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The Peppy Pet Ball is an interactive toy ball that has a sensor in it, allowing it to continually move around and keeping your pet’s attention for extended periods of time.

How Does Peppy Pet Ball Work?

During the day, our pets require a lot of attention to stay entertained. The Peppy Pet Ball utilizes a simple ball that many pet owners already have in their possession.

However, this toy ball has a sensor in it that allows the ball to continually move around, keeping your pet’s attention the whole time.

The Peppy Pet Ball uses a USB charger to get power.  Once charged, it starts working as soon as your dog or cat touches it.

The ball will continue to move around in random patterns until your pet ceases to use it any longer. The toy will then go into sleep mode until the subsequent use.

By utilizing motion sensors, the Peppy Pet Ball can tell when it is being touched and when it is coming up against hard-to-reach areas. The toy creators purposefully tapped into a dog’s hunting instinct, and the toy is programmed to reflect those intuitions.

In addition to the above, the Peppy Pet Ball has the following features:

  • Made of waterproof materials that resist drooling and slobber
  • It comes in various bright colors (not black, but green, blue, and pink)
  • An external shell created from non-tearing rubber
  • The toy runs for eight hours on a single charge
  • Operating the toy does not necessitate a remote, allowing for continuous hands-off play for your pets

One area of concern lies in the fact that there isn’t much detail surrounding how the sensors work and what technology is incorporated into the toy.

Additionally, it is difficult to find an official website.

Each page that speaks about the product and has the toy name in the domain states it is an advertisement and not an actual article or blog.

There are many of these toys available online, most of which come from China. Almost all of the designs are identical, but the company’s name differs.

Is the Peppy Pet Ball Legit?

Yes, the Peppy Pet Ball is legit.  However, it is not a unique and innovative product.

Many different types of motion sensor toys on the market fulfill the same purpose as the Peppy Pet Ball. 

When you view the video on one of the Peppy Pet Ball websites, you will see that it does not come in different sizes. 

This lack of options can be problematic for those with larger dogs who are used to toys of more considerable size. 

Animal Wellness Magazine talks extensively about the benefits of interactive toys for pets.  Some of the top reasons to utilize them for your dog or cat include:

  • Mental Stimulation
  • Self-Entertainment
  • Weight Management
  • Stress Relief
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Separation Anxiety Relief
  • Ability to Utilize Natural Hunting Instincts
  • Helps Combat Fast Eating Habits
  • Alleviates Boredom

The magazine also gives examples of the different interactive toys you can obtain for your pets. These additional options include:

  • Vessel toys
  • Sensory toys
  • Treat dispensers
  • Ball launchers
  • Puzzle toys
  • Video games

The Peppy Pet Ball has the capabilities that interactive toys offer but isn’t the only option on the market.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

When you visit any of the Peppy Pet Ball websites, you will see many positive testimonials from customers that found success with the product.

However, you don’t see any independent reviews on the product.  All you get on the available websites are a limited number of instructions and positive testimonials.

Additional reviews online are all done in the form of advertisements, and all have very similar language as though they were created as press releases from the company itself.

The only place you can get authentic feedback on the product is on the company’s Facebook page, which the company hasn’t updated since January 2021.

However, customers have been leaving reviews consistently, all of which are negative.

One customer stated that her 21-pound dog was able to destroy the ball in just one hour, even though it claims to be tear-resistant.

Many other customers never received the product and can’t get responses to calls or emails.

The company is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


Where to Buy?

You can buy the Peppy Pet Ball on one of the affiliated websites or Wow Home Trends.  While the Peppy Pet Ball is not available on Amazon, Chewy, or other retail outlets, many product alternatives are sold through those sites.


Where is Peppy Pet Ball Made?

This information is not disclosed on the affiliated websites for the product.  However, many of the eerily similar alternatives in design are made in China.  The headquarters for Peppy Pet Ball is in Albany, New York.


Is Peppy Pet Ball Safe?

Although the marketing materials state that the toy is tear-resistant and safe, customer reviews say that the ball is easily broken and chewed.  The lack of quality has led to near-dangerous situations for pets.

Customer Service

If you would like to get more information on Peppy Pet Ball, you can try contacting the company via their phone number at (844) 852-6886 or through Email: [email protected].

It is worth noting that this phone number also corresponds to Wow Home Trends, an online shop that carries various products, including the Peppy Pet Ball (but at a much higher price!)

The business address is:

600 Broadway Ste 200 #1453
Albany, New York 12207


Cost and Price Plans

The cost of one Peppy Pet Ball is $43. However, if you purchase it in multi-packs, you will save on the per ball cost.

