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Website: is a site that connects travelers who have pets to pet sitters in their local area. Although dog sitting is the primary service provided by their hosts, they also offer dog walking services and pet care for other animals such as cats and birds.

Many pet owners are not comfortable letting their dogs sit in kennels while they are away. Boarding pets can be risky, as you don’t know the health of the other dogs in the facility and don’t know if your pet is being properly cared for.

Dogs can also feel anxiety when they are boarded and may lead to them acting out their frustrations when they arrive back home. They may chew on things and cause other types of mischief they may not have done prior.

The cost of hiring a sitter on typically ranges from $20-$60 per day. There are no fees for pet owners or sitters to set up an account on; however, they take 15% of the sitters’ earnings when processing their payments. 


The cost of boarding your dog may or may not be cheaper depending on the additional services you request. Fees for additional walks, treats and extra playtime are typically required, these fees can add up quickly.’s registered users can locate and book sitters through the website. To find available sitters you will enter in your city of residence and the dates you will be away for.

Once you have narrowed down your options, you can browse through each ones’ profiles. They will include pictures, pay rates, a description of themselves and their qualifications.

While some of the sitters may have reviews from prior jobs, some of them won’t have any. Regardless, set up a time to meet with them and let them meet your pup.

The sitters on are required to submit an application and be approved by the Rover team, to become a host. All sitters must comply with local, federal and state regulations regard the care and safety of all animals.

Sitters who have proven themselves, to be trustworthy and responsible, can advance their status to become a Rover Pack member.

To be eligible for the Rover Pack program, sitters must have completed two successful jobs, they must display a great profile, and they must have a protection package. If they meet these initial requirements they may submit an application and continue forward with Rover’s extensive review process.

Rover Pack members are afforded with more sitting opportunities due to the perks they receive. They are entitled to priority on the last minute request list, they are given a profile boost and they are also rewarded with a custom URL profile.

Online reviews showed that customers were pleased with the services provided by Rover sitters. Not only did they feel comfortable leaving their dog with the sitter, but they also came back to a happy, well taken care of, doggy.

If you have experience with or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Stay Away!
August 28, 2021

Stay away from this company!

I have a one year old Golden Retrevior named Bear, and we signed up for the dog walking service in May 2021. Our dog walker was named Danielle and she provided great service all the way up to this week, when for out of the blue I get this email from Rover. Com saying my services have been cancelled due to non payment for the days of August 16,18,20,23 and 25, 2021. Below is the message I received....

"We’re writing to let you know that your Rover account has been closed due to a violation of our Terms of Service related to unpaid services. Specifically, the service with Danielle for August 16, 18, & 20 (3 days), and 23 & 25 (2 days). Your recurring booking has been cancelled.

While your account is closed at this time, if you would like to continue to use Rover, please respond directly to this message so we can discuss completing payment for services provided. Your account must be paid in full to regain access to your account."

All the best,


Rosemarie D.

Rover Support

This had been paid and sent Rosemarie the screen shot of this payment. She does reply back stating thanks and saw it had been paid. She then wants screen shots for all my payments since May 2021, even though their own payment history website under my account shows those payments were paid by my credit card.

All my dog walking services were cancelled that day. Thankfully I was in town and was able to walk Bear and not out of town on business. They just left me high and dry with no dog walks for Bear even though everyone must pay a week in advance. Of course since I paid a week in advance I'm out the money they charged.

I contacted the customer service department several times, but no one responds and they seem to not want the business.

I did check on the internet after this happened and saw many negative reviews out there, so now after reading all of those, I will not be going back to this service for the safety of Bear.

Go elsewhere
August 27, 2021
Provided information about the date and services I needed. Respondents could accommodate neither. Site misrepresents its capabilities. Seems to do better at collecting personal information than doing anything else

Kept my keys
June 11, 2021
I can't get my keys back from the sitter. Now i have to rekey my lock and pay $75 for the missing key fob. I reported it several times and was ignored. Don't use them, it's not as ethical as they pretend to be. I'm furious!!

Can not get paid...
April 7, 2021

I did an excellent dog sitting task. is insisting that I have a Paypal account to get paid. I was once ripped off by paypal and want nothing to do with them. They never mentioned that up front. They requested a w9 which I sent. They now state that they need to verify my w9. I would never submit a false w9.

If I do not get paid I will seek every legal remedy available to me to legally compel to pay me what I am owed.

