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Fraught with poor quality and technical issues.
November 29, 2022

I will never return as a customer due to very poor quality.

One of my CONSTANT complaints are the technical issues with the voice falling out or sync with the picture.

If I call I get this long list of things I have to do to my very excellent Samsung TV to correct the problem. But the issue pops up again the next day and I'm tired of fighting with this. I'm pretty patient but this goes way past my threshold!

Pureflix steals your Money!!!
November 15, 2022

I wish I could give Pureflix a minus -10. They emailed me & said that my credit card expired & they weren’t able to charge my credit card. I didn’t want to renew this so I was glad. Well, they charged my card anyhow & chase let the charge go through. They charged me $107.24. I didn’t realize they charged me cos they told me they couldn’t. I called Pureflix & the boy I talked to told me that he could see that I had NOT used the TV service & he would submit to get me a refund. They refunded me $58.70 because they said they were pro rating it. I NEVER used this service & they m know it! I’ve called them again & asked to speak to the President of the

company. They told me that they don’t have access to him. I said well then give me someone higher up than you. She wouldn’t do it I’ve written to the BBB and they won’t do anything either. I just called my haze card & they won’t do anything either They said it’s too far back in date. So they stole my money knowing that I never used their service. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY. They act like their a Christian company but they steal your money. So sad! What goes around comes around!

Mar January 11, 2023

Yeah they real shady. That is the same thing that happened to me. Then I finally got someone on the phone and the lady told me they found another account in 2020 that I hadn't canceled so that’s why they were drafting my accounts suddenly. They run thru my account everyday. For this to be a faith channel they sure are doing some shady stuff.

Repetitious - and questionable suggestive movie contents
November 1, 2022

I have been a Pure Flix customer since 2016. During that time I noticed that they keep offering the same movies over and over and over again as new ones (when they have not "highlighted" them for a while) and they were shown a while back. Also, some of them are very questionable as to what they might suggest ( being that they are secular movies, with the "bad words" taken out.

The Bible is clear in 1 Thessalonians 5:11 "Abstain from all appearance (forms) of evil", and Ephesians 5:11 "have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness, but rather expose them".

I was VERY disappointed when you added Karate Kid 4 to your venue,

PureFlix is supposed to be a Christian Bible-based Film company - and in Karate Kid 4, Mr. Miyagi is shown praying to Buddha, and throughout the movie, the character of Julie is instructed to look to her inner self for strength ( just as middle eastern yoga) instead of Jesus Christ! (I can do ALL THINGS through Christ Who strengthens me" ( Philippians 4:13).

I had been considering canceling my membership ( but it was on auto-renew, so it kicked back in for another year Oct. 3, 2022.

I am able to watch free Christian Movies on Youtube, many of the same I have seen on Pure Flix.

No harm meant - just had to say what the Bible says, and what I feel in my heart.

PLEASE Pure Flix - remember to handle (divide) the Word of God correctly (2 Timothy 2:15) You will be held accountable!

God bless,

In Christ and His service - JML

JanieNew life Properties November 01, 2022

just wanted to add - that I agree with the other comments, this company does not display Christian Values - whatever you do - do not get the "Life Time" membership offer for $1000!

You will be watching the same movies over and over ongoing......!

Nothing is Impossible
October 30, 2022
Not happy with the new movie "Nothing Is Impossible". Looks too much like the world in many of the scenes. Disappointed ☹️

Stay Away! Very, very far away!
October 24, 2022
This company will renew your subscription with no notice and will then refuse to refund the annual fee when it shows up on your credit card bill. We quit using it because it was so glitchy and thought we had gotten it cancelled. Don't mess with this company.

Cheap and family friendly
September 2, 2022
So nice to have options that are family friendly and cheaper than the main stream alternatives as well!

Not Worth The Money At All!!!!!!
July 18, 2022
I honestly think pure flix is a total waste of money! They had one good movie "Never Heard" when I went to look at more the quality was horrible! Their really isnt a movie selection n I feel like they are forcing faith on you!

PatsyKing August 31, 2022

I LOVE PURE FLIX- I have NO problem finding GREAT movies EVERY DAY. I have cancelled netflix and amazon prime.It is refreshing to put on a movie and turn if off because of the vulgar words like the F word, using Gods name in vain. Pureflix has many uplifting movies!Pureflix is where i watch 99% of the time.(or more!(Pureflix also has many spiritual movies that make you think, and grow, help in dark times. A BLESSING to my life-THANK YOU please dont change- this broken lost world NEEDS you! THUMBS UP!! Im sure GOD is very pleased- ignore the haters-keep God first! !