Therefore, the price will be $36.99 each if you buy two, $34.99 each if you purchase three, and $31.99 each if you buy four.

If you purchase it on the Wow Home Trends website, the cost is $86 for one ball.

The company website states that they offer a refund within thirty days of purchase. However, many customers have had difficulty getting their funds returned to them.

Competitors and Alternatives

Many brands are nearly identical to Peppy Pet Ball but come at more appropriate price points and higher quality.

One of the top options is Wicked Ball, sold at Chewy and Amazon.

Additionally, options like Bark and Bounce and BentoPal offer the same form of play for lower cost and higher reviews.

Is Peppy Pet Ball Worth it?

Finding pet toys that keep your cat and dog’s attention for a long duration can be challenging. When you see options like the Peppy Pet Ball, it brings hope that you might be on the right path. 

Interactive toys are highly beneficial for pets, as it provides mental stimulation and exercise, among other positive traits. The Peppy Pet Ball falls into this category.

However, many negative reviews and complaints state that the company’s claims are not legitimate. The toy breaks easily and poses a safety risk to pets. 

With that, we determine that the Peppy Pet Ball is not worth it due to its faulty design and high price tag.

There are many other interactive balls and other interactive play options for your pets that are a safer, more affordable option. 

If you have any experience with Peppy Pet Ball, please leave your reviews below.

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Peppy Pet Ball Customer Reviews

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No Order Received After 1 Month
April 1, 2024
I have received no acknowledgement that my two Peppy Pet Balls have been shipped. I paid March 1, 2024 and here it is a month later April 1, 2024. I have contacted them for a refund.

Horrible Customer Service
December 13, 2023

I ordered one two weeks ago and was waiting to get an email letting me know when it would be shipped. And since it had been a few weeks I emailed customer support and asked when it might be shipped out. I was told it depends where I live and if I would like to cancel my order to let them know. I said 'I do not wish to cancel my order' I was just wondering if it would arrive before Christmas.

The next day I check my email and I had an email from Brian at customer support telling me my order has been canceled per my request. Huh? I specifically said ' I do not wish to cancel my order'. Needless to say I was upset and called customer support over the phone. I was told I had to reorder again to get the product.

This is a horrible way of doing business. They obviously don't listen. I have since found another similar product and ordered from them instead.

October 26, 2023
I would NEVER purchase any of the peppy pep products. Let me be clear, NEVER! I have been trying to get off their email list forever with ZERO success. I don’t even have a pet, but I get 2, 3, or 4 emails a day from them.

product or money.
March 18, 2023
I order 3 things (including the ball) on 3/4/2023. I have yet to received the auto. e-mail with tracking information. I got nothing!

Scam, Do Not Buy!
February 4, 2023

It has been 3 months since I ordered this as a Christmas gift and I have not yet received it. When I reach out, I get a "its on its way" response. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS COMPANY!!!!!

Shipping issues?
February 3, 2023

I would love to write a review but have not received the product ordered in December. 3 calls to customer service only gets me a promise it will ship next week

3 weeks in a row.

Scam! Do not buy!
February 3, 2023
I have ordered this ball on early December 22 and have not seen the product. Every time I receive delay noticed email from Brian with no explanations.

Balls Never Showed Up at Your Door
February 1, 2023
Alarm. This is a Scam. I purchased 2 before xmas, 3 months now I have not received them yet. Support keeps on promissing. I went to dispute the charged and noticed they were listed as a Furniture company in New York.

Sounds too good to be true
February 1, 2023

I ordered mine December 10 2022, still haven't received. I was able to get a email response saying the item is on backorder, according to them 1 to 2 months behind.

Now that I seen all the comments about their orders, I am thinking it is a scam. I used a debit gift card for my purchase which they already received payment. The word I got from the email was soon as it came available they would send a tracking number? This is not looking good.

Reimbursement or product immediately.
January 16, 2023

I also placed an order in December and my card was charged but have yet to receive anything from the company. I also was promised a discount and free shipping which has not happened I think consumer protection should be notified about the legitimacy of this company.

edith January 22, 2023

I also placed an order in Dec and received the same e-mail. I didn't receive the ball a/o the 2nd week in Jan so I disputed the transaction. If you paid by credit card see if you can dispute it.

January 12, 2023

Do not order!!! I have not received my order and it has been a month now, there is no phone number to call and they do not respond to emails, not sure how I am going to get my money back, SCAM!

