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Piping Rock Health Products is a brand of vitamins and nutritional supplements that also markets a wide variety of beauty and personal care products.

How Does Piping Rock Work?

According to their website, Piping Rock Health Products are available from the same people who created Nature’s Bounty, a publicly traded health supplement company which sells many different brand name health products at major retailers.

The company states they aim to create a wholly contained production process which cuts out the middle men, in order to make top quality products at more affordable prices.

Currently the PipingRock.com sells products from different brand names, likely produced under the Nature’s Bounty umbrella, but the Piping Rock products themselves include supplements, beauty products, teas, products for pets, and much more. 

Ingredients & Side Effects

Customers who are interested in the ingredients provided in a specific product which they are considering buying will be able to find a complete list of ingredients and dosages on the product page itself. 

As for general information regarding their product ingredients, Piping Rock states that over an over 40 year operation in the natural products industry, they have worked out the most ethical ingredient suppliers offering the highest standard of quality, purity and freshness.

The company states that since they are in control of every step of the manufacturing process, they can guarantee the highest quality standards that they advertise.

An example Piping Rock cites is that their 'Good Manufacturing Practices' certified facilities (which they themselves own) uses stainless-steel machines that ensure sanitary conditions, which are monitored daily.

Piping Rock Reputation

On their own website, Piping Rock supplements receive outstanding customer reviews, though reviews on a sellers own website can be of questionable trustworthiness.

On third party review sites, including Reviewopedia, the Piping Rock receives mixed to negative customer reviews, with customers complaining of product quality and shipping issues.

On Dec 10th 2019, the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines issued a public health warning regarding a number of Piping Rock products.

They stated that these food supplements have not been registered with the FDA in the Philippines as required by the “Food and Drug Administration Act of 2009”, which means they are unregistered food supplements and therefore the sale of these products is prohibited there.

A New Jersey law firm that specializes in consumer protection and class action lawsuits has started an investigation regarding a possible lawsuit against Piping Rock Health Products, LLC. 

The firm alleges that Piping Rock may be misrepresenting the purity of some of their essential oils and misleading consumers in regard to their ingredients.

It's important to remember that the United States does not currently have any regulatory body overseeing the production of supplements or their quality and ingredients.

The FDA states that their current policy is to allow any company to bring their product to market, with the FDA only stepping in to follow up on claims made by customers that the products do not uphold the claims they make on their labels.

This current system, or lack of a system, makes supplements very difficult to evaluate. 

Because of this, some supplement companies choose to adhere to the supplement standards provided by Canada or the European Union, but since this adherence is completely voluntary, it’s hard to know to what degree these policies are truly being followed.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-544-1925, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to their website through the Contact Us link.


Cost & Price Plans

The website goes into great detail about their decision to create a product production system that keeps formulation, testing, manufacturing, quality control, packaging and shipping all in-house.

This gives them the ability to keep their product prices lower than competitors, as they have been able to eliminate many other expenses incurred by other supplement and health product companies.

Though it is unclear, it does not seem that Piping Rock provides discounted pricing for products ordered in large volume, but this policy may vary depending on the product you are ordering. 


Refund Policy

The website promises that customers are able to return any Piping Rock product for a full refund, as long as you return it anytime within the first year of purchase.

The company says that they do ask that you please include a brief note that explains the reason for your dissatisfaction, as “it is their goal to be constantly improving.” 

Unfortunately the website does not provide any information regarding the condition of the bottles you send back, or the specific instructions for returning your products.

Concerned customers should Contact Customer service in advance of their return to have these instructions provided. 

If you have any experience with Piping Rock or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Piping Rock Customer Reviews

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April 15, 2023

I decided to only order 1 thing from piping rock to see what kind of company they were. They charged my CC for half the amount of the item before I even clicked on the preview of my cart!

Wow, luckily I planned on ordering the item! I chatted with someone from there because they actually charged me for the item. While chatting i asked if they made and shipped only in the USA. She said yes.

But i see now the Philippines has something to do with them! I was gonna order so much more, so glad i saved my money! Ill wait now for the order to come.

Satisfied Customer
March 31, 2023

I've used Piping Rock supplements several years. I've never had any problems with them at all. I, however, don't use their essential oils as I can tell by the pricing they are a diluted version.

That said, I've been very happy with the supplements especially the pricing.

Piping Rock Vitamin’s Are the Best!
March 23, 2023
Love Piping Rock vitamins. I’ve used them for a while now. Prices are so reasonable. Quality is outstanding, shipping great and customer service was amazing. I’m a hard working average American! I’m so happy I can afford quality vitamins. They have an amazing variety as well. Loved everything I’ve ordered!

