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Q-Grips claims to have created a breakthrough easy-to-use ear wax tool.  They say it works gently without damaging your ear canal, using a massaging tip that is “proven” to be better for you than an ordinary cotton swab (or "Q-tip").

When you use a Q-tip, you will clean out some of the wax, but you’ll also push some of it further back into the ear canal, up against your eardrum, possibly causing an earwax blockage that can not only be painful, but dangerous and difficult to remove.

Q-Grips claims to work in a different way. It has a spiral head and works with a gently turning motion to remove earwax without pushing or pressure. Once you're done using a spiral tip, you either clean it or snap a new one on.

Cost and Price Plans

Q-Grips are sold at QGripsEarWax.com for 2 for $39.95 up to 10 QGrips for $149.95. Shipping for any purchase is $3.95.  According to the company's website, all purchases are backed by a 90 day guarantee - with the return shipping paid by the customer. 


Customer Service

Q-Grips has a customer service department that can be reached via email at [email protected] You can also call the customer service phone number during support hours at 1 (855) 236-8072.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Reviews of Q-Grips are mostly negative, with the only positive reviews found on their sales page and other affiliate sites promoting the product.

We found several reviews that claim the products are too expensive and come with no instructions. Also, despite the fact that the website claims to ship these orders with 16 replacement heads, many customers report not receiving them at all.

The cleaning tips are said to be quite flimsy and since return shipment is so expensive, it’s often not worth the effort to return the product.

The consensus from reviews on our site is simply that this product does not work, is cheaply made plastic, and worst of all may be dangerous to your ears.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you’re looking for a better way to clean excess earwax from your ears, there might be better ways to do it than with Q-Grips. Most doctors recommend leaving your ears alone - after all, ear wax is a natural cleanser to prevent things like dirt and debris from infecting your ears.

However, you may occasionally need to get earwax out of there. For the most part, doctors recommend using simple water and perhaps baby oil to clean your ears.

Other homeopathic professionals recommend ear candling. If you aren’t feeling that exotic, you might want to try the Gentee Ear Wax Removal Tool or the Creation Farm Ear Drops for Wax Removal.

Gentee is a lot like Q-Grips in that it utilizes gentle silicone heads to clean your ears. These are pain-free and available on Amazon. They have an ergonomic handle and a design that fits easily in your ear.

Another option is the Creation Farm Ear Drops. These soothe your ears and don’t require you to jam tools unhealthily into your ears. Plus, they are enriched with natural herbs and olive oil to calm irritation and remove wax.

The Bottom Line on Q-Grips

The product may be a good idea, but the manufacturer’s somewhat shady online reputation has us concerned. Q-Grips is being sold through multiple websites, so it’s difficult to determine which one is legitimate and which one is a scam (if not all).  Some of the sites in question are QGripsEarWax.com, Q-Grips.com, and QGripShop.com.

While the websites redirect you to the same purchasing page, they have distinct designs that leave us feeling confused and skeptical.

There are also a number of identical looking products sold through Amazon from a variety of sellers.  As is often the case with these kinds of products, you have multiple sellers buying cheap items at wholesale then simultaneously branding and marketing their own “versions.”

While we do not recommend this product, if you insist on trying it, you’ll be better off purchasing through Amazon which will provide you some additional consumer protections.

If you have any experience with Q-Grips, please leave your reviews below.

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Q Grips Customer Reviews

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December 3, 2021
Returned mine to a Minnesota address as instructed by "Muhammad Ali" in "customer service" at "[email protected]" but never received actual credit EVEN AFTER providing proof of return!!!

Q Grips Are A Scam - It Does Not Work!
September 1, 2021
Q GRIPS are a scam! They do not work AT ALL. They prey on desperation and rely on people not returning the useless product. If you think you need this product go see a doctor who will safely clean out your ears...Don't waste time and money with this completely useless product.

Don't waste your money
August 8, 2021
Don't waste your money. This thing does not work at all. After trying a dozen times it has never removed one speck of ear wax. I have gone back to old ear scrapper as it still works better.

This is a scam, with no functionality of any kind!
July 4, 2021
This is a scam, pure and simple!

Scam Company
February 14, 2021
Scam company. Don't order anything from them. You'll never see the product and if you complain about it they brush you off. Dwayne.

Rip off!
February 11, 2021
I just received my Q grip thru Amazon, paid 12.99

do not waste your money
December 18, 2020
does not work as advertised

Does not remove anything
October 12, 2020
Complete waste of money. Garbage.

