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One good review for shift.
December 7, 2023
I am going to be devils advocate here and give shift a good review. I know they are in bankruptcy. I bought my 2013 BMW from there, it only had 22,000 miles on it. I live in North Carolina and I experienced the same title problems everyone describes, however shift first told me they would reimburse my ubers, but then they rented me a car for a month. The car I got from them is honestly one of the best vehicles I have ever bought, it was like brand new when I received it. So I can't say I was as unhappy or had bad dealings with them like everyone else.

Don’t do it
September 28, 2023

My experience with the BMW 4 series convertible hard top that I purchased from Shift has been nothing short of a nightmare. I’ve only had this car for one year, and it’s been a constant source of frustration. First and foremost, Shift’s customer service is abysmal. They never answer my emails or calls, leaving me feeling completely ignored and helpless.

The condition of the car itself is appalling. The driver’s seat appears to have been hastily painted with upholstery paint, and now it’s peeling off, making it look like a disaster. They didn’t stop there; they also sprayed paint on the steering wheel and belt buckle, further adding to the eyesore.

To make matters worse, the car didn’t even come with basic amenities like car mats. I had to spend an additional $1,500 just two months after purchasing it because there were eight gallons of water in the side panel door due to neglected drains. The Bluetooth connection is utterly unreliable, disconnecting after a mere 20 minutes. The air conditioning and heater are equally problematic, failing to function properly.

Shift claimed to have replaced the spark plugs, but a visit to the shop revealed they had only been cleaned, not replaced as promised. The back seat’s middle armrest is completely broken, and the plastic piece where a car seat should securely attach is missing its cover.

As if these issues weren’t enough, the trunk hydraulics are non-functional. When the car was delivered, it was covered in unsightly brown spots that required nine hours of scrubbing with rubbing alcohol to make it somewhat presentable. And to top it all off, two of the tires in the back had no air.

I’ve reached out to Shift multiple times, but they’ve shown no interest in resolving any of these issues or even returning my calls and emails. I strongly advise against going down this path. I’m incredibly upset and feel trapped in a vehicle that’s become a financial and emotional burden. Avoid this car and this seller at all costs!

The worst experience in dealers
June 15, 2023

OMG, where do I even start with I was so hopeful, y'all. Their website looked legit, they promised no-hassle car buying, and I was like, "Sign me up!"

But boy, was I wrong! The dude who showed up to show me the car knew less about it than I did. Late, unprepared, and acted like he didn't even wanna be there. Still, I bought a car. Mistake? Yeah, you bet!

They boasted about this 'big deal' 150-point inspection, but lemme tell you, my 6-year-old niece could've done a better job. The car was gross, not cleaned properly, and the mechanical issues - don't even get me started! Squeaky brakes, weird transmission, and tires on the edge of being bald. I mean, what were they even inspecting?!

When I rang 'em up, customer service didn't give two hoots. Kept passing me around like a hot potato. Tried returning the car - nope, not happening. Turns out their return policy is just decoration.

And their financial department? Late on paying off my old car loan, messing with my credit score. Their reason? "Oopsie-daisy, human error". Seriously?!

I'm stuck with this lemon, and they won't even help fix it. So, save yourselves the trouble. If you want a car, run as far away from as you can! Don't fall for it like I did.

Worst dealership I've been with
June 10, 2023

Rating: 0.5/5

It's said that with every sunrise comes a new day filled with fresh opportunities and challenges. Unfortunately, my interaction with has made me realize that some challenges are needlessly complex, burdensome, and entirely avoidable. A meandering saga that veered wildly off the path of customer satisfaction, my experience with this establishment felt like a chaotic symphony performed without a conductor.

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by a palpable air of indifference that hung over the showroom floor like a thick fog. Notwithstanding, I was able to secure a transaction that, in hindsight, would become the source of my current distress.

The car I purchased, which was presented to me as a fully functional and well-maintained vehicle, turned out to be an automotive nightmare. The transmission was more akin to a time bomb with its imminent failure hidden from the unsuspecting buyer. With no forewarning, the transmission gave up the ghost within a week of the purchase, leaving me stranded on the side of a bustling highway. The costs and inconvenience of repairing this significant issue came as an unanticipated and unwelcome surprise.

But the hits kept coming. Next up was the registration. One would reasonably expect that an established dealership would be conversant with the nuances of local DMV processes, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition of ownership. Alas, the registration process was a disaster of epic proportions. It was a Dantean journey through the abyss of administrative chaos, marred by miscommunication, unmet promises, and a general air of inefficiency. The long-drawn process left me grappling with a veritable avalanche of paperwork, heightened stress levels, and countless wasted hours.

In my quest for resolutions, I was met with dismissive customer service representatives who displayed a masterful talent for evasion and deflection. Trying to speak to a manager felt akin to seeking an audience with the Wizard of Oz, an elusive figure always just out of reach. Calls went unanswered, emails disappeared into the void, and the promised assistance turned out to be nothing more than an exercise in shadow boxing.