Beware of Carla B. con artist
March 28, 2020
I have had the worst experience with one of Rover's sitters, Carla B. She works in the States (Atlanta, GA) and Canada (west coast and Ontario), so be aware if you come across her name. 2 things to be aware of, she is a CON ARTIST pretending to be a pet sitter, she abandoned my pets after 1 day of sitting (which was when I was already out of the country so was helpless) and she fakes an emergency to end the job. First she wanted to use the rover website, but as we started talking, she indicated she wanted cash, This is called diverting. Do not pay anyone cash, go through the web site all the time to protect yourself. Use the texting system not whatsapp or email to communicate with the sitter because that's your proof should something go awry with the job, and Also, take a copy of their Identification to confirm the name, address and legitimacy of the person working. it cost me a lot of money to replace her at the last moment when she said that I had 10 minutes to find another sitter, I'm not kidding either! she really said that, I was totally screwed and spent 2 days while in airports trying to get a sitter while my pets were unattended at home without food or water. Also she took the money and RAN!!! $700 down the drain, plus the fees for the replacement sitter. Always ALWAYS pay through the website, if the sitter leaves early, the sitter is responsible for the cost of the next sitter. Know your rights when using this website.

My puppy died. Buyer beware!
October 9, 2019

My healthy 14-month old puppy died while under the care of a Rover pet sitter. It was through that devastating event that I got to know Rover better.

Rover does not see it as their job to regulate pet sitters that use their platform. While their Terms of Service say that pet owners and sitters have to be in compliance with applicable laws, they don’t do any homework to make sure that’s being followed. Even if you call them and tell them a specific sitter is operating unlawfully (according to your local animal laws), they’ll just tell you they don’t enforce compliance. I was told that the fact that the pet sitter I hired was breaking the law was irrelevant to their “investigation” of the sitter’s role in my dog’s death.

An easy safety feature Rover could adopt to prevent negligent pet sitting practices would be to limit how many clients their sitters can take on per day. For now, they let sitters take on as many as possible. At the end of the day, that benefits them and the sitters financially. The pet sitter that was “caring” for my pet was watching 8 other dogs the day he died. No wonder her ability to responsibly care for him was compromised.

Another easy safety feature would be to require ALL pet sitters to come up with a safety plan. This way, sitters at least have to give it some thought. For now, this is optional, so pet sitters can get right down to business.

Pet owners also need to be aware that Rover won’t cover necropsies. When I got a call from Rover after my dog died, they said they’d help me cover “aftercare” expenses. What sort of aftercare does a dead dog need? They later clarified they meant burial expenses, but their word choice let me to believe my $1,000 necropsy would be covered.

Pet owners: if you use Rover, just know you’re getting the short end of the stick. Online services like this do very little to ensure your pet’s safety, especially compared to privately owned boarding services, which actually require that their employees go through training. In the end, my puppy is dead and it’s business as usual for the sitter and Rover. I wish these weren't my last memories of my pup.

Terrible website.
September 8, 2019

Rover is a terrible service. Their platform is so confusing - you can hardly see if the services have been booked. Cancelling a service is even harder. You have to confirm through a representative via email and they act like they don't understand, making you repeat yourself over and over again that you don't need the service. I also know that they take a large percentage away from the pet sitter/walker, so they end up getting very little pay and pet owners end up paying inflated prices. Horrible idea with an even worse platform/customer service.

crazy good!!
July 11, 2019
Its a site you can use to find a sitter.... Its your job to read up on the sitter and vet them for your fur baby!! We found the best sitter for our baby who is shy (not scared just shy) she was the best she let us in her home and we booked a play date just to get a feel, she was so good and my dog got along with her dog... she has lots of good feedback and we love her... its not fair that you don't do your homework and something is wrong. you have to think of rover as a yellow pages for dog sitters its a way to hookup with local pet sitters and yes they take the money upfront but that's to ensure that the sitters are paid and they get a fee for the hookup.. I asked a lot of questions and my sitter was on the same page she meet our needs... if you need a sitter then Rover is a way to find one!

Not upfront about booking fee
May 17, 2019
The website is difficult to use, has an extensive questionnaire for you to fill in as a first step. The site times out before you can find all the information they ask for. Perhaps not so bad, but my suspicions were aroused when a booking fee was required before I was allowed to contact the dog boarder. This made me wonder how much of a scam this outfit is.

Dawn May 29, 2019

They did not update the charges for the sitter after the client added visits

April 18, 2019

Just saw on the local news these companies don't do official background checks. They also cover up liabilities by having people sign disclaimers after insurance payouts.

Why would you let your dog stay with a stranger?

ChelcieLopez July 01, 2019

Hey! I work there and i have plenty of experience.

April 9, 2019
I arranged a meet and greet. Saw the facility the day I contacted the sitter. Such false advertising. In her Rover site was a picture of her sitting on an elegant staircase with dogs around her. When I arrived at the home it was a dump. She took me to a dark creepy shed that she called the dog room. I would never put my dog in this environment. I contacted Rover and canceled my request to book. This was all on the same day. Today I see a charge for $64.00. I called Rover and they said they could not help. Their policy is that if the booking was a week old they would not refund. I explained that the booking, the meet and greet and the cancelation happened on the same day within just hours. Rover said I would have to contact the person directly and take it up with her. REAL NICE!!!

