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About Nano Sparkle Cloth

The Nano Sparkle Cloth (formerly called Nanomagic Cloth) is a scratch remover cloth for car scratches, stains, dirt, and other blemishes.

According to the manufacturer, it is made with nanotechnology and infused with mineral oil and metal powder, helping to create the best cleaning medium.  The company claims that their cleaning cloth combines microfiber with the ingredients listed above for a revolutionary clean.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

While there is zero negative feedback on the company's own website,, there are mixed reviews from other sources, including Reviewopedia.

This particular detail causes us to wonder whether the Nano Sparkle Cloth is actually legitimate. It’s hard to rely on customer reviews when you are evaluating a product if there don’t seem to be any reviews offering up any kind of criticism of the product whatsoever. 


Since the Nano Sparkle Cloth is not sold in any other stores except directly from the manufacturer, it's difficult to determine if there are no complaints because the product really is that good - or because the reviews are largely illegitimate.

Cost and Price Plans

If you’re interested in buying the product, you’ll pay $29.95 for two clothes (technically a buy-one, get-one-free offer) with additional discounts available if you make a larger order.

Customer Service lists their contact email as  [email protected]  (previously [email protected]), and their phone number as 1 (205) 662-2633 (previously 1 (828) 615-4525).

The company has mailing addresses in the UK, Canada, and Australia listed on their website.

Competitors and Alternatives

When you are trying to get scratches out of your car, there are several alternatives to the Nano Sparkle Cloth that you may want to consider. One of these is the California Gold Scratch Remover, a product sold by Autobarn.

This product, manufactured by a company named Mothers, is meant to work on any kind of finish. It can remove surface scratches and restore high mileage paint. It’s a polish, so you’ll want to follow up an application with waxing to properly seal and protect your car.

Another popular alternative is the 3M Auto Scratch Remover.

3M offers all kinds of products for automotive and household use. This scratch remover, offered by a reputable brand, is guaranteed to work when applied to a microfiber cloth and then your car.  It’s combined with a polish so you’ll have a shiny surface to gaze upon when you're finished, and it’s also easy to apply.

Finally, you might consider the Meguiar’s G17216 Ultimate Compound. This compound can eliminate paint defects, oxidation, water spots, and other kinds of blemishes that might appear on your car.  It’s one of the few professional-grade products that are available at a reasonable price.

If you have any experience with the Nano Sparkle Cloth, please leave your reviews below.

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39 ‘Nano Sparkle Cloth ’ Reviews
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Nearly Fell For It
July 23, 2021

This isn't a review, but a big "Thank You" to all you people who have left honest reviews warning others not to make the same mistake.

I was very nearly about to enter my card details at the checkout, when I thought "mmm - is this really legit?"

Sorry for all you guys who got ripped off, but thanks again for saving me from the same fate.

There is no such thing as a miracle cloth
July 22, 2021
Let me start by saying there is no miracle cure for scratches on your car's paint, especially today's modern cars with Clear Coat/Base Coat finishes. If you have a scratch that you can put your finger nail in, that scratch is below the surface of the clear coat and there is no way to rub it out without further damage to the clear coat. It needs to be refinished by sanding and painting. Light, surface scratches and scuffs are easily removed with any good quality polishing compound.

Scammer, run away
July 14, 2021

On April 23, 2021 I bought a box of Nano Magic Cloth. I got wihtdrawn on € 30.55 on April 26.

The problem is that I have never received the magic product.

On June 4, I sent a message at [email protected] to info the customer service that I still waiting for the material. They replied that the product was sent back to Nano Sparkle because of wrong address. 6 weeks later, I sent another email and inform that I am still await of my order. Another customer care agent replied that I received the material on May 4 with a tracking link showing only Post Code of my City and not my clear adress (#, street, town name). I got confused.

After almost one week back and forth by email, I realized that I got scammed.

I will spread everywhere that Nano Sparkle company or Nano Magic are scammers. When you see their product, please run away.


Dorit a July 16, 2021

i am waiting for my refund for 4 months

June 25, 2021
This product was a waste of money and did not work. In fact it made my car worse. I have emailed the company I asked for a full refund including postage. They refuse postage but I will be further out of pocket By Having to return the item recorded delivery. I have approach PayPal to help solve the matter. My advice do not buy this product

Melissa C July 17, 2021

PayPal is a rip off too. They will NOT fight for you because you got the product.

A major scam!
May 17, 2021
Does not remove even the most minor scratches. A waste of time and a complete waste of money. False advertising!!! Big Scam. Save your money.

Lucinda A May 21, 2021

I totally agree with you, this product is USELESS, it did not even remove slight scatches, could not see any differance at all! It's a scam as far as I can see. There is no place on the website to even request a refund. But they claim a 90 day complte refund if not satisfied! Anyone know where I could report this whole scam?? Please let me know. [email protected], I sure wishI had enough sense to check the reveiws first!!

Waiting For My Refund!
May 6, 2021

I "fell" for the advertising and even paid for extra "free" cloths; it "sounded" so good! I returned all of the product I had ordered within a few weeks. This product clearly does not work! I really feared that it would "ruin" my car's paint, rather than "cure" it's scratches.

The company offers a full, money-back 90-day guarantee. Is this true? I have yet to receive a penny back from this company! And I still have two months of the 90 days remaining before the "guarantee" runs out!

The company's contact information is "sketchy" and I am presently looking for a phone number to call. In the meantime, I am sending them an email. I hope that this company is honorable enough to stand behind their so-called "guarantee"! I am waiting...!

