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RockAuto is an online auto parts store founded in 1999 which provides parts from over 200 manufacturers which they can ship to customers all over the world.

Unlike other auto parts supply websites like or, RockAuto has no brick-and-mortar stores. This means they have no overhead costs, such as rent, utilities, and employees. does not even provide a paper catalog, instead keeping all their parts with updated stock info on their website. This lack of overhead gives them the ability to sell their parts at much higher discounts than other companies are able to provide for their customers.

Their online catalog has many different symbols that customers should know about that will help them choose the best possible product for their need. First, if a flag appears next to the make of a vehicle, it is because that vehicle is only available in certain countries.

When no flag appears it either means that the vehicle make is available in their main market of the United States, or it is available in multiple country markets. A part will also be marked if it is not currently in stock.

But the most helpful symbol that RockAuto offers is the red heart. When this symbol appears next to a part, it shows that this is a very popular item which has had very few negative reports. If a customer is having trouble choosing between similar parts, this item is recommended as a safe way to go.

While this company does not keep any mechanics on staff, they do offer service manuals to their customers who need help understanding how to perform a repair.

Customers who have an issue with anything they order from this website may return them – as long as they have never been installed or modified – within 30 days for a full refund of the part’s cost, less Shipping & Handling or processing costs.

If you have any experience with RockAuto or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Poor,poor customer service
October 26, 2022
They have no customer service. If you have a problem or receive bad or damaged products, you are on your on. My shipment left in the yard and was rained on. Box wet, muddy, trash all over it and partially open. Their response was it was basically my problem.

Parts that said they fit, did not
October 17, 2022
Ordered mirrors that stated they fit my truck, not even close. To return them I have to pay shipping. No way to contact them by email, receptionist was out, even though they do not do returns. Will not use them in the future.

Why is your delivery so slow.
October 13, 2022
I ordered gas tank filler hose have not received it. First it was to be here in nine days. It was in a warehouse in New Jersey for four days and now it is in a warehouse in St. Louis for another four days. I have no idea why they couldn't mail it from the post office in New York it would have made it here in five or six days.

Rock Auto does not stand behind what they sell.
October 4, 2022
My experience with Rock Auto is beyond frustrating. I ordered and A/C compressor for my truck and was assured it was the correct one. As it turns out it was not and Rock Auto is not allowing me to return it as they say (on-line) of course it is not returnable. I think this is part of how they make their money. Sell the customer the wrong product and then refuse to allow them to return it. Not sure they'll be in business much longer with this business model and for me that is a good thing.

Absolutely terrible
August 26, 2022

Absolutely terrible. Second day delivery was available at additional cost. I purchased the parts with second day delivery. That would have been a Tuesday delivery. No parts were delivered. I finally get an email Thursday informing me that the parts have shipped. I arrived at home to find only one of two parts by my front door.

At this point tracking was updated showing the entire order delivered. The FedEx label clearly showed 1 of 1 package, I open a claim on the one that was delivered and opened a return on the other part no longer needed due to not having the other. I find out that I am expected to cover return shipping fees and they will look into missing portion.

It is not missing, it was never shipped. Rockauto has no customer support. It is email and wait days for a response. I understand why they choose not to have a telephone number for customer service. Avoid this company at all costs.

Entire Order Wrong
August 3, 2022

Purchased several items from RockAuto.  EVERY item sent was incorrect!  Every.  Single.  Item.  At this point the vehicle was taken apart expecting receipt of the parts.  We go online to look for a phone number or chat ... they do neither for customer service.  You can report a problem via their online service.  However our problem didn't really fit for that as the entire order was wrong to no fault of our own.  I sent an email.  The response I received was cordial and apologized and offered a refund after 3 business days of the return. I responded that I found that resolution unsatisfactory. I asked for the correct parts to be overnighted (obviously once the return shipped) and was told no they don't do that.  I asked to speak with a manager or someone higher level.  Received a response from Mark S who said "

Thank you for your reply. What Ashley told you is true, refunds are issued back to your original payment method within 3 business days after tracking information shows our warehouse has received your return. We will email you when the refund is issued." 

I never doubted the truthfulness of her statement. Mark S, I hope you see this review.  As I tried to reply to you to explain that, I was unable because you CLOSED THE TICKET OUT so I could not reply.  That tells me all I need to know about RockAuto. You really don't care about the customer. Your apologies in that case are insincere.

