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PuppySpot is a website that aims to connect users to dog breeders that are vetted and screened in partnership with USDA.

PuppySpot states they have a zero tolerance policy for puppy mills or substandard breeding practices, and have successfully placed over 200,000 puppies into homes.

How Does PuppySpot Work?

According to their website, PuppySpot believes that owners should be able to expect trust, confidence, and transparency when finding a new puppy to bring home.

This website promises their customers that they have zero tolerance for puppy mills or substandard breeding practices, and that all of their puppies are raised by breeders who are held to industry-leading standards.

PuppySpot screens and vets all the breeders they work with, saying that they hold breeders to the highest standards with the health and safety of the dogs as the top priority.

They state that less than 15% of breeders that apply to work with their company are actually approved, which they say ensures that their dogs and owners will have a premium experience.

To search for your future puppy on this website, customers can look by breed in two different categories, Purebred Puppies and Designer Puppies.

For those who don’t know, Designer Puppies are brands that have become famous for blending the appearance and character traits of two different Purebred breeds.

Cost/Price Plans

The cost of using this company to find your perfect puppy is completely free of charge, but the actual cost of the puppy will vary depending on the specific puppy you have chosen. 

Qualified customers will actually be able to finance the cost of the purebred or designer puppy through this website, but this option will not be available to everyone.

Customers will need to apply to see what kinds of financing they may be able to take advantage of. 

Refund Policy

Surprisingly this company does provide their customers with a Health Guarantee for their puppies.

This Guarantee states that their breeders are required to keep their puppies up-to-date on all vaccinations and de-wormings and every puppy must pass a thorough health check before being allowed to travel.

In order to activate your puppy’s Health Guarantee, you will need to take them to the vet within 48 hours of the puppy arriving home. This ensures that your puppy is happy and healthy right away. 

The Health Guarantee has a One Year Guarantee, which states that

“If, within one year of purchase, your puppy is found to have a congenital or hereditary condition which adversely affects your puppy's health, we will provide you with a replacement puppy of equivalent value.”

The Health Guarantee continues throughout years two through ten of your puppy’s life.

If your puppy is found to have a congenital or hereditary condition that adversely affects your dog, you will be provided with a credit of 50% to put toward the purchase of another puppy from their website.      

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 866-306-6064 or by submitting them directly to their website through their Email Us link. 


This company actually appears to have many positive reviews and a following of very happy customers who use and re-use their services whenever they are looking for a new friend and companion to bring home.

PuppySpot also offers their customers financing and a Health Guarantee which is also very important and impressive.

Customers will need to pay close attention to the details of this Guarantee policy, however, to make sure that they are doing what needs to be done to maintain the Guarantee.     

Competitors and Alternatives?

Probably the most relevant competitor to this website is the American Kennel Club, which provides a page where they display purebred puppies for sale by breeders that are registered with the AKC.

Additionally, people who are simply looking for a family pet will be able to find them at local shelters, rescue organizations, and from private sellers. 

If you have any experience with PuppySpot or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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What they tell you can not be validated!
November 28, 2022

We recently purchased a puppy from PuppySpot. We were told we would get the breeders' information upon our puppies' arrival. She went over how their breeders are screened and how selective they are when adding them to their services. When we received our puppy, I wanted to align the information received with what we were told from PuppySpot. Unfortunately, that was not possible.

As my concerns about what I thought I was getting vs. what I got grew – I called PuppySpot for clarity. The assistant I spoke to was very defensive and kept talking over me. I asked for validation of the checks and balances that PuppySpot did and was told that this was confidential information. I then asked for ANY assurance that could be provided to validate their checks and balances on their puppies sold – again, I was told that everything was confidential.

I was told on this call that PuppySpot had sold roughly 2400 puppies for this specific breeder over the past 13 years. That is about 185 pups annually! And that is only a portion of what this breeder has sold. So, what other means does she use to sell her puppies?

There was very little information available about this breeder online. The people at PuppySpot told us that this breeder has been in business for almost 40 years. However, her website doesn't exist; she is not registered with the BBB and only has 67 followers on her Facebook page. That heightened our concerns about the origin of our new family member and significant purchase.

