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May 24, 2019
Do not purchase a puppy from puppy spot. This has been the worst experience we have ever been through. They are kind until you have a problem. Good luck trying to get someone to return your calls or emails. Their phone system is set up to ignore you. You can never talk with anyone else expect your puppy manager. Whenever you call in it automatically directs you to them. They have your phone number on memory. This place is a scam. They make promises and don't live up to them. So if your puppy manager doesn't want to help you through your problems, you can never get in touch with anyone unless you call from a different number that their system doesn't recognize. I should have went with my gut feelings when my 1st concierge was a complete nightmare. So was the 2nd. We ended up dealing with a manager to purchase our puppy. The manager made us a promise that they are not living by and we have the agreement on email. This will have to goto court. We love our puppy but hate puppy spot. Will not recommended them nor will we be buying our 2nd puppy from this scam. We wish we could leave a zero star. WARNING Stay away!!! We read online that their reviews are fake. This one is 100% real!

JudyWeintraub July 07, 2019

more specifics would help, like what problems happened that PuppySpot did not help with? thanks

Anne Beach October 24, 2019

I had a complaint and the employee BLOCKED my number. How is that for customer service?

Gibbs From Mississippi to Connecticut ! :)
February 10, 2019
I was so scared to fall into that 1 or 2 star experience but Guillermo and Mikayli were amazing help with my puppy! Gibbs is loved unconditionally by us and is completely spoiled lol! From the min I called to get info all the way to picking him up at the airport , puppyspot was AMAZING and always there for me with any questions or concerns I had! I TRULY RECOMMEND PUPPYSPOT TO ANYONE!

Total rip-off
February 1, 2019
I purchased what I was guaranteed to be a teacup Pomeranian. While they now state they make no guarantees to the size of the dog, they did listen to recordings and the agent did indeed guarantee this pup would be 5 lbs or under. At the “ripe old age” of 8 months, this pup is already 12 lbs. I called and spoke to the office numerous time, each time they assured me that they would get back to me. They blow me off, don’t get back to me and have not kept their word on any type of refund. Once the pup leaves them, there is no such thing as Customer Service. I paid $3,749 for a puppy that I could have rescued at the humane society for. Completely disappointed and let down by this organization and will NEVER recommend them to anyone I know.

TomHudley May 16, 2019

Total SCAM artist. Even with senior citizens! Tried to up Charge me 900.00. What rip off and Scam!

Anne Beach October 24, 2019

Horrible horrible horrible business. Stay away

MelissaWynne Fuller August 12, 2021

that is because Puppy Spot is a broker, and they charge a "middle man" fee; in other words, they collect around $1,000 grand for each puppy sold. The breeder is not getting paid the amount you pay to Puppy Spot, therefore Puppy Spot will not allow you to speak to the breeder as then you would be able to purchase your puppy directly from the breeder for a fraction of the cost Puppy Spot charges you

Satisfied with PuppySpot
January 20, 2019
I had an amazing experience with PuppySpot. From beginning to end, they were communicative and almost immediate with their responses. Mara, the puppy chaperone, was absolutely amazing. She stayed in contact the entire trip from getting the puppy, to the airport, at her layover, and the second she landed. She reviewed all the paperwork and gave me helpful tips on how to care for my frenchie, took wonderful care of her during the flights, and overall gave me so much comfort and reassurance that puppy was in great hands. My experience was beyond great and I’m truly blessed to have my frenchie!

Breeders Beware
November 2, 2018

The reason I really wanted to use PuppySpot to place my English Bulldog puppies was they are sold "Pet Only." This way I feel they are going to families that really want them as family members not large breeders.

PuppySpot works hard to make a customer happy. You are paying thousands more than what myself as a breeder sell these puppies for outside. I offer a one year health guarantee. PuppySpot holds the breeder accountable for the health of the puppy. I fully understand this but if there are any issues PuppySpot comes right back to the breeder. They aren't offering you something special on top of what I'm willing to do. I do stand behind my puppies.

What they don't realize is they also work for the breeder. They have a mindset that we're here because our puppies can't sell otherwise. In order for me to furnish you with healthy, playful and excellent bloodlines I put a lot of work and spend a lot of money. To have quality dogs they really need to work with a breeder. Not all puppies have the same bloodlines. Please research the heritage of the puppy you're considering.There are English Bulldog puppies on their site I wouldn't ever consider buying.

It appears everyone works in a different office. There is no organization and no one knows what the other person has done or said. My last puppy was supposed to be at the airport at 10 am. A late night email changed this to 6 am. I wouldn't even have known this but I happen to look at my email around 4. I call to double check this because it's a 45 minute drive to the airport. I was there at 6 am just to find out it was 10. Now I'm looking at a 4 hour wait. They are not honest. The flight chaperone called me to say she missed her flight and she couldn't make it there in time for the 10 am flight. They told me she did not miss her flight. The chaperone called me directly.

At the health check if there are any health issues or cosmetic issues they cancel the sale. Ok I can understand that but sometimes it's a simple issue that can be fixed. They cancelled the sale on one of mine then called me to say the buyer backed out which was just a flat out lie. They just simply cannot be trusted.

If you want a quality dog for thousands less start looking online for breeders. Go to AKC Marketplace, look at FB Clubs especially for Bulldogs. Ask for references on breeder. Make sure you get a health guarantee. I suggest finding breeders that are small in home not large kennels. If it is a kennel just make sure they are responsible, have health checks on their adults before breeding and your able to see their facilities. Make sure they spend a lot of time spoiling and loving their puppies.

JudyWeintraub July 07, 2019

Thank you Robin for the informative review.

Puppy spot was awesome the Breeder was awful
August 7, 2018

I have nothing but good things to say about the puppy spot and the people they employ, they definitely did everything they said they would!!

My issue was after I received my Labrador retriever puppy who was almost 13 weeks old, I took him for a visit to the vet as required by the terms and conditions of PuppySpot. At the visit my puppy was diagnosed with an ear infection; no nig deal. I got his meds, but when the breeder contacted me to see if he arrived ok, I mentioned the ear infection and the response she gave me was that my dog was fine and my vet was scamming me for extra money. Two days later when my vet called with the results of his stool sample I found out he had gairdia, which made sense since he had loose stools and was going 6 times a day. He is on meds and will be fine; however, I caution anyone looking to get a Labrador retriever from the PuppySpot that they make sure it’s not coming from Jean Nelson of Avalon Kennels in Avery Texas!! The only thing this breeder seems to be concerned about is that you purchase the vitamins she suggests, vitamins that my vet said are good but not necessary if you are feeding your puppy a good quality food!