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Lack of standards
January 7, 2024

Many sitters from which to choose. They will promise you anything. Our situation is looking for reliable overnight house sitters while we are away for more than 5 days. Have (had to) use Rover several times. In each instance the sitters are young people juggling other jobs and lifestyles. Expect they will either have boyfriend's over and / or not spend the amount of time they committed to at your locations. Your pets will be safe enough and certainly not starve to death or be abused. So if you are ok with minimum coverage, then go for it. I think it is expensive and I expect someone who I hire to meet the terms of the agreement. "Out of site out of mind" would seem to be their motto. Definitely recommend a motion activated device at your front door or in your home while you are away so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Stay Away
July 13, 2023
I had The misfortune of hiring someone through Rover to help me with a brand new puppy. The girl that came was nice and I thought that she did a good job. But, Rover was double and triple booking my appointments and billing me for all of them. They were also creating fictitious appointments and billing me for those. They refuse to give me any of my money back. Refuse to allow me to cancel any future appointments they had generated or that I had generated. And then they kept sending out notices to my dog sitter saying that I was requesting appointments and so she was approving them. That's how they create fictitious appointments. In the end, they managed to scam me of hundreds of dollars. I had to cancel a credit card to get them to quit charging them. Sadly, Wells Fargo called them up and they had told them that I didn't comply with their Cancel policy. You know, from when they refused to allow me to cancel? In the end, they stole hundreds of dollars from me. Further, do you realize that they upload every single text from your phone to their app? They monitor this. And when I made cash pay appointments not related to the site, they charged me for those too. Very shady

They suck
June 6, 2023

These people are irresponsible.

Bait & switch company
May 5, 2023
I went to Rover and found a pet sitter in my area, their page indicated the price of $17 for drop in visits. I entered all the requested info, including my address, phone number, email address, etc (thank God I didn't enter my credit card info), and they messaged the sitter. The sitter responded, and then the actual fees popped up on Rover. I was expecting 4 visits at $17 per visit. Instead, they were charging me $23 per visit, plus an extra $7 for my second pet, and a service fee, for a total of $133, which turns into over $33 per visit. This false advertising is disgusting. I don't' know if the pet sitter was any good, because that is about double what I was expecting to pay. The sitter informed me they recently changed their policy, and in addition to the service fee, Rover is basically charging a 20% surcharge on the visit rate. Rover seems like an unethical, greedy company.

Not safe with Rover
December 24, 2022

I paid for boarding for 18 days. Handed my dog over and 6 hours he was no longer with the boarders, there was a hole in their fence and he had escaped. I had five days of worry and emotional destress. He was exposed to a major highway and could have been killed. He was found on the fifth day and spent the remaining time with a friend. I have asked for a refund and was told they had refunded the money in October. They were not paid until November and the stay was in December. They are responding to me with rubbish. Don't risk your dogs life with rover.

False, misleading information on the pet sitters' profiles.
November 4, 2022
I am rather shocked at the false and misleading information on sitters' profiles. From "non-smoking household," (the house reeked of cigarette smoke), to "no children" (a 5 y/o and a 13 y/o live in the house), and "number of pets: 2 dogs" (there are 4 dogs and 2 cats in the home. When I mentioned the discrepancy on the sitter's profile with the sitter, they were vague and tried to explain it away as, my husband's military friends stopped by and they were smoking. Or, the sitter does not believe she has to post personal, private information on such a public page. I find it too difficult to try to make safe decisions for my dogs when I have to filter what is true and what is not true from these sitters who do not seem to understand the importance of information they post. Fortunately, I am not stupid and have figured this out early in the game. I will not ever be back.

Terrible support for sitters
August 30, 2022
After being a sitter for 7 years Rover canceled my listing for disagreeing with their meddling in my affairs. I never had a bad review and they cannot produce any. Be especially wary of Robert P. he is a real snake in the grass.

Terrible non professional rude customer service!
June 25, 2022

For one thing. I could not enter in my birthdate or availability. I don't think the site is working properly, so I called the non emergency helpline. The customer service lady was extremely rude to me and actually laughed while giving me a false name of Miss Jack. I asked for a last name and she told me they don't give that information so I cannot even report her. I was disconnected and never heard from them. I will not be using them for services. And I hope people see this post and the helpline employees are trained and recorded so management knows how people are being treated!

