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The Noom Weight Loss App is a mobile application from company Noom, that states their aim is to create products that help users live healthier lives and hopefully give them the tools they need to lose weight.

How Does It Work?

Mobile users can download the app and begin using all of their tools and resources to being losing weight.

The basic version of their app gives you the ability to log your meals, personalized daily tasks will help you understand what activities to do to lose weight, and get access to hundreds of educational articles.

They also offer Noom Weight Loss Pro, an upgraded version of their mobile app which provides access to recipes, priority support, more workout challenges, waistline tracking, and more.

They promise the average Pro user loses weight twice as fast the average user of their basic app. 

Cost & Price Plans

The application is free to download on all formats, and the basic Noom Weight Loss App is free to use as well. Members who would like to upgrade to the Pro version of the app can do so for $9.99 per month.  

Mobile Options

These applications are free to download for both Android and iOS mobile devices.   

Refund Policy does not detail any Refund or Guarantee Policy for their users, but their upgraded membership is charged on a month-to-month basis, and users can cancel this membership whenever they choose without incurring any future charges.     

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected], or by traditional mail at 530 W 25th St., Suite 502, New York, NY 10001.   


In general, Noom Weight Loss App has many positive user reviews as well as the support and respect of independent reviewers who appreciate the ease of use and the usefulness of the tools and resources they offer their users.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other mobile applications available to help people with both their fitness and weight loss goals, including apps like MyFitnessPal.   

If you have any experience with Noom Weight Loss or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Noom Weight Loss Customer Reviews

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Works but has issues
June 26, 2022

I successfully lost 55 lbs over 8 months.

Noom helped by guiding my choices from ‘red’ to healthier, less calorie-dense green foods. The app was helpful in logging my choices and progress.

However, the accompanying ‘psycho-babble’ on why we eat the wrong choices got extremely annoying. There is no way to turn it off, even after reaching master level.

Over the months, my metabolism reset and I slowly started gaining weight. I re-joined 3 months later and found that though I still retained the food choice lessons, I had to restrict my calories from 1400 to 1200 to lose weight. I found that extremely difficult to follow. What killed it for me was the toxic ‘psycho-babble’.

I would love to use the app but w/o the annoying messages, that is not possible.

BTW, I had no problems canceling the program.

February 1, 2022

Avoid like a heartattack!

I canceled them and they have tried to charge every account connected to my Paypal 199.00

6 times now since the account was closed and I was refunded the 199.00.

As I write they did it again, such con artists!

Rip Off disappointed
July 2, 2020
I signed up for trial and pre paid the food plan for a month.i never received any assistance meals or anything. I cancelled the trial day 9, on day 7 I was not able to access the articles. I emailed my coach my frustrations and I should been refunded the food plan fee or should not have been charged on Day 1. Very disappointed

A Complete Scam
September 28, 2019
Utter and total scam. Took my money without authorization from my PayPal account after my 'trial' period was over. You can't get in touch with an actual human being on their website or by phone. You contact the website/app and they tell you someone will be in touch. That 'someone' is a bot. Try to call the customer service number and you get a recording that directs you back to the bot. AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE.

MarkJohnson November 23, 2019

I'm actually benefitting a lot from this app. I think it's unfair to call them a total scam when they obviously have put a lot of effort into this product and it seems to be helping people, such as myself.

IrwinJudson October 28, 2021

Fluffy B A wholehearted two thumbs up for you. You have iterated my experience. I found this tonight: $100 million nationwide class action complaint against weight-loss app company Noom, Inc. to recover on behalf of unsuspecting Noom consumers who were automatically enrolled without consent in pricey multi-month plans. The Noom class action complaint alleging fraud ...Source:

I love noom
June 21, 2019

I love noom It has been one of the easiest programs to follow.

I like the interaction with your group once you reach about week three

The biggest turn around in this plan for me was being able to check food immediately whether it fits into your program or not.

It is all color-coded green is the best and you can eat a lot of stuff that’s in the green.

You do not have to deprive yourself of sweets and things you like

on days where you have to have that you give up some of your other things

Give it a try it will be well worth it

Bad Business Practices
June 5, 2019

During my initial membership, I was a star user. Logging every item that crossed my lips, every workout, and every step. I saw progress, lost 10lbs over the holidays. But then I hit that frustration level and stopped using the app. Low and behold 3 months later, a $100 charge hits my account. Was I notified that my account was up for renewal? No. Was I contacted by my coach that she noticed I wasn’t using the app and that my renewal date was approaching? No.

The refund policy, is not as stated in this article. There are no refunds according to the app. I am appalled at this greedy business practice and am happy to provide a horrible review to the company.

IrwinJudson October 28, 2021

I am only in Week 1 and it is easy to see you are correct. I cannot afford to lose money. I had really hoped their promise of supplementing diet-sense with psychology.. Perfect! I thought. Tomorrow I must start trying to cancel.

June 3, 2019
Like the other people that requested a refund, I too was charged $149.00 for the bogus program. Save your money and stay away from Noom!!!