I was told that a supervisor would call me to discuss my concerns further. When I asked when I could expect the call, there was no specific day or time that she could commit to. I wondered if it would typically be a day, two, a week, or a year?? She said possibly 47-72 hours, but no guarantee!

They are happy to take your money but don't expect any information or support afterward.

Pups need a good home
November 13, 2022

Prices for puppies are out of sight, you want people to buy your puppies no matter what the breed or how cute they are you want these dogs to have good homes. There are vet bills and if the pup gets sick or has something wrong you really need to come down on your prices big time.

November 9, 2022

I will never use PuppySpot again. In fact, I wish someone had written this review and warned me before I lost nearly $5K & went through a painful emotional rollercoaster. What you should know about PuppySpot:

1. They are not puppy experts—they advised that I get a male-female to raise as bonded pair where that should NEVER be done for the breed.

2. They don’t check on living conditions —one of my puppies were raised entirely indoors, allowed & trained to potty on hardwood floors which made the transition to home living & potty training incredibly challenging.

3. That same puppy, was allowed by breeder to chew & ingest plastic—PuppySpot didn’t see anything wrong with this and called me hysterical, even though my vet said it could lead to intestinal blockages and THOUSANDS of dollars in surgery and medical charges.

4. Puppies live in unsanitary conditions—One of my puppies couldn’t fly b/c he had a terrible case of worms. They couldn’t clear it and flew him anyway, leaving me with $100’s of vet bills & endangering his long term health.

5. Behavioral problems originating with breeder become your problem—the breeder for one of my puppies didn’t socialize my puppy properly, imparted no discipline nor dealt with aggressive behavior. When he came home he was aggressive towards my other puppy, didn’t accept training and would repeat bad behavior over and over. PuppySpot said I should hire and pay for a trainer as neither they nor the breeder was liable for his aggression.

6. YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK—PuppySpot will re-home the puppy back to the breeder but will not reimburse you A CENT. Which works out great for them because they will turn around and sell that puppy again. There is NO SITUATION—even if the puppy was raised in unsanitary conditions, made untrainable by the breeder or made sick by the breeder—You will not get any money back.

7. Breeders get paid about 50% of what you pay PuppySpot—The up-charge from PuppySpot is considerable, especially as all they do is coordinate logistics BADLY. I was handed from one person to the next, they didn’t schedule flights for my puppies that were convenient for me and never provided any of the information I needed. In fact, I only got communications from them when things went wrong and it had become an emergency. That NIGHTMARE is what you are paying THOUSANDS of dollars for. It’s a total rip off for the breeders who are actually doing the work.

Go online and find a breeder you like. Skip Puppyspot. They are a rip off, making excuses to keep you hard-earned money and harm puppies.

missmelinda November 14, 2022

Thank you for this detailed review.

PuppySpot’s empty health guarantee
October 12, 2022
I used PuppySpot to purchase a border collie puppy for over $4,600. My family and I instantly fell in love with her. 11 months after she arrived it was time to get her spayed. It turned out that she had a predisposition making her fatally sensitive anesthesia. When they sedated her for the operation it stopped her heart. She was only a 1 year old. After getting a second opinion we confirmed it was NOT the error of the veterinarian. PuppySpot offered no reimbursement, no refund, no recourse or action of any kind. Only an empty apology. If you truly love animals please stay away from PuppySpot. Save yourself the heartbreak.

Are you getting the puppy you fell in love with online without any guarantees from the broker it’s the puppy you're getting!!!
October 10, 2022

If I could give zero stars I would. There were several texts back and forth. I hope after reading about my experience you will reconsider.

Latest text: if you like more information let me know.

I'm absolutely stunned that Alicia was taken off the site 2 days after my last message.

With all the Cavapoo's for sale she was sold a day later? I do not believe that at all.

I'm going to contact the better business bureau and any other organizations that look into these matters.

I believe I was being scammed along with thousands of others.

