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Nutra Thrive Review: A Detailed Look

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  August 15, 2023
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Nutra Thrive
is a canine nutritional supplement from Ultimate Pet Nutrition that the company claims can improve your dog’s immune function, digestion, joint health, coat appearance, and overall health.

Below we take an in depth look at Nutra Thrive and its ingredients to see if it’s worth the cost.

How Does it Work?

Ultimate Pet Nutrition promotes their products through engaging online videos that are heavily advertised on popular websites. 

Nutra Thrive creator and veterinarian Dr. Gary Richter believes that proper nutrition is the answer to the most common pet health problems and concerns, including cancer in dogs. 

He goes on to explain that the standard for pet food is incredibly low, and that dog food brands only have to meet certain minimum requirements to be approved for sale.

Nutra Thrive was created to supplement the lack of vitamins and nutrients found in many conventional dog foods.  It's made with selected ingredients that contain no artificial additives, fillers, or preservatives.


Nutra Thrive is a powder supplement that's mixed into your dog's food.  Depending on their size and weight a helpful chart is provided with the product to tell you how much to serve.

The Nutra Thrive blend contains:

  • 23 added vitamins, minerals & amino acids to support muscles, teeth & bones
  • 9 superfoods to boost overall health
  • 4 digestive enzymes for optimal GI function
  • 4  probiotics for digestive health

Nutra Thrive main ingredients include:


Superfoods Blend

Carrot, Reishi, Shiitake and Maitake mushroom blend; Methyl-sulfonylmethane, Spirulina, and Chlorella.

Some pet owners may be surprised, and wary, when learning that their dogs can eat mushrooms.  

While there are many toxic varieties dogs can eat many of the same types as people can including the main medicinal mushrooms included in this blend.

Many holistic veterinarians believe that dogs can benefit from mushrooms in the same way as people.  Mushrooms are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which, those Vets believe, can offer dogs a variety of benefits.

For instance, a recent study found that, for a small sample of dogs diagnosed with cancer, a treatment with a type of turkey tail mushroom increased lifespan and showed a tumor fighting effect.  

The researchers believe it is due to the polysaccharopeptide compound found in this mushroom.

Overall though, outside of anecdotal evidence there isn’t enough research done on the effects of medicinal mushrooms on dogs.  Because of this they should be administered with the approval of your veterinarian.


Super-Canine Blend

Engevita® GSH Glutathione Inactive Yeast and Beef Liver.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant made up of the amino acids glutamine, glycine and cysteine. In your dog’s body it has many responsibilities including energy, liver function, and immunity.

Its role is so critical that it’s known as the master antioxidant, without it cells would die from oxidation, the immune system wouldn’t work, and the liver would fail.

One study concluded that there is a strong correlation between levels of Glutathione and an illness in dogs, to the point that these levels “could be a marker of illness severity and prognostic of a poor outcome.” 

Low Glutathione in your dog can be due to a variety of reasons such as:

  • Aging
  • A poor diet
  • Environmental toxins
  • Overuse of antibiotics
  • Lack of exercise
  • Chronic stress

Some minor presentations could be lack of energy, poor sleep, and joint issues.  Regular visits to the veterinarian can help you identify if your dog suffers from this condition.

However, the issue with Nutra Thrive is that the Glutathione is administered orally which greatly reduces its bioavailability.

Many sources recommend Glutathione be administered intravenously or intramuscularly, or when given orally to be done on an empty stomach - which is not the intended use of Nutra Thrive.

There are ways to stimulate Glutathione production in your dog through diet, by adding beef liver, cruciferous vegetables, mushrooms, organ meats, eggs, as well as other supplements that can be researched online.


Probiotic and Enzyme Blend

Contains Entreococcus faecium, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus plantarum, Papain, Protease, Amylase, Lipase.

Some of the reasons why your dog might need probiotic supplementation include poor diet/malnutrition, during times of stress, or illness. 

These environmental factors can result in conditions such as, digestive troubles, gas, bad breath, loose stools, and diarrhea.

