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Horrible Customer “Service”
December 28, 2021

Zero stars for sure.

I ordered a vent grille for microbe/range combo. It fell off after one time using the vent fan. I was told that it wasn’t their problem and that there must be an issue with the unit itself.

The customer service rep was incredibly rude, and condescending.

Craig January 04, 2022

Did they type "Lol" in the chat? That's what they kept typing in the chat when I was having issues with the order being shipped. It was really rude and unprofessional.

Part was Perfect
November 14, 2021
Ordered touch panel for my Maytag undercounter dishwasher - It was $50 cheaper from PartsDr than other sites - It arrived within 4 days and fit perfectly. It was an easy repair. My experience with them was great -

Found out I'm a liar today!!
November 6, 2021
Horrible service, basically calling me a liar. Live and learn. I should have read all the other reviews before ordering.

Crappy Service
October 28, 2021

Ordered a broiler element for my oven, using their website. The wrong part number came up. When I received the part found that it was too small. Their person on their chat tell me what part number I needed and the transaction went very smoothly and getting a new one to me, in fact the next day.

This element did not fit either. I had to pay to send the first element back and that was $20.86. The second element they told me not to worry about sending back and just to keep it.

But, along came with that and insulting email basically telling me that I didn't know the difference between the bottom element and a broiler element. So, my oven is still broken and I'm out $20 for shipping and getting insulted! I would buy from here again if my life depended on it!

Rip Off Artists - Website Gives Wrong Part Info
October 21, 2021
Rip off, their site gave wrong part information. Ordered what their search said to order. Then it didn't fit. Missed return deadline according to them. Note, I shipped it out immediately but for some reason it took over 3 weeks to get back to them. I was out of town when it arrived so had not tried the part until it had supposedly been delivered for two weeks. Bottom line the wrong part is their fault, all I wanted was to swap the part for the lower cost correct part. They refuse to correct the error and no refund.

Please order elsewhere
October 16, 2021

If I could leave zero stars, I would.

I am not a professional, just a person trying to replace a broken shelf in my refrigerator. I did my best to order the correct part, but ended up with a shelf a few inches too deep for my fridge. I attempted the install, realized my mistake, and removed the shelf all within 30 seconds. Rewrapped it in its original packaging. Contacted Parts Dr to make an exchange, and they are refusing to take it back. I would completely understand this if they found I had damaged the part in some way, but they are not willing to even look at it. It’s ridiculous, and just feels like a scam.

As Advertised and More!
October 12, 2021
No one had this part, I even called SEARS, the Manufacturer of the Refrigerator and they did not have the part. Didn't even know what I was talking about. I got onto their website and the part was exactly what I needed, and I received the part in ONE DAY! Unbelievable service. Price was great!

Great experience
September 29, 2021

Just want to give a shout-out to these guys for great service. We were able to find the part we needed at a good price when almost no one had it and we bought a 2yr warranty for it. We paid the regular shipping rate which said 3-5 business days, but it arrived the next day.

We were so surprised when the ice maker arrived this morning. It slid right in and works like a charm, maybe better than the original one. We actually get whole ice cubes now when we didn't before. We will definitely keep y'all in mind the next time we need parts. Thank you.

Stay away. Don't "Waste (Their) Time"
September 27, 2021
Ouch! Ordered a part. Tried to cancel less than one hour later. They emailed no. I called customer service and was told I was "wasting time" to try to cancel the order. Blamed it on "FedEx policy." When I asked (politely) to speak to his supervisor, he said he is the supervisor. Should have stuck with Amazon.

Fast Shipping, Low Prices, and exactly what I needed.
September 22, 2021

Clearly, based on all previous reviews you might expect to be disappointed. Maybe those are just mad people to begin with.

I ordered a fridge part on Monday night after 8pm and received it by 1:30pm on Wednesday. (Whirlpool said it would be 5 months if I ordered through them -- Feb 2022.) That was with the standard delivery option selected. Granted I didn't have to call customer service, but I did get my part very fast for $20 cheaper than Whirlpool. Also, the part it exactly what I ordered in brand new condition.

If the previous reviews want to experience really bad customer service, call the manufacturers regarding a return.

Overall, I am very happy with my experience and I will order from them again if I ever need any replacement parts. I will update with my future orders (if any).

Buyer Beware!
September 10, 2021

I ordered five parts for my Jenn-Air stove from Parts Dr. Once I had the parts in hand, I contacted an installer. It was about two months before he could come out to do the install, and when he did he informed me that one of the burners was for another type of stove.

