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About Nano Hearing Aids

If your hearing has suffered or worsened over the years, Nano Hearing Aids, claims to offer a solution in the form of several different hearing aids with a buy one get one free deal. This company, as seen on TV, believes that hearing aids that are any good should be available and affordable to everyone. They are also supposed to work even for severe hearing loss.  How do they work, what is the cost and what is the general consensus on this product?

How Does It Work?

Nano Hearing Aids provides a few different products that all have the goal of restoring hearing. Their current best-selling product lineup includes the X2R, Nano Sigma, X2 and RX2000. Two of those devices, the X2R and the RX2000, are rechargeable, whereas the Nano X2 and Nano Sigma run on a battery that must be replaced once empty.

The way they work is described as rather simple: all the user has to do is put the hearing aids into the entrance of their ear canal after finding the right size of and adjusting the included ear tip. The small control device can be put behind the ear – this adjusts the incoming volume. If you are wondering how to turn on the aids, there is an easily accessible button on the control device.

Are Nano Hearing Aids just amplifiers? Yes, and that is why the volume control is so important and, based on customer reviews, very seamless. If the customer follows the instructions and manual, the installation is easy and can be finished very quickly. The battery life of the rechargeable devices is about 16 hours; a low beeping noise will be played from the earbuds if a recharge is needed. The Nano Sigma can also be controlled from a smartphone with a downloadable app via Bluetooth. 


Cost and Price Plans

The company claims to want to make hearing aids affordable to everyone even without insurance. They are not covered by medicare or insurance. The price varies depending on the device. For the bestsellers, the cheapest is the rechargeable RX2000 for $397 per Pair. It lacks some of the features of the more expensive devices, such as Digital Sound Processing or Feedback Cancellation.

The Nano X2 costs $697 per Pair. The Nano Sigma and the X2R both cost $797. There are several different price plans available to help customers pay for the hearing aids, including monthly payments. There is also a money back guarantee that lasts for 45 days, so the device can be sent back if parts are missing or it is not working.

Customer Service

The customer service for Nano Hearing Aids can be reached by clicking the “Contact” button on their website. There you can find the address of the company as well as several contact methods. You can fill out a contact form on their website or call their phone number 480-680-8266. They also have an E-Mail: [email protected] The customer service operates Monday through Sunday, 9am-6pm ET.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Generally, buyers seem to be happy with their Nano Hearing Aids. Their website has their own reviews section where most people seem to be satisfied and there are hardly any negative reviews in sight. Looking on other pages for reviews about the company, like on the BBB, the company still maintains a high star rating of 3.92/5.

There were pros and cons; some negative reviews brought up a few problems about the hearing aids not fitting properly or there not being a lot of improvement in hearing ability. Most people, however, seem to be happy with the product and the return policy.

Competitors and Alternatives

Of course, there are many other alternatives to hearing aids on the market. Looking at Walmart, they offer cheap alternatives to Hearing Aids, with the disadvantage being that many of the additional functions that Nano Hearing Aids offers are not present. Many of those devices are also made in China, whereas Nano Hearing Aids is manufactured in Minnesota.

Many concerns are raised about hearing aids not being legitimate and many users will wonder whether a hearing aid is made by a reputable company. They may also ask the question “are Nano Hearing Aids FDA approved”, to which the answer is yes. Similar manufacturers that mostly offer their products online are YesHearing or LexieHearing.

Where to Buy?

You can buy Nano Hearing Aids primarily online at their website. There you can see the different models and their prices and get the devices shipped within a few days. Buying through the official website also has the advantage of getting the 45-day warranty. Should you not like the hearing aids or encounter problems, you can return them and get your money back within that time.

You can find Nano Hearing Aids on other websites too, like Amazon, WonderEar or EarGenie. The prices on those pages may differ and you may not be able to use the 45-day warranty.

Is It Worth It?

While many people recommend Nano Hearing Aids for their ease of use, there are also negative reviews floating around online that do not recommend buying them due to a high price and cheap materials. Nano Hearing Aids do seem to be a good choice for people without insurance and the 45-day return guarantee makes the decision a little easier, as it is simple to get your money back if you aren’t satisfied. Additional features like the app control or recharging of the device seem to lift Hearing Aids into the modern age – it just might be worth a try.

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May 13, 2021

Very very poor after care!!!!

Had problems two months after getting them. Nothing but problems. Called many times but no one would help. They kept sending me all over the help. Just kept telling me they were from sales. All of them?

NEVER, NEVER DEAL WITH THEM, they are all carpetbaggers who happily take your hard earned money then don't know who you are after wards.

They did say they would send new ones, ( I doubt that) but I had to send the others back before they would. Sound strange? You can count on it.

People, get the real thing. They cost more, but at least you won't be spending half that amount on getting planned obsolescent garbage.

I have had hearing aids and though I could get them cheaper when they finally died in six years, but I never had a problem with them and when I did need help all my problems were taken care of promptly .AND. I got all my supplied for nothing.

I couldn't even talk with a real supervisor. One more thing. They come from China and your warranty starts the day you order them, not the day you get them. Know how long it takes to get an order from China? We do; over a month. See a pattern?