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Paparazzi Jewelry Customer Reviews

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Cheap made custom jewelry
April 15, 2023
Well I bought two pieces of jewelry from paparazzi they are very beautiful pieces of jewelry but i can already tell you they will not last more than probably a month at least the necklace chain is very cheap made the necklace itself is really beautiful kind of heavy the bracelet looks like it would probably break within a couple days but what to expect for $5 I only bought them to help out a family who's son was in an accident I'll proceed we're going to him and his medical care

Sharon C
August 21, 2022

This company and this jewelry is pure garbage! It not only contains nickel and lead, but a whole host of other cancer causing heavy metals! They should be shut down!!

Paparazzi is Terrible
August 30, 2019
It is not a welcoming company to work in DS. If you are enrolled by an unprofessional consultant then you are stuck because they are not there to help you. Furthermore, Paparazzi will not allow you to change from a team even if you are not part of that team any longer. They really need to rethink that since not all consultants are professional. Most are just out for themselves and don't care if you succeed or not. As for the website when the new are releases it is either not working correctly or crashes.

August 18, 2019
Can you please provide a link to where this statement is from? - "the purchase of an Inventory Kit, which ranges in price between $300 and $2,750, depending on what is included in the kit and your personal goals for your business"....because I do not see that info anywhere...thanks in advance!

MicheleLloyd May 10, 2021

this information is incorrect. The prices of the kits are $99, $299, and $499. Go to a consultant's website, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on join, and you will see the kit prices as well as what comes in each kit.

Jewelry quality is as expected, odd way to sell jewelry
July 13, 2019

A friend of mine suggested I like a friend of her's group page for Paparazzi. These franchise owners do live auctions featuring maybe 30 pieces of jewelry that they might have one or two only of each item. You have to watch the live broadcast and "order" the piece(s) you want by leaving your "order" in the comment field. I found it v odd and made no sense.

This particular seller was v fond of probably the gaudier of the jewelry, which looked really cheap during the "sale". So I went to her online store and found about 6 pieces (2 bracelets, 4 necklace/earring sets) that were less bling-y.

One drawback to buying online is the shipping price she offered through her live auctions was $4, ordering online it was $7. And as other reviewers mentioned, if you don't like an item, the company will not accept the return. Fortunately, I liked everything.

Their web site is very tempermental. I order 90% of everything I buy online, and it was really twitchy. After giving me an error code, saying something had gone wrong with processing the order (after I hit "submit order"), I tried again and got the same error code. After that I decided to try the next day. Then I got two order confirmations! BOTH orders went through. I immediately emailed the customer support dept, and they said, we can't refund orders, you need to call. I was not able to reach a customer service rep in time, I got my two orders within a few days of ordering.

Another pet peeve: you get no shipping notice. So both packages sat on my front stoop the entire day. I don't know why they have these live auctions with such limited inventory. It would make more sense to show actual pieces of jewelry and bring a catalog or laptop so people could see the entire line of jewelry and then place orders for whatever they want. I don't have time to go to a live auction with the small chance they have something I might be interested in, then to duke it out w other viewers for the jewelry. I'll keep the pieces I have, give the duplicates as gifts, but don't plan to re-order.

CBrown August 18, 2019

Woman, what the hell are you talking about???????....if you do not have time for a live view, then get off of social media and move on....the consultants present items that they have in their inventory and if they do not have it in their inventory, then go to the website and order it and while you're there, you can review the entire line because they do not print out catalogs (that's so '90's) for "shipping notice", BULL! - you do get an email notice with a tracking number, so stop the madness and head to your local mall and buy all the jewelry you want.

CBrown August 18, 2019

You are very delusional!

Sunshine November 06, 2023

If she sold the jewelry for higher than $5.00, I believe that is incorrect. Shipping is $5.00. I am an Independent Consultant, and I love their jewelry. Their website is very easy to use. Plus the jewelry is ONLY $5.00!!!

March 2, 2019
I am very impressed with Paparazzi Jewelry.. it's affordable and so pretty..

March 31, 2018
I cannot fathom the labor conditions in China, that would allow the retail of a product at $5.00. Additionally; how many pieces of cheap, $5.00 jewelry does one person need...150 pairs of earrings? 100 necklaces? 75 bracelets? I subscribe to quality over quantity. I feel sorry for anyone who is friends with or related to a Paparazzi consultant, as no doubt they are contantly being targeted to either buy something or sell something.

CindySmyth October 31, 2018

Boy are you wrong! Many do face book Live videos and sell to people all across the country. I have only sold minimal items to my family and friends. If they want to click on my video that is up to them. Also, Paparazzi Accessories provides a way for women to stay at home with their kids. No need for daycare. We empower women! Also our kits are $99, $299 or $499. Women & men can start their business with minimal startup costs and give them the opportunity to support their families.

