never again.

As an entrepreneur my guess is you're too busy and spread thin enough already. This company will waste your time and effort. Find your own VA on upwork or somewhere else instead.

They'll try harder and you'll get it at a much cheaper rate.

Don't waste your time and effort on Outsourced doers.

I'm shocked that they're still in business, considering how they run their operations.

Love,Channie June 20, 2022

I'm sorry to hear that.

LJ June 26, 2022

They only pay doers for 400usd and you're paying 1350usd to them? I was about to apply as a doer but reading your comment makes me want to stop. Well, if you need a VA you can message me at Ljovellano12 @ gmail. I've been in this industry for more than 3 years. I can assure good quality work at a cheaper price :)

Bad Communication & Not Treating People with Respect
October 11, 2021

I talked to Renee Hardin this morning. The conversation is recorded. I am a bit disappointed as the conversation did not happen because she said she needed all decision-makers in the same room before we start. This is not communicated to us prior to the call.

During the call, she repeatedly defended her position and reframe the conversation in quite a negative light. I don't feel that Renee has the level of professionalism and attitude to treat customers with respect. She lacks active listening skills and formed assumptions without any evidence. The conversation ended with a rescheduling link sent to me.

On their website, they mentioned helping female entrepreneurs. But her behaviour let me feel discriminated against and I ended the phone feeling angry and not appreciated.

The phone call is recorded. The way she treated me made me concern about the general approach of the company.

I'd like to talk to someone to make sure this is only one isolated incident and it is not what your company stand for.

IMM October 12, 2021


A second rep called me and she is much more helpful than Renee. Thank you Doers Way.

Stay off of Outsourced Doers - not worth a cent!
September 27, 2021
They have rebranded the company as #OutsourcedDoers - really bad experience with their doer and CS. The task given was a simple copy-paste from website to a Canva template. However the doer keeps changing the template's format + pasting the wrong info. Have tried to communicate and resolve this with their management/CS but the responses were always either weeks late or some yada about their doer being skilled. They will never offer you a refund or free extension of service (for the doer to correct her errors).

TommiPryor November 01, 2021

No, they did not rebrand. Outsourced Doers is a PRODUCT of The Doers Way. That product operates like a temporary help agency. For those wanting a Virtual Assistant to help with digital course development or digital marketing, they train an offshore contract employee gor you in all the areas you need help with. You then pay them monthly for the VA’s remote services. I have been a TDW since 2018. The courses and materials are amazing.

Keep expectations LOW
July 19, 2021

Just want to post some advice on #OutsourcedDoers if you are considering the program. Here's my experience. I hope the moderators do the right thing and do not delete this. This is not trolling, I just want others to have proper expectations.

Our first Doer was pretty great and got us through a ton of video editing for our course. I'd say it was a B+ experience until about 3-4 months in. One Thursday he just didn't show up and didn't check back in until Monday, saying he has a sore throat. Never in my career have I NOT called in immediately if I was sick. Granted, TDW was great in handling this. Since we were having other issues and reliability is super important to us, we decided to let him go and TDW was very understanding. They gave us a free month to onboard a new Doer.

Our next Doer lasted 3 weeks. Her first assignment was part-training and part-marketing. We had her listen to my podcast episodes, starting at episode 1, and pull 2-3 juicy quotes to use in social media. This was off to a slow start. She was pull quotes that made no sense out of context and were really showing a lack of critical thinking. So I invested some more training and gave her tips on how to recognize something important. Like when a guest says "the key thing to remember is X" or "What's important is X" (honestly, it's pretty easy to see what might make a good quote.) I also asked her to pull 10-15 quotes per episode so I could just eliminate 80%.

After a full shift...she has added 3 quotes to the spreadsheet. We did some more training... And after another day... 4 quotes added. We had to let her go...because we just couldn't see a future of her handling more complex tasks. And the Doers way was less gracious about this. We definitely wasted quite a bit of money on this program and did not get the value that we put in.

If you are considering the program, keep your expectations in check. We were sold on the idea that we'd have someone with some critical thinking, someone who eventually could do some basic customer service and even manage our inboxes. There is NO WAY either of our Doers would be able to do this. Even after 4 months I could not imagine handing off my inboxes to my first Doer.

My business is not a simple one. But I did want my doer to understand the basics. Neither could get past the first assignment of our course.

Perhaps we got unlucky with our matches. But please, keep your expectations in check. Do not count on your Doer to do more than completely rote tasks. Data entry, that kind of thing. Basically things that you can't set up with automations (but wish you could). I would not recommend expecting to be able to outsource email, curation, or anything that requires much critical thinking. I truly hope others have had a better experience. But if you are considering OD and have any questions, feel free to message me.

We will see what she delivers... I hope more than the 2000 I just spent investing in myself
March 24, 2021

I wish I had read these reviews before I "bought into the promise."

I tried to cancel... the next day and nope... money went through the bank... and here I am feeling cornered...I am going to use this program for all that I paid for $1997, and there was an additional $16 for something that I now will waste my time asking about...

