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Poor customer service
February 12, 2024
Placed my order in time for Christmas, but it did not arrive until well after Christmas. The socks arrive full of holes. The holes appeared to have been caused by the printing process. It’s impossible to talk to a person as they only have email customer service. They promised a new order but six weeks later it’s still processing. I just want my money back now.

Poor customer service.
February 10, 2024
Socks arrived with holes in them. Customer service said they would send new pair. A month later they say the order is still processing. No phone number to call just email. My wife still does not have her Christmas gift!

Don't waste your money
January 18, 2023
I ordered from them a few years back and was disappointed. My stupidity though thought that maybe they improved since a few years had passed. Wrong! Still the cheap material, the wrong images and non-existent helpful customer service.

Don’t Waste Your Money
January 15, 2023
My boyfriend bought me a mug with pictures of our cat for Christmas. Unfortunately we never received it. It said delivered but it never delivered so he could tatted them and they supposedly mailed it out again. Instead of saying it delivered in mailbox this time, it said it delivered to a person. Neither of us received it. He asked for his money back since we never got anything and they said no. Will never buy from this site in the future.

Don’t trust this company
December 30, 2022
DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. I’ll try to make this brief: placed order Dec 6, was assured by e-mail delivery by Xmas. Tracking # given. Tracking # stated it was UPS. Never got socks, contacted UPS. Told tracking # was not them but USPS. Tracked through USPS, stated a label was made but never shipped. Called Popsocks per phone number they gave my credit card and was on my statement with the bill. BOGUS phone number. Sent emails to Pupsocks. Finally heard back constantly telling me my order would arrive, blamed weather for delay. I pointed out Bogus phone number and information from UPS and USPS. UPSHOT: I told credit card company I’m not paying. Never received order.

Sub Standard shopping cart, errors can occur
December 29, 2022

12-28-2022 first time ordering from this company. Although I am excited about the product their website leaves MUCH to be desired. You CANNOT edit your shopping cart for changing colors, number of purchases items etc. without losing your offered discounts during the checkout process.

Also, BEWARE the person you are shipping to becomes the named person who placed the order which should be your name as the person placing the order, not the person you are sending to.

Cute Concept
December 24, 2022
I just received the socks I ordered for a Christmas gift. Shipping was very slow, it took 14 days. The socks are really cute with the pups’ pictures on it, but the quality of material is poor, very thin. Expensive for what you get.

Didn’t deliver what I paid for and no customer support
December 22, 2022
My order that I paid for was not what I received. I definitely would not recommend this company . I tried reaching out to them but no response back. Very dissatisfied. Buyers beware. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.

Cheaply made product
December 20, 2022
Well I wish I had read reviews before purchasing. Purchased a blanket and paid extra for sherpa and the so called blanket is paper thin. I am so embarrassed to present this gift. I paid over $50 for this good for nothing "blanket".

TroyChilders December 22, 2022

Me too. I wish I read reviews first. I just wrote my review. BUYERS BEWARE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY

Unreliable, terrible customer service
December 18, 2022
Zero stars! I thought this would be a fun Christmas present and love that the company supports shelter dogs. But I received someone else’s order…okay fine, accidents happened. But the only way to get in touch with the company is by email and no one gets back to you. There would have been time to send the correct order. Now there is not and I don’t have a gift for my family member at Christmas.

Donna December 21, 2022

Oh no this is not what I wanted to see. My blanket from them is LOST! I have sent numerous emails with no response and mine is a gift as well. I only wish I had spent more time researching this company before placing the order. Ugh!

TroyChilders December 22, 2022

Exact same thing happened to me. I cannot get any response from the company. BUYER BEWARE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.

No Size Differentiation and SLOW shipping
December 17, 2022
When I ordered the socks (3 for small children) there were sizes to specify on the order form. When socks arrived, they were all same size. Why do you have size differentiation on the order form with a Uni-Size product? Your FAQ mentions there is one size, your order form indicates otherwise. Deeply dissatisfied.