Absolutely horrible company
March 21, 2019
First, you have to prepay before you can book any services. My services where at least 3 weeks in the future. There is NO phone number to call if there is a problem. They ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO PROVIDE A RECEIPT. Can you believe it? I have sent probably 10 emails and finally got an email back. They promised to send me a receipt but have not. I replied twice to their "how did we do surveys" and still have no receipt yet. After more than a week, no receipt. How can this be a legitimate company???? Understand that I have no problem with the sitter, it's just this awful company. I am thinking of cancelling this weekend which will mark 2 weeks of waiting for a receipt.

Total Disaster
December 13, 2018
Our pet sitter seemed very nice and trust worthy on initial meeting - everything good there. Within 24 hours or less she cancelled due to change of family plans. She should have been upfront and at this late date in December we can find NOBODY to take or sit the dogs, so we are screwed and have to take the dogs with us by car. Total disaster. Make your private arrangements with a local sitter and do not trust Rover sitters. Ever. They cannot be trusted

what a joke
December 6, 2018
contacted 5 girls never called me back so I had to cancel my vacation this is a really joke

October 14, 2018
What a disaster, every bad thing you could think of happens with this company. We hired them when we went on vacation to watch our pets for a week, what a mistake. The person came to our house ( with cameras everywhere THANK GOD) she stayed for 5 minutes and then left. I called her and asked if she can stay the 30 mins I was paying for and she agreed. Next day she was there and stayed the 30 mins. That was it after that she never showed up again called and got no answer. Called Rover and they said because it was 10 pm they couldn't do anything until the next day. Our pets went over 24 hours with NO FOOD and they couldn't send anyone. I would use anyone besides ROVER do yourself a favor

Use common sense
September 26, 2018

I'm a sitter on Rover and have been very successful. If you're a sitter and complaining that you're not getting business, that's the name of the game and it isn't Rover's fault. I think taking 20 percent is greedy AF but c'mon...if you use your brain I bet you can come up with some solutions to this.

As for complaining about unruly dogs that bark and poop everywhere... they're dogs. Dogs bark and poop a lot. Did you do a meet & greet first? You can easily tell if a dog is aggressive or w/e. If noise and poop bothers you so much, don't be in the dog business.

As for anyone complaining about terrible service they received...did you choose a sitter with lots of good reviews? Or did you choose the cheapest sitter with 0 reviews? Did you do a meet & greet with your sitter? Some of this is on you. Don't expect Rover the company to be able to know everyone on their site. They're the middle man! Use your brain. I do a meet & greet every. sigle. time. I honestly have nothing but nice things to say about all of my clients and their pets and I know the feeling is mutual

To the reviewer upset their sitter cancelled two weeks in advance for personal reasons...they gave you two whole weeks to find another sitter!!! That's SO much time. And it's definitely not Rover's fault. Honestly, some of these complaints are from people who don't understand that life is messy and doesn't revolve around them.

To the reviewer saying their sitter had MURDER charges on their record, lol okay wtf. My friend got denied for a DWI. There's no way a sitter had MURDER charges and whatever else and passed the background check.

Rover is awesome if you look at it as a middle man to find a person. Don't expect Rover's insurance to be a real thing. Interview the person who is going to be coming into your home and forget about Rover being anything else than a way to find that person. If I were to be bit by a dog, I'd pay for it myself and move on. I wouldn't contact Rover. If a dog got sick on my watch, I'd ask the client what they'd want me to do (take it to the vet or w/e) and if I had to pay for the time being, I would expect to be reimbursed by the owner. I bet 100% of my clients would reimburse me too! In fact, many of my clients tell me their credit card is on file at their vet and emergency vet if anything bad happens! Just be smart about who you do business with. Take control of your life. Rover can't guarantee anything and it's honestly really freaking dumb to think otherwise (that goes to sitters and owners).

Mary March 16, 2019

Great review Rover sitter. Here is mine. I found a sitter with a 5 star review on Rover. We did a meet and greet and then an overnight stay. We used her for over a year. Then, Novermber 19, 2018, one of my dogs was horribly MAULED by one of her dogs, because she allowed them to be unseparated and UNSUPERVISED. SHE DIED A HORRIBLE DEATH AND WE WERE 500 miles away. She left her alone at the ER.We contacted Rover and they basically blew us off.we found out that this woman's had a history of complaints that had been reported...the most serious was that she left several dogs, including her own, out in 90 degree weather with no water. Her own dog died from neglect. It was only then that Rover pulled her off her 5 star rating. We are horrified and continue to try and reach closure while we go through a ridiculous legal system. She has plead guilty to animal cruelty but is now out of state. Don't know if she will show up for sentencing or to hear our victim impact statement. It has been over 4 months.

