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Petlab Co markets a number of pet care products, mainly geared towards dogs, that include calming chews, joint health chews, multivitamin chews, and dental chews. 

How Does it Work?

Petlab Co states their joint health chews are scientifically formulated to ease joint discomfort and guard against joint damage.

They contain glucosamine to cushion joints, reduce pain, and improve flexibility.  They also contain Vitamins C and E to stimulate collagen production.

Most dogs will only need about half a chew to two chews per day, depending on size.

The dental chews are similar to the standard chews you would purchase for your dog at the grocery store, but they help to clean the teeth and gums and to prevent the harmful build-up of plaque and tartar.  They also happen to freshen breath. 

These chews contain key ingredients such as beef hide, vegetable protein, dried whey protein, and poultry digest.

The shedding formula can be purchased as a single dose or in a bulk pack.  This unique drinkable supplement helps eliminate excess fur shedding in a completely natural way.

It contains Omega 3 and 6, vitamins, flaxseed oil, and wheat germ oil to give your dog proper nutrition while improving the condition of his skin.

Dogs also love the heart health chews.  These support heart health with omega 3 fish oils, dicalcium phosphate, and vitamin C.  They also contain glycerin to help add nutrients and improve the shine of your dog’s coat.

Petlab Co calming chews are a great product for dogs with anxiety.  These soft chews help your dog feel calm and relaxed in stressful situations, and can also help to reduce separation anxiety and nervousness.

They contain chamomile, valerian root, L-Tryptophan, and hemp extract to help naturally calm your pet.

The chews can be used as treats for dogs of any age, but make sure you give your dog the right amount based on his or her weight.

The company states their joint care chews for dogs are also safe for cats.  These treats are a little soft and a little hard, meaning they are easy to eat and digest but also help to keep your pet’s mouth clean and healthy.

Customer Reviews Complaints

Customer reviews of this company are wholly positive, with the manufacturer receiving a 4.⅗ star rating on Amazon. Many reviewers go so far as to state that “if they made a human version,” they’d take it!

Some customers report having had trouble getting their pets to take the chews.

Most pets will consume these and like the taste just fine. However, you can always resort to familiar tricks of hiding it inside his favorite food, treat, or food toy, too.

Customer Service

If you have a question about your pet’s health about your specific product, shipping, or your payment - the customer service department at Pet Lab Co is easy to reach.

For general inquiries, you can reach an associate by phone at +1 (941) 217-1456.

Alternatively, you can email [email protected] or reach them via one of their many social media challenges.

The company also has active profiles on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Cost & Price Plans

Unfortunately, because this company is so new, they do not yet offer sample packs.  While this is a feature that is expected to be offered in the near future, it is not yet available for customers.

However, you can take advantage of the company’s generous 30-day money back guarantee, which allows you to try out the product for a full month to make sure your pup likes it.

Prices vary per product. Most start at $42.29 plus shipping and handling.

However, the company offers substantial discounts for purchases in bulk. You can purchase a 2 pack of any product and receive nearly a fifty percent discount on the second.

Buying a three-pack produces even more savings for you. If you purchase more than one tub, you can get free shipment to anywhere in the United States.

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time by emailing [email protected].


Where to Buy?

Petlab Co doesn't have a retail store.

Maintaining an online-only presence allows the brand to be more affordable, so as of right now, you can only purchase soft chews, dental wash, and other products via the manufacturer’s website.

Petlab Co products are also available on Amazon.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are looking for a solution to your pet’s health conditions, there is no shortage of viable alternatives. Some of the ones you might consider include the products made by Zesty Paws, Doggie Dailies, and Genuine Naturals.

Zesty Paws offers products that are priced comparably to Pet Lab Co products.  These are flavored specifically for pet’s enjoyment (usually chicken) and can treat a number of conditions.

Currently, Zesty Paws has products to treat arthritis and joint problems, hip issues, mobility issues, anxiety, allergies, and more.

Doggie Dailies also produces supplements for dogs with joint problems. They are somewhat more affordable than Pet Lab Co, with 225 soft chews starting at $33.97 per bottle.

This company offers a range of products in addition to the joint formula, including shampoos and conditioners, probiotics and prebiotics, ear cleansers, and more.

Genuine Naturals produces two all-natural products, including joint supplement chews, digestive supplements, and more.

While both products have excellent reviews and are affordable, they do not produce any items for dogs suffering from dental issues or anxiety, like Pet Lab Co does.

The Bottom Line

If your pet is suffering from an illness that medication, exercise, and a diet have failed to treat, it may be time to give another treatment a try.

While Petlab Co’s products may not be for everyone, there are countless positive reviews claiming that these products are the way to go. 

Though still relatively new, they are derived from mostly all-natural ingredients and are a smarter bet for people who want to help their pets feel better soon.

If you have any experience with Petlab Co or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Petlab Co Customer Reviews

  • Sort Reviews By: ILLEGALLY charged my autopay extra!!!
November 1, 2022

I never ever write a bad review. I am a very positive forgiving person...However, PETLABCO illegally and without authorization charged my credit card I had on file through PAYPAL because i had signed up for the autoship discount. When confronted the staff at PETLABCO have been RUDE AND ARROGANT to me. I never got my money back by the way. Stay away from this SCAM PETLABCO.COM

Illegally Charged My Credit Card On File Without My Knowledge
October 8, 2022

This company illegally charged my credit card they have on file without my knowledge nor authorization. I am in touch with an attorney and if this has also happened to you please email me.

