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Nano Socks Review: Do They Work?

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  November 05, 2023
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NanoSocks are a brand of compression socks whose creators state can help relieve foot pain, reduce foot fatigue, improve balance, and aid in ankle stabilization.

The company states that NanoSocks can be a good choice for diabetes sufferers, as well as for people suffering from all kinds of nerve pain and other foot-related conditions.

Compression Socks Effectiveness

Compression socks are designed to provide targeted compression to the feet and lower legs.

They work by applying pressure to the legs to help improve blood flow and reduce swelling.

This can help to alleviate pain and discomfort caused by conditions such as varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, and edema.

They can also help to reduce the risk of blood clots and improve overall circulation. 

Compression socks are often recommended for people who spend a lot of time on their feet or sitting for long periods, as well as for athletes, pregnant women, and people with conditions that affect blood flow, such as diabetes.

They are also often worn by people who have circulation problems, varicose veins, neuropathy, symptoms of plantar fasciitis, or are at risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Some studies have also suggested that compression socks may help to improve athletic performance, reduce muscle soreness, and prevent injuries.  

However, it's important to consult a doctor or a specialist before buying and using compression socks.


Pros and Cons of Compression Socks:


  • Pros:  Compression socks can help improve blood flow, reduce swelling, and prevent DVT.  They may also help to improve athletic performance and reduce fatigue. 

  • Cons:  Compression socks can be difficult to put on and take off, especially for people with limited mobility.  They can be quite warm and uncomfortable to wear in hot weather.

    They may also be costly compared to regular socks and are not meant to be worn for extended periods of time.


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How Do NanoSocks Work?

The company claims that their socks have unique Compression Zone Technology designed to provide 360 degrees of targeted compression, support, structure, strength and comfort.

NanoSocks are made from a blend of 70% nylon and 30% spandex, which the company calls a proprietary 3-D Nano-Weave.  This blend is said to provide a soft compress with a compression level of 20-30 mmHg.

The band that wraps around the foot is made of soft neoprene.

Nano Socks are open-toed, which the company claims is beneficial for people with sensory neuropathy in their feet as they tend to be more comfortable.

Additionally, the open-toe design offers added breathability and freedom of movement, which can be especially beneficial for individuals who find traditional compression socks to be too hot.

Both male and female sizing options of NanoSocks are available.

NanoSocks have also developed other products aimed to help other parts of the body, such as the wrist, elbow, and back.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

While on their own website NanoSocks boast glowing customer reviews, on other review websites, including Reviewopedia, customer reviews are more mixed to negative.

Customer most often complain about issues with returns, customer service, and recurring billing that they were unaware of. 

The also sometimes complain about poor fit, which can be expected considering that compression socks can be difficult to fit well.

The company Nano Socks holds an 'C+' rating from the BBB, with only a 1 / 5 star rating from 9 customer reviews

The company also has 16 customer complaints recorded there in the past year.

On Amazon, however, NanoSocks hold a reasonably good rating of 4 / 5 stars from over 1,200 customer reviews.

See NanoSocks reviews on Amazon

Customer Service

NanoSocks ships products from Pacoima, CA and typically takes 4-7 days for delivery. 

However, the company notes that there may be occasional delays.

If customers have any concerns about their order, they can contact the company's customer service department at (888) 205-9526 or via email at [email protected].

NanoSocks states that returns must be received by NanoSocks within 30 days from the initial delivery date and return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.

The return address is:

ATTN: Nano Socks
13507 Van Nuys Blvd, #4908
Pacoima, CA 91333-4908


NanoSocks lists its corporate address as:

Nano Media Inc.
P. O. Box 3540
Silver Springs, NV 89429


Cost & Price Plans

On the company's website,, one pair of NanoSocks is normally priced at $29.95, with further discounts available when purchasing multiple pairs.