No way to warn others about our experience with an unsafe sitter
January 29, 2022
There is no way to communicate with Rover when there is a problem. The Help page just leads you around in circles. Unable to leave a negative review of a sitter who was unsafe.

Stay Away!
August 28, 2021

Stay away from this company!

I have a one year old Golden Retrevior named Bear, and we signed up for the dog walking service in May 2021. Our dog walker was named Danielle and she provided great service all the way up to this week, when for out of the blue I get this email from Rover. Com saying my services have been cancelled due to non payment for the days of August 16,18,20,23 and 25, 2021. Below is the message I received....

"We’re writing to let you know that your Rover account has been closed due to a violation of our Terms of Service related to unpaid services. Specifically, the service with Danielle for August 16, 18, & 20 (3 days), and 23 & 25 (2 days). Your recurring booking has been cancelled.

While your account is closed at this time, if you would like to continue to use Rover, please respond directly to this message so we can discuss completing payment for services provided. Your account must be paid in full to regain access to your account."

All the best,


Rosemarie D.

Rover Support

This had been paid and sent Rosemarie the screen shot of this payment. She does reply back stating thanks and saw it had been paid. She then wants screen shots for all my payments since May 2021, even though their own payment history website under my account shows those payments were paid by my credit card.

All my dog walking services were cancelled that day. Thankfully I was in town and was able to walk Bear and not out of town on business. They just left me high and dry with no dog walks for Bear even though everyone must pay a week in advance. Of course since I paid a week in advance I'm out the money they charged.

I contacted the customer service department several times, but no one responds and they seem to not want the business.

I did check on the internet after this happened and saw many negative reviews out there, so now after reading all of those, I will not be going back to this service for the safety of Bear.

Go elsewhere
August 27, 2021
Provided information about the date and services I needed. Respondents could accommodate neither. Site misrepresents its capabilities. Seems to do better at collecting personal information than doing anything else

Kept my keys
June 11, 2021
I can't get my keys back from the sitter. Now i have to rekey my lock and pay $75 for the missing key fob. I reported it several times and was ignored. Don't use them, it's not as ethical as they pretend to be. I'm furious!!

Can not get paid...
April 7, 2021

I did an excellent dog sitting task. is insisting that I have a Paypal account to get paid. I was once ripped off by paypal and want nothing to do with them. They never mentioned that up front. They requested a w9 which I sent. They now state that they need to verify my w9. I would never submit a false w9.

If I do not get paid I will seek every legal remedy available to me to legally compel to pay me what I am owed.

Beware of Carla B. con artist
March 28, 2020
I have had the worst experience with one of Rover's sitters, Carla B. She works in the States (Atlanta, GA) and Canada (west coast and Ontario), so be aware if you come across her name. 2 things to be aware of, she is a CON ARTIST pretending to be a pet sitter, she abandoned my pets after 1 day of sitting (which was when I was already out of the country so was helpless) and she fakes an emergency to end the job. First she wanted to use the rover website, but as we started talking, she indicated she wanted cash, This is called diverting. Do not pay anyone cash, go through the web site all the time to protect yourself. Use the texting system not whatsapp or email to communicate with the sitter because that's your proof should something go awry with the job, and Also, take a copy of their Identification to confirm the name, address and legitimacy of the person working. it cost me a lot of money to replace her at the last moment when she said that I had 10 minutes to find another sitter, I'm not kidding either! she really said that, I was totally screwed and spent 2 days while in airports trying to get a sitter while my pets were unattended at home without food or water. Also she took the money and RAN!!! $700 down the drain, plus the fees for the replacement sitter. Always ALWAYS pay through the website, if the sitter leaves early, the sitter is responsible for the cost of the next sitter. Know your rights when using this website.

ZFB April 19, 2023

thank you for your post. it helps to have a conscience with that little voice telling you what you already know. there was a Rover sitter who saw that I only had one dog listed in my profile which, for obvious personal security reasons I don't like listing, especially posting their pictures up there. but she wanted me to just pay her off the site, I guess cash?

I think she was trying to avoid fees. but then I asked her am I still protected under Rover if I do that and she gave me some rambling answer. it just kind of stuck in my mind. so you're right to mention the illegitimacy of a sitter asking a customer to pay them what I just call off the site. if anybody else hears this take it as a warning.

My puppy died. Buyer beware!
October 9, 2019

My healthy 14-month old puppy died while under the care of a Rover pet sitter. It was through that devastating event that I got to know Rover better.