So I called and spoke with Ryan, and explained the situation. He said that he could see that the part was for an LG stove, not Jenn-Air, but that it was my problem since it was past the 30 day return policy. I told him that one of his experts guided me to the part number that I ordered, so I felt that Parts Dr should take responsibility for providing misinformation. Ryan told me that I needed to take responsibility for the fact that I didn't return the part within 30 days.

When I suggested that perhaps I needed to speak with someone else he said, "There is no one else, I’m the owner and this conversation is over. I'm going to hang up now." and he did! So my only avenue for restitution is to try to protect other consumers from encountering this horrendous customer service by posting this everywhere; and I mean EVERYWHERE!

I've always received great service from Repair Clinic and Appliance Parts Pros. I just stumbled on this idiot by accident. Shan't make that mistake twice, and I hope you don't either.

Beware of Returns, Over Priced & Rude Customer Service
August 9, 2021

Did not receive Capacitor and was returned to sender via Fedex. Contact PartsDr and was told since I did not follow the the return procedures that there was nothing they could do. I never received the part and was returned to sender via Fedex not received & not used and they tell me that there is nothing they can do.

Their return procedure states that the Part has to be sent to an address but how am I suppose to send it to an address when I do not have the part which was sent back to sender. I do not know how this Company stays in Business!

Beware! Over Priced, Rude and un knowledgeable Customer Service and very slow delivery. Would Never do Business with them again. Order # 991305

They Prey on Regular Customers who are not Techs
May 14, 2021
I ordered a part for my dryer, came to find out the part did not work, I had a tech come out to verify this. Parts Dr did not want to exchange part only if I purchased another part...Meaning I would pay twice for the one part. They are super rude on the phone poor poor customer service. AVOID.

Poor Customer Service
May 9, 2021

I ordered three replacement parts for a broken LG refrigerator crisper bin. They arrived and were the correct parts as advertised. Parts Dr. has a text field on their site that asks for a model number of the appliance in an effort to assure that a customer purchases the correct parts.

Great confidence builder. A few days later I realized that I was missing another part. Once again. I went on the site and entered the same model number and received a “thumbs up” and an assurance that the new part would fit my fridge. The wrong part arrived.

I spoke with Bo at Parts Dr. and he told me that the model fridge I own has been discontinued. He couldn’t explain why the Parts Dr. website correctly matched the part with my model number other than to say that I must’ve used the wrong model number.

I emailed him a copy of the receipt with the model number listed and he wrote back saying “If you look closely you’ll see that is not the model number that you gave me.” At first he wasn’t aware that I ordered three other parts using the same model number days earlier and the parts were compatible.

His solution was for me to pay for the return of the part and also pay a restocking fee and the balance would be refunded. He didn’t have any interest in bringing this error to the web site administrator to avoid any similar problems.

I looked up Parts Dr. complaints online before I sent the part back and found several similar complaints where the author was still waiting for their refund months later. Buyer beware.

Worst Customer Service Reps
May 4, 2021

Absolutely the worst company regarding customer service. i received an email about a parts shipment and received 2 tracking numbers when order came and only 3 out of 6 items were received. Husband called to see where the other parts were and left a voicemail. A gentleman from customer service called back began arguing with husband about the part that came from 4 locations.

My husband asked how many more shipments so we can keep an eye out. Because email only provided 2 FedEx tracking and the customer service gentleman called my husband ignorant and to reread the only email they sent and would provide information on how many tracking orders were sent out. No tracking numbers so we had no idea of a date of arrival.

As a customer we should be provided all the tracking numbers for the items we purchase. Need better customer service Reps! If I could rate less I would! Beware of company representatives! Don't go here; this was the way my husband and I were treated just trying to find out info on our shipments and tracking numbers. Hate to see how you get treated in a worse scenario!!!

Shady, shady, shady
January 5, 2021

Upon reading the reviews for this site I'm not surprised by my service. They're clearly a scam generating fake reviews from bizrate which is a shady fake review generator.

I suppose that's what they would have to do to trick people into purchasing their parts so they can treat them like crap when they call with an issue.

Our part crumbled at the hinge in 60 days then when the guy was told he was being recorded after being extremely rude he hung up on me. Of course when calling back he had some more snarky things to say like "maybe if you were nicer you'd get further in life" or "there are lots of people who work here but I'm not gonna transfer you."

