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September 1, 2022

If I could give it less than one star I would

Absolute rubbish tried and tried to remove even light scratches to no avail


JulieResch September 03, 2022

Amen to that! No stars!!!!! You can pay $30 for a dealership paint touch up pen. It has your matched paint color on one end and then the other end is a clear coat. I've used on my jeep to touch up little nicks from pebbles, light scratches, etc. Protects from winter cause if your metal on car is showing, rust is the name of the game! Use the paint pens from dealership. We'll worth the money!

JulieResch September 03, 2022

Nano Sparkle Cloth! My friend has one. She showed it to me....HELL NO! She didn't realize that it ONLY REMOVES SCUFF MARKS, NOT SCRATCHES! She showed me a scratch...I buffed it off with a regular Microsoft hand rag. I told her that just about ANY soft car cloth can remove what she thought was a scratch. I showed her a REAL scratch and told her to use her Nano cloth, LOL, IT DIDNT WORK! She tossed it in the trash and told me thank you.

Ordered, paid but received nothing!
September 1, 2022

I ordered such a cloth and also transferred money for it. To date I have not received a towel from this company. You gave me a tracking no. granted, but after 3 weeks nothing happens.

Things aren't right here, you can't trust this company. I recommend everyone not to order anything here.

JulieResch September 03, 2022

Why did you give 2 stars? It's a piece of crap. They are rip offs. Sorry they did you wrong.

Cathyndean June 03, 2023

You should think yourself very lucky that they didn’t arrive, someone was obviously looking out for you-lol you’ve not missed a thing, if you are unfortunate enough to get them, bin them quickly, or you will damage your paint work.

Do not buy, if it sounds too good, it is
August 13, 2022

Stupid me ordered nano clothes, they took my money, gave me an order number, 3 days later gave me a tracking order, still have got nothing from this company. Now I'm trying to get my money back, nothing yet. Guess I'm screwed. Do not buy.

PaddyCosgrove August 30, 2022

P P. Cosgrove

I have to agree totally with everything you say!

lyleJurgens September 27, 2022

I will report this fake cloth to the BBB

This will scratch up your paint!
August 5, 2022

Wish I read these reviews before buying, and trying this "cloth." Worthless, and does not do what is advertised. PASS ON THIS PRODUCT!

PaddyCosgrove August 30, 2022

This is such a stupid, obviously cheap, and nasty product. I cannot believe it is not banned.

A scam
August 2, 2022
This is a scam! Bought two cloths and they made no difference at all. Scratches were faint but they are worse now. They offer a free return which I tried. Post office would not accept them as the post code does not exist. They could not identify the country. Also to return they want your name, post code, Id number, email address and your phone number. Very suspicious. They also charge 3 times cost on Amazon. Do not buy.

July 20, 2022
It’s a scam

Don't buy that cloth!
June 30, 2022

Look that product isn't worth the money, the product takes the paint color and dims it from the original color. I asked the company about the discoloration and you know what they said? "You may have to re-paint it", now isn't that just special, and the customer service sucks, they are selling a product for money that is pure BS...

Terrible! Doesn't work like it is supposed to and made smudges on my car!
June 9, 2022
This did not do what it is supposed to do. After reading reviews, I thought I would check it out. It did not take the scratches away and it left a smudge where I used it, taking off the sheen of my car in those spots! I am sending them back!

NO CREDIT when returning or refusing shipment
May 26, 2022

Don't bother returning.

You will receive no credit because they have no record of your purchase after they take your money.

May 12, 2022
1 star is too generous for this company. I ordered the magic cloth, which is advertised to get rid of car scratches. It is a joke, and a con. I strongly advise no one purchases this product, it is T-cut on a non abrasive cloth. They are the most unhelpful customer service, and want to ship back to the USA from the UK at my own expense before issuing a refund. The company is a disgrace.

Don't waste you money
May 11, 2022

absolute rip off

expensive and doesn't work

Worked beyond my expectations
January 12, 2022

I had a 10" scratch on the front fender of my 6-month-old car from flying debris in 100 mph winds. It was going to cost just under $1,400 to have it repaired!

I received the cloths yesterday and used it today. It took only 5 minutes and worked like a miracle. Way beyond my expectations.

PaulAlan Wilczynski Sr. March 26, 2022

Photos or it didn't happen. I call "nonsense", for the reasons listed above in their article.

devilspunk April 17, 2022

Some of the photos they published on their own advertisement were incredible- if you look really closely you could see that the magical cloth had even replaced missing paint and dents!!! :’)

SmartyF May 02, 2022

A fake review. It doesnt work at all

SmartyF May 02, 2022

Please explain how a cloth can replace lost paint? I work in a bodyshop and the only way you can remove deep scratches is that they must be filled. You have to be gullible to believe this rubbish.

Don't waster your time and money
December 26, 2021

Bought the product, tried the product, and now I am returning all of the product. Not only did it not work, it made one scratch look worse.

This company does not belong in business. I hope BBB shuts them down.

JenniferAlvarez June 30, 2022

Thank you for this information. Did you file a complaint with the BBB?