September 4, 2020
A bit of an impulse buy and I wish I had done my due diligence before ordering. SCAM SCAM

Utter rubbish
July 18, 2020
I purchased this plastic load of crap for £10 reduced from £19.99 and it does not work. It does not remove the wax and is the same as using a cotton bud. Very disappointed

Not a positive experience.
July 11, 2020

A bit of an impulse buy and I wish I had done my due diligence before ordering. Ordered May 23, nothing until July 10 Had ordered the 2 for 1 special which was $60 Canadian.

Received two packs of tips only. C emailed for a refund and was given the “it will take a long time to process, you will pay shipping - or take a 65% refund and keep what was sent. Amazon has versions of this much cheaper, likewise Ali Express sells petty much the same thing for under $5.

I have told q grip to send me a packing slip/return address to return the items. Frustrating waste of time and money

FrancesBowdidge August 11, 2020

I did buy about three lots of this product from Groupon when they were on sale I did try them once but found them rubbish and ended up throwing them away total waste of money in my opinion.

JamesSimpson August 22, 2020

Yes, you wasted your money. On Ebay today I see "Ear Wax Cleaner Q-Grips Swab Remover Tools Removal Earpick Handle With 16 Heads" from China for £1.89, free post.

REVWHITE July 24, 2021

Absolutely right! These are rubbish......!!Bobbo

June 11, 2020
Another one of those scams checked by "professionals" that don't even exist. Doesn't clean out ANY ear wax.

Q Grips
May 30, 2020

Not only did I wait four weeks for delivery, it does not work. The worst bit of rubbish I have ever brought

Be warned DO NOT BUY this item it is no good, it's a rip-off.

Never arrive
May 22, 2020
8 weeks later no order, all they reply is item on its way, be careful from this crooks

Absolute rubbish
May 18, 2020

This is a complete scam, it is rubbish and expensive rubbish at that. The weird thing is their customer service department works efficiently. As soon as you complain they offer a partial refund so that you don't have to return them.

I can only assume that they make enough profit even with the partial refund to make a living. Then they are ask you to review their customer service!

Absolute rip off
May 12, 2020
Use less bits of overpriced plastic, any reviews of more than 1 star must be written by members of staff

These are lame
May 2, 2020
total rip off..do not buy...i won't even try to get refund cuz it will be more of a hassle than just eating it

Julie Alexander May 18, 2020

They will do a refund quickly without return, seems to be how they work. At least you get some (a reasonable chunk) money back.

I paid $40 for two pieces of cheap plastic garbage???
May 1, 2020

I received my two Q-Grips Earwax Tools today, and I have to say they are totally useless. First of all, the quality of the "tools" (and I use that word loosely) was so cheap, I was shocked, especially since I paid almost $40. Next, I proceeded to use it, and when I inserted it into my ear, the spiral tip was so soft, it could not even turn to get any debris out.

When I called the number given on the only slip that came in the package,I spoke to a nice female CSR who said I could mail the package back, and I would be refunded my money but not the shipping charge, or she could refund 65% of what I paid, and I wouldn't have to return the items.

I said I have a better idea: tell the company what they can do with the 65%, and I will report this ripoff scam to the Better Business Bureau and also my credit card company.

We cannot let bogus companies like this one get away with selling cheap Made in China products that are knowingly inferior and don't work. The rating for this shouldn't even be one star.

I urge anyone else who comes to this website to write a review to do everything you can to help stop this from happening and get your money back.

This is not over...

April 13, 2020

This is a stupid, non-functional product! I believe it IS a scam and a huge rip-off. I just called and told them I want a refund.

Of course they said they couldn't. So I said I'm going to put the worst review for your product to prevent other people from thinking this stupid wax remover does anything, let alone get some wax out of your ears.

They agreed (after my threat to refund $19.95 after charging me $55.58. "Oh, I will refill $19.95, but can't refund any shipping or handling fees."

Screw you Q grips. I'm going to find a way to report them to the BBB.

JohnWilliams May 30, 2020

I agree with you.

OdileMbias Gomes June 30, 2020

I ordered last month 30th of May 2020!

Tomorrow will be actually a month that I placed an order online through a pop up advert paid and still haven't got my order!

Can't believe I have been fooled!

How can we trust online shopping?

I'll not do that mistake again! Shopping online!

January 14, 2020
complete rip off ! do not work at all ! this garbage is not worth 25cents!