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Worst place ever
May 20, 2022

Stormi was awesome help, but other staff such as Keith and others I dont remember the name have been unpleasant, rude, and lack of resourcefulness. The puppy I purchased and got financial payments set up for was already "sold" to someone else without updating or to their knowledge which is really convenient.

When I asked to speak to management they asked me why and decided to address the issue in their own way because they were avoiding having me speak with management for different matters of their own.

When communicating between the financial group and puppyspot, puppyspot failed to do their part and had me go back and forth to see what they both were waiting on when they should've addressed it themselves. I'm very unhappy with my experience and don't recommend this at all.

Amazing and beautiful puppies. SALLYS CHIS
May 19, 2022

This is my second puppy I have bought from the same breeder, SALLYS CHIS. What amazing dogs they are. I Timmy a boy in 2020, and we just picked up a girl lady in 2022.

I have raised several puppies over the years and Sally's is the BEST. Both puppies are very well trained and independent, the love of our lives. Timmy, our first puppy from Sally's Chis was so amazing we picked a girl 2 years later, so lucky.

Sally's chis is one of the only people I can truly trust and also puppy spot for great puppies and truly honest breeders. Thank you for all you do.

Bad experience
April 25, 2022

I did not have the best experience when I called to inquire about a French bulldog. First of all, I received over 10 text messages and emails just bc I submitted in inquiry.

The next day I spoke with a lady that was so rude condescending and defensive with every question I asked.

She posed a question with every question that I asked and made it seem like I wasn’t worthy of purchasing an over priced dog. She was not very helpful or polite. It made me feel uncomfortable trusting them with a purchase of this kind. I will not be doing business with puppy spot.

Oh and by the way you have no rights to the $7,000 puppy bc they tell u what u can & can’t do after the purchase, plus they charge way more than the breeder would charge if u bought them directly from the owner. Do your research! Read the contract.

0ver $5000 dollars for a puppy site unseen?
April 5, 2022

Buyer beware. I found the perfect puppy on their website, but after the travel fees etc that they add the puppy was $1000 more bringing the cost over $5000. We almost were going to get the puppy but after learning a few things it seemed like a crazy thing to do.

They will not give you any breeder information “you will get information when you actually have the puppy in hand.”

You have to pay the full price without actually seeing the puppy in person. You are giving your non-refundable ($5000+) for a picture.

They are very proud of the fact they have 2 of their own Airplanes strictly for their puppies. But know that they fly the dog from wherever the breeder is to Saint Louis and you could go to St Louis airport to pick the puppy up. Additional fees if who what it delivered to your area.

Over all, we would have loved the puppy picture we wanted, but seriously it is like paying a large amount of money for a puppy you have purchased - site unseen, never held or watched their temperament, Etc. not many people would recommend this type of investment.

Bummer that they have such strict rules.

SteveHeemsoth April 08, 2022

I will NEVER buy a puppy without seeing it first.

Cancelation fees outrages
March 9, 2022

DO NOT SEND A PAYMENT WITHOUT MAKING SURE FIRST WHAT THE CANCELATION FEES MIGHT BE. I visited the puppy spot website and i initially liked their ideology of how the dogs in their website are pure breed and so forth.

Therefore I purchased an adorable puppy. Unfortunately though my building informed me of its no pet policy which i didn’t know up to that point which was at the same day as the payment.

I immediately contacted puppy spot and informed them that due to my building’s policy i had to cancel it. Three days later i received a refund from them but to my shocking surprise they kept $495 as a cancelation fee.

To summarize this, I had paid for a 5 week old puppy that needed 3 more weeks to travel, i never signed any agreement, delivery date was never assigned but they kept $495 for cancellation damages that I made the same day as the purchase.


Info is not accurate
March 3, 2022

Buyer Beware! The posting for the puppy I purchased was NOT accurate. His age was listed as 14 weeks and he was actually 11 weeks. Also on 1/2/22 his weight was listed as 7 pounds. Five weeks later on 2/9/22 his weight was 5# 6oz. I believe that Puppy Spot should list accurate information especially when the puppy was. Almost $5,000.00!!!

