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SilverScript, now part of Aetna, states that they are dedicated to improving quality of life for all Americans with their Medicare Part D prescription plans.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, SilverScript was established in 2006 as an insurer chosen to help launch the Medicare Part D program and has since grown to become America’s largest stand-alone Medicare Part D insurer.

SilverScript says that they offer their customers a choice of two stand-alone prescription drug plans that are designed for people who simply need coverage for a few prescription medications throughout the year, as well as those who need several medications to treat chronic conditions. 

Their website says that their plans offer 3,200 covered prescription drugs with an additional 16% savings available on 90 day supplies, as well as preferred pharmacy pricing with reduced copays and available coverage in the Medicare Coverage Gap. 

And customers shouldn’t have to worry about their pharmacy being included because they promise a nationwide network with over 66,000 pharmacies, meaning that your home pharmacy should be covered, as well as whatever pharmacy you may need to use if and when you travel.     

Cost/Price Plans

Just like any other insurance plan, the specific price that you will be asked to pay in monthly premiums will depend on your own personal information, but their website does say that prospective customers will be able to see estimates of the annual deductible and monthly premium of each plan in your state by entering your zip code.

Their website also says that both of their insurance plans offer a $0 deductible so that customers can access their benefits on Day One. 

Refund Policy

Insurance companies do not provide their customers with a standard Refund Policy the way you might find at different service providers, but they may offer their customers a Cancellation Policy that provides people with a window of time where they can cancel their policy enrollment and receive a refund of their first premium.

Customers may wish to speak to a company representative about this option if they are unsure of whether or not this policy will be the right one for them.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 866-362-6212.


This company doesn’t receive the best reviews at this time, as there are many customers logging complaints about their experiences online.

Most of these complaints are related to this company’s Customer Service team, which is regularly described as being difficult and unhelpful, and other complaints have to do with the costs and coverage of this company. 

Some customers complained that the monthly costs were so high that this coverage simply wasn’t worth it, while others said that they took the available coverage only to find out afterwards that some of their regular prescriptions weren’t even covered by their plan.

The bottom line seems to be that any prospective customer considering this plan will want to work directly with an agent to see exactly how this coverage will and will not meet their needs before they decide to enroll in one of their plans. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different insurance plans which work as additional Medicare coverage and include a Part D prescription plan, so customers who feel that this plan is not right for them will have other options in their state of residence. 

If you have any experience with SilverScript or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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SilverScript Customer Reviews

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The Worst Service And Company I’ve Ever Seen!
January 24, 2023

If I could give Silverscript Aetna a NEGATIVE one million I would. They are liars, unreliable and no one knows what’s going on. This company is going to go down in flames. I don’t know if they are just understaffed or completely inefficient. It wasn’t this way 2 years ago but last year my doctor did have a hard time getting my prescriptions renewed. He kept having to resend and resend and resend a fax with the prescription renewals. I waited 30 minutes going to one rep after another and then when I asked for a supervisor they said I would have to wait 15 minutes. I can’t do that as I am working. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PRESCRIPTION COMPANY. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL.

This is the worst insurance
January 5, 2023
Prescriptions are cheaper without the insurance blood pressure medicine is triple the price with the insurance then without. Something wrong with this picture. Actually -5 stars avoid at all cost they just take advantage

SilverScript/Aetna can NOT BE TRUSTED
December 28, 2022

SilverScript/Aetna and representitive Mel can NOT be trusted! After having difficulty filling a prescription at all my local pharmacies due to no inventory/back ordered, SilverScript offered their own pharmacy, had it in stock and using mail order. I accepted.

When I called again to find out where my prescription was, they lied and told me MY DOCTOR CANCELED THE PRESCRIPTION! I knew it was a flat out ly, my doctor would not do that. I contacted my doctor and they confirmed what I suspected. *

Most interesting is that in Canada the drug I need is in stock and cost 1/5 th the price. Under $200 in Canada and over $1,000 in US for same script.

I've been with SilverScript for many (at least 10) years and deeply regret deciding to stay with them this coming year of 2023.

It's still Decemer of 2022 but beyond the Dec 7th deadline and I'm not allowed to change my prescription coverage and it's not even effective yet. We'll see if there is any retaliation as a result of this review.