Cindy Smyth

EileenS March 27, 2019

I have a family member that is a consultant and she has purchased so much merchandise that it takes her several trips to carry arms full of boxes filled with jewelry when she wants to show/pounce on someone she finely gets to sell to. Even if they do buy she'll start bringing out More boxes of jewelry and then her customer is overwhelmed.

I have been approached to look at this jewelry, and even after I told her that it wasn't my style, she insisted that I could give it away as a gift. My friends would know right away that wasn't me.

Bottom line, if someone wants to "show you some inexpensive jewelry" hold on tight to your wallet, don't let the phrase "it's only $5.00 each" a way you unto thinking that you're getting a great deal.

Before you know it you have 20 pieces and have just spent $100.00.

CBrown August 18, 2019

Yeah, I always spend more in Dollar Tree and Walmart that I expected how's this any different....If you can't control your wallet and spend $100 on jewelry, then you need to seek help.

February 19, 2018
While this may seem like a good idea to just buy something cheap like this, there are real jewelry designers/artisans who are being undersold. What happens as a result is that overall you reduce the beautiful creations that are available because the market is being undercut. Buy from creators, not mass production.

CBrown August 18, 2019

Oh shut up!

October 6, 2017
Rest in appearance, poor quality at a high price.

Nice Jewelry for the price
October 6, 2017
I just started buying Paparazzi jewelry (not a consultant here!) and I have been very surprised with how sturdy it is. I have a necklace that is just as "strong" or solid as some that I have purchased from Kohls or other places for more then $15. If you are expecting high end jewelry that you will get at a jewelry store... well you are being unrealistic. :) If you want some nice jewelry on a budget then this is the stuff you want! It is lead and nickel free so it's great for people with sensitive skin. I place another order and I am really exciting. Some of the stuff looks cheaper than others but I would stay majority of the items I have ordered have been very nice for the price! :)

Refund procedure (Oct. 21 2016)
October 21, 2016

Basically, things can only be returned within 10 days if damaged in transit or has a defect in manufacture. Cannot be returned if worn (!!) and a 15% restocking fee is slapped on if not returned in original packaging. Replacements only, no refunds for cash unless there is no replacement available.

CBrown August 18, 2019

So what's your point homie?!?!

I love Paparazzi
October 18, 2016
I also have to disagree, I am a consultant as well and before I was a consultant I was a customer. I became a customer in 2013 and in 2016 is when I decided to start my journey. I have to correct you the starter kits are not $300. My starter kit was $99 with tax it came out to 111.00. I do most of my parties online and my customers love the product yes sometimes things break but what do you expect for $5.

HONEST Review of Paparazzi from a former distributor
January 13, 2015

I signed up to be a distrbutor back in 2003. I was impressed by all the photos of jewelry and really did my research. I was intrigued that you could buy the jewelry at wholesale, and only sell it for $5.00 each, and I could sell it at vendor events, which was one of the main reasons I wanted to get into it.

However, when I finally got all the jewelry, I was dissapointed. Some of it is nice, like a few of the bracelets, however, there were quite a few pieces, particularly the necklaces and earrings that were made out of very cheap material, super thin metals. I have seen very similar jewelry like Paparazzi's in dollar stores or super cheap jewelry stores for about 2 bucks each. It wasn't even worth paying the $5 because I could get higher quality jewelry for $5 elsewhere.

I had one or 2 events, and one of my friend's earrings broke after only a few days. A couple of items in my kit were bent and broken as well.

I decided to sell the rest of my jewelry in a garage sale for $1 each. I could not in good conscience sell the jewelry knowing it was such poor quality for $5, knowing that in my area I could by so much more better quality at $5 or even up to $15 each that would last for a very long time without breaking.

I should have figured the first red flag before I bought my starter kit is that you can purchase a repair kit. I have sold jewelry in other companies and they did not need a repair kit because the jewelry was very high quality and would last.

Christina Greninger March 25, 2016

I have to disagree. I am a Paparazzi consultant and think their items are just as nice as Premier Jewelry and a whole lot less expensive. I have had a few items come apart only because the jump rings were not closed completely. My customers also love Paparazzi!! I wear it everyday and have never had an issue!

Angela June 22, 2017

My friend Cindy is a consultant and I was just introduced to her jewelry. I have to say, I love it! I was really surprised that for $5 I was able to get good quality costume jewelry all nickle free and hypoallergenic.. Some come from sets of necklace and earrings for just $5! You get a necklace and earrings for $5!!! Sorry, I had to repeat that but I just find that an amazingly great value and it also good quality too! I love it! I'm going to be a loyal customer!!!