USDA breeder license means NOTHING. Do some research!
February 13, 2022

The USDA breeder requirements are NOT dog friendly. They only require a modicum of shelter,, a cage (could be wire) only has to be 6 inches bigger than the dog itself. The momma and dad dogs mostly drink from rabbit bottles or lick balls, so they never get their mouths flushed out, which is why many of them have rotten jaws and teeth.

They have little to no socialization or anything to do in those cages and kennels. Do some research on the puppyspot promise, it means nothing because the USDA requirements are to treat these parents dogs like agriculture and chickens.

Even puppyspot pictures show an amish lady with all these cages and bars in a barn. Welcome to a 'licensed breeder'. If you don't meet the parents and see how they actually live, you are most likely buying from what you'd think of as a mill, even if they don't call it that.

Avoid at all costs
February 5, 2022

My experience with PuppySpot was horrific. The main points are this:

1. If you are drawn to PuppySpot because of their "breeder vetting" and "No Puppy Mill Promise" - that is a lie, no one at PuppySpot could tell me anything remotely specific to the breeder of my dog or even my dog. They ultimately cancelled on me after changing the travel twice, due to a congenital defect present from birth. The defect is indicative of poor breeding.

2. If you are drawn to PuppySpot because of the "concierge service" and "puppy manager" - this is also a lie. You are not "assigned" a puppy manager. You will talk to random people every time you call or use the app. These random people will likely be reading from a script somewhere overseas. The site makes it seem like you receive personalized service - hence the giant price tag - you do not. If you're able to get someone to respond, which was difficult every time I tried, it will be a different person every time. There is no single person monitoring your account or puppy. Ever.

3. If receiving updates on your puppy every 2 weeks sounds like something you would like, don't use PuppySpot. I had to beg for each update which only included photos. No one was ever able to give me an accurate weight for my puppy; I think this was because they didn't have it themselves. Probably because the puppy mill breeder they used was hard to get a hold of.

Anytime I requested information on my puppy, I needed to request it 3 times to get any response at all, and each response left much to be desired. When I grew tired of the vague responses that provided no specific information on my puppy, the "customer service representative" became rude and argumentative.

Don't waste your time. You're paying a lot of extra money for a service that this company does not provide. If you've got a spare $2,500 to add to the regular price of a puppy, pay someone at your local vet $250.00 an hour to source a puppy for you. It'll still be cheaper and you'll actually get what you wanted.

If I could leave zero stars I would. This company should not be in business and I regret ignoring the warning signs for as long as I did.

Do not buy from PuppySpot
January 14, 2022

I am obviously not a smart person when it comes to purchasing a puppy from PuppySpot. It started off fine and then 3 days before one of my pups was to arrive,, a mini bernedoodle, they called to tell me she weighed less than 2.8 lbs. she was 9 weeks old.

At a minimum she should have weighed 5.2 lbs. I also never got the pics of her as their policy stated every two weeks. I cancelled as I felt she was a sick puppy which is really sad or she was sold as a mini but was a micro buy even then was underweight.

They charged a fee for cancelling stating that it was for the breeders time. I don’t think this was fair as the breeder obviously didn’t take care of her when she was with her nor did she take the time to send updated photos every two weeks.

I would not buy from them again. They do not keep their own policies. They are very difficult to speak to after your purchase is completed and from seeing the breeders they use it is likely they don’t care for the pups they breed.

Terrible Terrible Terrible
September 23, 2021

Terrible Experience. Received our puppy and within 3 days she was in the hospital and terribly ill. We have been trying to figure out what is wrong and have spent nearly 4K on her already.

PuppySpot is willing to refund us $30 as they say we gave her a vaccine within two days of getting her (we followed the timeline recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association and every vet out there). Are you kidding me? We paid a premium to use their service to get a "happy and healthy puppy." What a joke. Complete SCAM.

Didn't get past the initial phone call -- didn't want to
July 17, 2021
I recently called to inquire about a puppy I saw on their website, and spoke a guy named Keefe. He gave very short or vague and incomplete answers to questions. When I asked if I could get in touch with the breeder he said no, that he could answer any questions I might have. As the short conversation continued, he became downright rude so I hung up. Red flags galore!