It wasn't until my husband called that we were told Ryan, the guy I had the pleasure of talking to, is the owner...

False advertising
December 16, 2020

Ordered washer inlet valve assy . Was listed as new upgraded part number on website, and box was labeled with new part #. Box appeared to be opened and neatly re-taped.

The part inside was new, however it was the old part number. They explained it is interchangeable. No crap. That's the whole point of a new part number, to be interchangeable with the last number, and vice versa. Quit falsely advertising part numbers!!

This company is a scam
October 10, 2020

Ordered a control board for my fridge and never opened the package because a different part Fixed the problem. This company wouldn’t refund my money because they said the board had been ‘installed’ and they couldn’t sell a used board. No matter what I said or told them That I never opened the package or broke the original manufacturer seal, they refused to acknowledge they were at fault. After reading MANY other complaints, this is An ALL TOO COMMON PROBLEM. If you are lucky enough to get what you ordered and you done ever send a part back, you’re ok. If you send it back, they will come up with an excuse not to give you a refund. They have the WORST customer service and they truly don’t care.

Pay a little more and go with a more reputable company.

Attempting to return uninstalled part...
July 1, 2020
Ordered part from Parts Dr based on misdiagnosis, re-ordered correct part from Amazon. Both parts arrived same day, installed correct part from Amazon

EdGillett October 01, 2020

I totally understand as I have a similar situation. Ordered a part for a refrigerator, part was lost in shipping. Called Parts DR, they said they would send replacement out which they did. Received replacement and original both on the same day. Not needing two of the same part, I called DR and asked what to do with the extra part. They said, "don"t open the package just return it as refused. Followed their instructions but they still billed me for two identical parts even though I returned one.

I would not advise anyone to use this company!

The perfect storm of garbage service-- direct from the CEO of the company*
May 22, 2020

*their claim, not mine.

A little back story. My grandmother's house is a 4 hour drive from where I live, and I needed to buy 4 replacement heating elements for her stove to replace the old ones. I eventually came across, which offered relatively reasonable prices for the parts... but as I would come to find out, the discount was clearly not without cost.

I ordered the parts on a Monday afternoon and purchased 2-day shipping since I needed the parts by Thursday, in time for me to drive to my grandmother's house with parts in-hand on Friday. However, I was dismayed to see over the next few days that 2 of the 4 burners shipped Tuesday, but the other 2 not until Wednesday. The first set of burners arrived with both of their metal rims being bent-- it was clear that they weren't packaged adequately. However, I determined to hope the others would arrive in time and see how they looked.

As I write this, it's Friday afternoon and I was scheduled to have begun my 4 hour trip (for which I'd planned the entire holiday weekend), hours ago. The tracking on the package says it will arrive by 8pm tonight. To be clear, this is not an issue with the shipping company, this is a issue, so I tried calling their customer service line. Here's a fun little trick-- you call their number, they put you on hold for a few minutes, and then rather than allowing you to remain on hold until a rep can answer, a recording says they're too busy to take your call and you are summarily pushed to VM or asked to disconnect.

Anyway, I called 4 times and went through this until someone finally picked up. I explained my concern to the rep that answered and I asked for to refund my shipping and do anything else they could since an entire 3-day weekend, including 8 hours of driving, now needed to be rearranged. First off, he offered no explanation for why the parts where shipped in two separate rounds. He also tried to throw the shipping company under the bus, saying that shipping was slower because of COVID-19. Of course, this was incredibly underhanded-- for the 2 burners that went out from on the correct day, the shippers had them to me within the 2 day window. I pointed this out, and he said the best he could do was refund the difference of the shipping tiers-- about $6. I told the rep I appreciated his help, but asked to be escalated to a supervisor. It was at this point that the conversation went from tense to funny.

The rep told me that HE was the supervisor. Playing along, I told him that even if that were true, there must surely be escalation procedures in place for situations such as this. When he assured me that there was no way to escalate my concern, I asked him if he was the CEO of completely deadpan, he said, "yes, I am." If you're reading this,, the call took place at 11:39 on 5/22/20-- check the recording. I literally laughed out loud. I told him to keep the $6. What a joke.

Because I have no desire to interact with this company any further, I am going to hope that the damage with which the burners arrived is just cosmetic and that I can install them as-is. God help me if I need to send them back for replacement. Here's my recommendation to you-- don't do business with these clowns.