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December 7, 2020
A complete ripoff , I used this product for minor scuff marks on my rear bumper . A complete waste of time . I contacted the company for their money back promise, funny old thing I could keep the product for a 65% refund . They are ripping of customers supplying a useless item AVOID AT ALL COST.

Nano Sparkle Rip Off - Based on customer experience
December 4, 2020

This mob (and I mean mob) are a total scam/rip off/ rubbish.

Order placed on the 7th November 2020 - So-called tracking number (so called_ UPS tracking number that UPS do not recognize) issued promising prompt delivery. Here we are nearly a calendar month later. Surprise, surprise: Nothing delivered - emails to the supposed customer service address remain unanswered - No updates - No wonder!

If I could rate this lot less than 1 then I would do so. As an Australian resident I have lodged a formal complaint with the Australian Federal Government 'Scam Watch' division. and wit the Australian Department of Consumer Affairs. Hopefully this will act as a warning to others...

Do not even contemplate placing an order with this lot.

December 1, 2020

One of the biggest scams out !!! Totally useless product that does not work

Agree with all other reviews left on this site They should be locked up for fraud

Hopefully soon so that others do not get robbed.

Don't buy this!!
November 17, 2020
Have a new car and it got a scratch on the hood. I was so excited that I might be able to fix the scratch. I watched the video on how to use the nano sparkle cloth and I can tell you that it does NOT work!! I've contacted the company but no reply to date. I spent $30 and now I have to spend more money to get touch up paint.

Dave August 10, 2021

Thank you for saving me £22.95

Not really worth it!
November 14, 2020
Got 2 cloths and did my scratched suv and made more scratches ! As you rub with the scratch not cross grain it left small scratches all around big scratch. It is noticeable! It also did not dry properly as it left a haze in many areas so kept going back over it with dry cloth to rub it out.

nano magic
November 5, 2020

its a scam.... used on a black car and after buffing

by hand for over a half hour i could not get the white

streaks out.. had to go buy a buffer and that barely



JanineBrown November 06, 2020

rip off..waste of $40 thanks alot

CristyF Crysanthimum November 15, 2020

thanks for your honest review, now I'm getting worried as I had just ordered mine,

IanGlover November 24, 2020

Unfortunately I fell for the same scam and ordered two. I tried the first cloth on a

finger nail scratch around the door handle and it was totally useless. The email address to the Nano's complaint dept. to obtain the mandatory Order no. in order to return the second cloth was rejected by my server as 'non existent'.

Hope you are more successful.

7 weeks-No contact-not received-no tracking-
October 17, 2020
I am a nano technology guy so I thought, "great idea". Ordered on 7 Sept 2020 and only now, 17 Oct stopped and thought "I have been ripped off." Tracking? None. Dumb me. To pay for shipping and no tracking. I deserve a kick from my donkey. Shady folks here.

michael a wood November 05, 2020

the product is horrible as well as this website

Randy the Genius November 21, 2020

What is a "nano technology guy" What does that even mean... Anyway, I won't be buying any of this item. Unless you have nanites from 7 of 9 no magical potions, creams or elixirs will restore paint...except paint. When the paint is gone it's gone.

October 15, 2020

After reading all of the reviews, which I SHOULD have done in the first place before ordering it, I believe I won't even try this. With all the mentions of it removing the clear coat I'll go with the scratches until I can have a professional take care of my scratches!!

Sounds like I might as well take the "hit" for the money put in to this product, can't afford to have a worthless product sitting around but don't want the hassle of attempting to get a reimbursement that probably won't happen.

a rip-off
October 9, 2020

I wish there were zero stars. This product is a total scam Took my clear coat off, left the finish

dull. Looks worse than before.

Waste of Money
October 7, 2020
I would give it zero stars if this would let me. Paid for quick shipping so had over $50 in two cloths. Got them today after a couple of weeks. Made sure to follow directions to a T. Didn't help scratches on my car at all. Was total waste of my money. My advice, do not buy. Doesn't work.

michael a wood November 05, 2020

wish i wold have read this prior to buying

horrible product

scamming scumbags
October 6, 2020

Ordered 1 cloth below are the charges to my account

Buy 1 NanoMagic, Get 1 FREE AU$8 OFF 1 AU$36.95

1 Promo NanoMagic 1 AU$29.00

1 MirrorAid Anti-fog Film 1 AU$28.95

1 FREE SafeSound Alarm 1 ---

October 2, 2020
does not work and good luck getting a refund, don't buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BillMiller October 04, 2020

I'm a retired body

nano magic
October 2, 2020
it does not work as advertised, takes away scuff marks but car polish will do that, does not even touch scratches, and when you return it hard to get your money back if you get it back been 20 days since I returned it and when I email them same answer has not been received yet, A Scam, would not suggest buying it nothing that a good car polish can do.

MargaretLunney October 05, 2020

I have paid for three cloths not received any when I try to mail my address nothing happens this is a lot money to pay land have to battle to get a delivery

[email protected]

MargaretLunney October 05, 2020

I have not received my cloths difficulty trying to get reply [email protected]

September 20, 2020
Total waste, doesn't work at all. Use a little rubbing compound for shallow scratches, wd-40 for paint-mark rubs.

Caused more damage
September 12, 2020
This cloth removed my clear coat and left a dull patch around the scratch, The scratch is more noticeable now than before. I have to repaint now.

It is a SCAM
September 12, 2020
It does not remove scratches. Which is why most of us bought it.

doesn't work, period!
September 11, 2020

OK. I have a car with a lease turn in in a few months. Have scratches near front bumper which aren't deep, but can be easily seen by an inspector. Rather than go the "bump/paint shop" route, I thought I'd save a few dollars and try this nano thing. After 20 minutes of rubbing and buffing continuously , guess what--I STILL have the issue. It 'shined' up the marks, but otherwise, nada.

If you want to throw money away, fine. Hell, I'll sell you mine for half price!!

Randy the Genius November 21, 2020

I slopped some tire shine on my car once while blackening up the tires. I noticed it hid some very minor scuffs. By minor I mean they didn't get past the clearcoat. can't recall the brand but it had some sort of colorant in it for black cars. Next time the car was washed it came off soooooo there's a temp solution if you have a black car.

Anthony December 13, 2020

This is used by some of the less scrupulous car lots. Certain types of oil works also I was told... temporarily.

Total scam
September 11, 2020
It is a total scam DO NOT waste your money. Did not remove any scratches in fact it created some. Piece of crap product.

Arthur September 12, 2020

I also tried this Nano magic cloth and all it did was remove my clear coat and make the scratch worse

Snake Oil
September 10, 2020

I tried 3 different times to get rid of a long scratch on my white car. Nanomagic must have lost its magic! Nothing happened. Scratch still there. Very disappointed.

Sandra Larkin

Columbus, GA

The Nano Magic Cloth must be a scam
September 9, 2020

The stupid agressive ordering process should have been a warning for me not to believe these guys.

After a long waiting time still nothing received yet.

For me it is non trustworthy company!