Mary July 12, 2023

I guess I wonder how anyone can tell the quality of the products when we have no way of knowing if they actually contain what they say they do

It gets much more expensive than you thought
March 21, 2023
A Scam since we ordered products including taxes/custom fees but Piping rock kept all money and then we had to pay the Swedish custom fees. Pipng rock explanation was that they do not know the fees but Post Nord in Sweden said that no money was paid at all from Piping rock. No money was send back to us but they offered us 5 bucks off for the next order ...of course we never ever buy anything from them.

Piping Rock products are fantastic
August 17, 2022
I've used Piping Rock supplements and essential oils for a few years and I have been very pleased with them and their products.

Fake oils
September 22, 2020
I ordered several essential oil from these guys . I guess u get what u pay for. They are fake and diluted several went rancid . I would never buy anything from them again and u should really do your research before buying from them.

Product Never Arrived, Inept Customer Service
March 25, 2019

Product never came. Misleading emails. Inept customer service.

I am in Mazatlan and I ordered some Benadryl and vitamins from Piping Rock to be shipped to Mexico. They happily charged my credit card for 318.54 MXN for product and 191.31 MXN for shipping. With such a high shipping charge relative to the product I figured they knew what they were doing.

On February 5th I received a “Shipping Confirmation” email that explicitly said “SHIP DATE: 02/05/19”, “SHIPPED METHOD: Airmail”, and “Estimated Delivery in 1-3 weeks”. I assumed this means it was reasonable to expect delivery to me in 3 or less weeks.

On Feb 25th I still didn’t have the shipment, so since it is three weeks I email customer service. And they reply to me from Anil Bernard at Piping Rock is, get this, in Portuguese!!! I am in Mexico so I would expect English or Spanish but they email in Portuguese. So I translate the reply with Google, and it says “We always deliver the package within 1-3 weeks to the destination country. However, there may be a delay as it is delivered at the customs of the country. Unfortunately, we have no control over how long the customs will keep the package. As the order is being sent by DHL air mail, the mail does not provide external tracking details.”

So basically, their shipping email says I would get it in 1-3 weeks, and now they tell me they only meant it will get to my country in 1-3 weeks and that they have no way of tracking things. Not very helpful, and they say “good customer service is their highest priority”!

It is now March 25th (7 weeks after they took my money) and still no product, and Piping Rock has walked away from responsibility for anything.

It is very very bad that Piping Rock knowingly ships to foreign countries, knowing customs may be involved, without any process for tracking or alerting customers to issues during that part of the delivery.

Piping Rock – give me back my money!!!

Do not use this company
July 25, 2018

This company is appalling and shouldn’t be allowed to trade. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! This is the worst customer service I have experienced in purchasing anything ever – on-line or on the high street. They do not care about their customers and although they state that their customer service team are “happy to help”. They are anything but happy and anything but helpful. Their standard “template” emails show that they do not treat people as individuals or any issues they have on their own merit. They are just mercenary in taking your money without providing you with any proper service at all.

I never received what I ordered from them and when I complained they just asked me to wait and wait and keep waiting. At one point they offered me a partial refund only to later say I wasn’t entitled to anything. No proof was given to me to show they had even sent what I ordered. I have read similar reviews and wonder if they have some sort of scam going on.

I would highly recommend purchasing health supplement etc from somewhere else as although they may seem cheaper you may either end up paying more in delivery charges and customs fees of – like me – paying for something you never even get!

alicia thornton September 22, 2020

I ordered several essential oil from these guys . I guess u get what u pay for. They are fake and diluted several went rancid . I would never buy anything from them again and u should really do your research before buying from them.

Piping rock is FAKE!
January 30, 2018

Take these oils to get tested and you will see its all fake!!!!

DO NOT BUY unless you are trying to harm someone's health.

Piping Rock exposed
August 4, 2017

I am shocked, devastated and heartbroken to see the recent test results done on Piping Rock Essential Oils. Last May when I was diagnosed with a High Grade Endometrial Sarcoma I started researching ways to help with my treatment and prolong my life. Essential Oils claim to do many things including kill cancer cells.

I came across Piping Rock on line claiming "The Best for Less" "Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils" "Pure, top quality" "100% all natural plant source"....I'm not sure why the alarm bells didn't go off immediately when I saw the prices but I trust that the things printed on the label must be true. You can also see their test results on Dr. David Hills Facebook page, at essentialoilanalysis.com and on Dr. Pappa's site.

Their oils are synthetic and full of chemicals with the occasional drop of real oils....of course I will never know if using genuine oils would have made a difference but I can't explain how sad and disappointed I am. As I live in Canada I can't be part of the class action suit that just started but I will be meeting with a lawyer here to see if I have any recourse......What kind of people can do this do other people???????

Marilyn foster January 30, 2018

Yes, they have been sued by someone who actually took the essentials oils to essential university and it came out all fake ! they use really harsh chemicals that will actually do more harm than help with anything