The company's other products are priced as follows:

  • NanoSleeve  -  $19.99
  • NanoBall  -  $14.99
  • NanoBack  -  $39.95
  • NanoSoles  -  $29.95
  • NanoWrist  -  $14.95
  • Nano WashBag  -  $9.95

Competitors and Alternatives

On the whole, we find that Nano Socks are generally priced higher than many competitors. 

Here are a few suggestions for compression socks with great customer reviews that are priced cheaper than NanoSocks.

TechWare Pro Ankle Brace  -  4.3/5 rating - 40,000+ customer reviews
Check price on Amazon 


Plantar Fasciitis Sock (6 Pairs)  -  4.2/5 rating - 14,000+ customer reviews
Check price on Amazon


SB SOX Plantar Fasciitis Relief Socks  -  4.3/5 rating - 50,000+ customer reviews
Check price on Amazon

The Bottom Line

Compression socks have been shown to have a wide range of benefits for people suffering from foot pain, fatigue, and other foot-related conditions.

They work by providing targeted compression to certain points in the feet to improve blood flow and relieve pain. 

It's important to note that it may take a few weeks to see results and the effectiveness of compression socks can vary from person to person. 

That, coupled with how difficult it may be to find the right fit for you, makes choosing the right compression socks a potentially difficult task.

Therefore, we think it's important to select from company's that you're confident stand behind their products and return policy, in case you need to exchange your purchase for one that's a better fit.

It's also important to consult with your healthcare provider before trying any new treatment such as compression clothing.

If you have any experience with NanoSocks or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Nano Socks Customer Reviews

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March 23, 2024
This is A SCAM!!!!! I ordered one pair and was sent and charged for nine pairs! I tried to send them back but the company refused them and I got them back! I decided there was nothing I could do and kept them (at a charge of $99.67! Now I am being charged every month. So far they have taken $220.20 out of my account! Do not send these people any money!!!!!

Not a satisfied customer
January 27, 2024
I have not received my order yet, however, I have been charged for over $40.00 worth of goods I did not order. I called customer service and they told me since it was already shipped (I did not see the charges until after it was shipped), I could return the items I had not ordered plus I have to pay shipping charges/ I asked where would I return the goods, not sure,, call again when I received my order. Not at all satisfied when my bill totaled $91.00 ;for 2 pairs of socks.

False Claims - They give no relief at all.
September 14, 2023
Nano Socks did not help me at all. They did not live up to the claims stated on the web site. They were very expensive. I thought it was strange that you can not leave a review on their website. Don't waste your money if you suffer from diabetic neuropathy these do not help in the slightest.

September 11, 2023
After purchasing socks I began receiving recurring charges on my credit card. They said it was for a service I agreed to. I did not agree to any services nor did I receive any. They are a SCAM!!

Tremendous help for neuropathy and poor circulation!
September 1, 2023

These Nanosocks are wonderful! So comfortable

I forget I'm wearing them. I'm on my feet quite a bit and/or sitting for hours at a time. My feet and ankles swell so much that I can't feel my ankle bones. I also have periferal neuropathy in my toes on both feet. No actual pain but there is tingling, numbness and the feeling that the skin is tightening to a very uncomfortable point. I also have varicosities from poor circulation. These socks help so much with the swelling and lessens the other symptoms and I believe they also help with the circulation problem too. I ordered one pair about a year or so ago but really forgot about it and put them in a drawer. When this summer came with the excessive heat my symptoms worsened. I then remembered the socks and started wearing them. I was so excited at the results that I placed another order and just received 3 more pairs today. I'll never be without these Nanosocks!

Big Scam!
August 15, 2023

Scammers!!! The socks work good for me but after I made my purchase for some in November 22’ , I noticed on my cc statement, each month I was charged 29.99- then they jumped up to 34.99/ mo

I called, they said it was for a subscription- I never asked for a subscription. Would only refund the last month charge. Said they sent me an email each month asking if I wanted to continue my subscription. Never received any emails. Should be turned over to states attorney general!

August 10, 2023

This company is a scam !! Customer service no# is a hoax !! They will illegally charge your bank account !! Product made my condition worse!