PatsyKing August 31, 2022

Sorry i meant it is refreshing to NOT have to TURN OFF a movie because of the foul language!

June 23, 2022

No advertisements & David R White movies are my favorite, also there is a lot of movies to choose from. I’ve never had a problem with Pureflix & I’m happy to pay yearly for it! It’s GOOD, CLEAN entertainment!!!

Norm November 29, 2022

You must be someone who does not suffer from the constant technical problems like the picture always falling out of sync with the voice. I'm happy for you tho!

0 Stars
June 10, 2022

My experience with Pure Flix has been horrible. They charged us for an account we didn't know we had and when I asked them to cancel and refund my money they told me they would cancel but refused to refund my money. I have never used Pure Flix and certainly will never use them in the future. They are fraudulent in my view.

Simon September 02, 2022

It does say plainly no refunds on the website, but you have access to the account until the end of the billed period.

Deceptive business practices
June 4, 2022

I would give Pure Flix no stars, if possible. I just noticed a credit card charge for Pure Flix and had no idea what it was. Long story short, somehow my wife downloaded the app thinking it was free to see what it offered. She not I ever used it and never knew that we had an account.

When I called and talked with Pure Flix I was told that it was an automatic renewal and they would not refund the charge to my card. They have a no refund policy. This is supposedly a faith based company but I find their business dealings to be deceptive and not what I would think a Christian company would do. So beware!

Simon September 02, 2022

Teach your wife not to sign up for trials of things she doesn't understand or put charge protection on your account.

SallySalida September 30, 2022

Simon, what, do you work for Pure Flix or something???

Unethical and inept
May 6, 2022

My family subscribed to Pure Flix a year ago and determined to not renew our membership. The quality of the streaming was terrible with the lip syncing alway being slower than the video or faster than the video, but never right on. The movies most often quit in the middle, so you had to go back in and restart it. We also found within about 6 months that the quality of the movies was very poor.

When we tried to cancel, the company continued to charge our account though we had been emphatic that we no longer wanted the membership. At this point, we have had to dispute the charges at our bank 3 times as Pure Flix continues to charge our account. I have talked with Pure Flix on 2 occasions following our cancellation yet they continue to charge our account.

Waste of money
May 5, 2022

It's a complete waste of money and time and they don't refund you your money back so you spend money on the app and if you don't like it you wasted your money.

I thought it had more Christian movies and everything but they don't really. I watch one movie on the app and I paid for the year so I wasted $80 on this app.

JanieNew life Properties November 01, 2022

I agree

Billing Trap
April 5, 2022

Billing Trap

We have used this service for a few years. Signed up last year for full year. This year they charged my credit card the full amount for additional year.

Contacted them 2 weeks after to cancel and seek prorated rate. I was told "No" and full amount would still be paid. I will never use this provider again.

So disappointed they are not the same. Does this have anything to do with Sony buying them?

EllenBecker May 02, 2022

Same here. They - without any warning, hit my visa up for $107.99. We may of signed up but never watched and did cancel but unfortunately maybe did it wrong. Waiting a year and sneaking in an expensive “renewal” is not honest - it is sneaky.

SallySalida September 30, 2022

Same here. Thought it would be pro-rated at least somewhat. I realized I was charged a few days after annual renewal because I really haven't used it and forgot about it, but now have another year of charges.

Sure, it was my fault for not reading the fine print, but it would be nice to offer at least a partial refund, or a grace period. Many subscriptions give fair warning when renewal time approaches.

Auto Renew Mandatory unless canceling prior to anniversary
September 15, 2021

I subscribed to Pureflix in July of 2020 and prepaid for one year. In July of 2021 they automatically charged my credit card for another year. I wasn't given the option to cancel or pay monthly.

I contacted them to cancel in September and receive a partial refund but they refused saying I can't cancel until next year. Isn't that like stealing by charging me for service not rendered when I clearly no longer want this service?? I'm very disappointed in their customer service.

Pureflix Channel better than Dove Channel
June 4, 2019
**Buyer Beware** This is a Mormon channel that comes across as Judeo-Christian. IT IS NOT. Check out the movies;, Ephraim and Passage to Zarehemla. Those are only two that really promote Mormonism, but there are more. they use other films that have just enough christian theme to trap you. I know I'm one who was trapped. You have been warned.