October 7, 2022
I placed an order for the Pet chews which I received. However, I somehow got signed up for a subscription which I did not want. I sent 2 messages to let them know this, but never heard back. Tried to find a phone number but no luck there. So beware if you order from this company!!

No Customer Service Number!
September 6, 2022
Tried to reach PetLabCo using the phone number listed in this reviewopedia site, as I can't find it anywhere else, to cancel Probiotic Chews that my dog does not seem to tolerate. The response was: "This number is no longer in service." Now I will have to dispute my ongoing order via my credit card company. NOT COOL.

Tablets aren’t the same
September 1, 2022

I’ve ordered two bottles, these being now my fourth bottles. I opened my third bottle noticing it’s a little bit discolored. Still gave it to my dogs after four days dog seems to be feeling ill and drooling. I opened the fourth jar and the tablets inside are softer light in color the other ones are dark, shiny and hard? Has anyone else had this issue?

Do Not Purchased This Product! Made My Dog Seriously Ill!
August 3, 2022

Please do not purchase this product - probiotic chews. I gave this product to my previously healthy 5 year old lab in hopes it would help with the yeast she gets in between her toes (grass allergy).

Instead I ended up with my dog pee'ing straight blood and in emergency for 5 nights at high risk of kidney failure. When my dog initially got sick I was very suspicious of this product as it was the only thing that changed.

Then when I saw other reviews that had similar experiences, it is all the proof I need. This was beyond scary and expensive ($8200 vet bill)!! Please, learn from my mistake and don't risk your dogs health.

May 13, 2022
Unfortunately, this made my girl doggy very sick so I cancelled the auto shipment and requested a return label as instructed per the website. To date I have not received the return label and no communication sine the day I was cancelling the product. 1357191

DeborahArmstrong May 13, 2022

I just called the number and it's for rewards and they wanted my name so I gave him my case number and he hung up on me!!!

February 28, 2022
I ordered some allergy stuff for my dog. It didn't work for him. I was on a subscription where the product came every month. Well, the product is still coming, and I am returning it unopened. I'm still getting billed for the product I have tried calling the phone number on my credit card charges and it's no longer available. I have put in my email and password and still I can't get any help. I would appreciate someone getting a hold of me to get this matter taken care of. Thank you

ANNAEVANS May 02, 2022

I am having the same problem. They do not respond to email and when I call the number for Pet Lab, which I had to find in the telephone directory because it is nowhere to be found on the website, it connects to someone with a very heavy accent, who wants all my information, including my credit card number. This is very fishy. Why is it so hard to cancel an order, but sooooo easy to order.

Toxic product and customer service was horrible
October 31, 2021
BUYERS BEWARE! Dangerous products.. Some are very toxic. Anti itch Gave my dogs diarrhea. Customer service has been awful. I would not recommend petlab to my worst enemy. Had they done the right thing and provided a full refund upon returning, then at least I could claim their customer service as great! But nope, no response to follow up emails in regards to returning after making my dogs sick!!!!

Do Not Give This To Your Pets! It's Dangerous!
September 5, 2021

The probiotics caused my 4 year old Olde English Bulldogge to become very ill. Nausea, gagging, diarrhea, can hardly stand. He began posturing with his head down and bottom up on day 3.

He was in so much pain and distress that we had to bring him to the emergency vet twice in one day He was placed on an intestinal antibiotic, nausea and pain meds. He's is not well at the time of this review and I've read several other dog owners have had similar experiences. These products need to be removed from the market!

Great products, Joint chews especially good
December 10, 2020

I am so thankful for the Joint Care chews and the dental formula.

Mollie, 14 year old Alsatian was struggling to move around like her younger self the last few years, and becoming more of a couch dog, which is a bad sign. I saw the Joint chews on Facebook add and thought "worth a try". Mollie is big so went through 2 tubs in a month but I could tell things were improving, just a little more jumping and happier on longer walks. Into month 3 now and boy am I over the moon, overjoyed, in love with Petlab.

When your baby gets the full lease of life back, there is nothing better. I am trying the dental wash stuff now, she gets stinky breath and I take her every year to get her teeth cleaned at the vets which costs a fortune, and the formula is helping with the plaque and the smell, so $25 a month for dental cleaning formula seems way more up my street.

Thanks Petlab!!

Has been weeks since I ordered chews for dog allergies.
October 24, 2020
Gave a 1 star because never received my order after waiting weeks. WTF? Smell a rat here because no contact phone numbers or e-mail address on their web adds.