Furthermore, the dealership's general lack of transparency was profoundly unsettling. It was as if they were adhering to a playbook titled 'How to Erode Customer Trust in Five Easy Steps.' The transmission failure was certainly not an overnight occurrence, suggesting that either they were utterly oblivious to the car's condition (indicating gross incompetence) or intentionally obfuscating the truth (implying unethical practices). Either way, it's a damning indictment of the dealership's modus operandi.

One cannot but wonder how many other customers have found themselves caught in the undertow of this dealership's ineptitude, left to grapple with the aftermath of poor service, shoddy vehicle conditions, and bureaucratic nightmares. The silver lining, if there is one, is the bitter lesson learned about the importance of thorough pre-purchase checks, and the grim reminder that all that glitters is not gold.

In summary, my experience with is one best forgotten, a detour on the road of life that led me into the swamplands of disappointment. This review is a cautionary tale for future customers. Remember, a car purchase is a significant investment, one that should be approached with due diligence and caution. As such, I urge potential buyers to tread carefully when considering as a purveyor of their next automotive purchase. After all, there are plenty of other establishments out there who value the pillars of honesty, efficiency, and stellar customer service.

Read the reviews: You will have title issues
August 5, 2022

Wow, the first time I have ever been treated rudely by someone trying to sell me a vehicle. I have a pre-approval for 20K and they will not accept BECAUSE it will require them to provide the title to close the deal.

Please READ THE REVIEWS, there are many people who do not receive their title when they get their vehicle.

ZERO Customer Service, and you need that with this type of auto service
July 12, 2022

The background is that I have a co-signer in CA while I'm in AZ.

I explained this from day one, gave separate addresses etc.

The registration docs were sent only to me, I called the hour I received it, and asked them to send the other portion to my co-signer. It was very difficult to get through to anyone that could help. They had me email Joshua (Document Operations Lead). I did, and explained the situation(via email). I sent in my portion to Shift Last Thursday and also smogged the vehicle. I sent pictures of the certificate to Joshua

On Tuesday he was asking if I ever sent the docs to Shift although I had given him the FedEX tracking # and saw that it was delivered the next day on Friday morning, and what's worse is that nothing had been sent to my co-consigner. This was a 25+ email exchange, at which point I simply asked him to, "Please call me". I had alluded to this about four times before, but finally demanded a call because of the continued miscommunication.

I called the main number again, and a woman claiming to be a supervisor said she would call me back with more info, but never did.

There is more, but that's a taste of what has been happening to just have my vehicle registered.

The employees are either overwhelmed with their workload to pay proper attention to the needs of the customer or they are woefully under qualified to do their jobs.

Either way this is completely unacceptable, especially because I have a limited number of days to register my car so that I can legally drive it.

New plates/tags etc.


It's now 5 Days later, and I finally received my temporary License plates, but low and behold the address on the registration is incorrect(it was a completely different address).

I emailed Joshua, but he is on vacation and didn't leave another contact to reach out to besides the generic 800 SHIFT number. So I called anyway, and waited for 45 minutes before just leaving a message.

NEVER buy anything from this Mickey Mouse, fly by night company that would rather make a buck over employing a competent staff that doesn't burn bridges with its customers.

NEVER AGAIN - Use any other company but SHIFT.

I should have known from the bad reviews.

Shady at best
June 4, 2022

Shady at best. I had been working online with a buyer who provided me with a "no haggle" offer after I had provided my vehicles VIN and details. My car has a clear title, no accidents, and low mileage, two key fobs, etc.. My offer was $18,400.

I scheduled an appointment to go in person to meet with a concierge and, upon arrival, was told my offer had been lowered to $17,600 site unseen. They were not at all prepared to change their story even after showing them I had a firm offer of $18,400 in writing.

Total waste of time. I would not recommend this business nor will I ever use them in the future.

Bankruptcy can't come soon enough for SHIFT
June 2, 2022

Bought a vehicle at end of march 2022. They're very intensive until purchase is final then watch out. It's now June 2nd and my state still has not received sales tax or registration. I call shift nearly everyday and get different BS answers. currently they state it should be complete within 25 business days...

Do Not Sell Or Buy From Them, Check Reviews
April 19, 2022

Let me start with the selling your car process...

So I decided I was going with shift because they offered me 500 more than what carvana did, I've sold other cars to Carvana and they were on point, but I just wanted a bit more money and that was my mistake.

First off, the inspector calls me and says he wanted to come early, was gonna take an uber? So I agree and I'm waiting for a guy to get dropped off but instead got this guy who was walking up the block ( I guess he got dropped off in the corner?) So he test drives it, comes back, does all he needed to do to do his job. Had me sign some documents on the ipad etc...