RickW. August 07, 2022

I’m going to tomorrow am, before and after. I inform my bank and tell them my story just ordering it. They tagged my invoice for another $44. For mirror film after I tried to cancel the order after the endless upselling the FREE w/$9.95 shipping offers. There is a law against these practices. Let’s band together and run them out.

Totally Worthless Product
November 11, 2021
Add another totally dissatisfied user, not customer. They cannot call me a customer because the product is a miserable failure. Not only did it not take the scratches out, it took the clear coat finish off my bumper and now it looks worse than before. USELESS - AND A RIPOFF!

September 16, 2021
I did fall for this useless product, i tried it on a minor scratch and it did nothing at all. I had to polish the area that i had used it on. I wished that i read the reviews first, SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DONT BUY IT

CHARLESMCCARTHY October 04, 2021

You may dispute the purchase with your bank and they will get you a refund. If you used Paypal, I have had many run ins with Paypal trying to get refunds for the defective and falsely advertised products that I used them to pay for. It takes little time to file complaints with the BBB, State Attorney Generals Office for your state and PayPal's state, USA.GOV, FTC and finally the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I have never, I repeat never lost a case filed against PayPal using these entities. You may also file a claim with the bank that handles the transactions for PayPal. Any of the above named State and Federal offices will help in getting you a refund. Your bank and the BBB are the two best places to contact to get your refund. I then file with all of the other listed offices to report consumer fraud.

JenniferAlvarez June 30, 2022

Excellent information. Thank you!

JenniferAlvarez June 30, 2022

my comment was for CHARLESMCCARTHY

RickW. August 07, 2022

Who cares

August 13, 2021

I almost went ahead and bought this crap, yes on their own website it is full of positive reviews, so I looked online to check this out, just a scam making money for scumbags, oh and where did I originally see their adverts? This came up on my MSN homepage, so MSN are happy to let scammers advertise on their pages?

Its BS making $$$.

RonLanza August 17, 2021

Yes total scam, Anyone who believes a cloth is going to magickly repair and smoothly repaint a deep scratch is a deep moron...

jayz December 26, 2021

Yours is the best review I have read so far and definitely tops mine. Smoke and mirrors and I fell for it.

ScottGarrett May 26, 2022

they are straight crooks I'm an auto detailing pro and there is no way this bs can even begin to to do any kind of paint correction I to look on there site read the reviews and then did my defective work found real use cases and just as I thought BS!! don't waste your money if you buy this crap you are just throwing your money in the trash buy bitcoin instead

Does not work on minor scratches as advertised
August 1, 2021
This did not work on minor scratches on my Altima. Followed instructions and very disappointed. This is BS

VinceMarsilio August 03, 2021

Save your money completely false advertising save your money. They also use fake reviews after using this product I had to take my car to detail shop it scratched my paint and I needed to get it buffed out

Nearly Fell For It
July 23, 2021

This isn't a review, but a big "Thank You" to all you people who have left honest reviews warning others not to make the same mistake.

I was very nearly about to enter my card details at the checkout, when I thought "mmm - is this really legit?"

Sorry for all you guys who got ripped off, but thanks again for saving me from the same fate.

ggammel July 30, 2021

I bought 2x Nano Sparkle Cloth For Car Scratches Nano Magic Cloth Scratch Remover Total: $6.93 on eBay; Item ID: 313578131587 eBay Seller: weatherstrip (3,763 transactions) Positive Feedback (last 12 months): 98.8%Member since: Jul-12-19 in ChinaTop-rated seller: One of eBay's most reputable sellers. Consistently delivers outstanding customer service.

LesleyThorn August 20, 2021

I'm with you, Reggie. Anything which seems to be too good to be true, probably is.

LesleyThorn August 20, 2021

Did they work, Ggamnel? It's not about the seller but the product

There is no such thing as a miracle cloth
July 22, 2021
Let me start by saying there is no miracle cure for scratches on your car's paint, especially today's modern cars with Clear Coat/Base Coat finishes. If you have a scratch that you can put your finger nail in, that scratch is below the surface of the clear coat and there is no way to rub it out without further damage to the clear coat. It needs to be refinished by sanding and painting. Light, surface scratches and scuffs are easily removed with any good quality polishing compound.

Scammer, run away
July 14, 2021

On April 23, 2021 I bought a box of Nano Magic Cloth. I got wihtdrawn on € 30.55 on April 26.

The problem is that I have never received the magic product.

On June 4, I sent a message at [email protected] to info the customer service that I still waiting for the material. They replied that the product was sent back to Nano Sparkle because of wrong address. 6 weeks later, I sent another email and inform that I am still await of my order. Another customer care agent replied that I received the material on May 4 with a tracking link showing only Post Code of my City and not my clear adress (#, street, town name). I got confused.

After almost one week back and forth by email, I realized that I got scammed.

I will spread everywhere that Nano Sparkle company or Nano Magic are scammers. When you see their product, please run away.


doritandres July 16, 2021

i am waiting for my refund for 4 months