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Reverb is committing acts of fraud
September 8, 2023
If I had the opportunity to rate them 0 stars I most definetly would. A high priced item was posted on their website on 8/5/23. Said item was sold on 8/7/23 and I was contacted via email stating that my valid and current debit card and/or account was not valid nor accepted and therefore I would have to go and purchase and Vanilla prepaid card with the additional funds of $200 added onto it..In the meantime the buyer remitted payment in full for my item..I receive yet another email stating that Reverb had taken the $200 from the Vanilla card I added on file but I was to receive that back at the time of the dispersement of funds.At this time the buyer is inquring as to when he would receive the item and approximate shipping date and time.... I cannot provide that information as via email again Reverb now says that I do not have enough Reverb credits(which I do not need as I am the seller) and that I would have to obtain $1000 and place it onto the Vanilla prepaid card and remit that in order to receive my payment for the item sold. I do not have $1000 for this new and all of a sudden requirement that is not found in their policies nor the mandated use of the Vanilla prepaid card. In emailing them back and forth to date I still will not receive payment until that final step is completed. I have advised the buyer to stop payment as now when I state I wish to communicate with someone in management (whether it be via email or in the chat option on the site) I am not responded back to or will have to start the explanation process over again... This is by far is unacceptable and how they are able to remain in operation is appalling and I am outraged that I, as a consumer, have no voice and could be treated as though I and other countless consumers are not valued. Ethically this is wrong and as a business I look forward to taking this as far as I am able. What is the difference of people going to jail and prison every day for fraud but Reverb is allowed to remain operable?

July 4, 2023
Sold my Warwick Bass. Reverb kept all my money and CLOSED MY ACCOUNT. What? That is Fraud, plain and simple. Don't bother calling them there is NO PHONE OR CUSTOMER SERVICE, a true sign of a Scam company. I uncovered hundreds of people on social media ripped-off and NEVER paid. Meanwhile, CEO David Mandelbrot, millionaire is floating in money stolen off the backs of unsuspecting Sellers. Hard working musician at that, does he have no conscience ? I filed a Complaint with the Illinois Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission and now the U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago. This company need to be put out of business before David lines his pockets with more money.

Never again will I sell anything through
January 19, 2023
Sold 2 guitars through Reverb but didn't get paid for 70+ days. That's right, for 70+ days. Had to follow up daily (!) for 2.5 months with Reverb's helpless online customer reps - their service is non-existent, promises never kept, no way to contact them by phone or to file a complaint to a supervisor etc. Frustration of a lifetime! Never again will I sell anything through

Customer Service Does NOT Exist For This Company
January 3, 2023
Reverb's customer service is AWFUL; there is none! I had a situation where the buyer inputted the wrong phone number and I could not proceed with getting a Reverb shipping label until the phone number was updated, which could only be done by Reverb Support. I spent hours over a variety of days trying to get a hold of someone at Reverb with no success. I had to eat the additional costs of going directly to a shipping provider, instead of the discount received through Reverb. I'm extremely upset!

Reverb and sellers scamming together
August 23, 2022

Reverb is a scam, bought a guitar from seller, reverb charged card and then seller said the guitar was sold...Same guitar is still on reverb for sale from same seller. Seems they are working together.

This is how Reverb places buyers at risk by hiding poor seller feedback.
August 18, 2022

This has happened to me more than once. Here's how it works: if you are dissatisfied with your purchase and decide to leave poor feedback for your seller, your seller can retaliate with poor feedback against you. This feedback cannot be removed unless you remove your feedback. So, if you leave your seller 3 stars, they can leave you 1 star (with no explanation). If you don't want that 1 star review on your account, you can only have it removed by removing your 3 star review. See?

This is how untold numbers of poor seller reviews are hidden from buyers in order to keep sales moving and to keep Reverb making money. That "5 Star" seller you're about to buy from might have dozens of 1 star reviews that have been removed.

Support? No. Reverb's customer support is worthless. In fact, the "Customer Experience Supervisor" is 5 years out of high school. Until last year, this person spent the prior 3 years working as a "Starbucks Barista" and as a "store associate" at "Binny's Beverage Depot," whatever that is. 90% of this person's resume is comprised of slinging coffee and "developing meaningful relationships using one on ones with other active members of Chicago’s social justice scene." Yes, you read that right. That's where the buck stops in the Reverb customer support department, and this person has certainly gloated about that fact to me.

Be very careful with your Reverb purchase. If something goes wrong, you're on your own.

Hold your money for 2 plus weeks - NO customer service to speak of
May 10, 2022

Almost 2 weeks since I sold my guitar and 3 pedals. No money yet. Impossible to speak with a real person. Took almost 10 days just to have them re-check my info and delay my payment further. If and when I get my money for selling my items, which are long gone now, I will spread the word.

Horrible service at a premium price. When you do find a telephone number buried on the internet, it just steers you to the website. Also, you basically cannot email...only live chat, 'sometimes'. Due to the 'pandemic'. Stay away....Craigs List is by far better. Even E-Bay.

KennethMcLeod December 14, 2022

Same thing is happening to me right now!

Arthur January 19, 2023

Gosh, I wish I had seen these reviews 3 months ago. Sold 2 guitars through Reverb, but didn't get paid for... 70+ days! Had to follow up with their arrogant and helpless "Customer Experience Specialists" on a DAILY basis - otherwise I'd probably never get paid at all - it was going nowhere, just spinning wheels on Reverb's part. Countless lies and promises never delivered on by their reps, no way to contact them by phone or to file a complaint, I felt totally screwed by them for almost 3 months. Never again will I sell anything through Reverb. What a horrible, borderline fraudulent company!

