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Pomeranian Loves Nutra Thrive
March 5, 2022
My pomeranian dog loves the Nutra Thrive. He eats it just by itself dissolved in water. He is very picky with his food but he licks the Nutra Thrive up to last drop.

Definitely a product that is healthy and truly does work for our Labrador!
March 3, 2022
So far Dakota seems to really like the nutrient that I add to her food every morning. I have noticed that her coat while has been quite shiny seems to have EVEN MORE LUSTER and a Silky smooth feeling than before I started using nutra thrive! I get many comments/compliments on how beautiful our black lab is . I also have to comment on the back yard potty clean up. It definitely does doo what the products states. I am hoping for more affect in her licking seems to be less , Labrador as we know tend to be a little over the top in the licking department so it is hard to really tell there. But overall the first 30+ days have shown a definite positive effect in Dakota’s day to day! Definitely plan on continued diligence every day. Great product so far! Thanks Rick