Unacceptable patient support.
November 23, 2022
I give them a negative 10. All the numbers I called for help are in a foreign country. They refused to give me a fax number to send my power of attorney for my mom, they refused to let me speak with a supervisor or the supervisor refused to speak with me. Furthermore, my mom has been on Silver Script for several months and yet she has not received her ID card or any other information, they've said they sent it twice. I've never seen such incompetency in the medical field especially for seniors. Absolutely unacceptable patient support.

November 21, 2022
Silver Script pays nothing, we pay them every month, but they claim we never meet our deductible or they dispute our doctors authorization to submit prescriptions.

Bad Business Practice
September 21, 2022

1 star. When I started getting Medicare I chose a part D Drug Plan (Aetna's Sliver Script). Anyway we agreed for the premium to come out of my Social Security Payment....Long Story short. My Mother passed away so I had been away from my home for a couple of months and I received a notice that my premium would be canceled for non payment in the mail......didn't see the notice because I had been out of town.

I understand, if you don't pay your bill things are canceled but we agreed to have my payment come out of my social security. All I am saying is it is bad business, you don't agree to have something come out by autopay and then not take it out and accuse someone of not making a payment.....and now I can't reenroll until Oct 15th for a Prescription Plan....Bad business.

September 14, 2022

I've had many problems with this Silverscript Drug Plan. I can't wait until December, when I can change to another plan. I will never get another plan that uses CVS Caremark. Some of my complaints:

1) I was sent the wrong kind of insulin and it took me 5 months to resolve the issue. I had to file a written complaint and wait and wait until somebody in the complaint dept. resolved the issue in my favor and allowed me to return the drug and get a refund for the money they took out of my credit card. Then just a few days later, another person from Aetna called me and said that he was going to evaluate the complaint. I told him it had already been resolved and gave him the name of the person I had talked with. He had no record of the resolution and said didn't know that person!

2) The CVS Caremark web portal is a disaster. Very user-unfriendly. I don't know how many older people could even use it. It kept creating untimely and unwanted orders for my insulin and "reminding" me to approve the order. I denied the orders because I didn't need any more insulin and in fact had over a 3 months supply at home. I was unable to delete these extra orders from my Caremark portal--in fact, I called customer service to ask how to do it and they didn't know, either!

3) Caremark has very poor customer service. No matter what phone number you call, all of your calls go to the overseas customer service. It isn't the people that are bad, but the policies they have to follow. It seems that they aren't allowed to make big decisions. On one call, I asked to speak to the supervisor and was told that she was too busy to talk to me. I asked to file a written report and the customer service person said SHE had to write it. (She read it back and it wasn't what I wanted her to say.) Then when I asked her for a copy of what she had written, she said that wasn't possible. Be prepared to spend 1/2 to over an hour on the phone with customer service. Nothing is fast.

4) When you ask for a return label to send back your unwanted order, it takes the customer service person about 15 minutes to do the paperwork while you are waiting on the phone in silence. They want to MAIL the return label to a person. (I tried that, and it never arrived in the mail). You have to make a special request to have them email it to you, (another 15 minutes waiting) and then it takes 1-3 days for the email to arrive. Unbelievably inefficient!

5) Despite placing myself on "no automatic refills" I recently received another shipment of insulin that I had neither ordered nor approved and didn't need. My guess is that the Caremark web portal created this unwanted order (this would be the third time) and didn't notify me to either approve or deny it, and just went ahead and sent it. Crazy. I was not on automatic refill and was supposed to be notified by email every time a change was made to my account.

6) The Caremark portal is unable to keep track of any meds I get from a local pharmacy that is not a CVS. I switched my prescriptions from the local CVS to Kroger because the CVS store went out of business. Yet, my web portal keeps saying that I have prescriptions that need to be filled at CVS. Even though the Silverscript plan is paying for the prescriptions I get at my Kroger pharmacy and should know what it has reimbursed, the web portal is not able to keep track of these.

In short, to describe Silverscript and CVS Caremark I would say “the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.”

Worthless Customer Service. What a joke.
August 12, 2022

Existing Aetna SilverScript member, called phone # on card to ask VERY SIMPLE prescription question, was immediately SLAMMED with 3 different pre-recorded sales pitches for unwanted stuff (seriously - sounded like a used car sales commercial "Buy now, now, now,...!!!), hung up before the 4th one started. Found an alternate number, called it, got a Call Center in Philippines, did not help. Total opposite of Customer Service. Will dump these clowns as soon as possible.