Furthermore, much of your dog’s immune system resides in the gut which depends on a healthy balanced gut flora.

Nutra Thrive contains Enterococcus faecium and Lactobacillus acidophilus, two recognized species specific strains of probiotics for dogs.

The formula also includes helpful digestive enzymes such as Amylase which allows dogs to break down starches.

It’s important to note that Probiotics are not a cure-all for gut problems, and if your dog has persistent issues you should seek veterinary care.

For instance, contrary to popular belief, one study found that giving Lactobacillus probiotics after antibiotic use caused a delay in the microbiome’s recovery.

This goes to show that you shouldn’t assume all probiotic strains have the same effects and why you should consult with a vet before treating your dog.


Vitamin and Mineral Blend

Contains Kelp, Biotin, Riboflavin, Folic acid

This blend has a good mix of beneficial ingredients that have been shown to aid in the improvements of dog’s coats and general health.

Allergies, Side Effects, and Safety Concerns

With a multi-supplement such as Nutra Thrive, due to the high number and variety of ingredients there can be a number of potential issues.

Even though the ingredients are regarded as safe your dog can still have negative or allergic reactions.  

Whenever introducing a new food/supplement to your dog, do so slowly and incrementally while closely monitoring their reactions.

For instance even something as benign as probiotics can cause digestive discomfort.  There can also be interactions with different vitamins, herbal therapies, medications, or supplements.

Regarding Nutra Thrive’s mushroom blend, some experts warn that they should be used with caution if your pet has bleeding disorders, low blood pressure, liver or kidney disease, diabetes or immune disorders.

Also, if your dog already has a quality diet that meets all nutritional daily requirements, adding extra vitamins and minerals can cause potential issues.

On some pet forums customers raised the issue of Silica being present in Nutra Thrive and whether it is dangerous for dogs.


Silica (Silicon Dioxide)

Silica is used in many supplements as an anti-caking agent to avoid clumping.  It is approved by the FDA for this use.

Further, a review by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) found no accumulation of silicon after the animals repeatedly ate silica.

A study in the Journal of Applied Toxicology also found that silica nanoparticles had a low potential to cross the gastrointestinal tract when a person eats them.  However, they did state there is a need for more on long term safety studies.

In our research we found one holistic pet health site stating that Silica may cause indigestion in some dogs.  If you are concerned, consult with your Vet prior to use.

If you’re aware of your dog’s allergies and intolerances carefully go through the full list of Nutra Thrive ingredients which can be found on their website.

Customer Service

Ultimate Pet Nutrition offers several forms of contact for any customer service issues you may encounter, including a refund request.

Phone Number: 800-604-5827
Email: [email protected]


Where to Buy Nutra Thrive for Dogs?

Nutra Thrive can be purchased on the Ultimate Pet Nutrition website and on Amazon.  We found the price to be slightly lower on Amazon.

Ultimate Pet Nutrition products are also available in select west coast retail locations.


Cost and Price Plans

The Ultimate Pet Nutrition website offers a few different options when you’re buying Nutra Thrive. 

1 jar:  $69.95
3 jars:  $188.86
6 jars:  $356.74

We found the same jar of Nutra Thrive to be slightly cheaper on Amazon.

It’s also worth noting that the company offers a 90-day money back guarantee if you don’t see a noticeable difference in your pet.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

For the most part, Ultimate Pet Nutrition has very positive customer reviews for their dog foods and supplements, on Reviewopedia and elsewhere.

Customers have reported a wide range of benefits that their dogs experienced after taking these products.

A common customer complaint regarding Nutra Thrive has been the high cost.  In some rarer cases customers also mentioned the unpleasant smell of the product that turned their dogs off it.

Some customer reviews stated that they weren’t seeing any noticeable effects in their dog after going through one jar of Nutra Thrive.  Though the company does recommend that you give your dogs Nutra Thrive for 90 days to see noticeable effects.

On Amazon, Nutra Thrive has a rating of 4.0 / 5 stars from over 160 customer ratings.

