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Website: Car Sales is a website and company which says that they are “rethinking car ownership” by giving both car buyers and sellers a simpler, more convenient way of working with car transactions.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, is “bringing trust and simplicity to the used car market” and turning what used to be thought of as a “burdensome event” into a delightful experience.

To do this, they began by working with algorithms that regularly track market pricing of all used vehicles currently for sale, so they can provide their car sellers with a real market value of their car in just two minutes’ worth of answering questions. 

Once a car is listed on their digital marketplace, Car Sales will officially take over the management of your sale. Their “Car Enthusiasts” will physically bring the car to the homes of potential buyers who are interested in it and they will facilitate a test drive and answer all questions. They will also manage the pricing negotiation if a customer is interested in making an offer.  


They also offer their buyers the benefit of knowing that every car which is sold on the Shift platform has gone through a 200-point inspection, which all customers will have access to. They also promise to carefully review service records, vehicle history reports, and any other important ownership details.  

Cost/Price Plans

Using this website to look for cars that are currently for sale and which you might be interested in buying is completely free of charge. What sellers will pay for this platform to manage their car sale is a little less clear. 

When this company launched, they announced that their car sellers would be “guaranteed” a minimum sale amount, and when they sold a car for more than the guaranteed amount, this profit would be split between and the seller. 

However, the goal of was always to move away from this kind of earnings structure and to instead earn their money from the different optional services they provide to car owners and sellers, like mechanical or body work. It is unclear if they have officially made this move yet. 

Refund Policy

This website does not appear to post an official “Refund Policy,” per se, which is not uncommon for a company that deals with vehicle sales. They do, however, tell their car sellers that all payments will be held for up to 7 days to ensure that the car buyer does not change their mind and arrange to return the car, so it does appear that buyers have a small window in which to return the car if something occurs to change their circumstances.           

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected]  


This platform currently only operates in select cities in California, so it is not that surprising that there are not many reviews available from customers who have used this service to buy or sell a car at this time. 

That being said, the few reviews which are available do appear to be very positive in nature, both from car buyers and from car sellers, and most car sellers do say that they were able to sell their car during the initial 30 days of listing.

Competitors and Alternatives?

Actually, there are many, many different websites that facilitate the sale of private owned cars to new customers, including and, and even websites that work with dealerships will also facilitate sales between private buyers and sellers, like or Yahoo Auto.

If you have experience with Car Sales, please leave your reviews below.

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They do not stand up to the claim with satisfaction within a week of purchase.
August 27, 2021

We purchased a car from Shift (2015 Honda Odyssey) that had some broken motor mounts, tires out of balance, brakes that have about 30 days left of life. I originally was not going to purchase the warranty but within two hours of driving we decided that something was not right as it was apparent while driving.

We called back shift on the next business day and added the warranty after some haggling due to not buying the package the same day they tried to increase the rate for the warranty on me at which point I told them that they would need to start processing the return under the 7 day satisfaction guarantee. Once I had made my intention to return the car known if I was not given the deal for the warranty they then offered it to me for the discounted rate.

Fast forward, I took the van to Beaverton Honda in Beaverton, OR as directed by a shift customer service advisor Britney. The vehicle has $2240 repairs needed and shift has not given the confirmation to fix my vehicle in four business days.

At this point I am going to share this review everywhere I can to discourage people from getting sucked into their falsely advertised low price (each car comes with a shift service fee of $1250 which was not posted on the original listing). Their customer service has been slow processing and if their policy claims to stand by satisfaction this claim needs to be lived up to.


PS. I have been on hold with Shift for 20 minutes today trying to get answers and it feels like I am being put on the back burner!

Could not sell me a car in my state of Georgia
August 19, 2021

Put a deposit on a car, and was told that would be contacted to finalize the purchase. After not hearing from them for a day I decided to try and give them a call. All automated and long hold times.

I finally got a call from a representative 5 to 6 days later and missed the call. I tried calling back and could not get anybody peered after about two weeks I finally was able to get a hold of somebody and they told me I could not buy a car in their state.

I started reading reviews online and read a whole bunch about screwing up registrations and lack of ability to talk to a person.

Buy elsewhere
August 12, 2021

Worst car buying experience ever. It's been ninety days since I received the car and they still have not even sent my registration paperwork to my state. Every time I call for an update they tell me it's with their "doc team" that I can't speak with. All I can do is tell their useless people who answer the phone to send them a message requesting an update.

And EVERY single time they assure me I'll get a reply with a status update within two days. I've called about ten times over the last 45 days trying to JUST get a status update, and they have yet to ever call me back, send me an email, or give me an answer more than "we'll send a message to our document team."

Currently I am paying on a car that I am unable to drive because these morons can't get the easiest task of sending paperwork done. BUY A CAR SOMEWHERE ELSE

Worst experience ever!
June 3, 2021

Buying a used car from has been the worst car buying experience I’ve ever had. I bought a car in March and they still have not sent a clean title to my lender. Over three months and all I get from customer service is the run a round every time. They are unresponsive and never resolve anything. Apparently, there is no supervisor or manager to contact. RUN away from this company as fast as possible. If I could leave a zero I definitely would.