If you as the broker don't guarantee that the buyer is getting the puppy they are paying for. In my case $4,500.00., I'm paying you sight unseen,

Throws up many red flags.

1 day later, $4,500.00 really.

I don't buy this at all.

I would love communicating with the person or persons who purchased Alicia 1 day later for $4,500.00 sight un seen. And no guarantees.

I believe you showed Alicia as "sold" the next day because I knew it was a fraud (scam)

The pictures were not of the puppy I or anyone else would have gotten.


There is much more to my review.

Why does everyone buy a puppy thru PuppySpot and in some cases a $1,000.00 to $1,500.00 based on my research so far with out a guarantee from PuppySpot the “broker”

I would love to hear from everyone that has purchased puppy’s truly believe they got what they paid for or you saw the puppy and held the puppy in your arms for the first time . “Love” at first sight you didn’t care if it was the puppy you paid for or not. You could have paid $4,000.00 to $5,000.00 and more, but, PuppySpot only paid $500.00. You don’t know. I hope you find my concerns and think twice before working thru PuppySpot.

They take your money and don't deliver
July 14, 2022
I purchased a puppy ID 706247. He was supposed to be delivered on July 13. Instead, an agent called me to tell me the delivery was canceled because of weather conditions in Chicago. Now, I haven't gotten a date to get the dog. My calls and email don't get responses. So I want a full refund. I don't have the money and I don't have the dog either

Stop, Don't This Scam!
July 12, 2022

Before you use PuppySpot, and have to cancel because they didn't do what they promised, and pay $500 cancelation fee, STOP, DON’T DO IT, SAVE YOUR MONEY & don't let them break your heart AGAIN!! They lie.

I fell in love with the puppy, posted it everywhere, waited, prepared everyone & everywhere only to try to cancel order.

Worst experience evert
July 9, 2022

Easily the worst experience ever after they run your credit card. Horrible communication would be generous, I received almost no communication outside of the app and emails. My puppies travel changed four times.

The last one they had her going to the wrong state. I called and only then did they correct it. I went to the airport on the date of confirmed travel and she was never loaded from the breeder.

I called, emailed, and used the chat, and no one would get back to me. I had zero clue what was happening or if I was getting a puppy. I figured it was a scam.

I got a call from the airport a day later saying they had a puppy waiting for me for an hour and a half. I rushed to get her, thankfully she was in perfect health. Overall a terrible experience but the puppy is very happy and healthy.

Avoid at all costs
June 15, 2022
1 star because it's not possible to rank them any lower. As others have made clear, the application is a complete waste of time, and provides no relevant updated information aside from their ham-fisted attempts to sell you more services. We paid premium for a dog and had no updates or photos -the customer service is atrocious. Avoid like the plague.

Do Not Adopt A Puppy From PuppySpot
June 3, 2022

I am so disappointed I adopted a puppy from PuppySpot. The coordination of the delivery of my puppy was the worst. The website and my conversation with customer service when I adopted the puppy stated the puppy was available now and that I would have the puppy with 3-weeks.

After accepting the delivery date PuppySpot moved it out to where I would not receive the puppy until 11-weeks after I adopted the puppy!!! They did not provide any good explanation of why it moved out so far. I had called and emailed PuppySpot customer several times ask for an explanatory or if there were any other options.

I could not reach anyone except a call center customer service person that sounded like a 3rd party contractor and had know ability or knowledge of why the delivery date moved. 4-weeks after adopting the puppy I still do not have the confirmed travel details.

Do not adopt a puppy from PuppySpot. It is absolutely the worst scam and customer service you could ever imagine.

Untrustworthy and all about money company
May 23, 2022

Don’t trust PuppySpot on doing what’s right for you and for your future puppy. We have been so disappointed by our adventure with them. Feeling so bad to have bought our puppies from them.

We could not agree on the date they told us the puppies would arrive because we had a long planned trip booked and were simply not home at this date. We have tried to postpone for 5 days but they told us they would bring them to us 2 weeks later with additional fees! Nonsense! We were double hit!