Ultimate Pet Nutrition seems to have a very active customer service team that responds to customer complaints, offering customers refunds or replacement orders.

Competitors and Alternatives

The pet industry is always growing. There are many options available when it comes to shopping for pet supplements and vitamins.

Here are some popular alternatives to Nutra Thrive:


Zesty Paws Multivitamin for Dogs

Zesty Paws offers a 5-in-1 formula that can be given to your dogs daily. It comes in chewable, pre-measured treats that contain ingredients like probiotics, digestive enzymes, glucosamine, and fish oil.

The formula helps support an array of functions like digestive health, hip and joint function, immunity, and heart health. It’s also great to supporting healthy skin and coat.

On Amazon, Zesty Paws is a #1 best selling pet food product and earns a 4.5 / 5 stars rating from over 40,000 customer reviews.


NaturVet All-in-One

This is a 4-in-1 formulated by veterinarians to support your dog’s overall health.

Digestive enzymes support a healthy digestive tract and a mix of omega fatty acids help promote healthy skin and coat.

It also provides a good source of glucosamine and chondroitin for maintaining and supporting the joints. The soft, chewable treats are wheat free.

NaturVet All-in-One is an "Amazon's Choice" product and earns a rating of 4.5 / 5 stars from over 11,000 customer ratings.


Purina Pro Plan FortiFlora Probiotic

Purina FortiFlora offers a blend of beneficial active probiotics for digestive support and a strong immune system.

It also has a high concentration of vitamins A, E and C, as well as antioxidants.

It comes in power sachets or as chewable tablets that are specially flavored to be palatable for dogs.

Purina Pro Plan FortiFlora earns high marks from customers with 4.7 / 5 stars from over 40,000 customer ratings.

The Bottom Line

As the pet industry continues to grow, companies are trying to take advantage of pet owner’s willingness to splurge on their dogs.  With everything out there it’s hard to know which products are legitimate or necessary.

Nutra Thrive offers a lot in the way of added vitamins, minerals, and probiotics that may be beneficial to your dog.

The company is also forward thinking in its inclusion of the medicinal mushroom blend, which with more research may prove to be the next trend in pet health supplementation.

However, the large and varied ingredient list may be difficult for all dogs to process.  It may be prudent to start by learning what your dog’s specific dietary deficiencies/needs are.  

Then you can proceed with a targeted therapy that may limit any unintentional side effects that a multi-supplement can present.

Also consider that if low quality kibble is the source of your dog’s health issues it may be wise to invest the money you’d spend on Nutra Thrive towards a premium dog food instead.

If you have any experience with Nutra Thrive for Dogs, please leave your reviews below.

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Nutra Thrive For Dogs Customer Reviews

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Do not buy
September 14, 2023

I bought a container for my 4 dogs to try. They all got diarrhea. Would not eat their dog food the next day. Amazon would not let me return it, so I am out 54.00 and sick dogs.

It worked wonders on my high maintenance fFrenchie
December 15, 2022

So as much as the buying process for this vitamin makes it seem like a cheap fad, it really works! (Ie. After you purchase a few bottles, it offers you a bottle for half the price, with deal after deal) in most cases I would discontinue use based on this ridiculousness!

My Frenchie had all kinds of skin infections and problems that would not heal for months. We tried the veterinary route, steroids etc….,,none of it worked! When I put him on this vitamin daily all of his skin problems, weight problem, and energy issues, went away within 2 weeks. Although it started to heal immediately the healing process took about two weeks!

My husband is a large animal vet and he was the one that found this vitamin and liked it’s ingredients.. it really comes down to nutrition because the food that we eat is our “gas” so to speak. And if your dog is having health problems it is usually down to their nutrition level, as most dog foods are terrible(do your research) it will blow your mind!!!!

Vomiting Miracle
March 29, 2022
Our 14 year old Shih Tzu had severe old dog syndrome vomiting bile every morning all over the house. After a couple weeks on the supplement he stopped completely and has had more energy overall. His bowels are easier to move and he can run up and down the stairs again. He would wait for someone to carry him before the supplement.

happy with product
March 28, 2022

everything seems to be working as you said. his poop is solid and stop stinking.