DebraDavenport Pierce January 06, 2021

Be happy then...I placed one order and have received 3 with days and charged over $338.00 so I am not a happy camper! Hopefully I can reach someone and get this fixed! Can't review products yet...

love this product
September 6, 2020
I have 2 dogs a 3 yr old white lab and an 8 yr old Dutch Shepard. they both love the joint care supplements. Their favorite treat ever in fact my lab doesn't like eating his food unless I crumble it up and sprinkle it on his food. he is young so I haven't really noticed any "benefits" from it yet but my Dutch Shepard would always have a limp after our walks after taking this product for about 2-3 weeks (really about a month because I forget some days to give it to them), the limping after the walks has gone away completely and he seems to have more energy to run around when we are out walking. Like everything else though this is a supplement will work different for every dog just like supplements work differently on every person. as far as shipping goes it took a while for our first one to arrive and there was a special gift it was some sort of dental thing it leaked all over the box and made a big mess tossed it never tried it so can't speak to how well that works. these supplements though Come very regularly never run out and my dogs love them have been using now for about 5 months. thanks PETLABS.

Jo T December 10, 2020

YAY - my Alsatian had the same result :)

Dental Formula - My dogs won't drink it! Two days without water ;-(
July 23, 2020

I tried the tricks I was told to do to make my dogs drink the Dental Formula and they smell the bowl and walk away. False advertising as there is an "ODOR" OF Chlorine in the product. The label says "It has no taste, color, or odor, so it does not disrupt your pet's drinking habits." The only true statement is that it has no color. The link below says it is not safe for dogs to drink but is safe to use as a disinfectant. I'm on hold right now trying to get a refund as I purchased 6 bottles. Going on 16 minutes on hold!!! The number on the website and label is also incorrect and the correct number is (702) 827-4738.

Funny how the call starts with something to the effect that they are not authorized to give medical advise and to contact your VET!!!

Still on hold!!!!


aka: "I will never buy anything from this company ever again!?

Itch Relief
June 5, 2020
My chocolate lab was itching and biting. Ordered this thru Amazon. Product DID NOTHING!! Asked for a refund. After days of emails back and forth they will not refund my purchase price. Horrible customer service. Never again.

LabMom June 07, 2022

Try Dinovite, worked on both our labs for itching. Vet wanted to put our dog down. Dinovite cleared it up and provided complete relief. Check it out, great product. I'm just a dog mom in the Pacific Northwest and a faithful Dinovite customer.

April 23, 2020

This is not a valid company and a fly by night operation. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM!! BUYER BEWARE! They have not issued a credit from a order that was never shipped or received.

This is a horrible company!!!!!!!

Arthritis Chews
April 8, 2020
I Hate it because I paid for it, but Pet Lab cannot tell me when I will receive it. Pisspoor Customer Service

CherylWoolf April 23, 2020

This company is a fly by night operation. I ordered product from them two weeks ago and when I questioned where the order was, I was informed they did not have it in stock. Now, I am disputing the charge as they have not refunded my money which was 10 days ago. Beware of this company....Do not purchase from them. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!

Killed my baby
March 9, 2020
Don't buy this product. My pup had vomiting and diarrhea to start (and she was only had 3-4 days of joint supplements) which led to her being hospitalized. Bloodwork indicated she was having kidney failure. She never recovered and passed away after 3 days in the hospital. This was the only thing new in her diet and she had no symptoms at all before these supplements

SachaGinsberg June 30, 2020

What product of theirs did you buy?! I'm scared now.

larrykathy12 March 23, 2022

Both water additive and joint supplements are full of toxic chemicals. You are embalming your dog. Reported them to BBB after our rescue dog, perfectly healthy till we put the additive in his water had to be rushed to the vet $1,500.00 later he survived.

Contacted the company they informed us that some pets have deadly reactions to their products. No kidding.

BrandyHunter August 03, 2022

OMG!! I bought this product - probiotic chews and it was not long after that my 5 year old lab pee'd straight blood! Not streaks - pure blood. I was horrified. She was at risk of kidney failure. Stayed in the emergency hospital for 5 nights! She was totally healthy before (less overactive yeast on her paws and ears - since she was a puppy which we treat topical as the vet believes it is an allergy to grass) and to out of nowhere have these scary markers from her internal organs (first kidney, then liver, then lymph nodes). I was super suspicious of this product making her sick, so to see someone else's dog get the same diagnosis. It's all the information I need. Please do not put your dog or yourself through this. I am so sorry for anyone who has lost a fur baby or has had a fur baby injured.

Pet Lab Hip/Joint Care
January 13, 2020

Their hip/joint care is very expensive and is lacking the percentage of effective ingredients that are in other far superior supplements. Further, when I wanted to return the unopened bottle, they wanted to give me only 30% of my money back! They also took forever to credit my credit card (probably hoping I'd forget about it). DEMAND 100% of your money back if you're NOT satisfied with their products - they advertise 100% money back guarantee up to 90 days! Also, BEWARE they have their order page set to AUTO REFILL!! Make sure you change it when you order if you don't want this item every month.

Love your Dental Formula!
November 27, 2019
I was skeptical at first but this product truly works!! My 3 year old schweenie hasn't had dental cleanings and I started to see some brown-yellowish build up on his teeth. A friend recommended this dental additive so I gave it a try and in about 2 weeks, i can see that his teeth has already whitened and I was able to scrape off some of the buildup using a cloth. So happy with the results! :) thank you petlab co!