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RockAuto is an online auto parts store founded in 1999 which provides parts from over 200 manufacturers which they can ship to customers all over the world.

Unlike other auto parts supply websites like or, RockAuto has no brick-and-mortar stores. This means they have no overhead costs, such as rent, utilities, and employees. does not even provide a paper catalog, instead keeping all their parts with updated stock info on their website. This lack of overhead gives them the ability to sell their parts at much higher discounts than other companies are able to provide for their customers.

Their online catalog has many different symbols that customers should know about that will help them choose the best possible product for their need. First, if a flag appears next to the make of a vehicle, it is because that vehicle is only available in certain countries. 


When no flag appears it either means that the vehicle make is available in their main market of the United States, or it is available in multiple country markets. A part will also be marked if it is not currently in stock.

But the most helpful symbol that RockAuto offers is the red heart. When this symbol appears next to a part, it shows that this is a very popular item which has had very few negative reports. If a customer is having trouble choosing between similar parts, this item is recommended as a safe way to go.

While this company does not keep any mechanics on staff, they do offer service manuals to their customers who need help understanding how to perform a repair.

Customers who have an issue with anything they order from this website may return them – as long as they have never been installed or modified – within 30 days for a full refund of the part’s cost, less Shipping & Handling or processing costs.

If you have any experience with RockAuto or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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No Customer Service
November 1, 2021
God help you if you have any problems with any thing. There is no customer service, call their phone number: 1-608-661-1376 or 1-866-7625-2886 and see what you are in for...You will get a have a bad day and goodbye. I will never ever use them again the 70.00 bucks I lost is now just a reminder to never do it again.

Shopping on RockAuto has no accountability and expects you to gamble for a "discount".
May 4, 2021

You'll get a 30% discount, but expect a 50% chance of getting the wrong part and having to pay twice. Sent me a completely mismatched part twice; made me pay for $15 shipping to exchange it for their "alternative part.

After receiving another part that had a different physical appearance from my OEM part, I decided to try to install it because maybe I'm the one who's out of line. Nope - not a single mounting hole lines up, and better yet when I tried to return it they flagged it as ineligible because I "installed it", and they have no appeal or escalation process whatsoever.

Sad part is, that I went to the junkyard that same day, found the correct OEM part within 10 minutes and it was even 50% cheaper than RockAuto. TL;DR - Shopping on RockAuto has no accountability and expects you to gamble for a "discount".

No Problems !
April 9, 2021

I have never had a problem with these folks. Best prices by far and quick shipping. I have ordered MANY parts for 5 vehicles and never a wrong part. I think a lot of these problems I read are over blown. Just be careful when ordering to make sure you have the right part.

They send me what I order!
March 19, 2021
I am a professional automotive mechanic. I have used Rock Auto for many years without complaint. I like that you can choose between quality levels. I have never received an incorrect part over dozens of orders. I will say that many vehicles may have different applications for the same part depending upon the option package with which the vehicle is equipped, so it is necessary to do your homework before ordering. Their prices are great. I have never dealt with the customer service side of their business because, thus far, there have been no problems.

No complaints here.
March 11, 2021

I just don't seem to have the problems many people are having. I have zero complaints after buying from them for many years.

Purposely sent the wrong parts and bad wheel bearing
March 7, 2021
I purchased a front hub kit for my 1991 Honda civic, they sent me a hub that fits a 1990 aura integra. one of the wheel bearings was bad cheaply made parts, I am warning you stay away from rock auto or you will regret it, there is no live customer service, it is so frustrating when you are not able to speak or email a live rep. So stay away, this is your first and last warning believe me you will regret it.

Customer Service
February 17, 2021
Your total lack of customer service will be the reason people like myself will opt to use a better company.

A little different for me
January 10, 2021

I have bought from rock for over 6 yrs. Not a wrong part yet that was their fault. I ordered a wrong part and they sent me a return label. I paid the return freight with no restock fee. Fair enough. I have eight different vehicles from 4 different manufactures from 1949 to 2009. I will continue to use them and tell others to as well.

I once had a chain store customer service person tell me Chevy never made a 283 cubic inch motor because it was not on his computer screen. Take your time ordering and check your vin number. You must order carefully. Manufactures often change part numbers and substitute parts without notice to anyone, even your corner chain store.

MichaelSpigarolo February 19, 2021

thats because these corporate chain stores hire idiots that dont know a car from a wheel barrow, i worked in an auto parts store when you had to look up parts in a book not a computer, these kids today would be lost in my day having to do this by books and i mean racks of books, the new generation of technicians are nothing more than parts changers, they never heard of points or dwell.