Aetna just grabs your $$ with no coverage
June 30, 2022

-1- star because I'm forced to.

I take ZERO prescription medications. I really don't need this coverage. I threw my back out & needed a pain reliever. Went to Walgreens and guess what? $12.38 later I had to pay cash since they are not contracted with AETNA.

So I'm paying AETNA $7 a month for prescriptions I don't own and yet when I had a script I needed Walgreens wouldn't accept AETNA Silver Script. CAN YOU SAY MONEY GRAB BY AETNA?

They're not sending my medications and their website has incorrect info
June 2, 2022

Beyond nightmare and I'm seriously considering contacting a lawyer at this point for negligence and endangerment on the part of Caremark.

The customer service reps are all very nice and trying to help but since I had to start on Silver Script 3 months ago I've had problems getting my prescriptions filled even though my doctors have, at Caremark's request, sent in new prescriptions.

The site shows no refills on anything (not true, I've spoken to my doctors), different Caremark reps provide conflicting information, managers tell me they've corrected the problems, etc.

I still don't have what I need to breathe. Manager swears it will be sent today and I receive an email that says it will be sent almost two months from now.

February 14, 2022

I’ve had SilverScript for a few years. It wasn’t too bad before - when it was just SilverScript, but since Aetna took over it stinks.

I constantly get notices that I haven’t paid my premium for last month when I have. I even made a copies of the last two months checks with the current month’s payment. When I pay my premium they are now trying to charge me a few dollars more each month to cover what?

The prescription costs with them are sky high and I’ve read reviews where some pay out of pocket instead of using them.

Steer clear of this company and you’ll save a lot of wear and tear on yourself.

No Coverage For Some Diabetic Meds And Anticoagulants
November 10, 2021

Do not enroll in this plan if you are diabetic!!! They do not cover trulicity, humulin u-500, or eliquis although coverage is represented on the medicare website. Medicare.Org needs to be more diligent in investigating the accuracy of part d insurer representations of coverage.

Terrible Service
November 6, 2021

My PCP sent in a script on 10/25 ---- it is now 11/6 - 2 weeks later - and it still has not been processed. I called a week ago and was told to "rest assure it will be shipped within 2 day"... I called again today and was told the exact same thing.

How can I believe them when I am getting nothing by a scripted message. I requested to speak to a supervisor and was told that due to Covid they were all working from home - which makes sense.

We are in a renewal period - I will be looking for a new provider - since AETNA took over they have been nothing but a headache.

Sneaky cost change for 2022
October 11, 2021

I bought SilverScript Choice last year because while the monthly payment of about $30 was higher, the deductible for the year was $250. The 2022 Notice of Changes showed a premium increase of about $1 a month.

Great, right? Except, slipped into another part of the notice was that the deductible was up to $480. Factoring the deductible into the calculations, the monthly premium plus deductible was up over $20, or a bit more than a 66% increase.

The SilverScript customer service tried to blame the change on Medicare. I'll be changing providers.

Big Rip Off
February 24, 2021

This PDP is an abomination. You can't even get their formulary and cost list before you purchase it. I have a pending complaint about how my plan (Smart Rx) was misrepresented to me with Medicare and after at least a month have not heard from them.

The reason I bought it in the first place was because it was the highest scored plan recommended thru

the E-Health website. E-Health takes into account all your medications and scores the plan best suited to your needs.

To get to the point, my estimated costs for this year will be 10 times that for last year. Something is very very wrong in the way this plan is represented. There has to be an ombudsman somewhere and, if Medicare does not come thru with an acceptable resolution, I will work at trying to right this egregious wrong.

For the moment, I strongly advise that you run for the hills when you see the brand name Aetna SilverScript. (I believe they recently formed a partnership with CVS.) Seniors living on a limited income must have confidence that E-Health is a reliable source.

Again, this whole hassle has been nothing but an abomination. I also spoke hours on the phone with their reps who can hardly speak English. The irony, when you realize what you've bought into, your health will deteriorate even further and you’ll need them even more.

