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It is a SCAM
September 12, 2020
It does not remove scratches. Which is why most of us bought it.

doesn't work, period!
September 11, 2020

OK. I have a car with a lease turn in in a few months. Have scratches near front bumper which aren't deep, but can be easily seen by an inspector. Rather than go the "bump/paint shop" route, I thought I'd save a few dollars and try this nano thing. After 20 minutes of rubbing and buffing continuously , guess what--I STILL have the issue. It 'shined' up the marks, but otherwise, nada.

If you want to throw money away, fine. Hell, I'll sell you mine for half price!!

Randy the Genius November 21, 2020

I slopped some tire shine on my car once while blackening up the tires. I noticed it hid some very minor scuffs. By minor I mean they didn't get past the clearcoat. can't recall the brand but it had some sort of colorant in it for black cars. Next time the car was washed it came off soooooo there's a temp solution if you have a black car.

Anthony December 13, 2020

This is used by some of the less scrupulous car lots. Certain types of oil works also I was told... temporarily.

Total scam
September 11, 2020
It is a total scam DO NOT waste your money. Did not remove any scratches in fact it created some. Piece of crap product.

Arthur September 12, 2020

I also tried this Nano magic cloth and all it did was remove my clear coat and make the scratch worse

Snake Oil
September 10, 2020

I tried 3 different times to get rid of a long scratch on my white car. Nanomagic must have lost its magic! Nothing happened. Scratch still there. Very disappointed.

Sandra Larkin

Columbus, GA

The Nano Magic Cloth must be a scam
September 9, 2020

The stupid agressive ordering process should have been a warning for me not to believe these guys.

After a long waiting time still nothing received yet.

For me it is non trustworthy company!

stay away
August 29, 2020

Nothing more than a cloth with rubbing compound.

Be careful, will dull the finish. No glove as promised. Scratches still there.....not worth 2 cents

SandraLarkin September 10, 2020

I totally agree. I tried 3 different times to get rid of a scratch on my white car. It did not work. Very disappointed.

Not as advertised
August 27, 2020
Had two scratches on my G70 .Took over three weeks to receive same Did not get glove with shipment ? Followed instructions carefully and lo and behold scratches still there.(A little better ) but did not disappear as advertised. Showing thatBMW that was keyed was probably a bit doctored. Am going to return Should be fun trying to get my money back

Item Delivered
August 8, 2020
I submitted a review yesterday complaining that the item had not arrived. Guess what? It arrived today 8th August, which is almost 2 months since ordering.Not used it yet, will let you know my verdict.

Non-Delivery of NanoMagic Cloth
August 7, 2020

I ordered and paid for this item on 12th June 2020.I am still awaiting delivery. I have sent numerous emails of complaint. Plenty excuses but no delivery.

I think this is a scam company.It is now 7th August

and still no delivery.