Buyer BEWARE!! Get everything in writing and have car checked during 7 day return window
April 14, 2021

Buyer BEWARE!! I purchased a 2013 Audi A7 from shift on 3/18/21. When the car was delivered to me I noticed a few features were not included that they advertised online. I contacted my sales agent that same day and she told me someone would call me within 48 hours. 4 days go by and nothing. I call in and speak to another rep who says the same thing. Again no one calls me. So I file a complaint and a review with BBB. I get a call the very next morning.

After some back and forth Rafael from their Customer loyalty team refunds me $500. Fast forward to the week of 4/5. I have the vehicle fully serviced at an Audi dealership. During the service they notice 3 different things that were wrong with the vehicle. One of them causing me to not be about to drive the vehicle. So I get the car on 3/18 and it goes into the shop on 4/5 for servicing. That is 19 days I have owned the car. And Shift says that the issues which include from worst to least is

1.Fluid migration to where steering fluid is leaking into the transmission valve (undrivable)

2. Engine mounts are sagging and leaking.

3. Upper and lower arm bushings are torn, are from me driving the car during those 19 days.

I have an email from Rafael who said he would have shift pay the cost for the repairs done by Audi as long as he got a diagnosis. Well when I sent him the repair cost of $5000 and diagnosis the script totally changed. He offered to have the car inspected by his mechanics who couldn't even find the issues prior to sell. I told him I was not interested.

He then offered me a breakdown of what his mechanics would charge for labor and parts. It was a fraction of the cost of Audi's so I don't trust that I will get a warranty on the labor or parts and I have a good feeling their parts are not going to be OEM. He offered me $1200 dollars to compensate for the $5000 I was quoted from Audi..

I have already come out of pocket $1700 to fix the major issue so that I can drive the car. I have hired an attorney and I guess I am going to have to spend more money. But it will be well worth it to expose this company. I have photos and documentation from Audi showing that these issues have been going on for some time. I even emailed them to Rafael.

Kevin C May 24, 2021

Wow I am not using this Shift ..$5000 a lot of cash ..

April 6, 2021
I’ll add my 2 cents to all the negative reviews. They totally screwed up my Arizona registration. I bought a car in December, and they didn’t submit the AZ application until April. Because of the virus, I couldn’t visit my aging mother for a year, and thanks to Shift’s incompetence, I still can’t. And communication has been horrible! They won’t tell me what’s going on!

High Risk to Seller!
March 27, 2021

Require you to sign Power of Attorney and sign the car over without listing mileage and sales date. I would not take that risk. Rep got angry when I questioned it and did not put me in touch with a supervisor. You also don't get any copies of what you sign. Try to find out info on their process online - you can't. Thank Heavens for reviews that provided some clarity.

They take your car while it still officially belongs to you, check it out further (then potentially change the price they offer!) and then use the Power of Attorney you signed to change over the title. That's a whole lot of trust they ask of you!

What if anything happens while they drive off your property?

No thanks. Very high risk transaction! Seller BEWARE!

Bait and switch
March 26, 2021

Vanessa from Shift was very proactive prior to selling me my vehicle. There were issues with the financing that changed my terms but I was willing to overlook that because I really wanted the car. But after receiving my vehicle on a Friday I communicated with Vanessa that same day to let her that some of the features that were advertised on the vehicle were not actually a part of the vehicle. She told me not to worry and that she would have someone call me.

Well Sunday rolls around and no one has called so I call myself and speak to a young lady that said she would forward my concern to the sales team since they are the only ones that could make help with this.

As of today (Thursday) no one has called me. So I called again and spoke to another young lady that said the sales team said there was nothing they could do since it was post-purchase. But she said she would look further into it and get back to me. I don't think she will. I love the car, wish I had the features they listed when selling it. I would stray away from they seem to do the bait and switch. They will most likely call me after my 7 day return had expired.

Also another thing. Do not, DO NOT purchase the extended warranties or dent protection. If you read the contracts they hardly cover anything. The warranty on the drivetrain states you must show detailed proof of maintenance done on the car since it was first driven..... Well we are buying used cars. We don't have that info.

And the dent protection well only cover dents up to 2 inches and if there is paint removed due to the dent then forget it you are not covered. Same goes for the chip in the windshield. Only covers 2 inches and it cannot be a crack. Only a chip caused by anything other than rocks, road debris, trees...etc. The warranties aren't worth anything. Just Google the warranty companies before you decide to purchase it

They are super shady
June 17, 2019

This company is incredibly shady, first they quoted me $5,000 for my 2011 Dodge caliber in fair condition. Figured I'd go forward with it. Then after I booked the appointment I got a message an hour later it would be $4800. Which was for no reason at all. The acouple days later I get a call and the gal said that since the milage was incorrect, it would bump down $4800.... Ok that's fine seeing how they changed the quote to that anyway for no reason at all. Then 5 hours later I get a text from.some guy who can't get his story straight at all. And says now it's down to $4200... Why? Because of the milage. If a company cannot keep their story straight, what makes me.think I'll even get paid after I sign the vehicle over?

Don't trust these hacks