The local garage where i lived messed up a 65 chevy truck doing the new distributor drop in and called me to come up because the new techs didn't understand the system they understand d,i,s and single fire coil ignitions, i set it up on 0 top dead center, valve cover off to see #1 valves are at combustion stroke, dropped the distributor in, wired and fired it up, set timing and set dwell at 30 degrees, the truck smokes the tires of the truck now, the owner of the truck said it never ran this good and had that kind of power,

I told him to go get an h.e.i set up and that would be better, no point float or break up at high rpm,i also told him we can increase the spark by changing the coil to oldmobile at 60 k volts or go cadillac at 80k,i did a recurve and weight kit the techs were blown away watching me do this as i showed them how, freakin kids these days, if it cant be fixed by a button push they are lost in space, it's sad.

ScottMann March 11, 2021

I've been buying from Rock Auto for years, and I don't seem to have the problems you guys are having. I have zero complaints.

Total lack of accountability
December 13, 2020

Like others, I had the worst experience with Rock Auto. I ordered a Mopar push bar for my Jeep. They sent a completely different part. I compared the part number with my order and proved that it was their mistake. They will only communicate via email and reiterated that return shipping was my responsibility. The only way to get the $200 refund was to pay $75 to return something I didn't even order.

While it may be technically legal, I would say it is as close to a legal scam as there is. I'm how happy to use their site to find the parts I need (their site does have great parts navigation). But I am not willing to risk losing money with getting incorrect parts and losing money just to ship them back.

They would be a great option if they were reliable in shipping. But, they will randomly substitute carefully selected parts with whatever the warehouse puller thinks looks nice.

No customer service!
November 27, 2020
Be careful what you order.Returning anything is very difficult, Only customer service is an email address.I got a standard reply that was of no help. When I tried again the response I received was that my return request had been closed. I've done business with them in the past but will never again and will tell anyone out there not to as well.

CWOliver January 10, 2021

I have used Rock Auto for over six years and have ordered over 80 parts for eight different vehicles. My vehicles range from 1949 to 2009 and I have yet to get the wrong part that I ordered. I have ordered incorrectly due to my lack of care/haste in ordering. Rock Auto sent me a return label for the package.

I can not say anything bad at all. Know your auto before you order. The markup in auto parts is steep and I refuse to pay for the corner store location or staff who once told me Chevy never made a 283 c.i. motor because it did not pop up on his screen.

November 21, 2020

Ordered a manual transmission from Rock Auto, it was sent from there Remanufacturer Zumbrota Drivetrain. They send me a transmission that has one of mounts cracked off and welded back on right where the slave cylinder attaches to the side of the transmission.

Rock Auto said I returned it because I didn't want it and it was my mistake. And on the Remanufacturer's web site they state, a pre-inspection is done to ensure the unit is free of case cracks. I thought they were reputable companies I was dealing with, but all I got from them where lies and excuses.

I never received what I was promised and they ripped me off for the shipping charge of $386.31, so buyer beware when dealing with these companies they are dishonest, I would never deal with them again.

Only RockAuto had my parts
November 19, 2020
I ordered upper and lower control arms for my van from AutoZone, auto zone sent the wrong lower control arms! After a three day nightmare trying to return in the store I found out NO ONE had the lower control arms for my van except Rock auto! I ordered and received them a few days later and so far I am extremely happy!!!

MichaelSpigarolo February 19, 2021

Was it a chevy or dodge van, my buddy needed lowers on his chevy and was gonna buy them complete, why do that when i can rebuild them with all new bushings, mount bar, lower ball joint, while i had them stripped down we sand blasted and painted them, just like new and i built them both not just one for under 75 bucks and all moog components, my friend was ecstatic and blown away, he said i didnt know you can rebuild them ,i said i been a pro in business for 35 years I'm not a parts replacer ,i am a true mechanic and i rebuild with new parts, just like alternators, why spend 350bucks when i can rebuild it for 35bucks,9/10ths of the time it's the solid state regulator that went, a 10 dollar standard blue streak auto part thats screwed in the back, my friends and there friends bring me starters, alternators electric dc/ac motors, if you know how to use a volt meter and understand electrical symbols and diagrams plus it helps to own and use a growler to test the armature, then you are in business...

Buyer beware
October 15, 2020
Buyer beware: Bought two radiator hoses that indicate a direct fit for my car on the Rockauto website. Charged parts plus shipping. Parts do not fit. Returned them and Rockauto will not cover delivery charges. Not my mistake but I am out over $60. Expensive lesson.

