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Resume Now describes itself as the most impressive resume builder on the market, with the aim of helping customers write their best resume and cover letter. 

How Does Resume Now Work?

The company states that, since 2005, they have assisted more than ten million people from all over the country in discovering their career path, building stronger resumes, learning to interview with confidence, and boost their chances of finding the right job in less time.

This company states that it is their single goal to give their users all the necessary tools they require to find and land the job they really want.

In order to do this, Resume Now states that they have assembled a team of career development experts, certified resume writers, recruitment specialists, and a wide range of passionate professionals.

This website gives users what they need to “instantly create a resume that employers love” using one click designs and multiple formats in a simple, yet high quality resume builder that will fit any industry needs. 

Resume Now Reputation

This company has received mixed reviews with some of their customers reporting good experiences and others having issues with their billing policies and difficulty working with Customer Service when they encountered a problem. 

The most repeated issue was with the fact that frequently refers to your initial experience building a resume as free, but consumers quickly find out that while building the resume is free, the ability to download or print this resume only comes with a paid subscription service.

Resume Now tries their best to be clear and transparent with customers, posting vital information at various stages of the resume building process. 

Make sure to read everything and understand what services you are signing up for to ensure a positive experience.

Customer Service

Customers who have any questions, concerns, or complaints can contact their Customer Service team by phone at 888-816-0576, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.


Cost & Price Plans

Resume Now is very clear that they encourage their customers to try their resume builder product completely for free.

That being said, they also provide their users access to their subscription based services available from LiveCareer, as well as certain services which can be purchased individually.

The free and basic account allows you to print and download a plain text version of your resume without incurring any costs. If you wish to use a particular template, or a premium format you have to sign up for a 14 day trial for a small fee of $1.95.

During this period, you are able to print and download an unlimited number of resumes for your personal use. After your 14-day trial period, if you do not submit a notice of cancellation - prior to the last day, you will be enrolled into a monthly subscription.

This auto-renewal information is listed in multiple areas during the sign-up process in order to be transparent with their customers.


Refund Policy

The company states that they have a 100% money-back guarantee policy, however once your 14 day trial period expires refunds are not guaranteed.

You may cancel your subscription anytime by contacting the customer service department or by going to the online cancel page under My Accounts and My Settings.

If you have any experience with Resume Now or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Resume Now Customer Reviews

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Difficult to get a refund
February 28, 2024
Website would not load the experience page for me to add my information. Spent more than hours going around and around with different reps, having to start from scratch every time. Signed up on a Friday, still hadn't been able to do anything on Monday and requested a full refund. Very difficult as they try to hard sell you to keep their service, EVEN THOUGHT IT DIDN'T WORK FOR ME. After speaking to numerous people they only authorized a 45% refund. I would not recommend this company.

January 30, 2024

Worst company I've ever worked with, DO NOT USE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!

Complete ripoff!
December 18, 2023

This site is a rip off. I cancelled my subscription last month and still got billed this month. When I called the same day it was posted in my checking account they would still only refund $11 and some change. I wasn't asking for last months even though i know for a fact I cancelled on their website. Don't use them!

Hidden fees
December 2, 2023

They charged me every month without asking me! $34 per month! Attention !

SCAM don't do it!!
November 4, 2023

Do not use resume now. It states free resume, but once you complete the resume they request payment to download. My visa has been charged a $34.85 subscription. SCAM!!!! don't do it!!!!!

company is dishonest
September 17, 2023

My daughter signed up for this service. after some months she wanted to cancel this and spoke to a representative. She was offered a discount to stay and she declined and they said they would cancel her subscription. Four months on and she still has the money, $23.85, taken out of her account. We have telephoned multiple times and told the same thing they will cancel this but to no avail.

We are now working with her bank to have the payments stopped, this company is a scam and cannot be trusted.

August 2, 2023

It is really a scam company. I subscribed 1 time at $2.45 last month and cancelled right after that. but now they charged $23.85. I still have their email confirming the cancellation.