Rover does not see it as their job to regulate pet sitters that use their platform. While their Terms of Service say that pet owners and sitters have to be in compliance with applicable laws, they don’t do any homework to make sure that’s being followed. Even if you call them and tell them a specific sitter is operating unlawfully (according to your local animal laws), they’ll just tell you they don’t enforce compliance. I was told that the fact that the pet sitter I hired was breaking the law was irrelevant to their “investigation” of the sitter’s role in my dog’s death.

An easy safety feature Rover could adopt to prevent negligent pet sitting practices would be to limit how many clients their sitters can take on per day. For now, they let sitters take on as many as possible. At the end of the day, that benefits them and the sitters financially. The pet sitter that was “caring” for my pet was watching 8 other dogs the day he died. No wonder her ability to responsibly care for him was compromised.

Another easy safety feature would be to require ALL pet sitters to come up with a safety plan. This way, sitters at least have to give it some thought. For now, this is optional, so pet sitters can get right down to business.

Pet owners also need to be aware that Rover won’t cover necropsies. When I got a call from Rover after my dog died, they said they’d help me cover “aftercare” expenses. What sort of aftercare does a dead dog need? They later clarified they meant burial expenses, but their word choice let me to believe my $1,000 necropsy would be covered.

Pet owners: if you use Rover, just know you’re getting the short end of the stick. Online services like this do very little to ensure your pet’s safety, especially compared to privately owned boarding services, which actually require that their employees go through training. In the end, my puppy is dead and it’s business as usual for the sitter and Rover. I wish these weren't my last memories of my pup.

ZFB April 19, 2023

I'm sorry for your loss. really sorry for it. one of my dogs died recently and actually PetSmart suggested over so I signed up and started communicating with a strange sitter. but a little voice told me to do look at reviews of them. I hope your sad experience doesn't happen to anybody else.

Terrible website.
September 8, 2019

Rover is a terrible service. Their platform is so confusing - you can hardly see if the services have been booked. Cancelling a service is even harder. You have to confirm through a representative via email and they act like they don't understand, making you repeat yourself over and over again that you don't need the service. I also know that they take a large percentage away from the pet sitter/walker, so they end up getting very little pay and pet owners end up paying inflated prices. Horrible idea with an even worse platform/customer service.

crazy good!!
July 11, 2019
Its a site you can use to find a sitter.... Its your job to read up on the sitter and vet them for your fur baby!! We found the best sitter for our baby who is shy (not scared just shy) she was the best she let us in her home and we booked a play date just to get a feel, she was so good and my dog got along with her dog... she has lots of good feedback and we love her... its not fair that you don't do your homework and something is wrong. you have to think of rover as a yellow pages for dog sitters its a way to hookup with local pet sitters and yes they take the money upfront but that's to ensure that the sitters are paid and they get a fee for the hookup.. I asked a lot of questions and my sitter was on the same page she meet our needs... if you need a sitter then Rover is a way to find one!

Not upfront about booking fee
May 17, 2019
The website is difficult to use, has an extensive questionnaire for you to fill in as a first step. The site times out before you can find all the information they ask for. Perhaps not so bad, but my suspicions were aroused when a booking fee was required before I was allowed to contact the dog boarder. This made me wonder how much of a scam this outfit is.

Dawn May 29, 2019

They did not update the charges for the sitter after the client added visits

April 18, 2019

Just saw on the local news these companies don't do official background checks. They also cover up liabilities by having people sign disclaimers after insurance payouts.

Why would you let your dog stay with a stranger?

ChelcieLopez July 01, 2019

Hey! I work there and i have plenty of experience.

ZFB April 19, 2023

there might be some good centers. we're not denying that. but the consumers are still letting their dogs and basically children stay with a stranger.

April 9, 2019
I arranged a meet and greet. Saw the facility the day I contacted the sitter. Such false advertising. In her Rover site was a picture of her sitting on an elegant staircase with dogs around her. When I arrived at the home it was a dump. She took me to a dark creepy shed that she called the dog room. I would never put my dog in this environment. I contacted Rover and canceled my request to book. This was all on the same day. Today I see a charge for $64.00. I called Rover and they said they could not help. Their policy is that if the booking was a week old they would not refund. I explained that the booking, the meet and greet and the cancelation happened on the same day within just hours. Rover said I would have to contact the person directly and take it up with her. REAL NICE!!!