We are a family who grew up in family business.  I have MANY years of retail management experience of multi million dollar locations as well as several years experience in brand reputation management.  This is poor business practice.  When your business fulfills an ENTIRE order incorrectly you make it right.  It didn't seem that you cared that the vehicle was apart while waiting for a resolution, or that you cared to address that NONE of this was our fault and in fact was fulfilled entirely wrong, further you did not go the extra step to make it right.  Nothing was even addressed at how you will handle this issue going forward to ensure accuracy.  I was SHOCKED at how this was handled as friends and family recommended you.  We have since repurchased the parts from a competitor.  For $20 more we will receive the parts tomorrow as well as a phone number to call in the event of an issue.  Worth it.  Sadly as I look online at your review reputation I can see I am not alone in my frustration with your poor customer service and business practices.  That's unfortunate. The parts have been shipped back and I await the refund. 

July 28, 2022

I wouldn’t recommend. My situation was that I tracked my package through the carrier website and through “shop” the app because sometimes on shop it updates faster with where my packages are at.

I got sent a message while I was at work saying it was “delivered” when it actually wasn’t because my mom is disabled and she’s up and about in and around my house and after looking at a couple of spots it could be it wasn’t around the house or even at the house in general.

I requested a refund and rock auto says to wait a week so I did then once the time lapse was done for the wait I said I didn’t get my parts which I needed dearly because my car just started acting up.

So after this long wait for no reason I cant get my money back. In New Haven people go around stealing packages you can see on the news. I told rock auto about my situation and they ignored all my emails and wont give me an option to talk to someone who works for rock auto.

Should be a email or pop up employees to text to for help but no. Straight scammers...

Never shipped my order
July 27, 2022

On a Sunday I took the brakes off the front of my car. I needed a rotor and pads so I placed my order that day and I got a email that they would be shipped the next day on Monday and they would be delivered on Wednesday. They used Fedex for the delivery and on there site all it said was label created.

You can no longer call Rockauto for customer support, they have no live chat or email. you have to do it all on there web site and they made me wait till the following Tuesday to see if it would be delivered and for me to get my refund.

Now my car has been down for over a week for a simple brake job because Rockauto does not want to pay somebody for customer support so now I am buying fro another on line store that has a phone number for customer support.

Paid for 2-day delivery after 6-days part has not arrived
July 27, 2022

Ordered a part on Jul 22, 2022. Paid for 2-Day expedited shipping and as of today (Jul 27th) there is no order delivery status. Rockauto did provide a tracking number via DHL Express, but DHL has no tracking or delivery information.

You pay for expedited delivery and once you pay Rockauto, they are out of the equation. You can't contact then by phone, you can't talk to anybody, you can't chat, you can't do anything with them on the order, just wait & see. They have NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT WHATSOEVER.

Eventually, you can request a return if you did not get the part, but in my case I had to purchase the part somewhere else because the Rockauto part did not arrive in time. You paid for a service and they did not deliver. I understand that DHL Express is the carrier for delivery, but it is RockAuto who contract with them to deliver.

This has happened before to me with Rockauto and I should have learned. Miss once - shame on me. Miss twice - shame on you. There will not be a third time with Rockauto. Terrible company to deal with. Never again.

Wrong part $60 in shipping
June 13, 2022


You have to pay for shipping when they send you the wrong parts

You pay for the shipping back

I'm out 60 bucks for shipping and wrong parts

There's absolutely no customer service, have fun.

PeterDorsi July 03, 2022

At least you got to ship them back, they won't give me shipping label or even respond to me. They suck.

No-oneParticular July 21, 2022

The electrical parts they source from SK, the economy option, are not OEM equivalent. Paid $100 for a window switch that ended up looking just like the one from Amazon for $30 and had all the same issues that buyers of the Amazon part had. Also paid for quicker shipping which came late as well.

The return is a rip off!!!
May 15, 2022

I usually have no problem with Rock auto and have ordered a lot from them but this time I ordered brake pads front for a 2016 ford explorer got sent wrong pads will not fit my car completely different and now I have to pay the shipping to return them and they are the ones who made the damn mistake!!!