Andrea Henderson July 01, 2020

Yes they take your money a scam without providing a meal plan

Read the fine print
April 10, 2019
Noom offers useful guidance but you can get this from any book, website or magazine and you can track your own food and exercise by other means. My issue is their auto-renew policy. I 'Noomed' for 6 months (paid the full $149 fee). I followed their program. Did not lose weight. At the end of that 6 month period, I was auto-renewed and billed another $149. Normally, vendors send alerts that renewal is pending, giving you a chance to approve it. That did not happen here and even though I alerted Noom as soon as I got the payment confirmation, they would only refund 50% of the fee. So, I'm out $75. Not good business practice. If you decide to go ahead with Noom, be sure to remind yourself when auto-renew time rolls around so that you can choose to continue or terminate.

I love Noom
April 8, 2019
Noom works for me because I don't have to quit eating the things I Love. I have changed the way I see and feel about food. We do that by changing our habits. What habits you ask?. Eating everything on our plate, using a big plate and filling it full,watching TV while eating a meal,etc. Eating fresh fruits and veggies, smaller portions and weighing meat portions a change in mindset I have lost 12 lbs. YES I LOVE NOOM

Happily Nooming
February 3, 2019

So I am really pleased with Noom, but billing and Free Trial frustrations came up for me, too. Pricing and customer service are not completely clear, BUT I DID personally commit to sticking with the program and paying for the service. It works really well for me and I am seeing results at the scale and in positive health and lifestyle changes. I’m 5 weeks in and will continue until my 16 weeks are up. I will most likely continue beyond the 16 weeks if there is a maintenance program or if I am still shy of my goals. For me the program makes a lot of sense and the daily nature of working with the app keeps my head in the game.

If I could only go lower than "1"
January 26, 2019
Rip off! I never finished the transaction and they billed my account $149! I would have NEVER chosen that amount. It was an arbitrary choice on their part and I'm sure it was the highest. SHAM! CROOKS!

Unhappy Customer
January 11, 2019

I started with the trial of two weeks, but was never to get the app for a coach. Today I noticed a charge of $129.00 on my account (ending 8598). I want to cancel any subscription you have for my name. This appears a scam and I hope other folks to not get caught like I did.

Patricia Lawson, NC


It's a scam
November 30, 2018

Here is the Better Business Bureau listing:

Refund Dispute
July 25, 2018
I did not receive any notification I would be billed, even as a friendly reminder, I discovered it the morning I cancelled my trial subscription.I immediately called the phone # from trial receipt to no avail, no answer not even the voicemail they claim to have, it was just a repeat of the preamble. The coach had not responded to me from early morning til 11:30pm! To which she has no clue per say to but to send a form for refunds. Which I sent as well 3 times to no reply! Even infomercials give refunds after trial runs! I asked today, my 5th day of msgs through the so called coach, for legal department, direct contact info to her reply of sending me yet another general form to fill out. She states that is the protocol she follows....She cannot even back up a company she works for diligently or proactively. I will continue to dispute this as their site is very vague on refunds, therefore I will persist. I wouldn't recommend this website to anyone!

MargaretLubitz November 04, 2018

I agree! NOOM appears to be a slick marketing scheme based upon hype, vague information and auto responses when you email their “support”

I started a “free” trial seven days ago and only received confirmation recently which means that five days of this “trial” are wasted. They have misleading info which leads you to the app which contains the same questions they started with. Waste of time and waste of money. Don’t get involved and I hope they will be shut down and fined!

YvonneeDuran November 05, 2018

FYI I finally did receive a refund but it took diligence in daily follow up not to mention I disputed the charges through my Paypal account.

January 18, 2018

- No notice of trial period ending, no notice of billing - I checked my account and saw that $230 had gone to Noom. No idea how this amount was justified by Noom.

- No way to cancel, modify, or even view my subscription through either the website or app. No contact phone number available.

- I have sent an email and messages to my "coach" demanding cancellation and refund but have received no response.


GraceO'Reilly January 19, 2018

Update: after several complaints I have been given a full refund - thank goodness. I still have no idea how or why I was billed $230 in the first place though!

GianlucaMoro October 15, 2018

Hello, I am in your same situation. How did you obtain refund from Noom? I'm so in rage with them..



GraceO'Reilly October 16, 2018

Contact the following emails and let them know that you’re not happy!

[email protected]

[email protected]

I think I also commented on several social media posts by noom to get their attention.

Good luck!

GraceO'Reilly October 16, 2018

Hi Gianluca, I did a google search and found some email addresses, I think they were [email protected] and [email protected]

After my “coach” ignored my refund request I contacted these email addresses. I think I also commented on some of their social media posts to get their attention.

Good luck!

No refunds, period
September 22, 2017
They will give you no notice of your trial period ending, or of the end of your billing cycle, which for me was 4 months. Why do they not take the courtesy to send you a notice that you will be billed? They make more money they way. Horrible way to deal with the clients. And no refunds, no matter what.