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Packaging problem
October 3, 2022
Love the meat, however packaging is problematic. Do not thaw your meat in the refrigerator unless you have it in another container or bag. For some reason their packaging is not airtight or water tight and the packaged leak. This is not a one-off problem. I’ve been getting Moink for over a year and it happens all the time.

Not worth the premium price for what you get.
June 3, 2022

We ate most of what we got but in the end, cannot rate them higher than three stars.

They have very small sizes for selections, though other meat delivery services are similar. All cuts are tiny, so one cut per person might not actually feed some people.

Out of three orders (one per month) we've had 3 badly sealed products that had to be tossed, two of those were ground beef. The overall quality of the meats and cuts is not premium in any way, I'd call it average, if that.

A couple of the steaks were quite chewy due to a large portion of gristle. The bacon is by far the more horridly cook-shrinking bacon I've ever seen. It renders into a ton of fat and not much else by the time it's cooked, more than I've ever seen in my life.

The chicken was okay but like the rest of the offerings, cuts were small, like the size of one normal breast cut was three for Moink offerings. The roast was, well, if you want to cook a roast for one person, this might just be for you.

There are no price specials, and with only two of us, Moink does not allow smaller orders, so things build up. You can skip a delivery, but have to do so within the week of shipping notice.

After the third box we chose to just go back to standard grocery meats. They might not be, "ethically raised meats," but even that is not a regulated term, so I have no clue how Moink actually does business, nor do I want to continue with the pot luck results.

Three stars because we did eat the ones that weren't failed/spoiled, but not worth their premium price.

Really bad
February 21, 2021

We ordered several ribeye's, a couple NY strips, hamburger and a sausage. Meat arrived frozen.

Ribeye appearance - first of all they didn't even look like ribeye cuts. I showed pictures to several family members and they said "You got ripped off." None of them looked alike, they just looked like random cuts of meat.

Taste - Tough and tough. No matter how cooked them they were as tough as nails.

NY Strips - same thing. Not sure what we got but it wasn't NY Strips. Ended up chopping them up and using them in bean chili.

Hamburger - rancid. Thawed them out in the fridge and the next day when we opened the package it was apparent these weren't processed and packaged properly.

Breakfast Sausage - was ok but nothing impressive. If I was served this at a cafe for breakfast I would be ok with it. Not much seasoning.

For the price we paid I wasn't happy with our order. Didn't bother trying to get a refund or contacting them, just coughed it up as a lesson learned.

November 26, 2019
Love MOINK. The meat is delicious and so is the Salmon. Customer service is responsive and very helpful.

Leaky Packaging, Spoiled Meat, HORRIBLE Customer Service
October 18, 2019
Unfortunately, I had a terrible experience with the quality of the packaging that caused the meat that I ordered to be poorly sealed and spoiled upon arrival. The company's customer service offensively made excuses for the poor quality and rudely suggested that I no longer shop with them. Instead of attempting to win back my patronage to the company, this representative refunded me with an invitation to leave.

It was costly but tasty
July 24, 2019
why was I charged double for my order!

Worst steak I’ve ever ordered on line , claiming to be the best steak I’ll evrr eat
April 13, 2019

I had the WORST steak I have ever eaten from an online store from Moink and They have ZERO customer satisfaction policy . I have saved their email responses if anyone would like me to post them .Also the bone in ribeye steaks aren’t even an American product , they are from another country.

Disappointed with first order
April 11, 2019

Can not tell you how disappointed I am with my first order. All the chicken in my order had a pack date of June or August of 2018. That’s 7-9 months ago. Are you kidding me! Recommended length of of time in freezer is no more then 9 months. This is unexceptionable! I was expecting meat that was frozen maybe 2 months not 7-9!

Could not find a packing date on the salmon so who knows!