This is total BS!!! They have no costumer service you can talk to so what do you do in a situation like this??? Unreal and I may not order a damn thing from them anymore over this!!! I really hate getting ripped off like this and there is no reason for it you made the mistake so why should I take the loss???

Rockauto is awesome
April 20, 2022
Love rockauto always have the best prices even with shipping costs. I would rather have cheaper parts with shipping then inflated prices with free shipping. I've purchased tons of different components without issue.

Buy thru Amazon. Better price and free shipping
March 27, 2022

I have used rock auto on and off since 2000. They were a good place to get parts back then, not any more. I ordered $35.00 in parts on 3/17/22.

Today is 3/27/22 and still no parts. They charged 8.00 shipping for less than a 1 pound box. It started with DHL then went to the postal service. Wife looked on Amazon and could have gotten the parts cheaper and free shipping with a 4 day delivery.

Never again rock auto.

You Won't Ever Get A Refund Or Return.
February 16, 2022

Thieves. Returns impossible; they move the goalposts over and over for more info to find any random way to pretend it's your fault. YOU WON'T EVER GET A REFUND OR RETURN.

I'M SUING THEM IN SMALL CLAIMS COURT, AS YOU SHOULD. PS ROCKAUTO THE REP WAS "CONNOR", maybe you should refund me for Order 198082054 and DO THE RIGHT THING. says " direct fit OEM pump replacements, so there are zero modifications required." Plug didn't fit and also requires cutting apart another part to fit. So description is false as well as part not directly fitting.

They Send Out The Wrong Parts And Make It Almost Impossible To Exchange Or Return.
February 3, 2022

Do Not Buy From These Scam Artists!!!

First off you order a part based on your vehicle specs and they send you the product that is totally wrong for your car.

I bought hood struts, the pressure hinge tubes on your hood for a 2015 Hyundai Sonata, they sent me some super long ones that should have been for a Cadillac based on the size of them.

Now here is the part that might be slightly my fault, I didn't open the box till after Xmas and I bought them in November. Okay, past the time for returns but once I realized from my receipt that they sent me the wrong part you are unable to contact them they have no customer service, and there is no person contact at all.

Their web site tells you how to return or exchange something, but it is impossible and the most difficult is that you can't get through to anyone. I finally got an email response stating it's past the 30 day return time so you're stuck basically.

I should have read the reviews about them sending out the wrong parts on a regular basis and refusing to EXCHANGE the part that they sent out wrong. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE SCAM ARTIST!!!

No Customer Service
November 1, 2021
God help you if you have any problems with any thing. There is no customer service, call their phone number: 1-608-661-1376 or 1-866-7625-2886 and see what you are in for...You will get a have a bad day and goodbye. I will never ever use them again the 70.00 bucks I lost is now just a reminder to never do it again.

Shopping on RockAuto has no accountability and expects you to gamble for a "discount".
May 4, 2021

You'll get a 30% discount, but expect a 50% chance of getting the wrong part and having to pay twice. Sent me a completely mismatched part twice; made me pay for $15 shipping to exchange it for their "alternative part.

After receiving another part that had a different physical appearance from my OEM part, I decided to try to install it because maybe I'm the one who's out of line. Nope - not a single mounting hole lines up, and better yet when I tried to return it they flagged it as ineligible because I "installed it", and they have no appeal or escalation process whatsoever.

Sad part is, that I went to the junkyard that same day, found the correct OEM part within 10 minutes and it was even 50% cheaper than RockAuto. TL;DR - Shopping on RockAuto has no accountability and expects you to gamble for a "discount".

No Problems !
April 9, 2021

I have never had a problem with these folks. Best prices by far and quick shipping. I have ordered MANY parts for 5 vehicles and never a wrong part. I think a lot of these problems I read are over blown. Just be careful when ordering to make sure you have the right part.

They send me what I order!
March 19, 2021
I am a professional automotive mechanic. I have used Rock Auto for many years without complaint. I like that you can choose between quality levels. I have never received an incorrect part over dozens of orders. I will say that many vehicles may have different applications for the same part depending upon the option package with which the vehicle is equipped, so it is necessary to do your homework before ordering. Their prices are great. I have never dealt with the customer service side of their business because, thus far, there have been no problems.

No complaints here.
March 11, 2021

I just don't seem to have the problems many people are having. I have zero complaints after buying from them for many years.