Kathiesssmith August 11, 2023


AlanFurnish September 11, 2023

I had the same problem. Recurring charges I did not agree to.

June 13, 2023
The worst experience ever with nano socks. I have mailed the unopened package back to them and they refuse to credit the money back stating I have to have tracking number from post office. Unfortunately I didn't know that and post office didn't tell me. So now I don't have the socks or the money. I will never ever ever buy anything from them.

Buyers Beware of Tony!
March 28, 2023

Byers beware. UF you decide to return the nano socks bc they roll up inside your shoes you will NOT be refunded.

You will get all kinds of crazy like you were a sock of the month club member and that’s why you were charged an extra 22.09!

Tony the Manager will be no help. He will yell at you and tell you to call your credit card company.

Buyers beware! You better live your nasty socks bc you aren’t getting a refund!

DianeJuneau September 11, 2023

SCAM on the elderly and disabled. Tony is the worst customer service representative I have ever talked with. Very demeaning and rude. I am disabled and on disability. I have neuropathy. I tried to order one pair of socks online. I was charged for 8 Pairs totaling 140.00 dollars.

No online option to review and place your order or a purchase confirmation. Debited my account immediately. He also stated that I was sent email confirmations. I did not receive any emails. He said return the socks when received and I will get a refund. He said his word is solid as an oak tree, What a Joke. Making a complaint with the better business bureau. Nano socks currently has an F rating.

Watch out for scam
February 26, 2023
I also got “taken advantage of” by this company. I purchased a couple of pairs of nano socks and my credit card was billed multiple times. I called the company and they told me that I had signed up for their service. Who needs a service to wear a pair of socks? I never signed up for this and I am totally disappointed and angry at this scam!

AlanFurnish September 11, 2023

I had this very same problem

Warning - reoccurring charges
November 9, 2022

Ordered one pair of socks and they starting charging my account $29.77 every 60 days. Scammers.

SusanSesok January 03, 2023

Wow did the same thing to me I did not sign up for this only ordered one pair of socks and just realized they have been charging me a ridiculous amount every sixty days $34.99 one month then $29.77 then another $29.77 what a scam.

Wrong color
November 1, 2022
When I received the confirmation of what I bot I noticed it was for white socks. I thought I ordered black and immediately sent a message to correct this. I received a message back saying that it was changed to black. I just received white. I want to exchange.

Horrible socks and Horrible customer service!!
September 4, 2022

ONE MINUTE after ordering I noticed it charged more than listed after I submitted my card. I emailed them and said it charged more and to cancel my order.

I gave my order # but they said it was too early try tomorrow. I emailed the next day gave order#, name, email they still claimed couldn't find my order.

The next day I sent a snapshot of my confirmation with ALL MY INFO. and they couldn't find it. 5 days later I get an email the socks shipped. I emailed them again saying they shipped and coincidently now they found my order.

I said when I get them i want to send it back but shouldn't have to pay to ship since I called right away to cancel. I was told sorry I would have to pay to ship back.

Scammers!! I decided I'm not going to post office and paying to ship so tried them on hoping at least they would work. Wrong!! Nothing but a pair of socks with end cut off. Don't waste your time and money!!

scout January 31, 2023

same thing happened to me!!!

They are not as described.
December 27, 2021
These socks are not as described, they cut off your circulation and increase your neuropathy pain. They charge a restocking fee and only take back the socks that are unopened. So you are stuck throwing them out. Waste of money. They also make you pay to send them back. Not a good company to it's customers.

Larry DArnold April 22, 2022

Who do I believe?

Nano Socks Great !
November 7, 2020

I have an ankle problem, that I was told I would be recovering for a year. if operated on, so that was not and option! I found that wrapping the foot would relive the ankle and top of foot pain. but I wrapped daily with an Ace bandage using tons of tape everyday to hold it in place!

I saw the Nano Sock online and purchased them, it was easy to put on and gives me all day relief from the pain! it really does the trick for me, and they have thanks for this horrible pain relief,

Thank You !