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lack of turnover and adding new movies
May 23, 2024

been a member for about 6 months; I paid for the year, thinking it would be close to hallmark since Hallmark has kind of changed little. I still keep hallmark; they still have great movies and series. Their Christmas movies I will always love.

Pureflix seems to never add new movies, maybe closer to the holidays they will, which I'm looking forward too. They just keep same movies, they do have some good series show though. But overall for now I'm disappointed, 1 star because I expected more

Bait and Switch Site
March 28, 2024
Don't get this service. They will charge you, and then not support your TV or device. You would think if this happened that they would refund your money. But no, they have a corporate policy of no refunds. Sounds to me like PureTheft instead of PureFlix. Stay away.

Better than Netflix
March 13, 2024
Awesome streaming program. Great customer help also . Whenever I contact them, they fix the problem. No issues streaming any tv or account either. Great shows to watch that are wholesome and the price is nicer than netflix

Great American Pureflix has gone down in flames
February 13, 2024
When they changed their name to Great American Pureflix, when you watch a show it is continually showing the whirlly bird circle trying to load the show all the time. I know that our internet service is strong enough because it is AT&T fiber optics. Plus we have other streaming service like Paramount Plus and UpFaith & Family and we don't have any issues with them. I also inquired to a friend that subscribes to them and her service is doing the same thing. She is going to cancel her subscription also. Another issue is it is too hard to navigate since the change. They basically changed themselves out of existence as far as we are concerned. I cancelled our subscription. Also I would have given zero stars but it won't let you.

Bad customer Support
February 6, 2024
Overall, the shows are good, however customer service, and tech support, have alot to be desired. Their customer service, is US based, but they are by far substandard by all means. Would rather deal with Verizon wireless customer service than Pureflix customer service tech support.

Buffering is a real issue.
January 29, 2024
We are in our late 60's. When the grandkids are over, we like to have Veggie Tales, etc. to get them quieting down for bedtime. I signed up for PureFlix for this reason. No matter what we did, it would only stream for a couple of seconds before buffering. They sent me a long list of things to do, and I did them all. Finally, they admitted the problem was at their end (apparently with Samsung smart TV's). They said their policy was NO REFUNDS. They finally did make an exception, since I signed up on a Friday night, troubleshot all weekend and called them 1st thing on Monday. That is the only reason I gave them two stars. For me, the content is old and doesn't get updated much, but it is ok for kids. Just DO NOT sign up for a 1-year membership. Try a month to make sure it works. That way, you're only out $7.99 if you have these problems. The Rep was very friendly on the phone, but when they KNOW it is their issue, you shouldn't have to beg them for a refund.

PureFlix is a ripoff!!!
January 16, 2024
If I could give less than 1 star I would …. Buyer beware! Same problem as many others …. Buffering , was told it was my tv and many steps to correct , I tried all of them when I ask for refund I was told they had technical issues on There end and ask me to be patient …weeks later no improvement. Asked for refund again and was told my account was reviewed and I didn’t qualify for refund . Very sad what this world has come too …. PureFlix is a ripoff!!! Don't let them get you !

Not what they seem.
December 6, 2023

Have used Pureflix for a couple of years with the same tv. Now I have had issues with them buffering about every 15 seconds. Call customer service only to be told it's my TV (which is not true) I ask for a refund which was explained to me they don't do.

Would expect a little more from this company seeing how they promote Christian Values.

The content.
September 6, 2023

There many things I do not like about pureflix.

One the acting. The acting is very cheesy! They should get better actors for crying out loud!

Two, the plots of the movies are terrible! I can't find a good movie to watch that has terrible plots, mostly the terrible plots or mostly on the the pureflix originals.

Three, drop a lot of the Christian stuff in your thrillers or action or adventure! It gets pretty annoying when they mention God all the time in there thrillers or action and adventure!

Don't get me wrong I am a Christian myself, but having movies like that makes them boring or ruins everything, except when you want a good faith movie, I can understand but common!! I can list more but won't go into further details. That's the only top three keys I want to take into detail.

Don't sign up
August 19, 2023

Movies are old and never gets updated. They will keep charging your account if you don't stay on top of them. Even if you send them emails they will continue to charge. Don't sign up.