I am a happy dog parent
March 24, 2022

I feed my dog dry food twice a day so I mix one-half a scoop into each of her meals and it is very easy. The two big things that I have noticed is that she has stopped licking her paws and her stools are consistently darker and firm. I am very happy with these two improvements. I have not noticed any additional behavior changes.

Excellent Supplement!
March 23, 2022

I love this supplement for dogs. I've been buying the dehydrated beef for my 2 dogs and I sprinkle a good amount of this supplement on each of their food, and they don't even notice it.

My dogs have been using this food/supplement for the past 3 months and i can honestly say that i see a big difference in them already. They seem more alive, active and happy. So glad i made this purchase!

Stopped his itch!!
March 19, 2022

My goldador had itching issues. Our vet wanted us to give him Benadryl. I hated to give that to our dog.

So we looked into Nutra Thrive and I have been using it for 2 months. I am sold on it.

He itches less. Thank you so much

It seems to be helping
March 15, 2022

My dog is a 5 yr. old goldendoodle and quite hyper and emotional. We feel he has anxiety. He was throwing up about once a week, just bile.

So I bought this product thinking it might help. And it has. In the last 30 days that I have consistently given thrive to him he has only thrown up 2 times. So I think it is helping. I will keep going as I bought a 3 month supply.

Dachshund plagued with skin issues and back issues.
March 13, 2022

Have to say, our dachshund seemed to be plagued with hip and back issues. He is now 8 yrs old. Started him and our Shitzu on this product. Within a few months, we were amazed at how different they were acting. As if they were both 3 yrs old again. And our dachshund?

Well, he’s like a puppy now. No issues. Even his skin issues cleared up. Coincidence? Maybe but this product has made our 2 little family members happy and feeling great! Highly recommend.

More nutrition and health
March 13, 2022
Baby's coat is looking much better. She is running and playing more. Love to see that tail wagging.

March 13, 2022

Recent new customer, bought with itching problem.

Do see less itching and will continue use.

Seeing some progress…
March 12, 2022
I have been giving Nutra Thrive to my senior dog for about a month now. I see some improvement, but will continue the regimen and see how things go.

Miracle products worth every penny
March 12, 2022
My 7 year old AmStaff has suffered with SEVERE allergies for the last 3 years. They seemed to come from no where one day. They were so so so bad, and they kept us up all night long. We were exhausted and our pet was suffering. We had him on Apoquel which helped but only like 50%. We used bath solutions. That helped but only temporarily. Then we finally put our dog on daily steroids. It worked really well, but with major side effects. Then, over time, the steroids were not working as well, and our pet seemed depressed and his hair was falling out. Our poor pup was becoming bald! And just in 3 months of steroid use, a tumor started popping up, as well. So, I started praying asking God to help our dog because we loved him and this was horrible to see him decline like this. And we tried so many other natural products for his allergies, only for them to cause his allergies to get worse because he was allergic to an ingredient (or several) in the product. So, the only product that helped was killing him, and nothing else helped. Then, our dog's best friend (our 14 year old Chi) died unexpectedly on Christmas Eve. It was horrible. And we did not realize how upset our AmStaff was going to be. He stopped eating for weeks. He started vomiting from his stomach being upset. And he started going down hill fast. I thought we were going to have to put him down too. Then I decided to try this product - one last ditch hope. And IT WAS A MIRACLE. Not only did he start eating his food again, but he LOVED the product. His stomach problems went away and he stopped vomiting. He also started regrowing his hair. And he started acting like a puppy again. His allergies are 99% gone. His skin rashes are gone. His itching and scratching and licking is like 99% gone. And he is restful, joyful, and happy again. He is also acting like a puppy and wanting to play. He started playing with toys I haven't seen him interact with in years. And he got over his depression and plays with other dogs in the neighborhood now. And it was all due to this product. And his hair, it stopped shedding. It regrew. His coat is thick and shiny again. And he even has hair on his tummy which he hasn't had in 3 years (bc he had previously licked it off). This product saved my dog's life. And I am so grateful for it. My dog will be on this product the rest of his life.