Certainly is not a reflection on you. But Rover assures their clients that the sitters have been screened and vetted. I have a friend who applied to see how they screen. Rover does not screen adequately. They are putting customers at great risk for a dangerous situation, and are committing internet fraud in my opinion. Hundreds of people have had their pets hurt, neglected, maimed and killed.their high priced lawyers shut down any attempts to try and set up some legal regulatory parameters.

But don't worry. Rover eventually will get what is deserved...some actual standards. Too late for my sweet dog Emma. Her literate Madison is grieving and still trying to adjudt.

Awful from top down
September 17, 2018
They are a joke. They don't test dog sitters. And they discriminate against learning styles of future dog walkers. Don't trust.

I'm shocked by so many negative reviews
August 15, 2018

I am a Rover sitter/walker for them, WAG and own a sitting business. I have plenty of business from them and have the reviews to prove that if you have a good profile, great qualifications, references, professional, present yourself well, reliable and honest, you will get inquiries and potential clients.

As with all kinds of businesses, it's clients who have to make a request, Rover is a conduit for clients to sign up and find someone they hope and trust will take care of their pets.

Are there hundreds of Rover sitters/walkers, of course there are but there are also hundreds of businesses such as myself who are insured and bonded and offer the same services as well as the hobby sitters who carry no insurance. With that said, if you aren't getting any inquiries, then it is either something about you, your profile or the fact that you don't have any reviews yet.

The public is driven by profiles as to what the sitter/walker can offer a client, their qualifications such as extra training, medical certifications, references, reviews from current or previous clients. If there is no need or an over saturation of sitters, then it could easily take awhile to build up clientel; it doesn't happen overnight. It took me weeks and I have a lot of qualifcations including being an Animal Control Officer, running a Pitbull rescue so easily handle problem dogs, CPR certified, EAMT certified, a certified member of PSI (Pet Sitters Intl) where I passed a rigorous test proving my abilities. Do you have to have all this to get sitting/walking jobs, no but just putting on a profile that you love dogs and will do a good job (I have no idea what your says; I'm just giving you one example as to why someone would pass a profile up and not contact the person).

My advise, give it time, make sure your profile is appealing to the public and make sure you make yourself available and be honest about what you can offer. Also have a great profile pic and extra pics of you.

Rover takes a percentage of the sitter's fee but they have to; they carry the insurance, do all the advertising to draw business in for us to get potential jobs.

Rachel July 12, 2019

Their insurance in BS, they do nothing.

Horrible Experience. Horrible Customer Service.
July 8, 2018

We had a very bad experience with Rover. To make a long story short, the person watching our dog lost the dog three hours after we dropped her off. The next morning, we got a call from the police that the dog had been found dead. The sitter felt horrible and compensated us a substantial amount of money for the new dog.

I reached out to Rover asking if they would be willing to compensate the remaining $250. The initial reply that I received from them told me that we'd heard from our assigned Trust & Safety person within 24-48 hours. Two weeks later, we finally got an email telling us that they Rover Guarantee doesn't cover compensation for new pets. The guarantee will cover vet bills up to $25,000, but there's nothing in the guarantee to offer compensation for the death of a pet due to negligence by the sitter. I asked if they would reconsider and reminded them that they would have been willing to pay a substantial amount of money for vet bills had our dog just been injured. So, I asked if they'd be willing to take $250 that they would have been willing to pay for vet bills and apply it to the purchase price of our new pet. I was told that they are unable to do that.

Any time a company says they are "unable" to do something, it drives me crazy. "Unwilling" would be a more appropriate word. There is ALWAYS something a company can do. They just chose not to.

So, what I learned is that the Rover Guarantee covers a lot of things. However, if the sitter loses your dog and the dog ends up dying due to their negligence, that's not covered. Some guarantee. I would caution anyone to think twice before using this service. Their guarantee is severely lacking. Check the reviews online. There are numerous stories just like mine. I'm sure that most of the pet sitting arrangements go smoothly. But, for those of us who are unfortunate enough to experience the death of a pet, I guess we're on our own.

UPDATE: After my post on Rover's Facebook page got shared multiple times and received dozens of comments, I got a call from Rover. They have decided to offer a settlement. While I'm glad that they ultimately did the right thing, I'm discouraged that it took so much effort to get to that point. I'm hopeful that they will update their Rover Guarantee to include some sort of resolution for death due to negligence.

Very unproffessional
June 10, 2018
I booked two weeks in advance with "Chelsea H". We met for a meet and greet. Everything seemed fine. Then 2 days later she sends me a text saying she was unable to do it because of a personal emergency. A personal emergency two weeks from now? If I could give zero stars I would. This company needs to screen their sitters better as far as reliability and proffessionalism work ethics go! will not get a second chance from me. !!!

AyeImmasitter September 26, 2018

You still had 2 weeks to find someone new. This wasn't Rover's fault lol