She better be worth it... I already feel scammed and I haven't opened anything yet...

If she turns out to be as awesome as she says and thinks she is, and if she delivers on her promises... I will have thought of this as a worthy investment. I promise to come back and let you all know.

RenéeWhiten May 18, 2021

Hi Laura! Any updates? Thanks in advance!

DD September 27, 2021

Yes, we have been scammed by this company as well. We've tried to cancel the next day but they won't allow it.

AlixO'Hara March 13, 2022

Thankyou for this review. I've already brought this company to the ACCC for their conduct with me and treatment of my money. It helps to know that I'm not the only one.

May 3, 2020

I was very excited at first after my 5 day challenge. I signed up for a 30 day trial for $1.00 USD. I was told I could cancel within 30 days and not be charged additionally.

I cancelled on time but was charged $197.00 USD which is the monthly fee. They emailed me saying they couldn’t refund or cancel the transaction.

I disputed the charge with AmEx. When I emailed Grace, I was informed there was a permanent error and my email was rejected. Not a good sign. Fingers crossed that my CC company with regain my funds.

There were lots of things that just weren’t right with the way this company does business. Beware.

ChristyPruitt May 17, 2020

Update to a new card at the bank. If they continue to try to charge your account, it won't go thru. Their fraud has pushed you to this (a pain, I know, but document everything).

Thankfully, these type of bank/card charging scams are illegal where I live. Be sure to check your local laws... it may be a good way to get your money back, or stop being drawn, if you provide them with a copy of the specific law and threaten them with fraud charges. I'm sure more than one person would he happy to join you.

Con job - 3hr Workshop
April 3, 2020

Don't waste your precious 3 hrs on the Doers Way so-called online program workshop. In her marketing material she promises is not a marketing webinar, but instead claims you get 3 hrs of value to get your online course happening, and that you will leave the workshop further progressed with your online course. (which was why I signed up despite my gut reaction that it was a just a fancy marketing ploy, but figured I must be wrong when promised it was not a marketing at-us-seminar).

Liar liar pants on fire.

She spends 3 hrs following the usual marketing webinar formula - telling her story (while flaunting her success), she's been in your position, she knows your pain .. bla-bla and then she found THE WAY all through her own efforts and this is what she can teach us, her unique method. (wow a lot of entrepreneurs have that exact same story).

In the workshop there are 2 x 10 min segments to brainstorm your online program ideas, but no guidance for what chapter points should be hitting, or any instruction for writing or structuring your online course.

Then of course the big dollar program marketing at you.

To add to the pain, when you check your bank account and what you thought was a local Australian company and transaction - Aussies you pay the American

dollar cost (higher), plus an international transaction fee.

She promotes her Australian-ness - but her marketing and business style and ideal customer are all American.

Feeling frustrated I fell for it - and rescheduled a client as well to make the time for this huge waste of time and money. However I did get the 'workshop' fee refunded.

You can do better elsewhere to get your online course happening.

KristiDailey August 29, 2020

"Liar liar pants on fire." Haha haha I about spit my coffee out reading this!! Thank you for the heads up! Fire extinguisher

SusanBarbour September 16, 2021

I wish I had done my research before signing away around $5000 AUD for 3 months with a doer, of which I only get 2 months of struggle wasting my time with back & forth messages. And mistakes to correct.

Reading reviews
October 17, 2019
I have always said “Being a mover and a shaker is not for everyone”. There needs to be people for us to move and shake. When you order a program like Grace’s, you don’t do what she tells you! You do what she’s doing!!! She didn’t get a net worth of over $6 billion by saying “ok. Now what?” She does things that haven’t been done yet and then sells it to people who are desperate to change their life. It’s an age old tale. I think she’s “Brilliant!” but I don’t strive to be one of her underlings. I strive to be HER. Well, I still wanna be me...oh, you know what I mean!! When I used to walk into a new job, I assessed the team and decided who’s job I was going to excel to.’s just business. I’ve been a successful work at home business woman for 7 years so all of my efforts puts money in MY pockets. Unfortunately, it took the untimely death of my 29 year old son to wake me up to the fact that I was stuck in a world where I was never gonna get ahead. I was always gonna be exhausted and stressed. And I was gonna miss my grandchildren growing up, just like I missed my son’s. Meanwhile, my boss was vacationing at her timeshare in Belize and I couldn’t afford a night in the Comfort Inn at Ocean City! It’s all changed now, baby!!!!

ShenaKaye November 10, 2019

Big hugs, Bonnie.

I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

Yet, just remember, it takes a very strong person to endure long times of struggle. Then, actively push through a different approach to life for a better outcome.

I'm proud of you!

Great courses
September 10, 2019

This is an online course like any other. Grace shares valuable information for a monthly membership fee. A binder with excercises and the course modules arrives in the mail that can be used when loggin in for your weekly assignment. When I wanted to cancel, I emailed them and it was done within a day. Not sure why pple say this is a scam. Read the terms and conditions carefully.

Happy Customer.