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Absolute rubbish
May 18, 2020

This is a complete scam, it is rubbish and expensive rubbish at that. The weird thing is their customer service department works efficiently. As soon as you complain they offer a partial refund so that you don't have to return them.

I can only assume that they make enough profit even with the partial refund to make a living. Then they are ask you to review their customer service!

Absolute rip off
May 12, 2020
Use less bits of overpriced plastic, any reviews of more than 1 star must be written by members of staff

These are lame
May 2, 2020
total rip off..do not buy...i won't even try to get refund cuz it will be more of a hassle than just eating it

Julie Alexander May 18, 2020

They will do a refund quickly without return, seems to be how they work. At least you get some (a reasonable chunk) money back.

I paid $40 for two pieces of cheap plastic garbage???
May 1, 2020

I received my two Q-Grips Earwax Tools today, and I have to say they are totally useless. First of all, the quality of the "tools" (and I use that word loosely) was so cheap, I was shocked, especially since I paid almost $40. Next, I proceeded to use it, and when I inserted it into my ear, the spiral tip was so soft, it could not even turn to get any debris out.

When I called the number given on the only slip that came in the package,I spoke to a nice female CSR who said I could mail the package back, and I would be refunded my money but not the shipping charge, or she could refund 65% of what I paid, and I wouldn't have to return the items.

I said I have a better idea: tell the company what they can do with the 65%, and I will report this ripoff scam to the Better Business Bureau and also my credit card company.

We cannot let bogus companies like this one get away with selling cheap Made in China products that are knowingly inferior and don't work. The rating for this shouldn't even be one star.

I urge anyone else who comes to this website to write a review to do everything you can to help stop this from happening and get your money back.

This is not over...

MaggieBriggs August 30, 2022

Linda I totally agree I have informed Qgrips that not only will I take legal action if they do not refund my total expense of $111.86 within the next 24 hrs with a confirming e-mail I will also inform the legal authorities and inform MicroSoft and have their ad removed. As you said I have only just begun to fight.

April 13, 2020

This is a stupid, non-functional product! I believe it IS a scam and a huge rip-off. I just called and told them I want a refund.

Of course they said they couldn't. So I said I'm going to put the worst review for your product to prevent other people from thinking this stupid wax remover does anything, let alone get some wax out of your ears.

They agreed (after my threat to refund $19.95 after charging me $55.58. "Oh, I will refill $19.95, but can't refund any shipping or handling fees."

Screw you Q grips. I'm going to find a way to report them to the BBB.

JohnWilliams May 30, 2020

I agree with you.

OdileMbias Gomes June 30, 2020

I ordered last month 30th of May 2020!

Tomorrow will be actually a month that I placed an order online through a pop up advert paid and still haven't got my order!

Can't believe I have been fooled!

How can we trust online shopping?

I'll not do that mistake again! Shopping online!

January 14, 2020
complete rip off ! do not work at all ! this garbage is not worth 25cents!