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About Car Sales Car Sales is a website and company which says that they are “rethinking car ownership” by giving both car buyers and sellers a simpler, more convenient way of working with car transactions.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, is “bringing trust and simplicity to the used car market” and turning what used to be thought of as a “burdensome event” into a delightful experience.

To do this, they began by working with algorithms that regularly track market pricing of all used vehicles currently for sale, so they can provide their car sellers with a real market value of their car in just two minutes’ worth of answering questions. 

Once a car is listed on their digital marketplace, Car Sales will officially take over the management of your sale. Their “Car Enthusiasts” will physically bring the car to the homes of potential buyers who are interested in it and they will facilitate a test drive and answer all questions. They will also manage the pricing negotiation if a customer is interested in making an offer. 

They also offer their buyers the benefit of knowing that every car which is sold on the Shift platform has gone through a 200-point inspection, which all customers will have access to. They also promise to carefully review service records, vehicle history reports, and any other important ownership details.  

Cost/Price Plans

Using this website to look for cars that are currently for sale and which you might be interested in buying is completely free of charge. What sellers will pay for this platform to manage their car sale is a little less clear. 

When this company launched, they announced that their car sellers would be “guaranteed” a minimum sale amount, and when they sold a car for more than the guaranteed amount, this profit would be split between and the seller. 

However, the goal of was always to move away from this kind of earnings structure and to instead earn their money from the different optional services they provide to car owners and sellers, like mechanical or body work. It is unclear if they have officially made this move yet. 

Refund Policy

This website does not appear to post an official “Refund Policy,” per se, which is not uncommon for a company that deals with vehicle sales. They do, however, tell their car sellers that all payments will be held for up to 7 days to ensure that the car buyer does not change their mind and arrange to return the car, so it does appear that buyers have a small window in which to return the car if something occurs to change their circumstances.           

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected]  


This platform currently only operates in select cities in California, so it is not that surprising that there are not many reviews available from customers who have used this service to buy or sell a car at this time. 

That being said, the few reviews which are available do appear to be very positive in nature, both from car buyers and from car sellers, and most car sellers do say that they were able to sell their car during the initial 30 days of listing.

Competitors and Alternatives?

Actually, there are many, many different websites that facilitate the sale of private owned cars to new customers, including and, and even websites that work with dealerships will also facilitate sales between private buyers and sellers, like or Yahoo Auto.

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Car Sales reviews below.

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