BEWARE the Autorenewal
August 15, 2023

I signed up for PureFlix for a year. My credit card was put on AUTO renewal, unbeknownst to me. If this is a channel you want to try, be AWARE that you will be enrolled in AUTORENWAL and charged yearly until you cancel. Just like any WORLDLY company, BUYER beware.

Difficult to use
July 4, 2023

The problem is that it is impossible to find & download the app.

I signed up for the “free” trial & now can’t get back in.

Very user unfriendly

Hidden no refund policy
June 18, 2023
I signed up for an annual subscription in mid March 2023. After having buffering issues & video/audio being off sync I decided to cancel the beginning of June 2023 as their webpage stated you could cancel at anytime. I tried to cancel online, but it didn’t appear to me that it worked. After searching, I found an email address and explained my situation. They offered to help me correct the buffering & audio/video being off sync. I explained I stream many apps & that I didn’t want any “troubleshooting help”, but just wanted to cancel. Then I asked for a refund unfortunately, like other reviews I just recently read, I was told they have a no refund policy. They offered to escalate to a tier 2, which came back holding firm to their no refund policy. I let them know I felt their business practice was deceptive. I didn’t expect a complete refund, but at least a prorated amount. They pointed me to their “hidden text” that did indeed say they had a no refund policy. Just because they show Christian movies doesn’t mean they share Christ like values of transparency in their business.

Very Satisfied Customers Here…
April 29, 2023
Our family has enjoyed several movies on Pure Flix. The subject matter and content was great! The sound quality was very good and there was no buffering. We are very satisfied customers who intend to renew our subscription when it comes due. We highly recommend Pure Flix…

Dry church. Pastor character questions praying.
April 2, 2023

This is a review is written by a Christian on the movie 'The Girl Who Believes in Miracles.'

The pastor character lacks faith and tells the main character that he really does not pray. The church that he preaches in barely has people in it, and the pastor character himself is as dry as toast.

A dream catcher is seen on the girls bedroom wall. That is a cultic item. It would be appreciated if those who produce "faith" movies consider putting these things into consideration.

Thank you, Louise

Not worth it
April 1, 2023
I would give it a zero rating if I could. Expensive and sub-standard programming. I want a refund!

Read the fine print or you'll be sorry.
March 23, 2023

Our subscription for Pureflix renewed on February 23, but since no email notification was sent, so we were not aware. If we had known, the price before hand we would have canceled.

Contacted them on March 22 to cancel, but was told that there is a no refund policy, not even a partial refund.

So now we are stuck with this unwanted subscription until February 23/2024.

We were offered a discounted price of $59.99 if we wanted to keep the subscription. I told them that I wanted a refund.

Our request was escalated to the Tier 2/Leadership Team, but that was a waste of time.

Asked for the discounted price that was offered, $59.99, but was told "We have a no refund or partial credit policy which is disclosed in our [Terms of Sale] upon signing up with Pure Flix."

None of this would be an issue if they had sent a reminder.

Buffering Tech Problems on Pureflix
February 28, 2023
my 2nd review. buffering or not playing every time I try to watch a movie. Very disappointed and frustrated. I canceled my annual subscription. This year (2023) on Pureflix is pure torture to watch!!!! Don't know what happened. Last year wasn't like this. I've checked my speed which is well over the required to watch.

Warning! Pureflix has competency or integrity issues!
February 10, 2023
I cancelled my pureflix subscription several days ago and received email verification of my cancellation. The day after my cancellation I started receiving emails telling me they were having problems processing my annual subscription payment. I contacted customer service to ask why they were attempting to obtain a payment from me when I had cancelled my subscription. The had no answer but told me they would resolve the issue. Daily I receive their emails and daily I contact customer service with resolution of my problem. Warning! Don't deal with Pureflix. They either lack integrity or have competency issues.

They do not honor your cancellation before th trial period is up. And they will continue to draft your account.
January 11, 2023
That is the same thing that happened to me. Then I finally got someone on the phone and the lady told me they found another account in 2020 that I didn’t canceled so that’s why they were drafting my accounts suddenly. They run thru my account everyday. For this to be a faith channel they sure are doing some shady stuff.