Two attempts and two major fails. Stay away.
December 15, 2022

This is a great concept! Unfortunately, two blankets later and still not correct. Pretty sure that the problem will not be resolved before Christmas. The first order was made with a lot of extras added at additional costs. The ordered blanket was supposed to have two faces on it. It came with only one face. After much trying to get in touch with the company ( no phone number) they promised to correct the problem. We received the replacement today. Two faces this time ! Too bad it was cat faces instead of the two dog faces. It was also the wrong color. Unfortunately I am forced to hand out a one star review ( wish I could do a zero star) for what looks like it would be an amazing product if they could just get the order right. The other big issue is trying to contact the company. Erratic to say the least. I would not recommend this company to even my least liked friends.

TroyChilders December 22, 2022


December 12, 2022
This company is a scam. Ordered socks and they were never received. DO NOT ORDER! I should have researched this company prior to purchasing.

This is a Terrible Company
December 20, 2021
Terrible. Bought socks and they sent them with animals that were not my pictures and then refused to return my money or send the correct socks. In fact they said I didn't order from their company. DO NOT ORDER HERE

December 13, 2021
I purchased 3 pairs of socks on November 18th, 2021. I was sent an email by the company notifying me that my order had shipped, but provided a faulty tracking number. The company has not responded to my 5 emails asking for order status or help. I would not recommend this company to anyone!

TroyChilders December 22, 2022

Yup. Scammers

No socks, no service
November 19, 2020

I ordered PupSocks on 11/07/2020 for a birthday gift. The confirmation when I purchased said the purchase would be delivered within 8 to 10 business days. 11 days later (today, 11/18) I checked the tracking, and my socks had not ever been made, let alone shipped. I got on chat with a customer service rep. I was given two options - 1) a 10% discount and the order would ship within 3-5 days after production was finished, or 2) a full refund.

I asked if I went with option 1 when the order would be made to even be shipped? I was told a mind-boggling, "Our standard production time is 1 business day and it takes up to 3-5 business days for shipping." This was the response after not making my socks for 11 days!?!? They admitted the socks could have been made eleven times over by now.

When I pointed out that they weren't running their standard schedule, they gave the excuse that there had been a "power outage" "last week". I asked if it was for 11 whole days? That's when I was transferred to a manager.

Two customer service reps gave me no further info on when the product might actually be made and ship. I just wanted a timeline to tell my family member when their late birthday gift would arrive. When the company couldn't confirm a production date after 11 days, I cut bait and went with a refund.

The only thing I can say for certain that this company can do in a timely manner is to charge your credit card. That Is all I got out of this purchase.

TERRIBLE company
April 7, 2019

I ordered the socks with over 4 weeks prior to my friend's birthday and the special date came and went and I ended up needing to purchase her another gift instead since I had nothing to show after ordering from this company. There is no phone number on the site nor is there anyone responding to emails. I sent them three emails and it took 3 weeks to respond and at 7 weeks now, I still have not received the socks.

I hope that going forward, this company gets a better handle on the orders and responsiveness to its' 'valued' customers.

March 16, 2019
I ordered a custom pair of socks on February 18th, 2019. They took almost thirty dollars from me and refuse to send my product. I don't even want the socks anymore, considering the ones I have seen are terrible in quality. I want my stolen money back!! Don't waste your money!! This has taught me and many others to do a lot more research before buying!

Pupsocks is a SCAM!!!!!
March 12, 2019

They take orders. accept money and never ship goods. Groupon and others should not be allowing people to order from them makes me question every purchase with them so I may close it down and never shop on it again.


Don't order from this company
January 2, 2019
I placed on order on 11/12/18 and still have not received the order as of 1/2/19 and there is no way to communicate with them except email and then you only get an automated email back. I had emailed them 5 times for an update on my order and never received a response besides "be patient with us". I've asked for my money back but am not holding my breath. Have placed a complaint with the BBB where there are 275 complaints against the company and they received an F rating.