Completely False Advertising
May 8, 2023
It says hands down resume creation is free. There is absolutely no mention that to actually get the resume to send out, why else are you creating it?, you have to pay a fee. Once or monthly it doesn't matter because it doesn't disclose this as it pops up on Bing as the 1st result when you put in *FREE MS RESUME TEMPLATES*, keyword being FREE! Just wasted hours of my time creating a much needed resume I now can't use.

Big, Big SCAM
April 1, 2023

Very DISHONEST set of people. I Signed up for a single payment, which they say would be for 14 days only. One week after my card was charged $23.85. I then cancelled my

subscription at that time but then they still took another $23.85 out my account one week after I cancelled my subscription. I requested a refund but to no avail.

If you do not want your money to be STOLEN!! DON'T USE THIS SITE.


Really wish I could give less than one star.

February 27, 2023
You will get charged full price even if you accept the retention offer.

Stay away, website is a big scam to take your money
December 16, 2022
My father recently used this website for his resume they charged $1.45 as a one-time charge fee. Well, 2 weeks later they tried to do a $28 charge that was not authorized. Fortunately, the bank caught it as fraud. Stay away from these people and their sneaky tactics to get money from you without your consent. This website should be taken down and there should be a lawsuit against them.

December 13, 2022

It’s a scam- full on scam. Once you sign up whatever you do you cannot cancel. If you have a payment going cancel your credit card.

December 1, 2022
Says that it's free but it isn't. It's free to create, but if you want to actually use what you created you have to pay for it.

October 29, 2022

I authorized payment to print one resume one time. 14 days later I was charge 37 bucks and put on a monthly subscription. Calling them on that 14 day did not make a difference and no luck getting my money back.

They "claim" that you have to cancel in 14 days to avoid charges.i remember seeing 30.


It's a Scam
October 25, 2022

Scam, I tried to cancel it, and it takes you to like 3 different sites to cancel it. If you aren't careful it won't be canceled. Plus, it said it was only 3 dollars a month. BS!. It charged me like 20 bucks, a total scam. Please save yourself the trouble and just go to an actual professional

August 22, 2022

Sign up for a trial they keep charging every 4 weeks...

AbelContreras September 09, 2022

Scam! This company offer you a one time access to resumes and after the two week period they charge for a premium account which it was never stated up front.

I just got ripped off and now I'm being dodged
August 3, 2022

They charged me 125 bucks out of nowhere. Thought I was paying a MUCH cheaper option.. called customer service and waited for 22 minutes just to get hung up on. Been waiting for another 20 minutes. I can't even log in on my laptop. I've changed my email and pw and its acting like I didn't. Now it won't even let me log in the website through my laptop. I have a saved log in through my phone, but it's not even letting me save the file or email it to myself. What a complete rip off.

Highway Robbery
June 30, 2022

If I could I would definitely give them a below 0 star. I googled free resume it popped up and I created a resume for my spouse and when I finished it they charge $2.34. And then I couldn't even print it off. On top of all that foolery I was charged $23.85 twice in the same month.

A true scam. Highway robbery. I cancel my subscription after the first $23.85 came out my account and because they failed to send me a confirmation email they charge me again. What a rip-off. Do NOT use them. They are definitely NOT FREE.

June 22, 2022

I canceled this service a month ago but they continue to charge my account, the person I spoke with on the phone continually talked over the top of what I was saying trying to sell me a different package.

They are a dishonest and unrepeatable company, they refuse to refund the amount they had taken of out of my account.

I got half of what they owed me. And that is pending so I'll believe it when I see it. Liars and thieves...

vyvyvyvy June 25, 2022

I registered only and paid for the 14 days trials, now I just realized that they charged my account for $34.85/month and it has been 3 months. I haven't received any email or text messages for the bill at all, they charge money straight away without any notice. so BS. I am crying for my money...

June 5, 2022

I authorized payment to print one resume one time. They have been charging me monthly! I should have paid more attention, but I didn't because I believed my card to be paid off, and I almost never use it.

They "claim" that you have to cancel in 14 days to avoid charges. I don't remember if I didn't see that or forgot to cancel, but I am usually very good about those things. The customer service rep was polite but sounded unprofessional. He tried to upsell me the whole time he was cancelling my "subscription."

Can I change this thing and give zero stars? Stay away. It wasn't worth it.