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An itchy ear is no fun at all. Plus, it can cause some severe health problems, like ear infections and even earwax impaction. Instead of suffering through that pain, you might be considering ear cleaner solutions like q-tips or other swabs.

Q-Grips is a product that claims to eliminate the need for buying Q-Tips and other related products. But is it safe - or is it even more dangerous than other ear wax removers? Here’s what you need to know.

What are Q-Grips?

The company claims to be an easy-to-use ear wax tool that works gently without damaging your ear canal. It has a gently massaging tip that is “proven” to be better for you than cotton Q-tips. Plus, you’ll never have to buy Q-Tips again, so theoretically, the product can save you money, too.

The theory behind Q-Grips is this. When you use a cotton swab like a Q-Tip, you will clean out some of the wax, but you’ll also push some of its back into the back of the ear, pushing it up against your eardrum to cause impactions that are not only painful, but dangerous and difficult to remove.

Q-Grips works in a different way. It has a spiral head and works with a gently turning motion to remove earwax without pushing or pressure. Everything is simply removed. With all the replaceable tips you could ever need, all you will need to do with this product is snap it into place, stick it in your ear, and twist in the direction indicated on the handle.

Once you are done using these spiral tip, you either clean it or snap a new one on. It will soothe your inner ear as the soft tips bend and adapt to any ear shape. You won’t have to worry about scarring or rupturing your eardrum when you use it either.

Cost and Price Plans

Q-Grips are sold at a price of two for $39.95. You can also get four for $69.95 or six for $99.95. Five will cost you $149.95. Shipping for any purchase is $3.95.

All purchases are backed by a 90 day guarantee. To qualify, you just need to send the item back for a full refund less shipping and handling.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you’re looking for a better way to clean excess earwax from your ears, there might be better ways to do it than with Q-Grips. Most doctors recommend leaving your ears alone - after all, ear wax is a natural cleanser to prevent things like dirt and debris from infecting your ears.

However, you may occasionally need to get earwax out of there. For the most part, doctors recommend using simple water and perhaps baby oil to clean your ears. Other homeopathic professionals recommend ear candling. If you aren’t feeling that exotic, you might want to try the Gentee Ear Wax Removal Tool or the Creation Farm Ear Drops for Wax Removal.

Gentee is a lot like Q-Grips in that it utilizes gentle silicone heads to clean your ears. These are pain-free and available on Amazon. They have an ergonomic handle and a design that fits easily in your ear.

Another option is the Creation Farm Ear Drops. These soothe your ears and don’t require you to jam tools unhealthily into your ears. Plus, they are enriched with natural herbs and olive oil to calm irritation and remove wax.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Customer reviews of Q-Grips are few and far between. Those listed on the website are positive, but it’s hard to find feedback elsewhere.

Regardless, on their website, customers state that it’s “really good to clean your ears” and that it “is such a small size, very easy to take around.” Customer reviews like that the Q-Grips product comes with replacement tips and is designed for easy use. There are also no hassle returns.

However, despite what the company claims, these returns do have some hassles involved. In order to qualify for the return, you have to return it within 90 days - and you have to pay shipment costs.

Customer Service

Q-Grips has a customer service department that can be reached via email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To get in touch, you should email [email protected] You can also call the customer service phone number during support hours. The phone number is 1 (855) 236-8072.

Q-Grips also has a mailing address in Hayden, ID. the company is not BBB accredited and has a rating of F with the organization. There are five unresolved customer complaints and several negative customer reviews here.

These reviews claim that the products are expensive and come with no instructions. Despite the fact that the manufacturer claims to ship these orders with 16 replacement heads, many customers report not receiving them at all. The cleaning tips are said to be quite flimsy and since return shipment is so expensive, it’s often not worth the effort to return the product.

Where to Buy?

You can only buy Q-Grips by shopping via the manufacturer’s website. Currently, this product is not available from popular retailers like Amazon, Walgreens, or CVS.

Is Q-Grips Worth It?

The prodcut might be worth it - but the manufacturer’s somewhat shady online reputation has us concerned. Q-Grips has two separate websites, so it’s difficult to determine which one is legitimate and which one is a scam (if not both). While both websites redirect you to the same purchasing page, both sites have distinct designs that leave us feeling confused - and skeptical.

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January14, 2020

complete rip off ! do not work at all ! this garbage is not worth 25cents!

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