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Rant just a lil
December 2, 2020
Its FREE!!! I enjoy playing ( I love picking my own numbers ) and maybe one day ill win something. If I don't well it didn't really cost much but free time I was going to play games anyway...Other comments though some of you should be ashamed be grateful for what you have! Some of us are just surviving Best of luck to everyone is a ripoff
December 13, 2019
hey i think this is a scam ....sometimes i matched 4 numbers in the bonus game and the site will say i only match 1. i think they're cheating these players and deceiving them. it's a ripoff!i will report them to the better business bureau.

Sweepstakes entry
November 22, 2018
Easy to play if you are using a touch screen, many chances to win $$ and you get to pick your own numbers. A few adds, sometimes links are broken, so you have to leave a page, and then come back to the site. Easier then playing publishers clearing house.

Rewardit doesn't honor their prizes
July 24, 2018
wife won a amazon gift card and never received it , after contacting them they said they didn't have her email on the winners list. I forwarded her mail to their headquarters proving that she was a winner but never received a answer . her name was also on the winners list on the website .Big ripoff not worth wasting your time playing .

jenn Duke
March 24, 2018
I won their $1000 instant win I even have proof on video and no pay out not even a word from them they are a scam go somewhere else they are a ripoff

Carrie Chappell April 30, 2018

Did you fill out a W-9 form??? I also won the same prize, filled the W-9 they sent me. Then received one more response that they received it and haven't heard anything since of course. I think they do this to get our SS#

Carrie Chappell May 01, 2018

I finally received my check. I feel bad about my first review. I hope everyone disregards what I said the first time. They need to start updating their site and I suggest that get back to their members who write to them

Got My Card!!!
December 29, 2016
I won an Amazon gift card, it took them a day to get it to me, but I did receive it when I won.. Getting something for nothing is always good, just a bit of time. :)

August 25, 2014




Carrie Chappell April 30, 2018

Just a scam. I never received my $1000

PaulBumbarger December 17, 2022

I've won 3 times In 3 months on keno got my checks every time cashed with no problem and my buddy won the 250$ monthly give away and got a check within 3 days.. so idk they've never scammed me and I've won. Three times in three months and my buddy won the 250$ and 1$ and we never had to call or even ask for it it just showed up.

Not Sure If It Is A Scam
August 5, 2014

I am not sure if they actually payout. I ordered a gift card July 20, 2014 which is still pending and do not incidate on their website how long you have to wait. They do not answer any inquiries I have sent regarding this issue or any other issue.

To me it has been a big waste of time.

PaulBumbarger December 17, 2022

No not a scam if you don't put your info in How you want to receive your prize money gift card, direct deposit, or cashiers check they'll send out gift cards but when you sign up it's all in your info on how you want your money in the event you win. And I know if you have a bad connection and you lag and you win it won't register so if you play make sure you have a strong connection.