Coloradosand July 12, 2022


They are the Grinch of Christmas
December 13, 2020

My puppy was promised at a certain price, $4,000 before Christmas for my loving son. Now the company is asking for more money because they didn’t do the work on time for his travel and they are offering different dates for delivery.

I don’t recommend this company, it is too expensive with terrible service. They are very sweet at the tiem of sale but don't provide good service or keep their word or agreements.

They don’t give care about spoiling your Christmas joy. Now my son is not getting his Christmas gift unless we pay $600 more. Horrible.

JanetHamilton February 25, 2021

When did you get the pup?

December 4, 2020

Thank God for the honesty of the bad reviews on this website. I signed the contract for my puppy in mid November and started to do my research. I reached out to the PuppySpot people on their app to get answers to simple questions that were specific to my puppy. They promised to get back to me. They never did.

Then, on Monday after the holiday, I reached out again, and I asked them to make an appointment for me to speak to the breeder. They refused stating that they have to protect their breeders and that their breeders are busy raising their puppies and don't have time to talk to the soon to be owners -- that that's what PuppySpot was for. They said that they would get back to me to answer my questions. And again, they never did.

That's when the alarm bells really went off. Everything that I've read indicates that good breeders want to know that their puppies are going to conscientious owners who understand the breed, their challenges, and are prepared to raise that particular breed as best they can; and those breeders want to support their puppies' owners to be successful. I asked myself: what does it mean that they are dealing with breeders who are too busy breeding, who can't be bothered to speak to the owners? Ugh. Something's really wrong with this picture.

Last night, as my anxiety mounted, I went onto this website and read story after story of bad experiences and I'm so grateful that I did. My puppy was only 6 1/2 weeks old and I had time to cancel. PuppySpot is keeping $495 as an administrative/cancellation fee. It's not worth fighting them about if they truly return the other amounts, which are, frankly, exorbitant, but would have been worth every penny, if they had performed in the manner that they indicate they do. I count myself one of the lucky ones who was able to exit before a potentially compromised puppy arrived.

From the reviews on this website, it seems like it's hit or miss with this company. But I couldn't bare it if I was supporting a business that cares more about making money off of people who just want to bring a bundle of joy into their home for themselves and their families and do right by an innocent animal and give them the best home and life that they can -- with a business that may be the effective replacement of storefront pet shops, which are notorious for dealing with disreputable breeders and horrific puppy mills.

I'm not accusing.... I'm just sharing my own experience and the really, really bad feelings I started to get, which have been confirmed by others on this site. While I'm disappointed, I'm honestly more relieved that at least I was able to cancel when I did. The puppy that I chose may be one of the ones who would have been perfect. But if this business is going to represent itself as honorable, it has to act honorably, provide true support for owners with bona fide questions, and proactively support communications between breeders and owners before it's too late.

They truly need to clean up their act and treat the breeders, the families and most of all, the animals with utmost integrity and accountability. They must become impeccable with their word.

PuppySpot.com - not very fair
September 10, 2020
Tried to enter our puppies, full-blooded American Pit Bull Terriers, virtually the same dog and the American Staffordshire Terrier or American Bull Dog, and they would not allow us to list. These are very good temperamented dogs and were raised indoors with the family. Just because the name states "Pit Bull" doesn't mean everyone fights them. In fact, we make sure our puppies are not going to be fought. So, it is really not fair for them to exclude that breed, but not the others like Rottweilers, Great Danes, German Shepherds, all the bull dogs, etc. But, they helped me figure out why people like puppyfinder.com much better.

Beware Of PuppySpot
June 1, 2020

My entire experience with PuppySpot has been terrible and frustrating and extremely upsetting. What they specify on their web site is NOT at all what I experienced. They have one set of criteria for the pup's travel on their site. Watch out!!

I discovered when my pup reached 8 weeks and 2lbs and was ready for travel, that she had to be 5lbs to travel via ground transportation. Or, 3lbs via private charter. Then when she reached the 3lbs, and I was still waiting for them to nail down a set travel date, I was told that she wasn't 3lbs, but 2.13lbs, 3oz short for travel with the private charter. I was told that the private charter travel days were only Sat and Wed. Then when I asked that we move the tentative travel date closer, to travel on Sat, since that was still a whole week for my pup to gain back the lost 3oz, I was then told that travel to my area was only available on Wed., Sat was to another area, not mine.