Haven't had problems like everyone else.
July 5, 2020
I've ordered a lot of parts from RA and I haven't had the problems that the other reviewers here have had. There was only one time when they sent me an O2 sensor and the factory box it came in (not the shipping box) clearly had been opened or at least handled by a mechanic because there were greasy fingerprints on it. The sensor inside the box was sealed in the factory bag, so I went ahead and used it. I figure it was ordered incorrectly and returned after they opened the box and saw through the sealed bag that it was the wrong one. No harm I guess. Everything else I've ordered has been fine.

Avoid at all costs. ZERO customer service, DOA parts.
May 1, 2020
I bought a Deka Intimidator battery for $200, it was DOA, sulfated and with only half a charge. RockAuto has ZERO customer service, only an automated system that wants you to pay for shipping back the trash they send you and to buy a second piece of trash to replace the first one. I ended up going though the manufacturer to resolve the issue. Terrible, just terrible, avoid like the plague.

MichaelSpigarolo February 19, 2021

i guess they didn't tell you that deka battery is out of business for a while now, that battery they sold you was a shelf forgotten throw back from yester year. Deka was a very good battery better than interstate batteries, they used to be good but not anymore, only 2 companies make batteries they just change the color of the plastic and give it a fancy sticker, all you pay for is name not quality, like lawn mowers and tractors. atd stamps them out gives them a paint job and sticker package a taller seat, so i it says craftsman you pay 1500bucks new, if its a home depot john deere which is a fake deere you pay 3000 for it its the same machine.

First Order is Last Order
March 5, 2020
And you thought O'reilly was high priced....they have NOTHING on rockauto. I will never buy anything else from them.

Shipping ripoff/ robo customer service
April 25, 2019
people who work there are as dumb as they can be. price is not everything and even prices they have on parts there aren't the best. worst thing is their shipping calculator sucks. one time gives you one price and other gives totally different price but that price is about 4x higher. when you ask them why it happens, you get the same bull crap answer. It varies by this and that etc. which would be ok, if it was applicable. unfortunately many times I checked for the same item being shipped from the same location to the same zip and the quotes were different via the same shipping provider. I guess you are getting what you paid for. tit for a tat. I hope someone will make big deal of that at some point because they don't have anyone available above their [email protected]

Worst ever!
April 21, 2018
Sent wrong parts in December. I called in February and no return call, emailed in March and was told couldn't return parts. 2 different struts and one looks used. Not the right struts for my vehicle, out original price and $80 to a mechanic. Invoice75538623 price $56.67. This is the second time I have ordered and got the wrong parts!

RockAuto is fraud
April 12, 2017 company is fraud. Sent me the wrong parts and claim I have to pay restocking and reshipping and still they tell me they won't give me any refund.

Complete fraud! Checked the compatibility of my vehicle with parts even and they still sent the wrong parts claiming it was my mistake for ordering them even though the site said they were compatible.

They are trying to claim I do not want the parts as the reason for a return but this is also fraud as they sent me the absolute wrong parts to fit my vehicle. Of course I don't want them when RockAuto sent the wrong parts, I shouldn't have to pay for their mistakes but they are claiming I have to because they obviously don't care about customers as they keep hanging up on me claiming they have talked to me and explained to me everything, but all they did was keep blaming me for their website's error.

Terrible service, rude, insulting and racists remarks too??
November 27, 2016

If you like abuse and are a supporter of the KKK this company is for you!! Problem was a simple fix, price was Ok. Customer service (ironic title) no help, manager worse, said it was "MY FAULT" package did not arrive, my Paypal account was charged and payment cleared. RockAuto sent Fedex a stop shipment for some one but sent MY order number by mistake. (I checked with Fedex, got all info to correct problem, RockAuto would NOT take the info to fix the problem) Never got package, was charged shipping, got no help from customer service. The package never got to me, yet they held the part upon return for 10 days for "inspection", if there was damage it would be between RockAuto and Fedex,

What I got was a run around & rude treatment. NOTE to customer service rep Max(?) I can hear your rude racial remarks while you joke about it with your Manager. PS just because a name starts with De does not mean the person is necessarily "Mexican".

GasnVains December 27, 2018

Rockauto is a scam. They are dishonest and will charge for their mistakes. You've been warned! They pay off Google too that's why no google reviews. You will get the wrong parts for cheap but they will be the wrong parts! And then they make it impossible to return or keep charging you. It's a fraud to unload non sellable parts