Reverb Holds Refund of Seller's Fee "in the Bill" Without Paying Back the Money. Traps in Terms and Conditions. Customer Service is Terrible.
May 9, 2022

I sold a guitar in Reverb in February 2022. The guitar was damaged during the shipment, hence I have to refund the buyer. Reverb just pay me the refund of seller's fee "in their bill", which you can only use that credit when you sell stuff via them next time. That means if you don't sell stuff via them anymore your money will be trapped forever.

I am not an American and I am not sure if this is legal. I will try to find a way to file a formal complaint to relevant institute in US. Besides, every time their live chat customer service persons told me that the refund will be credited into my Paypal account next month (I refunded the buyer via Paypal) since March.

Now in May and nothing comes back to any or my accounts (Paypal, Linked bank account nor filed credit card). They lie and now even no further reply in neither email and live chat! Would cancel the Reverb account after I have gotten my money back!!!

Rip off
May 7, 2022

Terrible customer service....the company floats your money in their banks accounts to make interest.

They will say your funds are available for transfer but it may take 1 to 4 business days. NO, it will still show processing and take over a week.

This is a fraudulent claim to keep a your money in their accounts. The more money the more they can fake company value and make interest off money that your already paying reverb fees on.

They need to be investigated.

Poor support, no protection
November 28, 2020
They are a terrible service that takes the fee from every transaction while not protecting you at all. My personal experience is terrible, got scammed and the reverb didn't help at all so had to dispute the payment through PayPal.

NO Help
July 30, 2020

Sold a 1955 J-45 to a guy in CA. Buyer said it wasn't exactly what he wanted. He returned the instrument in good condition. He asked for a refund

minus the 149.00 shipping and an additional $75.00

for my trouble. Nice guy, right? I didn't get my shipping or the additional $75 because Reverb says

they don't handle the payments. Who Does? They are full of #@*%$.....

You'll be sorry
February 15, 2020
If the seller agrees to be paid by money order and the buyer wants to send a Money Order... Reverb won't allow it...checked back at a later date and the item is still for he;[s no one but themselves...the item would've been sold both parties would be happy and the most important thing to Reverb is they got their cut...I'm surprised they aren't trying to sell the Brooklyn Bridge

Reverb LP is worthless
October 21, 2019

Well, flat honest answer is, it don't work. I uploaded my csv file of about 400 items from discogs and it suspended 81 items and said my account was under review. I messaged them with some questions and got one answered; -you have to have reverb and reverb lp. Then he showed me how to sync my discogs with reverblp so that inventory would be easy. Once I got that done, it says you gotta wait 48 hours or so for the upload/inventory. So I did. And I'm still waiting.

And I asked again why my 81 pieces of inventory are still suspended? I was going to just deleted them because I synced with discogs and I do want duplicates. No answer. I got e-mail today about how satisfied I was with their customer service. Hahaha. What an annoying work for BS. I could of built my own website by now. Waste. Of. Time.

Stick with discogs, eBay or whatever ways to sell gear and wax. Doing business with reverb is that, man; speaking to a hot dog in a hallway and the only response is your own voice. The hot dog might send you an email. Cheers.

Fraudulent CC charges
April 26, 2019
Don’t know how these people got my CC number, but all of a sudden, I got multiple charges. I am a senior citizen and not into music at all. Might just take a trip and let them meet a Vietnam Vet.

I don't usually leave reviews!
February 6, 2019

I don’t usually leave reviews. However I felt I should let my fellow players know of my experiences on

I have been a working musician for over 40 years. I have bought and sold more guitars and equipment that I can remember. In the past few years I have bought and sold a few things on, I have had some really horrifying experiences. The customer service for both as a seller and as a buyer is almost none. Try to call and get a live person! And, the online help has an, “I don’t really care attitude”.

Anyway, I would be very cautious to buy or sell on there. Just thought you might want to know.

Good luck to all of you.

ToniReimer March 03, 2020

Thank you for the heads up, I was going to list my vintage guitar on there. Glad I checked their reviews first

Worst Company Ever
December 19, 2017
Worst company to deal with EVER!! I bought a guitar for my son for Christmas and I have been trying for WEEKS to get the company to even ship it. Now I know it won't be here for Christmas and I can't buy him anything new because my money is tied up in a present that I don't event think exists!! Now to go through the agonizing process of trying to get my money back. UGH!!!

October 24, 2017

Reverb has a set of rules which they refuse to follow. Buyers get to keep and damage purchases and then get full refunds.

Sellers, give your stuff to Goodwill or donate to a local school.

avoid this site at all costs
July 14, 2017
cant't give a lower rating or i would, illegally track your devices and link your account to accounts in bad standing and then refuse to fix what they messed up. do yourself a favor use ebay it is better and the rever sellers are also selling on ebay and at cheaper prices to.

avoid these idiots at reverb
June 5, 2017
I had a reverb account I used as a reference tool never bought or sold anything. the other day my boss used my laptop at work to get onto his account and now my account is suspended because they linked my account to his via my laptop so now I cant't do anything. I have made numerous attempts to get it corrected but reverb is refusing avoid these worthless fools just use ebay and paypal it is safer and easier with less headaches or risk of account getting locked

Don't use, period !!!!
April 5, 2017
From personal experience I could never recommend using . The customer service is absolutely terrible and dare I say it , worse than and PayPal and eBay combined . Also , if you as a seller or buyer file a claim they immediately block your account . Stay clear of this site!!!!!