Getting our puppies super late and missing some of this so precious puppy time and also paying more! Already paid soooo much for them! I have offered to drive 5.5 hours to the breeder and they said no.

They said I could drive to an airport but only on Saturday from 7-10am! It means I should have left home at 4:30am! Just crazy nonsense. They were not flexible at all with every solution I’ve tried to bring. I wasn’t even informed of this delivery date in the first place and they blamed it on me because I said no the the day they told us puppies would arrive.

So frustrating. They’re not yet there that I’m so mad at this company. They’re all about money… Don’t trust them!!

Worst place ever
May 20, 2022

Stormi was awesome help, but other staff such as Keith and others I dont remember the name have been unpleasant, rude, and lack of resourcefulness. The puppy I purchased and got financial payments set up for was already "sold" to someone else without updating or to their knowledge which is really convenient.

When I asked to speak to management they asked me why and decided to address the issue in their own way because they were avoiding having me speak with management for different matters of their own.

When communicating between the financial group and puppyspot, puppyspot failed to do their part and had me go back and forth to see what they both were waiting on when they should've addressed it themselves. I'm very unhappy with my experience and don't recommend this at all.

Amazing and beautiful puppies. SALLYS CHIS
May 19, 2022

This is my second puppy I have bought from the same breeder, SALLYS CHIS. What amazing dogs they are. I Timmy a boy in 2020, and we just picked up a girl lady in 2022.

I have raised several puppies over the years and Sally's is the BEST. Both puppies are very well trained and independent, the love of our lives. Timmy, our first puppy from Sally's Chis was so amazing we picked a girl 2 years later, so lucky.

Sally's chis is one of the only people I can truly trust and also puppy spot for great puppies and truly honest breeders. Thank you for all you do.

Bad experience
April 25, 2022

I did not have the best experience when I called to inquire about a French bulldog. First of all, I received over 10 text messages and emails just bc I submitted in inquiry.

The next day I spoke with a lady that was so rude condescending and defensive with every question I asked.

She posed a question with every question that I asked and made it seem like I wasn’t worthy of purchasing an over priced dog. She was not very helpful or polite. It made me feel uncomfortable trusting them with a purchase of this kind. I will not be doing business with puppy spot.

Oh and by the way you have no rights to the $7,000 puppy bc they tell u what u can & can’t do after the purchase, plus they charge way more than the breeder would charge if u bought them directly from the owner. Do your research! Read the contract.

0ver $5000 dollars for a puppy site unseen?
April 5, 2022

Buyer beware. I found the perfect puppy on their website, but after the travel fees etc that they add the puppy was $1000 more bringing the cost over $5000. We almost were going to get the puppy but after learning a few things it seemed like a crazy thing to do.

They will not give you any breeder information “you will get information when you actually have the puppy in hand.”

You have to pay the full price without actually seeing the puppy in person. You are giving your non-refundable ($5000+) for a picture.

They are very proud of the fact they have 2 of their own Airplanes strictly for their puppies. But know that they fly the dog from wherever the breeder is to Saint Louis and you could go to St Louis airport to pick the puppy up. Additional fees if who what it delivered to your area.

Over all, we would have loved the puppy picture we wanted, but seriously it is like paying a large amount of money for a puppy you have purchased - site unseen, never held or watched their temperament, Etc. not many people would recommend this type of investment.

Bummer that they have such strict rules.

SteveHeemsoth April 08, 2022

I will NEVER buy a puppy without seeing it first.

Cancelation fees outrages
March 9, 2022

DO NOT SEND A PAYMENT WITHOUT MAKING SURE FIRST WHAT THE CANCELATION FEES MIGHT BE. I visited the puppy spot website and i initially liked their ideology of how the dogs in their website are pure breed and so forth.

Therefore I purchased an adorable puppy. Unfortunately though my building informed me of its no pet policy which i didn’t know up to that point which was at the same day as the payment.

I immediately contacted puppy spot and informed them that due to my building’s policy i had to cancel it. Three days later i received a refund from them but to my shocking surprise they kept $495 as a cancelation fee.