It seems the only options now are the discount coupon programs. (My doctors, I’m sure, will just love having to call in prescriptions to different pharmacies for each? Where is the accountability?

They will hurt you - Stay Away!
February 8, 2021

We require life saving medications. It took me over 2 months to get a refill of medications taken for 20 years and that they had refilled before. NOTE: These are refills, nothing new. Our doctor's office hates them because of the amount of hassle and repeat calls required.

Don't expect anyone that you call with them to know how to help you or to speak intelligently. I am never rude (it doesn't help), but there staff is incompetent. You can go up the ladder to supervisor (only after an hour on the phone with a first level representative) and the supervisor will read your member web page to you three or four times. What she reads will not match the page you log into.

After over (no kidding) 30 hours invested in phone time, you might (or not) get a prescription filled. It is the worst company I have ever had to deal with.

Crooks in sheeps clothing
January 22, 2021

I was a member for approximately 10 years fell behind 1 payment, received bill for 2 pmnts sent check for 2 pmnts then received call telling me I was cancelled but make 2 pmnts by phone and i did they have 4 pmnts they gave me reinstatement # and transaction # for electronic pmnt told all set, went to pick up meds no ins was cancelled.

For next 3 days 5.5 hrs on phone and flat out lied to had to call medicare for help, they enrolled me in new company silver script has not returned my money and will now not let me speak to anyone in company based in america only what they call my team. Please folks stay away from these foreign based crooks.


moved to tier 3
January 7, 2020

my wife takes crestor generic which in 2019 it was a tier 2 at 13.00 and this year (2020) they moved it to a tier 3 and a 350.00 deductible before coverage. Then it is 47.00 a month after deduct is covered. I got a coupon for good RX and paid cash at Kroger for 21.10 for a 90 day supply.

How can they do this? I also take jardiance which is also a 350.0 deductible and 47.00 a month after deduct is met. Don't know what to do about this. Not much of a savings!

silverscript drug plan
November 22, 2019

The absolute worst, stay away from this as a part d drug plan. Terrible customer service, tried to cancel they put me on hold and never came back on the line. I just sent two registered letters to both addresses- st. Louis, mo. And pittsburg, pa. In reference to ending my business with them as of dec 31 2019.

If I can save anyone from dealing with this corporation I am glad to do so thru this review. This drug plan is administered by cvs caremark. Will not do business with cvs from this day forward.

Carole June 30, 2020

Silver script is a license to steal they charge me 25 dollars a month and 360 dollar deductible. I get 1 prescription every month and for the last 6 years they have charged me 40 dollars a month for 12 pills so I had to cut each pill in half and then after I took all 24 halves And there were days left over every month so I would have to go back to CVS and buy more at 20 dollars a pill. Then I got a letter of the new deductible and they raised my pills to 98 dollars a month for 12 pills and 25 dollar payment every month. I went to another well known pharmacy and asked them how much a month without using silver script and they said 23 dollars a month so.... silver script has made money on me every month for 6 years with CVS

So was I wrong to think Medicare part D is supposed to help me save money?

LarryStaples July 18, 2020

I think we should band together and contact our state AG office and file a class action lawsuit for fraudulent and deceptive advertising, praying on the elderly and disabled.

IrateCustomer June 30, 2022

That is a great idea! I just went on this coverage last year ...

The plan is a money grab. where I live now there are very few CVS pharmacies. Walgreens rejected my recent script for a pain reliever after I pulled a muscle in my back. The worst. what's the penalty for NOT having this coverage?? I WANT MY MONEY BACK: ALL OF IT!

Refuses medications for chronic conditions
July 18, 2019

It is very difficult to get meds for chronic conditions on a consistent basis. You request a refill and they refuse to cover it. At this point you are almost out of meds. They take a long time deciding, deny it several times and finally do the right thing and pay. At this point they send letters to let you know the meds are covered and will be for the foreseeable future. You get 1-2 refills and begin the process again, leaving people without medications needed to live

I would never get this plan. It is a nightmare and causes anxiety and fear for absolutely no reason other than at every level they refuse to go back through their own notes. My husband retired from New York State and we are forced into this plan because the state doesn't consider whether we get meds or not.



Charles RLanier Jr October 31, 2019

Have you tried GoodRX ?