Not Beabull resistant
December 27, 2022
Our 15 month old Beabull destroyed three of these balls. It took him about 10 minutes to open each one. He has destroyed the outer covering. These balls may be good for little dogs, but a heavy chewer will prove thes balls to be a waste of money

Dissatisfiedcustomer January 01, 2023

I had the same experience. It lasted about 15 minutes before I had to take it away because the outside of the ball was peeling off and the halves no longer would stay together. Don't waste your money.

They took my money and no ball delivered
December 23, 2022
I paid for the ball in November and it’s now dec 23 and I never received it.

Mark December 26, 2022

I did the same. No ball as of Dec 25

T January 12, 2023

Same here, paid in November and no ball yet. Offered me free shipping and 10% discount for my trouble and haven't seen that credit yet either. I think it's a lost cause. No response from customer service in 3 weeks.

Very poor service
December 18, 2022

Never again will order from this company. they take your money even before the product is sent. called three times and told they are so back ordered, they could not give me a time for receiving this product. all business wait until the item is shipped, but not this one. very bad business practice.

Beware if you have an energetic chewer.
December 10, 2022

If you have a dog with no teeth or no energy this is great. My dog was only six months old and 30 lbs. and he had so much fun with it. All for about 20 minutes. It started to fall apart. Not good for energetic dogs who like to chew. That means 99.9 % of all pups.

Only good thing I can say is I bought two. Well my sister has a couple of Maine coon cats and I gave it to them. They really enjoy it and it's still functioning. I don't recommend this toy for dogs.

Scammers, fraud?
December 8, 2022

I have been waiting for this product for 2 months everything I call they said it was a back up in orders than it was we just started shipping its coming soon NOTHING

I'm praying I can get my money back.

Old Toy
December 4, 2022

I don't have this ball, but ive had one identical to it for over 10 yrs, don't even remember where i got it, it still works just fine, was a toy for my grand kids and great grand kids, the dogs and cats didn't seem to care so much for it. this may be an inferior product from the reviews i see, but for sure someone else makes this and has for years.

Short lived and high priced
October 23, 2022

When I came across this toy I decided that it would be a great fit for my very active dog to keep her busy and for my inactive dog to entice him to move more. I bought 2 of them. At first they did what was proclaimed. Motion censored, sleep setting, if it hit an object it would turn and go back in the other direction and the lights gets the dogs attention. Battery saver for when they aren't playing so I don't have to charge it constantly.

However, with in about a month to two the balls started to not work properly. The ball doesn't go into sleep mode. It runs into something and just keeps knocking into it which is distracting and annoying. Bang, bang, bang over and over. The battery life last not 5 hours but about 5 mins,

The lights last longer, however, it stops rolling around which basically defeats the whole purpose of having this toy. Not to mention that I paid right about $80 for the two and both balls are doing,,.pretty much nothing except taking up space and collecting dust, I was very excited for the toys that allows my pets to get the exercise and energy out when I am not available for that one on one one time. However, after having them I'm just disappointed and so are my dogs.

LaurieTossava November 16, 2022

I purchased and never received in spite of repeatedly emailing the company.

ValerieBrown December 08, 2022

I purchased and haven't recieved it been waiting 2 months, gonna try and get my money back, prayfully

Don't waste your time or money on these.
October 21, 2022

So, this is sort of a scam. You WILL get the pet balls, but they will leave you wondering how they were so expensive.

My poodle destroyed all 3 of them in 1 day. The plastic they're made out of is soft and thin, so she was able to break them in half almost right away. They're not remotely strong enough to live up to even 1 day of use with a medium or large sized dog.

The next issue is that nearly anywhere you can buy these, the description is very misleading. These aren't "smart" in any way. They roll and light up. That's about the extent of their "smarts".

I'm giving 2 stars instead of 1 for the following reasons:

1. These aren't vaporware: they showed up at the door.

2. My dog actually really enjoyed playing with them right up until she bit right through the plastic and I had to take them away from her.

I do not recommend these ones. I spent over $150 on 3 and they all turned into garbage the same day I received them (many months after ordering them).

Peppy Pet Ball
October 8, 2022

I ordered and was charged for the Peppy Pet Ball in May of '21. I lost my mom shortly after and because of everything that was going on, I lost of track of the paperwork. I ordered again in April of '22.

I texted them to ask where my order was and I got a message back that read, 'Per your request, we're canceling your order and you'll receive a full refund.' I never canceled my order! I just want what I paid for - twice!

And I NEVER got a refund! This company - Peppy Pet Ball or Wow Home Trends - is a legit scam!