To summarize this, I had paid for a 5 week old puppy that needed 3 more weeks to travel, i never signed any agreement, delivery date was never assigned but they kept $495 for cancellation damages that I made the same day as the purchase.


Info is not accurate
March 3, 2022

Buyer Beware! The posting for the puppy I purchased was NOT accurate. His age was listed as 14 weeks and he was actually 11 weeks. Also on 1/2/22 his weight was listed as 7 pounds. Five weeks later on 2/9/22 his weight was 5# 6oz. I believe that Puppy Spot should list accurate information especially when the puppy was. Almost $5,000.00!!!

USDA breeder license means NOTHING. Do some research!
February 13, 2022

The USDA breeder requirements are NOT dog friendly. They only require a modicum of shelter,, a cage (could be wire) only has to be 6 inches bigger than the dog itself. The momma and dad dogs mostly drink from rabbit bottles or lick balls, so they never get their mouths flushed out, which is why many of them have rotten jaws and teeth.

They have little to no socialization or anything to do in those cages and kennels. Do some research on the puppyspot promise, it means nothing because the USDA requirements are to treat these parents dogs like agriculture and chickens.

Even puppyspot pictures show an amish lady with all these cages and bars in a barn. Welcome to a 'licensed breeder'. If you don't meet the parents and see how they actually live, you are most likely buying from what you'd think of as a mill, even if they don't call it that.

Avoid at all costs
February 5, 2022

My experience with PuppySpot was horrific. The main points are this:

1. If you are drawn to PuppySpot because of their "breeder vetting" and "No Puppy Mill Promise" - that is a lie, no one at PuppySpot could tell me anything remotely specific to the breeder of my dog or even my dog. They ultimately cancelled on me after changing the travel twice, due to a congenital defect present from birth. The defect is indicative of poor breeding.

2. If you are drawn to PuppySpot because of the "concierge service" and "puppy manager" - this is also a lie. You are not "assigned" a puppy manager. You will talk to random people every time you call or use the app. These random people will likely be reading from a script somewhere overseas. The site makes it seem like you receive personalized service - hence the giant price tag - you do not. If you're able to get someone to respond, which was difficult every time I tried, it will be a different person every time. There is no single person monitoring your account or puppy. Ever.

3. If receiving updates on your puppy every 2 weeks sounds like something you would like, don't use PuppySpot. I had to beg for each update which only included photos. No one was ever able to give me an accurate weight for my puppy; I think this was because they didn't have it themselves. Probably because the puppy mill breeder they used was hard to get a hold of.

Anytime I requested information on my puppy, I needed to request it 3 times to get any response at all, and each response left much to be desired. When I grew tired of the vague responses that provided no specific information on my puppy, the "customer service representative" became rude and argumentative.

Don't waste your time. You're paying a lot of extra money for a service that this company does not provide. If you've got a spare $2,500 to add to the regular price of a puppy, pay someone at your local vet $250.00 an hour to source a puppy for you. It'll still be cheaper and you'll actually get what you wanted.

If I could leave zero stars I would. This company should not be in business and I regret ignoring the warning signs for as long as I did.

Do not buy from PuppySpot
January 14, 2022

I am obviously not a smart person when it comes to purchasing a puppy from PuppySpot. It started off fine and then 3 days before one of my pups was to arrive,, a mini bernedoodle, they called to tell me she weighed less than 2.8 lbs. she was 9 weeks old.

At a minimum she should have weighed 5.2 lbs. I also never got the pics of her as their policy stated every two weeks. I cancelled as I felt she was a sick puppy which is really sad or she was sold as a mini but was a micro buy even then was underweight.

They charged a fee for cancelling stating that it was for the breeders time. I don’t think this was fair as the breeder obviously didn’t take care of her when she was with her nor did she take the time to send updated photos every two weeks.

I would not buy from them again. They do not keep their own policies. They are very difficult to speak to after your purchase is completed and from seeing the breeders they use it is likely they don’t care for the pups they breed.