They came and inspected my car, had me sign documents, took my social security, bank information, and drove my car away. A few days gone by, no email, no communication, and I'm simply waiting for my funds to come in and NOTHING... I decided to call because I was getting a bit nervous about getting scammed and customer service lady transfer me to a "supervisor" who tells me she was on vacation and to tell me my car was rejected? I'm confused and then I'm mad...

What kind of mickey mouse company is this? Save yourself the headache and Stick to carmax and carvana y'all, don't sell to this scam company...smh...

Horrible Experience
February 8, 2022

STAY AWAY! I had a rep from come out and quote me $30,100 for the 2018 Chevy Silverado. I told the guy, (who was very nice and the best person I dealt with at Shift) I needed to speak with my wife and go from there. he said fine no problem.

The next day I text the same rep that gave me the quote and asked if it would be the same if I traded the vehicle. He said he would check, but thought it would be. 3 days go by and I heard nothing. So I decided to go ahead and start a purchase online for a car I really liked.

I go through the whole process and put a $250 deposit on the vehicle. The next day a rep calls me to go over my purchase. He tells me that since the vehicle I picked was not local they would have to do 2 transactions, one to buy my truck and then another to purchase their vehicle.

He said he would have to wait up to 10 days to get my title from my bank once they pay it off, then they would send me a check of the balance. At that point I would then use the balance from my truck to purchase the vehicle from them.

I have bought and sold MANY vehicles in my life and have NEVER traded in a vehicle and not left the same day with a replacement. I told the guy I was not at all comfortable with this. So he agreed to refund me the $250 and said if I found a vehicle on a local lot I could just do one transaction and have the car the day I trade my truck.

Ok great I said. I looked at their local lot and found a vehicle I liked. I again go through the whole online process again and put the $250 deposit down. A day later a girl calls me and says she's ready to go over the purchase and trade and finalize my deal.

She again tells me we have to do 2 transactions!!! I said why the vehicle is on my local lot so whats the issue. She couldn't give me a straight answer and says she will have to call me back, that was 3 days ago.

I have called several times, sent several emails and NO ONE has called me back or returned an email. I advise any and EVERYONE to steer clear of this place!!! Just a poorly run company! Now I see why just about everyone I spoke with sounded shady.

Get the Premium Ins.
February 1, 2022

Was professional with attitude and prompt. Taking my car to have checked out, within the 7 days to Hanford CA dealership. Same as any other car leasing company, I bet the car is in good shape, do yourself a favor, get the Premium Insurance, no worries. No bizarre story here.

Don’t hold your breath
December 19, 2021
We sold my car to them over a week ago as a trade in for one of their cars. It was supposed to arrive a week later. It hasn’t even shipped yet and we keep having to chase them down for information. They can’t tell us anything. I’m starting to wonder if it will ever actually get here. In the meantime I am without a car.

Terrible. Go elsewhere
December 15, 2021

Bought our car from the Whittier location at the end of June 2021. It is now December 2021 and we still dont have our registration, and no it is not the DMV's fault.

After having the car for a few months I was pulled over and the officer informed me that the car had not been registered in our name and was still in the previous owners name. I was pulled over for not having a license plate. They also failed to give us a paper one. One shift employee said they do not give those out and another employee said that they do.

We informed Shift of this situation. They told us our paper work had been "misplaced". They also would not answer any phone calls. Only communicate through emails. After numerous emails and months they blamed it on a "third party" that handles paper work.

It is now December 15 2021 and we are still waiting. They have now said that our paper work is officially done and the case is closed. In my opinion it is not closed until I have my registration in hand.

Dont buy from them. There are many dealerships out there. Save yourself from dealing with this. We have been making payments on a car that has been sitting in our driveway for the last 3 months.

Imcompetence Masquerading as a Car Company
December 13, 2021

I use my car to earn a living, Shift screwed me out of thousands of dollars by delaying the sale and ultimately selling me a shoddy car. The way this company operates should be illegal, but it’s not. So be careful when buying from them.

At first, the most striking part of buying from was the lack of malice you typically expect from car sellers. Instead, almost every problem—of which there were many—was caused by incompetence. First, there was a two-week delay in getting the car to me. I had to jump through a ton of hoops to use an outside financier, then they delayed the purchase because of some work on the car. Every day I called I was told that it should only be another day or two. For two weeks.

After I finally purchased the car, my inspection revealed their “repairs” were shoddy and there was about $2000 of work still needing done. This was where I began to see their malice. Of course, because shift is so lazily run, I was responsible for taking the car to a shop and getting an estimate. After sending that in I heard again that it would be 24 hours for an update. Three days later, after emailing every day, I still hadn’t heard. So, I called them to hear they refused to pay for the work.