The Probiotics Work!!!
March 12, 2022
We have 3 miniature schnauzers. Littermates, sisters, 11 years old with very finicky tummies and a tendency toward diarrhea. We've been using NutraThrive for almost 3 months and not a single incidence of diarrhea...but for one day with our Lily. Lily has large cell lymphoma and still just had one day of the runs. We gave her prescribed medication immediately and the diarrhea stopped. I gotta say the probiotics in this powder are amazing! Our Sofie had issues with a nose fungus and not a flake or white/gray residue has occurred since we started using NutraThrive. We will continue to use one scoop each day from now on! Thanks, NutraThrive!!

My doggies REALLY love this product!
March 10, 2022

I have two large dogs, Teddy, a Feisty 6 yo Golden Retriever and Missy, a German Shepherd; soon to be 13 yo. Both my dogs just loved the 'Nutra Thrive For Dogs' from day one. Each and every time I put their dog food down with the 'Nutra Thrive' in it, you'd think they haven't eaten in days. They truly do love it and 'Thrive' to get more. :)

Sadly, the cost is more than I can afford and I will have to wait a couple more weeks to order more. Trust me when I tell you, they really miss it already.

Dog loves it
March 10, 2022

Our dog has hip issues and is on adequin as well. So far things seem to be stable by using both products and we figure that it couldn't hurt to use both. Our dog loves the Nutra Trive and looks forward to getting it served to her.

Nutra Theive success
March 8, 2022
My dog would chew on her feet constantly and scratch her ears a great deal too. Now she doesn't do either. I also feel like her coat has gotten somewhat thicker and smoother. Her eyes were also very runny. I still see a little of that, but it is greatly reduced

Animals of this world need more guys like Dr. Richter.
March 8, 2022

I have been using canned dog food to mix with dry dog food for years to get my three dogs to eat their food and it has not worked. They obviously have allergies as they scratch at their ears and chew at their paws. Akita's ears were so bad that I have been paying $74.00 a month for a bottle of pills to give every day.

After a couple of weeks of putting Nutra Thrive on his food I have almost weened him off those pills. I do not see the need to use them as he is so much better and not shaking his head or chewing on his paws.

All three dogs are emptying their food bowls now every night. Dr. Richter sent another video about the need for raw meat in their diet and I give all three a handful of raw hamburger mixed in their food bowls.

Toby is 16 years old and he has started greeting me at steps to my deck and trying to play with me. Amazing! I have passed this info on to everyone I know with dogs that they care about. Look for new customers coming out of Harnett County, N. C. I'm a 74 year old recent retiree who believes in telling it as it is.

I will save on vet bills now and watch my dogs live healthier lives for as long as I have them. Thank you very much Dr. Richter for your work and concern for animals. By the way, I have two goats who I love and want to keep as healthy as possible, got any advice? What the heck, I'm getting tears in my eyes just doing this review. Guess I'm happier than I realized.

March 8, 2022
My dogs LOVE Nutri Thrive...when I get ready to feed them they get so excited! Before they were totally bored with their food.

Start Of A Happy, Healthy Life
March 8, 2022
Our rescue actually rescued us. Dutchess is a 2 yr old pit found before Thanksgiving 2021 running with another furfriend. Appears she was dumped after having at least 2 litters. The moment we saw her we knew she was to be the love of our life. Two years before we had to say goodbye to our beloved chihuahua Pete just shy of his 18th birthday. We thought we'd never be able to make room for another furbaby. Pete would be happy with our making room for another though. She had many issues at first including a great deal of anxiety. Planned Pethood assisted us with many resources for her and then we found Dr Gary & Nutra Thrive. She's been on the supplement for a while now, loves the powder additive to her food and is THRIVING. Thank you Dr Gary & Ultimate Pet Nutrition for giving our lovey a great start to a happy, healthy life.