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Do Not trust this website
March 11, 2022

CAUTION: I think they are scammers, we ordered it on February 20 and they sent an email with the order number and we were waiting for shipping and tracking number until March 10... After that they promised to refund my money.

I hope to get my money back.

This is a Bogus Scam!
February 9, 2022

Ridiculous that you have to put a star!!! Not worth anything---this is a scam!!!!...I ordered 2 on dec 24, 2021....Still not received...2/9/22....When I called today, they said it was cancelled, but I do not have a refund!!!

$81.79 was taken out of my account, no interest, no product, no one gives a care...

Don't bother
January 18, 2022
WAY overpriced and my dog doesn't pay any attention to it. I have a cat ball that has the same dynamics except it also is larger and makes sounds. AND a whole lot cheaper! Don't waste your time or money. A word to the wise is sufficient.