PuppySpot tells you that they will be with you and updating you all along the way until your pup is with you. NOT TRUE. The App and Website only gave me weekly updates of her age, which I knew. The App had the correct age/date but the website was 4 days off. At 7-8 weeks I had to request updated pics. PuppySpot told me they don't bother the breeder. But that they would make a request on my behalf. WHAT??? I never got regular updates as to how my pup was doing, her progress on weight, how she was eating, etc.

Basically PuppySpot takes a lot of money from you, ALL upfront, even travel expenses. You end up waiting and hoping that they will get your pup to you.

I had no problem waiting for my pup to reach her goals. She was 4 weeks when I bought her. So I understood she had to be 8 weeks and 2lbs to travel, because that is what is specified on their website. But truth be told, there were hidden criterias, misinformation and miscommunications all along the way.

They kept apologizing for the misinformation and miscommunications...for not updating their website, etc. It is now June 1 and I've been waiting for my pup since she was 8 weeks/2lbs on May 26-28th.

I still don't know when I will get my puppy. The last tentative date I was given was June 10th. By then she will be 10 weeks old.

Also, you'd think as your pup is approaching her goals of 8 weeks and 2lbs, the "travel team" would be working on making the travel arrangements, even if it has to be tentative initially. Not so. They don't seem to be working on anything...Certainly NOT in getting travel arrangements in the works ahead of time. Instead, they seem to wait until the 8 weeks/2lbs are right on top of them and THEN they begin looking into travel arrangements. That makes for an even LONGER waiting time to get your pup.

I am very sad. I am very frustrated. I have asked that they start looking at commercial airlines that would fly my pup to my nearest airport.

We'll see what happens next. I am scared that my pup will not be in good condition whenever I do end up getting her. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I have never worked with a 3rd party before. But I fell in love with my pup when I saw her. I have always worked directly with a reputable breeder, which has always been a great experience.

Beware of PuppySpot. I would NEVER, EVER work with them again.

MICHAEL LEWIS October 12, 2020

Watch out everyone they take their money up front

and can slow roll you past the date the credit card company could help. Great phone system when it comes to blocking your call. When things don't go right you

are left holding the bag. Big Time breeder protection greater than customer help. I believe all complaints

based on my experience. My opinion..Be very careful..not your friends.

lisaBrooks November 25, 2020

Thank you! I was just getting ready to buy a puppy. Thank God I decided to read the reviews first.

Coloradosand July 12, 2022

I am backing out of order. Did you ever get the pup you purchased?

Theo is the greatest!!
May 8, 2020
Kudos to the staff for everything they do From start to finish and beyond!!

Puppy Spot Buyer be ware
March 2, 2020

PuppySpot at first glance appears to be responsive. That is the case until you actually receive your puppy. The first time I should have known was when I asked for Breeder information and they provided the excuse that they have to protect their breeders and puppies from theft. Well we have in the past purchased from breeders and the breeders are usually proud of the puppies We lost our dog and we went to PuppySpot based upon the reviews on their direct website. What I didn’t realize that when I attempt to leave a review on their direct website there doesn’t seem to be the ability to do so. I did not do a general check as I have done now. There seems to be several reviews over the internet of others who have experienced what I have experienced.

Breeders are usually anxious to share the information, then I asked for the USDA # for the Breeder and apparently that is a secret as well. It is my opinion and the opinion of more than one vet we have talked with that this is most likely puppies received from puppy mills. The puppy is from Missouri.

Unfortunately our puppy came to us skinny and according to the vet was treated aggressively for Gardia risk while in PuppySpot’s care. The vet was extremely clear that the type of medical care she received demonstrated that the breeder is well aware that it has this problem at the kennel and they sold her despite this issue. In addition the puppy guarantee is a joke. They delay, don’t respond, claim they didn’t receive complete record. Anything to delay and avoid.

We will do what we need to do to treat her. Her form of Gardia is so aggressive it has been over 3 months of treatment and she is still infected. As a result she misses out on puppy play dates, training and the like. She can’t go to parks and play with other dogs and my guess is the puppies who have come from this Breeder are experiencing the same issues. She is on a special diet and still on medicine. Puppies get sick. But the secrecy of the Breeder (Name and USDA#), the aggressive Medical treatment by the Breeder for Gardia type diseases, and lack of response is unacceptable.