Website is a scam
April 29, 2021
Website designed to cause you to buy unwanted extras by presenting the options after they have your payment information and providing minuscule space on the page to decline while accidentally clicking on most any area causes your credit card to be charges for useless crap.

Useless product
April 19, 2021
I agree with all the other reviews I looked at, the cloth is useless. I wished I had looked at the reviews first! Waste of my time and money!

Edward B July 02, 2021

i ordered it pay for it thru paypal it does not work the scratches are still there took the finish off my truck and the scratches are still there looks terrible got some of my money back because i used paypal

Leopoldo S June 14, 2021

It is a fraud. I made the purchase and to this date I have not received the order. Phones are not available as nobody attends them. Customer service -20.

In Mexico you get better products at a lower price...

John S May 30, 2021

you are/were lucky....if you got it and haven't used it, DON'T ! !

Andrew F April 20, 2021

i ordered this 3 weeks ago and it has not yet been delivered

April 9, 2021
Just like others, I hoped it would help me. Someone vandalized my car's hood, and I thought I'll give it a try. Total waste of money. It didn't even remove the tiniest scratch.

Total RIP Off
March 15, 2021
I fell for this hook, line and sinker. Fortunately, I tried this on an inconspicuous area so it doesn't show. Might as well rubbed water on it. A small scuff mark only got worse the more I tried. The actual scratch started laughing at me as if I was only tickling it and no improvement. They must call it the Nano cloth so that every time they sell on, they can say Nano, Nano Nano, got another one. Such a despicable way to screw people out of a few bucks.

Delivery is a total SCAM
March 1, 2021

I wish I could choose a lower rating. They have my money and they reportedly sent it on Jan 11. It is Feb 28 and I still don’t have it. I requested a refund and they basically said hey, we put it in the mail.

What a SCAM! The warrant says return it for a refund. That is very difficult when after 6 weeks it still has not arrived and they have closed my letter of complaint.

I have stopped many people from buying this but it still doesn’t help me. If you want to throw you money away, send it to St. Jude

February 9, 2021

Waste of money does not work at all. SCAM and should be reported to consumer affairs. Would not even work on the smallest of surface scratches.

Scam- Did not work at all
January 8, 2021
Did not work at all- made my scratch worse. Scam!!

Don't waste your money - these do not work.
January 5, 2021
Had high hopes....These do not work even on light scratches and zero affect on deep scratches. Oh well it was worth a try but as I initially thought - totally ineffective. Don't waste your money these do not work.

December 9, 2020

If this product is indeed a scam, why has it not been reported it to Consumer Affairs? The corporate office in Australia for this company is listed on their website as "131 Keylana Dr, Keysborough", which looks like it is just a private residence - has anyone investigated this address to see if it is legit? Has anyone from Consumer affairs visited it to check its credentials? Why is the Nanomagic cloth website still operating?

Why does YouTube allow these sort of scam operators to continue advertising on their site? Is the government not interested? Are they even capable of prosecuting these scammers???

Robert A July 26, 2021

I saw this on a MSN website (Sponsored by NanoSparkle) Why is the company tooting its own horn?

Was suspicious from the start. The new BMW seems to be at least 8 to 10 years old. Back from early 2010. Too old to fall for this line of scatology. Saved my money, hopefully yours too!

Gloria W May 31, 2021

Did you report it to consumer affairs or the Better Business Bureau, or the FTC, or better yet to all three? There are other places to report, but we, the consumer, have to make a report to start that process. It is kind of like the by-stander effect. We assume others will report, then nobody reports. Please do so. I appreciate that you took the time to post because I was considering this purchase and decided to check for reviews of the companies site, so you definitely saved me, and I am sure others, from buying. Buyer beware, I made multiple reports about a clothing company that had adorable clothes in pictures, but were super small and horrible fabric. That company disappeared however, I later saw advertisements and checked and read and saw where this same company continued to sell using multiple names!!! So I went back and posted and reported addresses, multiple names, etc.

December 7, 2020
A complete ripoff , I used this product for minor scuff marks on my rear bumper . A complete waste of time . I contacted the company for their money back promise, funny old thing I could keep the product for a 65% refund . They are ripping of customers supplying a useless item AVOID AT ALL COST.

Nano Sparkle Rip Off - Based on customer experience
December 4, 2020

This mob (and I mean mob) are a total scam/rip off/ rubbish.

Order placed on the 7th November 2020 - So-called tracking number (so called_ UPS tracking number that UPS do not recognize) issued promising prompt delivery. Here we are nearly a calendar month later. Surprise, surprise: Nothing delivered - emails to the supposed customer service address remain unanswered - No updates - No wonder!

If I could rate this lot less than 1 then I would do so. As an Australian resident I have lodged a formal complaint with the Australian Federal Government 'Scam Watch' division. and wit the Australian Department of Consumer Affairs. Hopefully this will act as a warning to others...

Do not even contemplate placing an order with this lot.

December 1, 2020

One of the biggest scams out !!! Totally useless product that does not work

Agree with all other reviews left on this site They should be locked up for fraud

Hopefully soon so that others do not get robbed.

Don't buy this!!
November 17, 2020
Have a new car and it got a scratch on the hood. I was so excited that I might be able to fix the scratch. I watched the video on how to use the nano sparkle cloth and I can tell you that it does NOT work!! I've contacted the company but no reply to date. I spent $30 and now I have to spend more money to get touch up paint.

Not really worth it!
November 14, 2020
Got 2 cloths and did my scratched suv and made more scratches ! As you rub with the scratch not cross grain it left small scratches all around big scratch. It is noticeable! It also did not dry properly as it left a haze in many areas so kept going back over it with dry cloth to rub it out.