Do not buy from

Under no circumstances whatsoever.
November 3, 2021
Deposit was paid late August. Paperwork was finalized early September. Vehicle was received in Mid September without temporary tag of any kind. It is now November and Shift has been unable/unwilling to complete registration. I've found out today that they sent registration to the wrong state office. More delays. May not be registered until December. Multiple finance and insurance payments have been made for a car just collecting dust.

One of the worst experiences I've had with a company
October 14, 2021

Just like their similar companies, offered a price online to buy our car. Because they offered to come to our house (rather than us going to a dealership) for their car evaluation, we set up an appointment with their representative. When the representative completed his appraisal, he presented us with an offer, and we accepted. He then explained that he'd be taking our car, and we'd be receiving an email with payment arrangements 24 hour after that!

Whomever has ever heard of anything like that? To give someone your car, along with title and keys, and not receive your money right then? Needless to say, we said, NO. The representative said he'd understand, and that it was OK and left.

Later on, per a telephone conversation we had with a SHIFT customer support representative, they explained that Shift would give us the notice of an ACH right before they take the car, and that we could check with our bank of the ACH's validity; so we agreed to have another appointment.

Another representative showed up, went through the car again, and offered the same price as the previous representative had offered. He then proceeded with asking for our DL, Registration and Title. He had us sign the DMV sale documents and the title. I kept asking for the ACH to ask our bank, but he kept telling me that there were certain steps he had to go through to get to that point. After signing the title, he told us that the price was offering then was $300 lower than the amount previously agreed on.

He also told us to contact customer service (which usually takes about 30 minutes to answer) if we didn't agree. So much of my time had been wasted until then, that again, we told him to proceed with the new offer. He had us sign a document accepting that price. He then presented another document for our signature that basically read if they could find anything wrong with the car (BASED ON SHIFT'S SOLE DISCRETION), they could refuse the sale.

Are you asking for a guarantee on a 10-year old car? Are you serious? At this time we were so aggravated by this step-by-step degrading of their customer by, that we told the representative we would NEVER sell our car to a cover-up artist of a company such as Shift. Altogether, as mentioned previously, the worst experience I have had with a company.

They do not stand up to the claim with satisfaction within a week of purchase.
August 27, 2021

We purchased a car from Shift (2015 Honda Odyssey) that had some broken motor mounts, tires out of balance, brakes that have about 30 days left of life. I originally was not going to purchase the warranty but within two hours of driving we decided that something was not right as it was apparent while driving.

We called back shift on the next business day and added the warranty after some haggling due to not buying the package the same day they tried to increase the rate for the warranty on me at which point I told them that they would need to start processing the return under the 7 day satisfaction guarantee. Once I had made my intention to return the car known if I was not given the deal for the warranty they then offered it to me for the discounted rate.

Fast forward, I took the van to Beaverton Honda in Beaverton, OR as directed by a shift customer service advisor Britney. The vehicle has $2240 repairs needed and shift has not given the confirmation to fix my vehicle in four business days.

At this point I am going to share this review everywhere I can to discourage people from getting sucked into their falsely advertised low price (each car comes with a shift service fee of $1250 which was not posted on the original listing). Their customer service has been slow processing and if their policy claims to stand by satisfaction this claim needs to be lived up to.


PS. I have been on hold with Shift for 20 minutes today trying to get answers and it feels like I am being put on the back burner!

Could not sell me a car in my state of Georgia
August 19, 2021

Put a deposit on a car, and was told that would be contacted to finalize the purchase. After not hearing from them for a day I decided to try and give them a call. All automated and long hold times.

I finally got a call from a representative 5 to 6 days later and missed the call. I tried calling back and could not get anybody peered after about two weeks I finally was able to get a hold of somebody and they told me I could not buy a car in their state.

I started reading reviews online and read a whole bunch about screwing up registrations and lack of ability to talk to a person.

Buy elsewhere
August 12, 2021

Worst car buying experience ever. It's been ninety days since I received the car and they still have not even sent my registration paperwork to my state. Every time I call for an update they tell me it's with their "doc team" that I can't speak with. All I can do is tell their useless people who answer the phone to send them a message requesting an update.

And EVERY single time they assure me I'll get a reply with a status update within two days. I've called about ten times over the last 45 days trying to JUST get a status update, and they have yet to ever call me back, send me an email, or give me an answer more than "we'll send a message to our document team."

Currently I am paying on a car that I am unable to drive because these morons can't get the easiest task of sending paperwork done. BUY A CAR SOMEWHERE ELSE

Worst experience ever!
June 3, 2021

Buying a used car from has been the worst car buying experience I’ve ever had. I bought a car in March and they still have not sent a clean title to my lender. Over three months and all I get from customer service is the run a round every time. They are unresponsive and never resolve anything. Apparently, there is no supervisor or manager to contact. RUN away from this company as fast as possible. If I could leave a zero I definitely would.