We are not sure ultimately what other health affects she will suffer. If this doesn’t resolve we will need to take more aggressive medical action which has side affects. Beware of purchasing puppies from this company.

Gilbert V Najera May 08, 2020

I am so sorry to hear about your story and unfortunate experience. In December of last year, I decided to get a puppy as a companion, since our Labrador Retriever who we raised from a puppy through 14 years of her life. At first, I was somewhat reluctant to deal with a company such as Puppy Spot. However, after some research and questioning of prior clients, in March of this year, I secured their services. I asked that they assist me in finding me a male puppy. Within a matter of two days, I had a choice of one puppy from a selection of three. I selected a fantastic, healthy, handsome, and bundle of joy. I .obtained the services of Puppy Spot, and they assisted me in finding a male Labradoodle. I chose Theodore (Theo), a nine and one half week old red puppy. From start to arrival in-flight home to San Diego, California from West Virginia, the personnel and the breeder were in daily contact with me in the preparation and logistics of bringing Theo to his new home. I can sincerely say that the staff of this company are very professional and have one mission. And that is getting the customer what they request and getting a healthy puppy to a hew home, safe and sound.

I am so please with Puppy Spot and their service that I am considering getting a second puppy!! Kudos to them for everything they do!!

CaroleLee March 01, 2022

My comment about sounding like he was working for them, is directed at Gilbert. Such a glowing review, totally the opposite with almost every other person here who has dealt with them. After reading all the horror stories and the poor customer relations with the company, I will not be buying a puppy with puppy spot. I'll also make sure I tell my sister or niece, who both will pay that sort of price for an AKC puppy.

Bad customer service
February 19, 2020

I will not be recommending this place to anybody because of bad customer service I asked if their could be a discount Because I know the dog I wanted was way overpriced coming out in 3400 and change. Long story short you tell me if I don’t buy now they’re going to raise the price because 900 people have you this dog that I was looking at. So I say go ahead and keep it

Best dog ever
December 4, 2019
Purchased Bobby "Bear" 3 years ago; AKC registered German Shepherd. Been the best dog I have ever had; from start til now. Just purchased another too. (Westie)

Sold me a puppy with a congenital blood disease
August 22, 2019
Two and a half years into her tiny life, our little Maltese Ellie was taken in to the emergency vet hospital where she was diagnosed with IMHA, and three failed blood transfusions later, we had to unfortunately put her down. It was devastating to our family. Puppyspot asked us to provide all her $5,300 in vet bills and medical records. They had their "vet" review it, and they said that it wasn't a proper diagnosis and deny our claim for any kind of reimbursement. We paid $3,500 for her and $5,300 in vet bills, a total of almost $9,000 for two and a half years of joy, and now we are without the 9K and our precious puppy that we loved so much. They are a scam and do not care about their customers or their puppies. They're just in it for the money, and it's ridiculous! PLEASE BEWARE!!!!!!!!

MariaO'Sullivan Rafferty September 25, 2019

Our puppy from them died after 2 months. On top of the $3,000 we paid for her we spent an additional 5,000 trying to save her. They refuse to honor the guarantee. The sure won’t allow me to leave a review that’s why all their reviews are good! Check the BBB reviews and watchdog sites. The real reviews are horrible! I wished I had done my homework.

lisaBrooks November 25, 2020

I am so thankful for reading this before I purchased my dog. Thank you so much!

SarahFlynn November 28, 2020

Glad you saved yourself a lot of heartache. Just a terrible company.

KimModerson April 11, 2021

Maria and Sarah, I am so sorry for your loss! Thank you for sharing your story and raising awareness of this kind of place. Yes, at least they should have given you a replacement puppy as they state in their website. Again, i am so sorry for your loss!!

Coloradosand July 12, 2022

So sorry for your loss. That's worse than the SCAM they get you with. You most likely came to them with a broken heart and needed to heal, so the new pup was supposed to help, they were supposed to cover their health for 10 years, but instead they give you this? They should be sued as if it would help. God bless you!